Beyond Our Expectations

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“The most agonizing confinement is that of a murky mind.” -Eyana’s Journal.

I couldn’t decipher the slightest hint of the letter or its intentions. A part of me yearns for being loved, but another part- a more dominating one within my sub-conscious mind- fears it’s a ridiculous ambush to make a fool out of me. I feel between two minds right now especially that I keep questioning my sanity.

Am I like all the others? What happens when you receive a love letter from an utter stranger, calling for a hang out with you? Oh, no! It ain’t a hang out; it’s a congested prom with hundreds of familiar faces, many of which despise me!

Do all normal people have these uncertain notions popping at mind when they’re supposed to be on cloud nine? All these questions seem a complete mystery that awaits to be unraveled, but will it ever be?

I slowly get at a loose end with my mental debate, and I finally figure out a good fit of sleep will do all well to me. After all, I’m hankering for an undisturbed sleep.




Mental state.


Physical state.

Close to dead.


This is the story of a girl of whom I once called merry. She’s gone!






Summon the Lost One.


I awaken startled. Who’s it who’s romping with my sleep, summoning bygone terrors and alienation never endured before?

“The Lost One”, what’s that? Am I living in a fable?! And when shall I resolve all my mental debates? Will I ever reach that day before my demise? God knows!

When I finally get over all the odds of my dream, I make up my mind to write back to Anderson.

Dear Anderson,

Your letter has found me all well. I hope mine does too.

I finally made up my mind over the prom,and that’s a “yes, for sure I’m coming.” I know this might seem quite weird, but I hope this ain’t a trap -just for God’s sake!

I reckon you know my home, Ander, to pick me up. I’ll be waiting for you.


Time passed like ages, and I was slowly lamenting all my misfortunes. When the Prom Day struck, I knew I had to wear a beauty mask -Well, a stunning one. I eventually figured I’d slip on my shoulder-cut, starry azure dress with the ambience of a sound, clear night sky. It awkwardly reached the tip of my knees, and I blushed at the irony of a desperate girl being the spotlight of a prom... It’s sarcastic how sometimes you almost give in to your doldrums, and out of the blue, a saviour is sent to drag you out of your murky abyss of eternal, sizzling perdition. Ander might be my saviour at the instant, but I hope instants of glee slaughter those of damnation.

My phone rings in its monotonous tone, shaking me to life from my gloomy thoughts. I pick up the phone call, and Anderson ushers me to take a look into my window. I find him waving ecstatically at me with not a single care of how preposterous he might seem. As soon as I rush to the door, and as anyone would figure out, I was cabable of doing so because Mr Mortz has left earlier, and I just had a precious time to savour.

Anderson cubs my hand into his and kisses it gently. I just blush at the notion of one the school’s notorious guys dating me. I must be hallucinating, and when I blink, it’s all for real. In a courteous manner, he hurls the car’s door open and waves me in like his bride. For an instant, I ponder over my star-crossed fate. I wonder whether my curse has been detangled. I wonder whether my veil of utter gloom has been annihilated or whether it has been repainted to mask its filth.

“Eyana, huh?”

“Um, uh, I guess I drifted away. What’s up?”

“You’re stunning. Your beauty radiates across, dazzling me. How can such azure eyes, velvet lips or resplendent curls go for granted. I just wanna relish every inch of your beauty before I’m out of time.”

I didn’t need to have a mirror to know my face was now a crimson shade. I haven’t been flattered or complimented for a while that when I heard his words, I merely uttered,” Thanks. ”

This chapter in my life is resplendent; yet, I pray I don’t get blinded by the dazzling lights.

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