Beyond Our Expectations

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“Eyana, what are you doing here? Romping off with the school’s assets? Ha? Answer me!”

I turn around to find a notorious guy emerging at sight.

“Excuse me; may I know who is lecturing me?!”
“You wanna know? It is Marcel. Marcel Mechande.”
“Marcel, what are you doing in a girls’ bathroom?!”
“Probably for a reason.”

Marcel screens my body from head to toe and bites back his tongue, leaving behind a smirk.

What the heck! It must be one of Jeo’s ambushes. Sexual assault. God, no! Not at this time! Not my virginity! Why am I tonight’s prey?! Why can’t I be human!

“Because you ain’t.”

How in hell can Marcel portend my thoughts?!

“Eyana, I am hungry. Let me devour and savour my need, and I shall let you go- safely.”

Before I could utter a word, he grips my waist rightly with one hand and shuts up my mouth with the other.

“You shall consent, ha!”

I eye the door slyly and commence to think of a mean to flee.

“Don’t fool me, Eyana. I have already locked the door.”

At the instant, my veins throb with trepidation. I stare blankly at the ceiling, but it seems I have already got on his nerves. He hurls one of his vigorous knees between my fragile legs, and I cower in pain. He smirks at me and steps closer... This was the last instant I have beheld before passing out.


You are one of us.

You belong here.

Beside us all.

They are alive.

You-only- could save them.

Take a sprint to where you belong.

Do it, Eyana. Before you perish.


I wake up, finding myself lying on the floor. I can’t decipher what happened before I pass out. I can’t decipher my vision.

No. No. No. No vision. Hallucinations.

I struggle to stand up once again, but I finally make my way out of the bathroom. I feign a smile behind which my pain is embedded. I vowed to show up at home like nothing has been wrong. I hope I just don’t crawl back to square one again.

As I walk around the streets I feel a deep surge of alienation towering and piling up within me. There is some unfathomable force summoning me- like the deceased summon the existing to death.

Wait! Did my mind drift off that far?! I must be turning paranoid. I hope life won’t hold worse mysteries for me in its hands.

I slowly and stealthily creep into our backyard, watching out for any signs of Mr. Mortz. For God sake, I want to evade any riot in this messed up day. Thankfully, the house is as vacant as my murky mind.

Although I am utterly sure of the vacancy of the house, I eavesdrop at every room before finally hurling myself into my room and shutting the door.

I instantly put on my headphones, and play my music on shuffle.

You run away
When you gotta stay.
You run away
Burning your fate to hay.

You know mysteries await you
And you gotta free them,
You scream!

This ain’t fair anymore, yeah!
We can’t give up too fast, yeah!

We scream!

Run away from them, yeah!
Fight before you’re killed, yeah!

You scream!


Wait! This ain’t part of the lyrics. Sooner or later, I’ll be driven cuckoo.

“Those who devour interest rise up like one stumbling from death. Those who devour death end up in eternal hell.” -Eyana’s Journal.

I slowly jump into the warm bathtub, trying to scrub off this garlic smell.

Holy shit. Shit. Shit.

I’m bleeding to death! My breasts have blue batches and deep scratches bleeding deeply at one end. My head bangs like I’d had a concussion. I try to fathom the slightest part of the incident, but everything is too blurry. What’s happened, for the world to conspire against me?!

For an instant, I glare at my chubby legs now that I’ve got older, and tears pile up in my eyes.

“That’s why;” I whisper. “No one would love a ball of grease!”

Scum. Worthless. Trash bin. Death!

The words echo in my ear like church bells ringing across the town except for that when church bells ring, everyone is as happy as a clam, but now I’m more of an ebony beast masked by a veil of agony sent down from the deepest pits of hell, shearing my guts to the core with the sharpest scalpels in the world. But I’m just too numb... Too numb to be alive.

Too numb to be alive

In a world of agonized

Beasts crying out in vain...

But who’ll save us again?

Who’ll save us again?

It’s a life we’ve departed

In a phantasm too enchanted-
To be thought of by a brain

When we lost our lives in vain...

I fought a life lying afar.
From heaven, I stand- just too far.

I fight for what I always did want
With a heart too replete with daunt.

But you stabbed me in the chest,

With a million swords, calling me a guest
Too foul to exist- too evil to persist,

But shall I give in or resist?

I suddenly realize I’ve been showering for what seems like an hour, so I immediately jump out of the tub, struggling to balance on my feet. I desperately sigh as every muscle aches within me, but I’m just living for the hope of anything changing.

Literally, anything.

I take a glimpse of my wretched face in the mirror, and I gasp, trying to push aside the tears. I try to stifle a scream for help and thank God, I succeeded for once in my life!

I slowly jump into my pajamas, and I comb my hair until it’s as straight as uncooked noodles. Before I jump in under my blankets, I find a folded paper lying next to my window. Suspicious I was, with anxiety piling up inside me.

Dear Eyana,

I hope this letter finds you well. I’m sorry to hear what’s happened to you today, and I just wish I’ve got your back.

So, I thought I might drop you a line to invite you to the prom on weekend. If you shall accept, I’d be the merriest man in the universe. I just don’t get why anyone would degrade such a resonating, stunning gem whose heart radiates with kindness, whose eyes with love and affection towards humanity.

I’ve tried several times to keep an eye off you, but I just couldn’t neglect such a magnificent angel whose embrace would be eternal heaven. I’m already fond of you, babe.

I hope this gives you an idea of how much I’m dying to have a blast with you. Do write back to me soon. I’ll be waiting for you, love, with bells on. See you at the prom.

Love from


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