Jamaican Paradise part 1

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The Bachelorette Party

As Keon and Isaiah followed behind Dave’s car, they approached Samantha’s house. Isaiah parked his car at the same time Dave parked his so Dave wouldn’t see him and Keon…and thank God he didn’t. Sam’s house was covered in different radiant colors bursting through each and every window. They just sat in the car until Dave completely went in the house so they could go in. After Dave knocked on the door, at the very beginning of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” a huge beam of light came out of the doorway, and a huge cloud of smoke came with it. (It’s just like the video, but the only difference was that there was no wind blowing.)

*Ariel was at the door* “Hey Dave,” she said excited.

“¡Hóla señorita!” he said while waving and then they both laughed.

“Come on in! Everybody’s waiting to hear ‘your’ music,” she said sarcastically.

He gave her a huge hug and cunningly worked his hands down her back. Ariel knew where he was headed and quickly grabbed his hands to pull him in the house and shut the door. Even though Keon was steaming on the inside, surprisingly his facial expression showed the complete opposite of his feelings.

“You ready to go in?”

“Ready when you are.”

“Then let’s go.”

Keon and Isaiah got out of the car and walked up to the door.

“Hold on. Are we actually gonna just knock on the door and expect them to let us in?”

“Not all of ‘em.”

“What do you mean?”

*They both stopped walking*

“Let’s think about it: we can definitely scratch Ariel off the list because she thinks I’m a bastard and wants me to rot in hell; Samantha has a bitchy attitude…”

*Isaiah laughs*

“So there’s no use of bothering her;” Keon continued. “Niecy won’t answer because she’s somewhat a party girl; and Veronica’s just stubborn.”

*Isaiah laughs harder and then stops himself* “So how are we supposed to get in? Call one the girls anyway and ask ‘em to let us in?”

*Keon raised an eyebrow and smirked at him. Then Isaiah responded by gathering his eyebrows to the center of his forehead, along with having a weird look on his face*


“Just call Veronica,” Keon interrupted.

“I’d rather just knock on the door.”

“Okay…then I’ll just hide and sneak in behind you.”

“Whatever,” Isaiah said and then knocked on the door.

*Ariel came to the door, saw Isaiah waving rapidly through the peephole, and opened the door* “Hey!”


“How are you?”


“Come in.”

“Okay,” Isaiah said while walking in.

*Keon ducked close to the ground behind Isaiah in order to sneak in while Ariel was behind the door*

“So…what’s all this for?” he said pretending he didn’t know.

“The girls threw me a bachelorette party.”



*Keon shyly hid behind one of the giant speakers and then everyone starts cheering*

“What’s going on?”

“Sam hired strippers.”

“So she invited complete strangers to come here?”

“Not COMPLETE strangers…”

Isaiah gave her a weird look, and then they slightly turned their head to look at the stage. Taylor Lautner, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Usher walked onto the stage in unison, and they began to strip down from their clothes. Taylor was wearing a doctor’s outfit, Trey had on a fire fighter’s outfit, Chris was dressed as an entrepreneur, and Usher wore a policeman’s costume. Each of them took their shirts off in their own special way, and allowed the women to do the rest. Taylor guided Coryannah up to the stage, Usher had his eye on Ariel, Chris pulled Samantha up, and Trey grabbed Veronica. Each of the girls was really excited to be up there, and began to strip them of their clothes. Veronica was the only one that was stripping her partner the quickest. Isaiah was just staring at the both of them while full of wrath and indignation. At this point, he wanted to transform into his werewolf form, but he controlled himself.

After Veronica took Trey’s pants off, she jumped on him, and he began dancing while her legs were wrapped around his waist. While that was occurring, Isaiah was thinking of all kind of ways to kill him—he really wanted to—but instead he just simply turned around and walked towards the door. He looked back at her, only to see Trey kiss her on the lips. Isaiah’s fury got even worse and he was basically heartbroken at this point, so he opened the front door and slammed it extremely hard. As a result, he broke one of Sam’s windows. Ariel saw Isaiah leave and decided to go after him while Veronica was apparently having more fun than Ariel.

“Sam!” Ariel called.

“Yeah,” Sam answered.

“Could you take my partner for a few minutes?”

*Sam glanced at Usher while having a smile on her face* “A few minutes is all I need.”

“Alright,” Ariel said as she got off the stage.

“See ya!” Sam said and then turned to Usher immediately and he pulled her onto the stage. “Now it’s just you and me…”

“Let’s do it,” he said.

*Ariel went out the door to catch up with him* “Isaiah!” she called.

*He stopped, even though he didn’t want to, and turned* “What?”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going back to Club 30.”


“Why do you think?! Look at her. She obviously doesn’t love me anymore.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because it’s true.”

“Well it’s not!”

“I can’t believe I was gonna ask her to marry me…”


“Yeah,” he sighed as he pulled a small black box out of his pocket and opens it. “I was gonna give her this.”

“Oh my God. Is that a butterfly?”

“Yeah. A blue butterfly made completely of pure diamond.”

“Aww…that’s so sweet.”

*He closes the box and puts it into his pocket* “Obviously that’s not gonna happen now.”

“Sure it is. She’s just having fun, that’s all.”

“Well that’s a hell of a lot of fun.”

“Veronica still loves you Isaiah.”

“I doubt it. I’m going to the bar…*gives Ariel a big hug*…Bye sis.”

“See ya bro,” she said sadly.

Isaiah got into his car and quickly drove off, while Ariel stood there with a disappointed look on her face. She then went back into the house and tried to enjoy the party while sort of avoiding Veronica. It seemed like all the girls were having fun with their partners. After Ariel got back on stage to dance with Usher, which lasted only a few seconds, Dave let his back-up DJ Daniel take over the music while he went over to steal some alone time with Ariel. He came up behind her and gently grabbed her off the stage, and then they went up to a room next to Sam’s bedroom, which turned out to be a sound-proof room with just a queen sized bed and a flat-screen TV.

“As many times as I’ve been over here, I’ve never seen this room before,” Ariel said. “She’s shown me every other room except this one.”

“Maybe she’s secretly Batgirl.”

“Uh…I think if Sam was Batgirl, she would’ve told me,” Ariel laughed.

*:P* “Right…look over here. There’s another room.”

“Well what do you ya know? A room inside a room.”

“Two for the price of one I guess.”

“I guess it is,” Ariel said with a giggle.

Ariel opens the door and is amazed at what’s behind it. There was an actual movie theater. Even though the room with the TV was small, the room with the movie theater was huge.

“Incredible,” Ariel said.

“This is amazing!” Dave added.

He grabbed Ariel’s waist and hugged her. Then she smiled as if she wanted to hug him back, but she quickly pulled back and walked around the room.

“You wanna watch a movie?” he asked sarcastically.

“Nah, let’s head back downstairs,” she said walking out of the “movie” room to head downstairs to the party, but Dave stopped her.

“Hold on. What’s the rush?”

“I just thought that we should get back to the party. People are probably asking about us.”

Keon tip-toed upstairs to see if Ariel was okay, but before he opened the door, he decided to put his ear to the door, He hears her talking to another guy and soon figures out that it was Dave’s voice. Then Ariel opened the door and Keon went to go hide. After Dave quickly closed the door, Keon came back to the door to listen to some more of the conversation.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I just wanna talk to you,” he responded as he grabbed Ariel’s wrists to turn her around towards him.

“Okay, well, we can talk downstairs.”

“I wanna be alone with you,” he whispered in her ear.

“With me?”

“Yeah,” he said.

Dave kissed her lips and began to works his way down her neck. Then he picked her up and put her in the bed while he lay on top of her. As he worked his hand up and down her thigh and grabbed her butt, he moved to the front of her pants to unzip them and then unzip his as well. After that, Ariel started to feel more uncomfortable as he lifted her leg and pulled her against his cock. She let out an uncontrollable groan and was shocked at herself. She then tried to push him off of her.

“Okay Dave. That’s enough.”

“Hold on. I’m just gettin’ started.”

He then thought about sheathing himself inside of her, but by the time that entered his mind, Keon kicked the door open. Keon thought Ariel was in trouble, but apparently she wasn’t…at least not from what he could see. He saw Dave kiss her while they were in bed, and then he immediately stopped when Keon came in.

“Keon?” Ariel said quietly.

“Dude, you mind givin’ us some privacy? You kinda interrupted us while we were in the middle of takin care of some business, if you know what I mean…” he said getting out of bed.

Before Dave could continue, Keon punched him dead in the face, making him fall hard on his back. Dave groaned a little and just lay on the floor with his eyes closed. Then Keon just looked at him and balled his fist tight enough just to pop it.

“Keon that was our DJ.”

“I didn’t know ‘DJ’ meant ‘Dumb Jackass’. Were you really about to have sex with him Ariel?”

“I wasn’t! He carried me to the bed and I tried to push him off.”

“Yeah right.”

“I’m telling the truth.”

“Well that’s not what I saw.”

“Then what did you see?”

“Hmm…let’s see. I saw my fiancé’s lips being sucked from her face, and on top of that, she was about to give up her virginity to some man-ho who isn’t worth shit!”

*Ariel looked down and sighed* “To be honest, I had no earthly idea he was gonna do that.”

“What were you doing up here anyway?”

“He brought me up here…”

*Keon was about to get extremely mad*

“Before you say anything, let me explain.”

“Why should I?! You didn’t give me that chance. So why should I give you that chance?”

“Okay,” Ariel sighed. “Go ahead. Explain.”

“Alright. Back to the bar, I was kinda depressed while thinking about all the bad stuff that happened to me in the past, you know…”


“So Candi thought—”

“Wait. You know her name?”


“Go on,” she said while controlling herself.

“Well, she thought that I would feel better by dancing with her.”

“Heifer…” she said under her breath.


“I said continue.”

“Alright….At first I didn’t to dance, but she begged me and then dragged me to the dance floor. I was kinda nervous in the beginning, but after Candi told me to let loose, I felt like a free man. It was like I was walking on air, away from all the pressure…the pressure of the wedding.”

“I’m glad you had fun.”

“Ariel don’t get me wrong, I want us to get married, but I think I just needed a break from all this stress.”

“I understand. I guess I felt the same way.”


“Well, I wanted to go to a place that was quiet so I could get away from all the craziness that was downstairs,” she chuckled. “I think Sam went a little overboard with the strippers after she saw Mikal kiss another girl.”

“So that why he went after her.”

*Ariel nodded while she was somewhat in a daze*

“As you were saying…”

“Oh yeah. Dave led me up here in Sam’s, I guess, ‘secret’ room, and we just started talking.”

“Secret room?”

“Yeah. You wanna see it?”


*They peak into her secret room*

“Whoa!” “Yep. Dave thought that she’s secretly Batgirl,” she said with a laugh.


“I know right. After that, I tried to head downstairs, but he stopped me…”

“Oh yeah.”

“ ‘Oh yeah’?”

“Yeah…I was at the door listening to you guys by that time.”

“You…*sighs*…whatever. Anyway, when he stopped me, he basically started kissing me, picked me up by the waist to put me on the bad, and put my legs around his waist so he’d TRY to do a little bit of something.”

*Keon looked at her with a blank look*

“I thought he took me up here so we could talk about a price for me to pay him, but obviously he wanted something else.”


“Okay what?”

*Keon pushes Ariel out of the door*

“Wait! What are you doing?” she said while struggling from his grip.

“I just wanna talk to Dave for a quick second.”

Ariel saw an evil glare in Keon’s eyes when he said that. They quickly changed from brown to devil red. After he shoved her completely out, he locked the door.

“Keon open the door!” she shouted.

“Just a minute!” he shouted back.

As Ariel puts her ear to the door to try to hear what’s going on, Dave wakes up.

“Ugh, what happened?”

“I’ll tell you what happened. To make a long story short, you tried to sleep with me fiancé and now you’re about to die. Any questions?”


“I didn’t think so,” Keon said grabbing his head by his hair.

“Wait! Can’t we just—Aaah!”

“What? I can’t hear you,” he said sarcastically.

Keon grabbed Dave’s head and slammed it against the wall repeatedly until most of his teeth began to come out. Blood was just about flowing out of his mouth, and he practically had a concussion. Then he looked in Sam’s closet to look for a baseball bat, but ended up finding a golf club instead.

“Even better!” Keon said in excitement.

Dave tried to get up and leave, but Keon beat him down to the floor. He continually his arms and legs until they were completely broken. When he finished, Keon felt like something was missing. While Dave was laying there defenseless, Keon grabbed a bottle of pure alcohol and box of matches out of the drawer of her dresser that the TV was sitting on top of. He then poured alcohol all over Dave’s body, while the alcohol burned like fire on his face where Keon slammed against the wall. Then Keon struck a match and threw it on his body. Dave tried to move so he could roll around and put out the fire that spread quickly over his body, but he was extremely too weak. Then Keon picked him up and quickly threw him out of the window before the fire made any burnt marks on the floor. While he crashed through the window, two large pieces of glass fell on the ground before he did and he landed on top of them as a result. One went through the left side of his chest while the other one went through the right side of his stomach. Keon was sort of out of breath, but quickly regained his strength after hearing Ariel knock on the door.

“Keon?” she said through the door.

“Yes! How may I help you?” he answered through the door as well.

“Open the door!”

*Keon opens the closet door and stands there for five minutes*

“What are you doing?” Ariel wondered.

“You told me to open the door. You didn’t say WHICH door to open.”

“Keon, open THIS door right now, or I’ll choke you to unconsciousness!” she demanded while banging her fist on the door.

*He took precious time getting to the door. He fixed his clothed, popped his knuckles and his neck, and stretched his whole body before opening the door* “Hey Ariel.”

*She looked at him with a blank look, then pushed him out of the way* “Alright. Where is he?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t get smart with me. What happened to Dave?”

“You care about him more than you care about me?”

“No. You know I love you very much. I hope that you didn’t hurt him too bad.”

*Keon gulped a little*

“Am I right?”


*Ariel quickly started looking for Dave around the room then noticed that the window was broken* “What happened here?”

*Keon smirked and shrugged his shoulders*

*She went to the window and looked out of it, and suddenly noticed three drunk guys surrounding a familiar body figure that was covered in blood in the grass* “Is that Dave?”

“I don’t know, is it?”

“Stop being a smart-ass and answer the damn question!” she demanded.

“Well, yeah…”


“What?! His ass had it comin’!”

“I’ll admit it. It’s fine that you beat him up, but throwing him out of the window?!”

“I didn’t know he was gonna die!”

*Ariel sighed heavily* “Well, the fact is that he’s gone now. We can’t do anything else about it…” she said.

“Wait,” Keon said with a surprised look on his face. “Look at that. It looks like they’ve got it covered.

As Ariel made her way back towards the window, she saw three drunk guys walk toward Dave’s body, dragged him towards their car to put him on the trunk, and then drove off in their truck.

“Wow….Come on. Let’s see what’s goin’ on downstairs.”

They both ran down the steps to see what was happening. When they got to the bottom of the steps, all the guests were getting a tinsy bit out of control. Then out of nowhere, someone decides to ride a motorcycle up the stairs.

“Yeah!” said the guy riding it.

“What the hell?!” Sam shouted.

“Uh-oh…” Ariel said to herself.

“Who’s the jackass with the motorcycle?”

*Keon and Ariel shrugged, and then Samantha let out a frustrated sigh*

“How am I gonna get this place cleaned up in time for tomorrow?”

“Oh I forgot about tomorrow! Oh my God…”

“Yeah. I almost forgot myself.”

*They guy riding the motorcycle comes back down the steps* “Whoo-hoo!”

“Alright. We have got to get all these people out of here,” Ariel said.

“But how?” Sam said.

*A light bulb went off in Keon’s head* “Okay, why don’t we just focus on getting everyone out of here first, and then work from there?”

“Alright. I’ll take downstairs. Keon, you take the kitchen. Ariel, you take upstairs.”

“Let’s go!” Keon shouted.

The three friends went their separate ways to clear everyone out of the house. When Keon got into the kitchen, there were four drunk couples: one was behind the door asleep, a second pair was making out in the sink, a third pair was under the sink playing a childish game they made up called “Pirate Adventure,” and a fourth pair was on top of the table dancing like crazy.

~Jesus!~ he thought and then shouted, “Okay! Everybody out! Let’s go! Come on!”

“You’re not the boss of us!” one guy shouted.

“Yeah!” everyone else agreed.

*Keon picks up a small bag of marijuana that he found on the floor, and then suddenly everyone stops to stare at the plastic bag*

“Hey, I was looking for that,” the guy said in a sluggish tone.

“That’s right…follow the drugs…” Keon said to himself. *He led them from in the kitchen to outside the door, then threw the bag far away from it* “Go get it!”

They piled up on top of each other after one guy slid across the next door neighbor’s grass while fighting for the bag. Keon made sure that they were far enough so he could trap them outside. After that, Sam got on top of the stage and Keon decided to join her by turning the music off.

“Hey! What the fuck?!” someone shouted.

“Listen…” Sam shouted, “everyone has to leave right now!”

“Hell no!”

“Go fuck yourself!” somebody else shouted.

“Hey! Hold the hell on!” Keon shouted. “If everyone leaves right now, you’ll get $100,000 and all the food you can eat! All you have to do is go to Leonard’s Barbeque that’s down the street from here and you’ll receive your gift! Go now before they run out!”

*Everyone runs out, leaving the house vacant*

“Well, that’s done.”

“Thanks Keon. I’m glad you came here with me.”

“No problem.”

*While Ariel was upstairs to clear everyone out of the hallway, she hears a familiar voice coming from Sam’s room* “Is that Veronica?” she asked herself.

After she immediately opened the door, there she was in the back part of the room with Trey Songz, while other couples were in the front part of the room where Ariel was standing. Both of them were naked in the bed, kissing each other’s hearts out. The sheets only covered them from the waist down at the moment. Just when they got comfortable, they heard someone come in, so they paused for a minute and then immediately went back to kissing. When that occurred, Ariel wanted to say something, but she saw that the situation was gonna turn into something extreme. So she decided to walk back out of the door, slowly close it tight, and put her back up against it.

~Damn! I can’t believe Veronica’s doing this. She-she’s cheating on Isaiah!~ she thought as she began to tear up and feel extremely bad for Isaiah.

As time went on, Ariel slid down to the floor as she started to feel worse and worse about this situation. All of a sudden, her and Isaiah’s minds were connected as one. They both felt a little strange and light-headed, but neither one of them knew what was going on. Then, before they knew it, they began to read each other’s mind. Ariel began to find out some interesting things about Isaiah’s life, and he found out some things about her life. A variety of emotions were going through their heads while reading each other’s mind. After that, they began to talk to each other in their heads.

~Isaiah?~ Ariel thought.

~Ariel?~ Isaiah thought.


~Are you in my head?~

~I think so…and I guess you’re in mine.~

~I guess so….This is too weird.~

~I know. Umm…did you really start drinking because of your parents?~

~My dad…~


~Yeah…I don’t like to talk about it too much. It makes me depressed.~

~I wasn’t going to.~

~Thanks. Can I ask you a couple of questions?~

~Go ahead.~

~First of all, did you really think that Keon was full of himself?~

~Actually, I thought he was a smart-ass and full of shit.~

*Isaiah laughs out loud while at the bar, and the people around him are clueless to why he’s laughing*

~I’m kidding…but the way he approached me made me think that way about him. It seemed like he was trying too hard to impress me.~

~Okay…and my second question: Did Veronica cheat on me?~

~As far as I know she didn’t…~

~I can read your mind Ariel. I know she’s cheating on me right now…isn’t she?~

~I’m so sorry Isaiah.~

~I was just sitting here thinking about how I was gonna give her another chance. Now I’m not so sure.~

~Isaiah, maybe you just need more time to think this over. She truly loves you bro.~

~No offense Ariel, but I don’t believe that.~

~Maybe she’s drunk.~

~Drunk or not, she’s having sex with a stripper and I’m not comfortable with that. I know you’re trying to cover for her Ariel, but what’s done is done. She cheated on me, and that’s that.~

~So let me guess what you’re gonna do now: you’re gonna stay in the same house with her, but you’re just gonna give her the silent treatment. Is that it?~

~Bingo! Give the woman a cigar.~

~I’m gonna need one of those and a drink while this is going on.~

~Me too.~

~Really Isaiah?~

~Yeah. I could use one.~

~No…sorry. That’s not what I meant. I was just saying are you really gonna do this to her?~

~She did this to herself. I just wanna let her know how much it hurts.~

~So far you’re doin’ a pretty good job~ *sighs deeply* ~Well, I’m gonna stop talkin to you so you can have some time to yourself.~

~Alright. Thanks.~

~No problem.~ she thought as she took a deep breath and then stormed in the room by kicking the door open as if she was in some kind of action movie with lots of shooting going on. “Alright, everybody out! If you leave right now, Halle Berry and Chris Brown are running down the street while being chased by adoring fans! So if you leave now you should catch up to them! Go!!”

Everyone grabbed their clothes and left out of the house. All of them were only half-naked unlike Veronica and Trey. Once Trey heard Ariel’s voice say something about Halle Berry, he was as fast as lightning when he put on his clothes and immediately ran out of the door. Now, the room was vacant with no one but Ariel and Veronica. Veronica glanced at Ariel full of embarrassment and shame, while Ariel stared at her with rage and fury.


“PUT ON SOME CLOTHES AND GET OUT!” she interruptedly shouted.

“But if you just…”

“GO!! Right now! Before I say something that I’ll regret!”

Ariel wasn’t gonna leave until she made sure Veronica was gone. While having an angry look and feeling deep inside her, she watched Veronica put on her clothes quickly to head out the door to go home. After that, Ariel, Keon, and Samantha started to clean the house swiftly as a half hour went by.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why are we cleaning up again?” Keon asked.

“Because I have some very important people coming over here and I want this place to be perfect,” Sam said.

“By ‘people’ do you mean Mikal?”

“No. I actually mean people.”


“It looks we’re done here.” *looks at her watch* “Oooo! It’s late!”

“Yeah! It is. We should be heading home.”

“Alright. Bye you two!”

“Bye,” the couple said in unison as they started walking home together.
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