Guardian of Humanity

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Chapter 7

“Is that you Andrea Louise Campbell?” Came the distinctly angry voice of Lenaya. The wrath of Hadesl may of missed her but Andrea’s mom had better aim.

“Sorry mom I lost track of time I was working on a project.” Andrea said as she dashed up the stairs to throw her stuff in her room and get Lyle safely tucked away out of the line of fire.

“You get back down here young lady I am not done yelling at you yet.”

“Coming mom.” Andrea took the stairs two at a time as she came down them. Her mom was waiting at the bottom of the stairs for her.

“Be careful you know you can hardly walk without falling over your feet what are you thinking coming down here like that. Anyways what project were you working on and where and with who?”

“ For crying out loud I was with Maddie and Dan and we were in Egypt!” Andrea replied, honestly.

“Don’t get smart with me. Where were you?”

“Sorry we were at the park working on a project involving Egypt.”

“I did not think you had classes with them.”

“It is a senior project mom, we are going to do ours together as a big world adventure kind of thing.” Andrea was a horrible liar so the closer she kept to the truth the less likely she would blow it later.

“Well you should of called and let me know what was going on. I have been worried sick.”

“Yeah and when your mom is worried sick she picks on me which means I get no peace, which of course falls back on you.” Dad said as he came into the living room from the kitchen. Something seemed to distract him at that moment. “What the hell happened here?” He asked as he zoomed in on some forgotten training evidence.

Oh crap forgot to get the hole in the wall covered up by a picture or something now the crap is really gonna fly. Both Lenaya and Shane turn and stare at Andrea. “What are you guys looking at me for I don’t make holes in the walls normally.”

“Maybe not normally but there appears to be a hole and I did not put it there, and judging by your dads face he did not do it either, so that leaves you? What has gotten into you? Coming home late and now this? Whats next wild parties and booze? Or is the hole the evidence of both?”

“No I do not throw wild parties. Sometimes I just don’t know my own strength I guess. Sorry I will fix it. Now can I go to my room please?” Andrea said as she inched her way to the stairs and escape.

“Yes go to your room, and do not plan any outings after school this week or over the weekend do you understand me?” Lenaya called after her.

“Yeah I get it. But if something comes up with school or our project I have to do it. I cannot let my grades slip. I am a senior you know.” Andrea said over her shoulder as she climbed the stairs. Under her breath she added. “Or a demon could try to take over humanity that takes president over a grounding.”

Andrea went to her room and closed her door. She leaned against the door closes her eyes and let out a long held breath. She opened her eyes and looked over to her bed. Lyle was laying on the bed, munching on an apple, in his raccoon form.

“You know for some reason a raccoon eating an apple like you are holding it in its paw and taking bites just looks wrong.”

“I get the same feeling but, I like them and this species should just learn to eat them like this its the best way. I just need some caramel dipping sauce, I saw that on TV.”

“When have you watched TV?”

“Before I met you I hung around down here getting used to things you know.”

“Whatever. You and technology are not such good friends.”

“I am beyond your human technologies thats why they irritate me.”

Andrea laughed and walked over to her bed grabbed her homework out and started to work on it. She flipped on her computer and signed on to Facebook. She had a friend request from Bobby Durham.

“What the hell?”

Lyle was reading one of her text books and looked up at her. “What are you refering to?”

“I have a friend request from Bobby Durham Mr. Jock football star wants to be a Facebook friend?”

“Perhaps your charming personality is just too much for him?”

“Whatever Lyle, he has picked on me since, like, forever.”

“Maybe your new demigod aura is too much for him. You know I have heard that gods are like forbidden fruit to mere mortals of the opposite sex especially the weak minded.”

“ I have been utterly resistable my whole life, what a new concept. Only one way to find out, accept the request.” Andrea pushed accept and nothing happened no bells no whistles, just the same as any other friend request.

Homework and friends requests from hot jocks had distracted Andrea from her missed dinner due to an impromptu trip to Egypt, now her roaring stomach reminded her she had not eaten since a pathetic lunch.

“Lyle, I am sneaking down stairs, its late enough the parents should be well asleep.” She pressed her ear to the wall. “No noise I hope they are asleep and not still down stairs. Anyways you need food or were your four apples enough?”

“Enough? That was an appetizer. I am ready for my meal.”

“Alright I am going.”

Andrea slipped out of her room and crept silently down the stairs. All was quiet and dark down stairs and she had no problem making her way to the kitchen. She rummaged about and found left over chicken, mashed potatoes, and peas. Yum. She quickly made up two plates and zapped them in the microwave. She saw some banana’s and tucked them under her arm for a late night snack as she headed back out of the kitchen and up the stairs. She opened her bedroom door with all the food by levitating a plate so she could turn the door knob without issue. Demigod skills do come in handy in everyday life, Andrea thought as she grabbed the plate and went into her room. Quietly closing the door with her object moving power as well.

“Nice Andrea, You brought CHICKEN! For some reason this species seems to crave it above almost all other foods.”

“You are a raccoon and they do love to raid a chicken house.”

“Like eat the chicken with feathers and not barbque sauce? I don’t think so. Raccoons need to learn some cooking skills.”

“They are not problem solving smart, frying chicken is a little out of their league.”

“Not if they ever evolve enough to use their full brain capacity they will give humans a run for their control of the globe.”

At the same time in another realm ….

Why had his minions not reported back to him? They should of destroyed communications to the deity for the humans by now and reported back. What had went wrong? Hades did not like to be kept in the dark. Something was not right. He must pick other demons, stronger better fighters to send through the gate. He needed to double his efforts to open the gate further so more of his followers could step through. Hopefully soon he will be able to make his way through the gate himself. Humanity will be his.

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