Guardian of Humanity

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Chapter 3

When Andrea woke and attempted to focus on, well, anything her mind went to coffee, coffee was what she needed. Her second thought when her eyes immediately came into focus on the chimp standing beside the bed holding a cup of coffee was, Lyle was real.

“Wholly crap! You are real, was kind of hoping the whole guardian of humanity thing was a really crazy out dream.”

“Yes I am real and you are not a morning person so please drink this before you blow something up.” Lyle answered with his now growing familiar smile. “The parents are up and gone so we have privacy for training.”

She took the steaming cup of hopefully delectable yumminess from my messenger and tried a hesitant sip. Absolutely delicious, guess they include coffee making 101 in the messenger training manual. Lyle grinned and waddled off out of the room. Andrea went, coffee in hand to the bathroom where she showered and got ready for the day.

Wrapped up in her bathrobe and back in her room Andrea went through the closet looking for something appropriate to wear for the first day of training. Nothing she didn’t mind destroying was a safe bet. Leggings tennis shoes and an oversized sweatshirt seemed logical. She descended the stairs and made her way to the kitchen, which was where Lyle was. Andrea froze at the sight before her in the kitchen.

“You know this chimpanzee form is great for having the hands but they seem to be somewhat vertically challenged.” Lyle said over his shoulder.

He had scooted a dining room chair into the kitchen and was standing on it making pancakes at the stove. There was pancake flour, milk, syrup, eggs, and some other substances she did not want to attempt to identify covering ever single surface in the kitchen. Lyle himself had a glob of butter stuck in the fur of his cheek and flour all down the front of him.

Lyle was dishing up two plates with what appeared to be scrambled eggs and pancakes. “Breakfast is ready. Lets eat so we can begin your training.” Lyle said as he waddle past Andrea handing off a plate on his way to the dining table. All Andrea had to do was follow the trail of flour primate foot prints on the hard wood floor to find him.

“We cannot start training Lyle, it is going to take half a day just to find the counter tops in that disaster you just created.” Andrea said as she gingerly began to pick at the eggs and examine her pancakes. The pancakes were not exactly golden more of a rust color with a crusty edge. However when you cut into them with a fork, the raw batter oozed out all over the plate.

“Andrea, are the pancakes supposed to be like this?” Lyle asked with batter dripping from his chin. “They do not taste so good.”

Andrea stood up and took both plates to the kitchen. She placed them in the sink got out two bowls and two spoons poured cereal into both bowls added milk, grabbed a banana for Lyle and headed back to the table. Coffee covered in the manual for messengers, pancakes, not.

“From now on Lyle you need to stick to cereal.” Andrea put the bowl and the banana in front of him and sat down in a chair. She glanced back at the absolute mess of the kitchen and shook her head. Andrea gestured with her hands wildly and thought how much she wanted kitchens to clean themselves. Things started to fly around the kitchen. Dishes breaking off the walls, cabinets opening and closing, the sink turned on and the spray attachment started to spray randomly in all directions, including the dining room table. Andrea dove under the table having seen the water coming, Lyle on the other hand had just turned to see what was making all the noise, he caught a snoot full right in the face. Some garbled noises escape Lyle’s lips before he was suddenly under the table.

“What did you do?” Lyle exclaimed, with water running in small rivers down his face. At least the batter was off his chin now.

“Nothing I swear. I gestured with my hand and wished kitchens would clean themselves and all hell broke loose. We have to get it to stop before everything in there is destroyed. What do I do?” Andrea said as the volume began to climb, the dishwasher came on and suds were creeping across the floor towards them.

“I don’t know say something like stop cleaning. Messenger not miracle worker here.” Lyle said with a shrug

“Stop cleaning.” Andrea ordered with some degree of force as the dish suds oozed closer. Silence. All the action in the kitchen stopped. It worked yeah! Lyle and Andrea crawled out from their hiding place, still shocked by the state of the kitchen.

Of course the original mess was multiplied by a hundred now, and as Andrea grabbed a mop she whispered to herself be careful what you wish for. Hmmm... that could be interesting...What would Channing Tatum look like with a big bow on his. Never mind, cleaning the mess, must concentrate on that before a perfect stranger ends up walking around with bows in strange places.

It did not take as long to repair the breakfast damage as Andrea had thought. She sent Lyle off to clean up himself the flour down his front was forming a paste. She had a slight urge to add some newspaper strips and paper mache’ him, so she thought it best to send him to wash before he became art. Andrea was just finishing up when Lyle returned fresh and smelling like her favorite Lavender soap. She just smiled what other options were there at that point. Andrea kept her emotions in check as they moved into the living room. The evidence of her last outburst was the hole in the wall made by Lyle’s little body hurdling across the room still visible, which she needed to cover before the parents noticed.

“Your yard is private lets go out there where, hopefully, you cannot damage any more of your property with your lack of control.” Lyle said over his shoulder as he led the way out the back door.

For the next few hours Andrea felt like the damn Karate Kid. All that was missing was the classic car’s and wax on, wax off. Lyle went through many what seemed to be yoga or martial arts moves, supposedly meant to help with focus, mostly they gave her cramps in her neck, back, legs, toes..get the picture?

As Andrea attempted a particularly challenging yoga pose she finally gave in to her need to complain. “Lyle, what is the point of bending me into pretzel like positions? How is all this supposed to help me take out some damn demon’s? I am starting to think you are one of them, this is insane.” She fell, again. As Andrea was barely getting to her feet, she caught sight of a fuzz ball hurling itself at her at lightening like speed. She just acted on instinct. Without thought she blocked Lyle’s attack and was ready for the next, no thought, no oh crap, just bam. Lyle was sent flying across the yard. He landed with a thud about 25 yards away. With a blink he was on his feet rushing her again. While running he transformed into a Rhino, no time to think just rely on instinct. Andrea put up her hand like a traffic cop and Rhino Lyle was frozen in his tracks. She stepped clear of his charge, he ran past, and transformed back to the chimp Lyle.

“Well done Andrea. I was hoping the training was taking effect on your powers. Disciplining your mind helps build your control. Your abilities will grow faster. You must gain your full strength quickly, you must be ready.”

“Ready for what? These Demon’s, it’s not like they are going to seek me out are they? Just going to start showing up looking for a fight? That could be bad I might be at school or something, people would notice attacking demons.” She asked Lyle as they went over to the patio and set at a small bistro set.

“The demon’s do not know about you. When they come they will attack random people. As they gain confidence, and more powerful demons can fit through the breach, they will be more brash.” My mouth fell open and I began to speak but Lyle held up a hand to silence me. “You will feel the demon’s presence, no matter where they are. When they break through the door you will know. You will be able to go to the demon’s in an instant, like they have a homing beacon attached to them.”

“So I have like a built in demon compass? No matter where I am or what I am doing a demon breaks the barrier of the realm and I know like an instinct.” Andrea sat in the chair shaking her head. The realization of the enormous responsibility of the guardianship hit full force. Tears formed at the corner of her eyes. They began to slowly flow down her cheeks. Lyle was by her side in an instant, he patted her hand instinct of the messenger gave him insight into her thoughts it seemed. He knew she needed a friend right then.

Lyle and Andrea had an early dinner. She made salads. Andrea thought the chimp in him might enjoy them. She had no idea what Lyle would really like to have for dinner. She needed to google chimp food, did it involves bugs? If so, he was so on his own. After dinner they went outside, Andrea’s parents were still not home.

Lyle had found some boxes and set them up across the yard about 30 feet away.

“You are going to practice moving things with your mind with control. No flinging boxes about. I want controlled stacking and unstacking of the boxes.” Lyle smirked and went to sit at the bistro set, propped his feet up on the table and made himself very comfortable. Andrea turned her back on the chimp and spent the next hour attempting to stack and unstack boxes without crushing or dropping them.

She did it, finally she did it, they were stacked about ten feet high without mishaps. Where were the words of encouragement? Lyle had no comment? She glanced back, had to fight to keep from laughing out loud. Lyle was mouth open, sprawled out in the chair fast asleep. Oh this was going to be good. She centered her mind on total control as she lifted Lyle’s sleeping form from the chair. Andrea levitated him, without disturbing him up over her head and across the yard to place him lightly on top of the boxes. She maintained control supporting his weight so as to not crush the boxes as she shouted. “LYLE!”

He startled awake still not breaking her hold on him. He looked around and realized he was perched ten feet in the air on top of the boxes. You also saw the fact dawn on him that Andrea still had control she was not letting him down and was not crushing the boxes.

“Well I see you have a good grasp on levitation of objects without dropping them.” Lyle said matter of factly, as he looked around. “Would you mind putting me down now.” Lyle smiled sweetly from his thrown of boxes.

Andrea lifted Lyle from the top of the boxes and lowered him to the ground. he stood up and musteried as much dignity as a chimpanzee could muster he walked off across the yard.

“Lyle come on, it was a little joke, admit it, I got you.”

“Yes, you got me. Now on to your next lesson.” Lyle stop suddenly and smiled. He transformed into a dragon turned and breathed fire at her. Andrea jumped clear of the flames, however the boxes, not so much.

“Lyle, seriously? You are lighting my yard on fire, my parents are so going to kill me.”

“Not if you call the elements. Call water to put out the boxes.”

“News flash I don’t know how to call the elements you forgot to teach me that. ”

“Picture in your mind what you want the water to do. Then will it to happen.”

Andrea closed her eyes and concentrated. In her mind she saw the boxes get suddenly wet effectively putting out the fire, Lyle Dragon started. Oops, that just slipped in there, really it did. She did not mean to think put out Lyle. She peeked at him, yup rain cloud had settled just above his head and he was getting very very drenched.

“Andrea, gurgle gurgle, really must you?”

“So sorry, it just slipped into my mind Lyle I didn’t mean to actually make the cloud rain on you.” Andrea said as the cloud dissipated and the rain stopped. “Well here how about a little blow dry.” The wind around Lyle suddenly picked up and blew all the water free of his dragon scales. Once dry Lyle transformed back to the Chimp.

“Let me get this strait my messenger. I can levitate objects as well as myself, freeze things, call the elements, and this is just my first day of training?”

“You can only freeze a threat, thankfully you can not just freeze me at will, you have to be fearful to freeze something. Levitation is common among deity. Not highly useful in a fight unless you can levitate your enemy long enough to escape harm. As far as the elements yes you can control them. Including fire but it’s dangerous the only element used as an offensive weapon, not terribly accurate. Aiming at a demon you could inflict great collateral damage. So yes you have discovered powers, not all, but you still need to work on your offensive powers.”

“I see your point, cannot really throw dirt at a demon huh? Man I cannot wait to tell Maddie and Dan about all this. Its going to blow their minds.”

“Ah yes the friends, are you sure you want to endanger them with the knowledge?”

“What do you mean, how would that put them in danger? I would think it would be a good thing they would know to watch out for rain clouds or possible dirt balls flying by.”

“Yes true. But what about the danger to them if the demons try to use them against you.”

“Well the way I see it Hades is not stupid. Once he finds out I am here he will find out all he can about me. He will know I have been here a while and will figure out I do not walk around in a box, friends are a part of being human. Parents too, what do I tell the parents?” Andrea said as she flopped into a chair on the back deck. Lyle crawled into the chair next to her.

“Yes parents, we will deal with that when it becomes relevant. Adults of your kind are close minded and less likely to fully accept what is right before their eyes, they will come to understand the truth it just takes them more processing time.”

Andrea smiled. “What a politically correct way to say they think you’re bat shit crazy for a while. When a demon bites them on the ass they accept you for what you are, their only hope for survival.”

“Bat shit crazy? Really Andrea you have such colorful language.” Lyle got up. “About the parents, it is getting late perhaps we should clean up our small mess and be less obvious. A talking chimp would be a bit of a surprise.” Andrea smiled in agreement as she got up and helped Lyle get rid of the burned boxes, and she straitened up the patio. Once everything was in order they went inside.

It was dark outside when Andrea’s parents finally decided to come home. When they pulled up Lyle went upstairs to Andrea’s bedroom, where he transformed into a cat and hid under the bed.

Andrea just assumed a natural position like any other Saturday night, blanket, scary movie, and an open text book on her lap, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a messenger from the gods hiding in her bedroom.

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