Guardian of Humanity

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Chapter 6

After school Andrea gathered her things and headed to the parking lot. She managed to get off campus and to the state park she agreed to meet her friends at without any attention.

She pulled into the thankfully abandoned parking lot to wait for her friends to arrive. Lyle had transformed into his preferred form of raccoon. Andrea watched as he made short work of some half eaten Doritos she had in her glove box.

“I am just not sure about telling your friends. I hope they can deal with the responsibility and, well, just plain stress that comes with knowing about you.”

“I am confident they will do fine, give them time to adjust and it will be okay, you’ll see.” Andrea watched as Dan pulled into the lot, followed closely by Maddie in her little VW Bug. Both of her friends parked in spots on the opposite side of Andrea’s car, so neither of them saw the talking raccoon that was munching Doritos.

“Lay low Lyle while I talk to them first okay?”

“Whatever you say.” Lyle said as he waddle around to the back of her car on two legs, never dropping his snack.

“Just chill a second.”

“Whats the story? You mumbling to yourself again?” Dan said as he pulled Andrea into a bear hug. Maddie walked up next to him as well.

“What was that for?” Andrea asked

“Dunno just got the feeling you need a hug.”

“Well thanks.”

“Okay enough with the mushy stuff you guys I want to see the monkey.” Maddie said.

“Well here is the thing. There is a lot more to this story then just Lyle. I have had a crazy weekend, I have changed. I am not the same Andrea that you guys said bye to on Friday.”

“You look like the same Andrea, except for the new hair.” Maddie said.

“Trust me I am not. I have a calling, so to speak. Kind of like, Buffy or something.”

“Buffy? Who the hell is Buffy?” Dan never did mix words.

“Buffy? As in Sarah Michelle Gellar the TV show?” Maddie said arching one pixie eyebrow the way she does when she is perplexed.

“Sort of except my Giles is Lyle, and well Buffy was a Vampire Slayer and I am the Guardian of Humanity.”

Dan and Maddie started laughing. Dan did manage to say “You are what? Did you hit your head over the weekend?”

“I am the Guardian of Humanity you guys. I protect the frigging world.”

They laughed harder.

“Enough of this rubbish I will stay hidden no longer Andrea. Dan, Maddie pay attention and get ahold of yourselves. Andrea is the Guardian. I am the Messenger. And this was a monumental mistake to include you unless you understand the seriousness of the situation.”

Maddie jumped on my hood and Dan jumped back about two feet as Lyle, shall we say introduced himself to my friends.

“Guys this is Lyle, he is a shape shifting messenger from the gods sent here to train me how to use my powers.”

“Your powers? What the hell Andy? What powers? You do both see the raccoon that is talking right?” Dan said, color had drained from his face. Andrea smiled.

“Yes the raccoon is talking and if you piss him off he can change into a rhino and run you over or a rattler and bite you on the ass. I am not trying to be dramatic this is serious. I could not hide this from you two and I also think it will be easier with you both supporting me.”

“Of course Andrea. I will do whatever I can to help. This is just a huge shock, like our real lives just turned into some kind of a sci fi movie. My question right now is, why does humanity need protection?” Maddie seemed to be dealing well, processing the news without freaking out too bad. Andrea looked to Lyle.

Lyle launched into his explanation for Andrea’s friends. Andrea stood by and watched their faces as they absorbed the information. It appeared they were processing well.

“So let me get this strait. Vampires, Werewolves, Merpeople, basically most the things we heard about in fairytales are real just separated now because of the demons which are also real, and currently trying to break into the human reality.” Dan said matter of factly. “And on top of this, my friend I have known my whole life is a demigod that you have awakened while I was watching NASCAR last weekend so she can by herself defend the world from demons that are going to try to take it over.”

“Well I am hoping you will join my team, and I have Lyle, he is pretty bad ass.”

“I am in Andrea. How will we find the demons, and what can Dan and I do to help?”

“Honestly I don’t know yet. I have been a demigod for three days, still real new at this.”

“I am thinking just knowing you two are there to support her will help. No one can know about her or me. People are not ready as a whole for what is really out there, let them stay wrapped up in their little problems, it is for the best.”

“For sure worrying about my parents and their drama was making me crazy fifteen minutes ago, now it seems so unimportant, let them figure it out.” Maddie hopped off the hood and grabbed Andrea into a hug, Dan joined in with a mumbled, “I am with you too.”

As they were hugging Andrea felt a strange feeling deep in her core, she felt like she was floating from the inside. “Something is happening you guys. Hold on.”

Green light enveloped them all and then they were gone. As the light faded and Andrea could see again it was obvious they were no longer in Washington. She looked around, Lyle was there too.

“What just happened Lyle? Where are we?” Andrea was scared and slightly nauseous. As she looked around it was dark, they were outside, it was warm, and the Pyramids were there. Pyramids!? They were in Egypt?

Andrea took in her surroundings They had materialized behind some large boulders not more then 200 ft from the Great Pyramid.

“Andrea we are in Egypt. That is the great Pyramid. How did we get here?” Maddie asked, actually sounding quite calm for just having materialized in Egypt.

“Center yourself Andrea, it has to be a demon. The pyramids are a conduit to the deity they are what make it possible for me to communicate with them.”

“If thats true one of the first rules of engagement in a battle situation would be to take out communications. I play a lot of Arma 3 I know what I am talking about, We better find the demon.” Dan said. Andrea looked at him. He was calm and alert. She knew her friends could handle being BFF’s with a guardian.

“Yes listen to Dan you need to focus.” Lyle said as he transformed into a black panther. Neither Dan or Maddie even batted an eye. It seemed like an everyday occurrence that their talking raccoon companion was now a one hundred and fifty pound cat.

Andrea focused as she looked around, her eyes glowing with the power inside her as she did in fact feel something close by.

“It is close by hiding in the boulders same as us. Stay close and follow me you guys.”

Andrea ventured forward hugging the boulder with her body. Peeking around the corner before she inched along. Maddie was behind her, Dan behind Maddie, and Lyle covering the rear. They traveled in this manner for a while searching for the demon. As she approached the corner of the last boulder between them and the open space between the boulders and the Pyramid Andrea knew the Demon was near all her senses were alive and her eyes were glowing gold with power. She grabbed Maddie’s arm and turned to look at her, she motioned for her to stop and stay there. Maddie shook her head in agreement and stopped. Andrea let go of her friend and dove forward rolling out from behind the boulder. The Demon jumped down from its perch nearby shooting fire from his fingertips as he attacked. Two more Demons following the first. Andrea froze the fire balls and threw them back at the Demon that attacked first, vaporizing him where he stood. The other two demons rushed her. Andrea shot her purple lightening at them hitting one with multiple rays. The third demon was not rushing her after all, it avoided the fight and ran for the pyramid. With Andrea distracted with the fight she did not see the third one get by. Dan , Maddie, and Lyle were on it.

Lyle was able to bring it down with one swipe of his powerful claws. The demon shrieked in pain as it fell to the sand, orange ooze running from its wounded shoulder. Dan and Maddie were on it in a flash, fists and feet flying as they attempted to subdue the demon. Andrea turned to see the mad pile of human and demon behind her. She ran to her friends aid as the demon, temporarily stunned, began to regain his strength and toss his human attackers off. It turned to Dan with teeth bared and claws wildly swing at him as he dodged to avoid the onslaught of the attack. Andrea wasted no time and slammed into the demon knocking him off his feet. As she sat on what should be his stomach she fired both hands of lightening into his chest and instantly was sitting in the sand, no more demon threat to worry about. Dan clamored to Andrea’s side.

“Oh my god are you okay? That was some crazy stuff your eyes glow gold and purple shit comes out of your hands. My best friend is a demigod. Wholly crap.”

Maddie and Lyle run over to join them.

“Wow Lyle your a big cat.” Dan said.

“Is that all I get? Andrea gets a wholly crap and i only garner a wow? The injustice of it all.”

“Ah Lyle I don’t know if you noticed or not but we are in Egypt right now, three Americans and a talking feline, the demons are gone so how do we get back before we get arrested? Although I will admit, when I stopped at the park had I known I was going to orb or whatever you call it, I would of put my cell in my pocket, you really do not get this close to the Pyramids but once in a lifetime I would of liked to get some pics.” Maddie pointed out the obvious.

“If these are the conduit for Lyle to communicate with the gods or whatever, I have a feeling we will be back again. They will not give up that easily.” Dan added.

“Point taken, so what happens now?” Maddie asked as she looked to Lyle and Andrea.

“I actually have no idea. Lets hold hands and I will focus my thoughts on getting back home, and see if that works. What do you think Lyle?” Andrea asked as she took Dan and Maddie’s hands and focused her powers on getting back to the state park and their homes.

“You are correct, now jussssss” Lyle dematerialized and joined the blue glowing light as they returned to Washington and the state park.

“Andrea I was not done talking the least you could of done was wait for me to finish my directions.” Lyle said as he changed back into his raccoon form in the safety of the park.

“You know Andrea you did not have to take us to Egypt to convince us you were the Guardian. You could of just flashed your purple finger fire and we would of believed you.” Dan said smiling.

‘Well Dan I had no idea we were going to Egypt. Those were my first demons.”

“Those things were amazingly disgusting, and the smell, sulfur and soot.” Maddie said.

“You know I was so busy beating them I did not even notice so much about how they looked.”

“Are you kidding me? They were all red, very muscular, with no hair but like horns or spikes protruding from the top of their heads. Long, like five inches long claws that came out of their smallish but fat human like hands, oh and they could retract the claws. Pointy sharp looking teeth, and nothing to tell if it is a boy or a girl no parts. And no belly buttons! they obviously do not reproduce the way humans do.” Maddie said describing the demons in detail.

“I can vouch for orange goo when they are cut... and really bad breath when they are thinking about taking a chunk out of your hide.” Dan chimed in with his observations on the demons. Dan put his hand in a spot of orange goo stuck to his coat.

“Oh you have some goo on you.” Maddie said as she examined Dans coat.

“Thank you captain obvious.” Dan said as he flicked goo from his hand.

“I may not be into biology that much but I know my way around a lab well enough to figure out what makes up demon goo. Maybe I can find a weakness that Dan and I can exploit so we can be more helpful. We don’t want you to be worrying about us while you are saving the world.” Maddie ran to her car and grabbed her purse. She dumped out her allergy pills into her console and brought the bottle back to Dan.

“What are you doing?”

“Just hold still Dan I want to scrap some goo into this pill bottle it is not perfect but in a pinch it will work. We can get a better idea of what makes demons tick.”

“How are you going to do this? You have no lab equipment at your house capable of tests like that.”

“Dear that is where you come in, you are going to disable the alarm system with your mad computer skills so I can get into the lab at school. What time is it? How much time passed while we were in Egypt?”

Andrea reached into her car for her phone. “It’s 7:30pm. We were gone for four hours, my parents are going to be worried.”

“I am good. I go to the library or stay after to study all the time, my mom won’t think anything of it.” Maddie said.

“I am always on a computer somewhere or in a garage under a hood, I got no worries.” Dan replied.

“Well good for you two that actually have lives. Without the smelly bowling alley job I have no life that my parents know of so they are going to be wondering where I am. I am going to go home. You guys see what you can find out about the demon goo. See if there is anything we can use against them” Andrea looked around to Lyle. “You ready to go?”

“I am ready. Thank you both for your help in this calling Andrea has. I did not think you could handle it, I was wrong. It will be very interesting to see what it is that makes those demons tick. It would take a human to think to analyze the molecular makeup of one of them. Thank you Maddie.” Lyle turned to Dan. “Good luck Dan I hope you can make that dastardly computer work for you. I really do hate those bloody contraptions. They are right up there with the dishwasher.” Lyle smiled in his raccoon way and Andrea laughed. Maddie and Dan both looked on with curiosity.

“Lyle and the dishwasher had a bit of an argument on his first morning here. It is safe to say cooking and technology are not a messengers strong points.”

“However I am excellent at training guardians perhaps the two of you could use my skills to help yourselves maximize your human body.”

“You mean like make us buff?”

“I mean like make you as strong mentally and physically as your human body will allow. The mind is a very powerful tool you need to work what you have to its fullest potential.” Lyle said as he fastened his seat belt.

“That would be great.” Maddie said.

“Cool, I am in.” Dan added.

“Great we start tomorrow.”

“Oh you guys, you so do not know what you just signed up for. Its like boot camp at the hands of a tyrant.”

“Andrea you exaggerate. I am a very fair trainer.”

“Of course you are. I am not complaining you made me tough enough to take on those demon’s so a little cardio was good for me.”

“There is cardio involved? Like running?” Maddie asked. She was a little nervous as to what she just signed up for. Honestly she did not figure a little raccoon could come up with that bad of a training program.

Andrea shut the door and started her car. She rolled down her window. “Yes like running you better go shopping for some cute work out clothes. I will see you guys later I gotta go.” Andrea pulled out of the parking lot.

“You did very well with the demons. One thing, if we had not stopped the one that got by you it might have reached the pyramid. You must stay focused.”

“I was focused I just thought there was only one, shocker there were more.”

“Good point, that was unexpected, but now we must be ever vigilant we know Hades has bridged the gateway, it is only a matter of time before he attacks again, possibly with more demons or more powerful ones.”

“Lyle you are always such a ray of sunshine, what would I do without you?’

“I am a cup half full kind of creature right up until the demons are involved, then it is another story. None can escape back to Hades and none can get past us and cut off our link to the deity.”

“That would be bad on both points, the getting back to the hell god possibly a little scarier then I would like to think about.”

“Hades here among humans would not be an ideal situation but you could still beat him.”

“Me against a Hell God how do you figure I could win?”

“ I was proving my cup half full point. Not real sure what we would do with Hades loose, crying comes to mind.”

“Thanks Lyle, you are such a optimist.” Andrea pulled up the driveway and into her parking spot. “Now prepare yourself we are going into the house and we are very late. I am about to get into all kinds of trouble, get into the purse so I can get you up stairs and safely hidden in my room.”

“Take your own advice be an optimist.”

“Whatever into the bag, I am starved I won’t sneak you any snacks if you don’t behave yourself in there.”

“ I always behave myself.”

“Famous last words before entering the house and facing the parent who will likely take my car away from me. Going to cramp our training style.”

“Nope you will simply run to the park.”

“Hush. We are going in,”

“Good luck Andrea.”

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