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The House

I stared at the reflections of the two people which turned into a boy and a girl that were mirror images of one another. They both had dirty blond hair and amber colored eyes however, the brilliant color could never hide the hints of hurt and tragedy. The boy had a gash across his right cheek and wore a purple t-shirt while the girl had a face that was, ultimately, flawless and wore a pink shirt that looked very old.

“You’re finally awake,” the boy said. His voice was young but was devoid of emotion. I just looked at the mirror while the boy stared intently at my reflection.

“Twins?” I asked. The boy just shook his head and got up, the girl followed suite.

As they walked away, the boy said, “Get out of bed and come with us.” They stopped at the door, that was in the upper-left hand corner of the room, and stood there. The boy leaned against the right side of the trim staring at me while the girl just kept her back to me.


“You want answers, right?” the boy said, sounding scripted.

“That would be exquisite.”

“Then get out of bed and follow us.” I shrugged at this, pivoted to the left, and started to move off the bed. I came to the side of the bed and unknowingly touched the cold, wooden floor with my unclothed feet. I recoiled at this and looked at the boy.

“I don't have my shoes so I hope we don’t need to go outside or on rocks.”.

“Your shoes are in the wardrobe along with the rest of your clothes and you won’t need shoes where we're going anyway.” He then opened the door for his female counterpart and paused apparently waiting for me to follow. I hesitantly put my feet on the floor, though the cold still made me want to retract them, then got up.

I started to walk to him which, I guess, gave him the cue to start walking again. As I shut the door, I found that I was now in a long hall and the only light source was from golden wall lamps in the form of torches on both walls. On the wall opposite of my room there was 6 foot pitch black windows, two feet off the ground. I was pretty sure if the lights weren’t on I wouldn’t have seen anything of what I have so far seen because the color of the wall was black.

I looked left and right down the hall and saw, at each end, stairs lead upwards on the left and downward on the right. I also noticed that the wall behind us held more doors. I started to wonder if they all held rooms but, as if reading my mind, the boy said, “Each floor has 30 rooms on it.". I turned toward where his voice came from and noticed that they were about halfway down the hall to the right.

“How many floors are there?” I asked, starting to walk down towards them.

“5 excluding the attic, the ground floor, and the basement.” After that they started walking. We went down the stairs and came to another hall that looked exactly like the other one.

“Do all the halls look the same,” I asked while we walked down the hall.

“Yeah, sometimes people forget where there room is or what floor they are on so they have to go down each halls looking for their name,” he said, starting to sound like a real person for the first time.

"Look for their name?"

"All the doors have the name of the person that lives in the room. However, the plaques takes a few days to show up." I questioned this, so I went up to a door and immediately saw a gray plaque with a name written in cursive. Nina. I moved back to the boy and girl.

“Have you ever forgotten where your room is?”

“Nah.” We were now going down the stairs and again coming to a identical hall.

“What floor are we on,” I asked while we walked down.

“The third.”

“ So I’m staying on the fifth floor? Why?”

“I don’t know. If you want that answer, ask them.” That last word was said with so much venom, it sent a shiver down my spine.

“Who’s them?”

Them are the people who put all of us here and if I ever see them I will ki-,” he stopped when the girl put her hand on his shoulder. The hall was now eerily silent with tension as thick as fog. I didn't know what was going to happen next but I was aware of the fact I wasn't going to speak. The girl started to walk off which signaled to us we needed to get going. It took us around 10 minutes to finally get to the ground floor. The ground floor was so full of light that I thought everything must have been made out of pure light. The floor was a china white marble that looked freshly waxed. The walls were yellow and there was a overhanging traditional, crystal chandelier in the middle of the room.

To my left was a very beautiful ornate door and to my right was a elegant staircase that led up to an identical door. Between the two doors was a red carpet and it seemed to be the same width as the door. I then noticed that the stairs split off to the left and right and curved back toward the left door. At the end of the stairs there was a viewing platform that ended into a wall. It had a railing that faced the ground floor.

“Hey," the boy's commanding voice echoed from across the hall causing me to look for them," You will have plenty of time to admire the room later, so let’s go.” I found that they were standing at another identical door in front of me. I walked over to them and he started to open up the door. The door swung inward and my senses were bombarded by a sudden, overwhelming rush of senses: the smell of intoxicating food, the sight of various dishes and meats on a huge table, and the rushing sound of talking.

The boy and girl walked in, being blasé, and so I quickly recovered my bearing and stepped into the dining hall. As I got in the room the huge table turned out to be three separate tables. Along with that, more meats and dishes appeared.On the middle table there was a whole roasted turkey and chicken and platters of drumsticks, hot wings, pork chops, and lamb chops. The table to the left of the meat had fruits, salad, vegetables, and soups. On the right table there were bowls of ice cream and pudding, a cake, a tiered plate of cupcakes, and little brown bottles of dark liquid at the very end of the table. My stomach started to growl.

When I got done staring at the food, I looked at my surroundings. The room was a two level room with the same viewing platform as before on each side of the room. Behind both of the railings was a huge amount of boys and girls age ranging from around 7 to almost 15. All of them were talking and staring at the three of us but I got the uneasy feeling that most of those were directed at me.

"Welcome to the house," someone with a pleasant and welcoming voice shouted across the room, silencing the room. I looked across the hall and saw a teenager standing in front of a circular table at the end of the meat table. The boy had short, spiky blond hair and wore a white suit that gave him a very professional air to him. On the boy’s sides, sitting at the table looking at me, was a boy and girl. The boy was black with a shaved head and gave a polite smile to me. He wore a black button down shirt, which had gold buttons, and khakis. The girl was Asian with black shoulder length hair and was showing me a pearly white smile. She wore a beautiful floral dress that was showing a lot of purple flowers.

“Now I know you have many questions that you want answers to, as well us. However, as you can see, dinner is already prepared and everyone here is hungry. So let us not question one another but instead, feast with one another. Agreed?" As if on cue my stomach grumbled so I nodded, and the stampede began.

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