Guardian of Humanity

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Chapter 2

Ugh, after a night at the bowling alley all Andrea could smell was sweaty feet. She had to make sure all the shoes were sprayed with disinfectant and put away before she left. The only good thing about her job, it was her last night at the bowling alley. Her boss laid her off due to a lack of business, as soon as things picked up he said he would call her. The extra money was nice the smell, not really worth minimum wage. She shook her head to clear the aroma from her senses as she concentrated on the drive home.

Slightly foggy, cool, but not raining, it was early fall and the trees were just starting to turn on the two lane country road Andrea took home. She turned up her Katy Perry, was possibly singing along as the sweaty feet smell began to fade, when a normal thing happened, a raccoon ran out in front of the car. She saw it in plenty of time, stopped so it could get clear of the car. But this time that so did not happen. The raccoon waddled up to the bumper and climbed up onto the hood of the car. It continued over to the windshield and knocked with its little paw. As she sat there staring at a forest creature who should not have the mental capacity to be doing this she was what you could say, perplexed.

What does one do when a raccoon is knocking on the window to get your attention? She thought about speeding off, this would of sent an exceptionally smart ball of fur flying into the dark, she did not want to hurt it. She turned down the radio and tapped back in an attempt to shoo it from its perch on the hood. It just stared at her. Fine little dude, she thought and went with the windshield washer fluid, a little watered down window cleaner would not hurt him or was it a her? It looked at her and shook its head. That was when things got real strange.

“Really Andrea, I took the form of this harmless creature so as to not frighten you and you squirt me with soapy water? The point of this, is what?”

Now she was seriously taken aback. The raccoon was speaking. Her mouth dropped open and she sat back in the seat. Dumbfounded at this point, she just shook her head, this could not be happening the sweaty foot smell was causing hallucinations.

“Okay I see you are shocked. That is expected. Now get over it and let me in the car. We have much to talk about.” The little masked bandit was barking orders.

“You’re a raccoon, no way are you getting in my car with me. You bite and tear stuff up. I saw Great Outdoors I know what you are capable of.” She knew this was nuts, she was carrying on a conversation with an animal.

“I am the messenger, not a real raccoon. My gods real animals do not talk to people. I am from the Devine please we must move on, someone is going to happen down this road and seeing us like this would cause them undue stress.” The raccoon seemed to have a bit of an British accent? What the heck? Not only is it a talking raccoon it is from London?

“Cause them undue stress?” She told the forest creature as she decided to go along with him. She got out of the car, tripped over her own feet, but caught herself. The little raccoon put his paws up and hid his face. She approached the hood and the little fellow came over to the drivers fender and set up with his little arms out for her to pick him up, He looked so cute, with his little bright eyes and bushy little raccoon tail, she picked him up and carried him back to the car. What the hell, whats the worst that could happen?

“See Andrea, I mean you no harm we are going to be friends, partners even, you will see. For now lets go to your house.”

She knew it was so crazy but just went with it. The raccoon climbed over to the passenger seat and put on his seat belt. She shook her head as she put the car in drive and headed home. The short trip was made in silence, really what kind of small talk does one have with a talking raccoon, the weather? The house was cozy, and very comfortable. It was secluded back off the road in a nest of fir trees so no one was about, to notice her arrival with her new friend. Her parents were the perpetual early risers and an earth quake would not wake them once they were out for the night. Little did she know how close she was about to come to testing that theory. As she walked into the house she put her companion down. He scampered over to the couch climbed up and made himself comfortable. Little raccoon arm on the arm rest, sitting back one hind leg propped on the other.

“Okay little dude, why do I have a talking raccoon in my living room?” She asked as she crossed the room and sat on the couch, not too close mind you, still not so sure about this whole deal.

“I have a story to tell you. Open your mind, for there is much you must hear and accept. You are the Guardian of Humanity, you have a great responsibility and you must know what is coming.”

He turned to face her, when he looked at her it wasn’t with the cute face of a raccoon. The intelligence that he looked at her with was not that of an animal, or a human either, it was something more.

“Divinity by all names is real. Whether God, Buda, Allah, Zeus, or thousands of other forms the gods have taken they are real. They created Nine realms or realities. In the beginning crossing between the realms was allowed. That is how fairytales were born. Yes there are Trolls, Fairies, Elf's, Dragons, Merpeople, Demons, Angels, Gods, and Humans the nine realms of reality. Every realm was created equal in the beginning. The gods turned the the worlds over to the creatures that inhabited them. Not all the realms were treated alike some lands were cherished while others abused.

Hence hell was made by the demon’s doing, not anything brought about by gods. They destroyed their world to the point none of the other creatures wanted to venture there. The demons became jealous of the beauty of other realms, they wanted more lands, as theirs was ugly, ruined even.

They began to invade other worlds and attempt to conquer the inhabitants. As the divine creators, the gods decided to close the gateways to protect the realms from the demon’s aggression. The freedom to pass between realms was lost to us all. Many friends, families even, had to be separated.

When divinity locked the gates, they did not realize they imprisoned one of their own in the demons hell reality. To open the gateway to rescue him would unleash the demon’s wrath on all the realms. He was forever sealed away in a hell dimension.

Hades as he was called by the other gods, liked life with the demon’s so the gods hoped he would be happy with them. Unknown to the gods until recently, he has blamed them for his captivity thinking they locked him away because he did not see things the way the other gods did. He liked pain and suffering, loved the control he had over the weak minded demon’s. When the gate closed he was lost to the divine.

Over a millennium of time he has been busy. Unknown to anyone until now he made magical keys, worked spells, tried all forms of dark arts to open the gateway to the other realms. His tenacity has paid off and he is cracking the gate to humanity.

So you see the fairytales are real, the legends true, and the folklore facts. All your life you have felt like you do not fit in with your friends, family. You are not as you seem. You, Andrea, are a descendent of a god. Half god, half human, that is why you are so important now. You are the guardian of humanity. You will protect the humans from the demon’s. If it comes to a war you will be a leader among humans as you are the only one in the human realm powerful enough to stand up to the demon invasion to come.

You are humanities only hope, for if the gods open the gateways the demon’s will have access to the other realms, some of which are defenseless. The Gods are able to communicate only through me. My name is Lyle and I am your friend, messenger, ally.” Through his expressions she could see the truth he spoke. What she wanted to know is how in the world they were going to pull this off, save humanity from a demon invasion.

“So Lyle, it is you and me against a hell world full of demon’s? Thats funny. And how do you think we are going to get humanity to listen to any of this? They are going to lock us up. Fill me full of drugs and dissect you to figure out how a raccoon can talk.”

“No. I do not have to stay a raccoon I can shift forms to many different animals, and you will be untouchable by the humans. Did you not hear me you are a demigod? You have suppressed your powers for so long they are dormant, but they are real, they do exist.”

“My what? Powers? What am I like Superman or Spiderman or something? How is it I am the only demigod exactly? Only one god have a weakness for humans once?”

“Andrea, Andrea, Andrea, those are fictional characters. Amateurs really. You, my friend are the real thing. How you are the only one left, I just don’t know I am only the messenger.” Lyle said with a head shake. Lyle took that moment to shift on the couch. No longer a raccoon. He turned into a Chimp. Bizarre as all heck but really fit the night she was having.

“Take my hands Andrea I will show you your true self.”

Looking back, she wished she never ever touched that primates little hands, but she did, and there is after all, no looking back.

What did she expected to happen at that point? Life flash before her eyes? See stars maybe? What happened was a feeling like she just grabbed a really strong electric fence. It hurt! The jolt tossed her back onto the couch and wouldn’t you know it that little primate laughed at her.

“For cripes sake that hurt. What did you do to me?” She may of been dazed but not so dazed that she could not let Lyle have a piece of her slightly singed mind.

“Are you angry with me?” He seemed shocked.

“Duhhh, that hurt I think my hair just got curlier.” She reached up and touched her head of fuzz, no decreeable style, then shook it off. “But alas I am nonviolent, one of the many reasons, irritated but controlled. I still think you have the wrong Demigod.”

Lyle laughed out loud not a monkey laugh, a real human like laugh,very creepy coming from a chimp.

“Stop laughing. I see nothing funny in this entire situation.” Andrea said as the irritation grew inside her. “Show me my powers huh? Take my hands. blah blah blah. Told you It wasn’t me.” She was pissed. She was really ready to tear her messenger a new one.

“Okay I get it your in pain and think its all my fault. Thank the gods you didn’t blast me with your lightening fingers, not that you couldn’t cause right now you are not someone to irritate. You are at your most dangerous. You do not know how to control your powers and you have no idea what they are. But thats okay, that is what I am here for My goal in life is to help you through your difficult transition into your guardianess. Now if you do not mind would you come down off the ceiling please?”

She looked about and realized she was in fact levitating up near the ceiling of living room. As soon as she realized where she was, she landed on the couch with a thump.

“How did I get on the ceiling, exactly?” she pierced that little ape with one of her best looks of righteous indignation as she sat up and played off the shock of bouncing to the couch from her ceiling perch.

“You were hurt and angry. Instead of blowing things up, you floated to the ceiling, Demigods, never know what your going to get out of them.” Lyle said shaking his head. “You have vast powers and no control right now.”

She shot her new messenger a dirty look, guess it had too much feeling cause the little fella bounced off the far wall, yup that left a nice hole in the drywall to hide from mom and dad. It was the first time she moved something with her mind. It brought a bit of a smile to her face, not gonna lie.

“Oh Lyle sorry.” She ran over to him and dusted the crumbling drywall chunks off his little back. “Guess I don’t know my own strength.”

Lyle gave her a serious look. He replied, “You have no idea. We must proceed with caution, we don’t want to attract attention from the humans just yet, that would be a complication.” Lyle shook himself clean and stood up tall across from her in the middle of the living room.

“Okay Obi Wan teach me the ways of the force.” She responded, with a wee bit of sarcasm. Lets face it, this is so hard to believe, taking it all serious was hard for her.

“Obi Wan was a wimp, I think I am more of a Yoda.” Lyle said as a smile spread across his little primate face. “I think thats enough for tonight. Let us pick up where we left off in the morning. Now clear your mind of all thoughts I do not need you burning the place down in your sleep or tossing me about the room any more. Rest is what we need. Tomorrow we begin the task of saving your world.”

Lyle began walking away, what choice did she have but to follow him. He was the messenger from the gods, at this point she figured he knows best. She knew she needed to get sleep, tomorrow would be a huge day. Her first day as the Guardian of Humanity, that so does not have a ring to it. How did she get into this mess? Never ever should have talked to that raccoon, that much is for sure.

Andrea took the lead as the odd couple went up the stairs to the bedrooms. She showed Lyle to the guest room. The parents don’t even open the door unless company is coming, so he will be fine in there. Andrea went down the hall to her room. As she pasted their room snores were bouncing off the walls oblivious to their Demigod daughter. She smiled and moved on. Andrea quickly changed into her favorite nightshirt, Yoda, seemed ironic at this point. She had her own little Chimpanzee Yoda in the next room.

She hoped Lyle would be able to help her figure this whole demigod thing out. It seemed like the whole world would be counting on her. She just hoped she got it right. That was her last thought before drifting off to sleep, guess learning your a demigod was exhausting after all.

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