Guardian of Humanity

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Chapter 5

Andrea’s alarm sounded at 7:00am. on Monday morning as usual. Except this was not your normal Monday morning. On Friday when she left school she was ‘normal’ now, not so much.

When Andrea had got back from training she was exhausted, she had done her homework and crawled into bed, not even eating dinner. Lyle merely Marmested and climbed into her purse. He ate all the food he had stored there from lunch. She did not even look in a mirror as she made her way to the bathroom. So when she got out of her shower and wiped off the mirror in the bathroom she was slightly shocked by her hair, even wet she could see the highlights that she had not noticed before. She put on her leave in conditioner and used her blow dryer on cool to dry her hair a little. It was not frizzy, or out of control, and there was some blonde highlights in it. What the hell was going on?

She raced to her room. “Ah Lyle do you have any explanation for this?” She said as she pointed to her hair.

“To what are you referring?”

“My hair. It is not frizzy and out of control, and there is blonde in it.”

“Well that is to be expected.”

“To be expected? When were you going to share this little expectation?”

Lyle rolled his raccoon eyes at her. “You have been a power source with no way to let off steam for years, since you were born. Your hair was frizzy and you fell down a lot as a side effect of the pent up power. You are using your powers now, controlling them. You are going to see some physical changes from this. Now how about some breakfast?”

“So you are saying my hair is going to look normal?”

“I don’t know what normal would be maybe. Food?”

Andrea looked at her reflexion in the mirror over her dresser. Still pretty much crazy curls, but they flowed down her back in ringlets, not strait out to the side in fuzzy out of control strands that required a pony tail to just get them to lay half way down.


She touched a ringlet, it was soft and silky not course or brittle. “ I am going Lyle. I just cannot get over the change.” She looked down at him as a tear escaped her lashes and rolled down her cheek. “I look almost normal.”

“No Andrea. You look like a demigod. You are powerful, poised, and most of all, going to get my breakfast before I faint.” Lyle said as he crawled down the bed to stand on the foot rest on his hind feet as he tuged with his little paws at one of the ringlets dangling down her back.

“Going!” Andrea said as she ambled out of her room and down the stairs. As usual her parents were up and gone already so she yelled to Lyle.

“Lyle come on down the coast is clear we can eat in the kitchen and you can really pig out.” She turned around to see a streak of grey bound into the dining room and land on one of the chairs at the table.

Lyle and Andrea ate a big breakfast. Lyle in fact finished off all of Andrea’s when she ran upstairs to gather her things for school and apply a little mascara. Lyle said her eyes were a window to her power, then they might as well have nice lashes. She fastened two little barrettes in her hair to hold it back from her face at the sides and was ready for the day. She leapt down the stairs not even worrying about tripping, because it wasn’t an issue anymore.

“Okay Lyle you ready for school?”

Lyle looked up with a piece of apple hanging out of his mouth. He chomped the apple and swallowed, then changed back into the purse size marmoset. Andrea gathered her backpack and purse walked over to the table where Lyle waited, opened her purse, and the hitch hiker hoped in.

“Just thought of a question oh mighty messenger. You eat like crazy then change into a tiny primate, are you sick to your stomach now that you are so small?”

“Nope. I actually do not require your food much. I just really enjoy eating, I have never gotten to do it before.”

Andrea was starting her car when she asked. “So what exactly are you if you were to be you and not an animal? You don’t half to pretend on my behalf anymore I am used to you.”

“I am energy. My form would just be a spirit like a voice in your head. I will be more helpful as animals. Just think how nice it will be to have a rhino charging demons on your side?” Lyle said as he looked over the side of her purse.

“Your right. A charging Rhino or a crocodile with a toothache is a good thing to have in your corner.” Andrea put her car in gear and headed down the drive.

She parked her car in the lot and made her way to her locker without innocent. Her purse slung over her shoulder was Lyle’s classroom for the day. Her backpack she quickly unloaded into her locker.

“Oh my god what, how, your hair looks hot!” Maddie was behind her playing with the loose curls, flowing down her back.

“Thanks. I have a new exercise program, just burning off some extra energy seemed to calm it down.”

“You have exercises that can fix your hair? How about something for zits anything that can help with them, cuz I got this one right here.” Maddie said pointing to a tiny pimple on her cheek, otherwise she had a perfect complexion.

“Whatever, you need a magnifying glass to see your zit, stop stressing over it or, it will grow. Lets go find Dan.”

“Aren't you going to throw your purse in your locker?”

“Naw I feel like carrying it today.”

“Alright but when that thing gets heavy, which by the look of it should be soon, don’t ask me to take a turn carrying it.” Maddie said as they headed off towards Dan locker the usual meet up spot.

“Got it no whining. How was your weekend?”

“As good as expected. Dad has lost his mind. He wants to go spelunking all over the world, he has a map on his computer with his whole trip planned out. Of course the current eye candy thinks cave exploration is cool so my guess is there is a probable connection to his sudden need to try it out. Remember the last one had him talked into sky diving, she is gone, and all the flying talk went with her. Leslie and I just watched T.V. alone most of the time, she does not like kids so he ignored us all weekend. Which may of been a good thing when I told mom she said we might not have to keep going if he is going to act like that.”

Maddie was putting on a good front, but Andrea could see the pain she was trying so hard to hide. “Well its his loss. When he is old and needs someone to take care of him, remind him of this time in your life when you leave him at the old folks home.”

“Great idea. I think I will find the cheapest home I can find, and dump him off there, that will teach him.”

“Exactly what I am talking about. There is Dan.” Andrea and Maddie slinked up behind him and grabbed him together while yelling, “Hi Dan!” together.

“Oh my god you two gave me a freaking heart attack. You so should not sneak up on someone like that.”

“You know we do this every single Monday and, shockingly, every Monday you say, about, the same thing you just said. So how was Nascar?” Andrea asked.

“It was incredible as expected. My cousin had some like minded individuals over to watch with us so it turned into quite the party.”

“Goody for you. Next time Leslie needs to go see daddy, you take her and I will go watch Nascar!”

Dan hugged Maddie. “That bad huh? I am so sorry, maybe we should make a road trip there without Leslie and let him know what a douche he really is.”

“That would be awesome, the road trip that is, lets just leave dad out of it.”

“Hey you guys never know, maybe we will be going on adventures together sometime soon, you know life is all about changes.” Andrea said, and giggled a little to herself. she could hear Lyle muttering in her purse, just could not make out exactly what it was he was saying.

Dan looked at Andrea, then looked again. “Andy! what did you do? Your hair looks hella hot.” He looked closer and touched a ringlet. “Did you color it and find a relaxer that actually relaxed your hair.”

“Jeeze Dan no she just changed her exercise program, she figures she is burning more energy and it makes her hair less frizzy.”

“What? Ah no I have heard of lots of things being helped by exercise, abs, thighs, even your complexion.” Maddie quickly covers the mini zit. “I have never heard of de-frizzing your hair through exercise.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. All I did this weekend was start a new training program, and tada my hair decided to look like this. So you think it looks good?”

“Seriously? Are you seriously asking that question right now?” Dan said looking at Andrea like she had just sprouted a second head.

“Well yeah, I was.”

“You look like a woman off the cover of one of those trashy romance novels my mom leaves laying all over the house. Long flowing perfectly curly red hair with just the right touch of blonde. Wait. I know what you look like. Your hair looks like the hair in the pictures of the ancient Greek Goddesses.”

Andrea’s eyes got wide and she choked a little on her own spit. “Dan whatever. Don’t be so dramatic.”

“No Andrea, he is sorta right about the goddess thing, your hair sorta looks like the pictures of the Goddess of Love.”

Lyle could hold it no longer and let out a snort and started laughing. Maddie and Dan both looked at Andrea perplexed by the laughing coming from no where.

Maddie spoke up first. “Do you hear that Andrea?”

“Hear what?”

“The laughing, I swear your purse is laughing.” Dan adds just as the first bell sounds.

“Nope all I hear is the bell which means I gotta go see you two later.” Andrea says as she hurried away into the crowd of students as they scrambled about getting ready for their first class.

Once away from her friends and safely secluded in an empty part of the girls locker room, Andrea opened her purse.

“What was wrong with you? You nearly blew your cover.”

“Sorry Andrea, but your friends and their comparing you to the Goddess of Love, I couldn’t help myself. The goddess, well she looks nothing like you, she does not even have a human form!” Lyle started to laugh again and roll about inside Andrea’s bag.

“Art here depicts her as a beautiful human female with long flowing hair. So you see, we humans can only compare what we know. We can’t all be messengers.”

“I mean no disrespect to your friends. It is just hilarious to hear one of the strangest looking creatures has such a reputation here. I promise I will lock my lips now, I am rather enjoying this little glimpse into your life.”

“ I am glad you are having a swell time now hush up before your dissected for being a talking monkey.”



Andrea headed to her gym locker and quickly changed into her gym clothes and grabbed her racket for further humiliation at the hands of a birdie. She arrived in plenty of time and had her toes on the line. People kept looking at her out of the corner of their eyes, and then when she looked at them they quickly looked away. She was starting to feel a little panic set in. did she have toilet paper stuck to her butt, when Tiffany Rodgers, a cheerleader finally spoke up.

“Your hair looks different today Andrea how did you get it to lay down for once.” Several of her minion giggled and whispered behind their hands to each other at their leaders comment.

“Its no different. I have no clue what you are talking about.”

“Really? Cuz for the first time, I am not afraid your hair is going to poke me in the eye if I have to walk past you in the hall.”

“I assure you I have changed nothing. Perhaps you are just being rude and shallow as usual and have decided I should be the one to suffer the rathe of your insults.”

“Wow, who pissed in your cereal? Chill out. You are not worth the time. Made a comment about the change in your hair, it wasn’t as spastic as usual. You know now that I got a better angle it still looks like shit.” Tiffany said as she turned and flounced off to her groupies.

Andrea let out a breath, what was she thinking? That could of ended a whole lot worse like she was head first in a garbage can worse. She stood at attention as the gym instructor blew her whistle.

As usual she did not enjoy gym, but at least she was not as bad as usual. She just needed to get to the locker room and on to calc, without attracting any attention to herself. She got to her locker not an issue. She opened her locker to see little Marmoset eyes peering over the edge of her purse.

“Lyle, what are you doing?” She whispered.

“I maybe a divine messenger but I still gotta go. I prefer not to do it in my portable house!” Lyle was fidgeting horribly, a primate potty dance. Andrea looked around saw no one about and grabbed her purse out of the locker and headed out of the locker room as fast as she could. She headed for the closest exit and dashed through the door. She ran over to the landscaping and opened her purse by a big bush, Lyle dashed out like the hounds of hell were chasing him and disappeared into the bush.

“The humiliation of it all, I am a messenger and I am peeing in the foliage!”

“Andrea what are you doing? Why are you talking to that bush in a strange voice?”

Andrea turned slowly around to find that Dan was standing about five feet away staring at her. “What? No your crazy I am not talking to the bush, I am talking to myself about calc I always use strange voices when I am getting myself ready for calc class.”

“Always starting when? Life long friend here and I have never seen you A. talk to yourself before class or B. attempt pathetically to lye to me. Try again.”

“Trust me Dan you don’t want to know. Just forget about it and go. Please. I got to get back to gym and change before the bell rings.”

“You are acting very weird and I am not dropping this, however, I got to go but I will catch up to you later.” Dan said as he turned and walked off.

“Great Lyle just great. Look what you and your over active bladder did! Dan is so not going to let it go. What am I going to do? I wanted to tell him in time not right now! I don’t even know what I am doing yet.” Andrea whispered into the bush. Lyle hopped out of the bush and back into her purse.

“Well you said it was best if the friends know about your calling, perhaps this is the plan of the deity.”

“You would think they would fill us in on their little plan.”

“Not always they like to keep us on our toes.”

“Shhh we are going back to the gym so I can get changed and to math. We don’t need to have anyone else wondering about my sanity.”

Andrea rushed to the locker room, quickly changed into her street clothes as the second bell rang, she was late to calculous. Just great. She ran to her locker, grabbed her books and dashed off to calc class. She managed to sneak into class unnoticed by fellow students, the instructor merely rolled his eyes at her and continued with roll. The rest of the morning went as normal as could be expected. Lunch hour finally arrived, Andrea was going to have to have something for Dan to explain her bazaar bush talking.

She dragged her feet as long as possible using the restroom, cleaned up her locker, when she could put it off no longer and still be able to eat she went to the cafeteria. She peeked in her purse, Lyle was asleep, he could sleep through anything. The feature for the day was pizza, she grabbed a slice and a coke, and made her way to the cashier. Andrea looked past the cashier as she handed her money to her to the table her and her friends always shared. Two sets of eyes were watching her, great he shared his knowledge of her odd behavior with Maddie. Andrea took her change and made her way to the table.

“So how was your morning?” Maddie asked with a smirk on her face and one eyebrow raised. Andrea got the feeling she did not share in Dans concern for her talking to the landscaping.

“Nothing much happened. Had words with Tiffany Rogers in gym about my hair, other than that pretty normal day.”

Dan chimed in. “Normal day? You were outside in your gym clothes talking to a bush. That is not a normal day.”

Andrea may have been able to get through lunch without having to explain herself too much to her friends if, at that moment, Lyle had not started to snore and mumble in his sleep. She quickly elbowed her purse, which was hanging on her chair between her and Maddie, but that did not improve the situation. As Lyle let out a rather loud snort, which Dan and Maddie both heard easily. Her friends were now looking at her purse, luckily no one else near by heard the snorting coming from her bag,

She attempted to play dumb. “What? Why are you guys staring at my purse?”

“Gee Andrea, I don’t know perhaps because it is snoring and snorting?” Dan said with sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Andrea rolled her eyes, she was had, caught, there was no way out of this her friends were on to her, sort of. “It is a Marmoset. You know a little primate.”

“You are hauling around a monkey in your purse? Why?” Maddie asked.

“Ummm that is a really good question. And I have a really good answer for you. It is my new pet.”

“Ah no. Marmosets are illegal to keep as pets. And a snoring snorting one that mumbles? I am not buying this. There is something really weird going on her Andrea.” Dan said he was not letting it go, why wouldn’t he just take her word for it?

“Look guys, I really cannot get into this all here in the middle of the cafeteria. I know it was a really dumb idea to bring my new pet to school with me today. Please let me get through the day and then meet me at the state park after school and we can talk. Deal?”

“Okay, deal.” Dan said.

“On one condition, let me hold it.” Maddie said.

Andrea laughed. “Once you meet Lyle, you will so retract those words.”

“Lyle, its name is Lyle that is so cute.” Maddie said. Andrea’s purse snorted. All eyes turned to the purse, then back to Andrea.

“After school okay guys?” Andrea said as she took a bite of her pizza. She broke off a piece and slipped it into her purse. She looked up at her friends and smiled.

“Something tells me regardless of how we thought our weekends went, Andrea can top both of us.” Dan said as he dropped the subject and got back to eating.

“No doubt.” Maddie chimed in.

Andrea smiled or perhaps it was more of a grimace. “You guys have no idea.”

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