Destined to The Dragon [Book One]

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There was always that one misunderstanding that can throw peace into chaos, one unruly judgment to corrupt the right of way. It happened so that Olivia's life was nothing but the definition of chaos. Her past had led her into the clutches of being a miserable outcast. When one mistake brought her to see her life flash before her eyes, everything wasn't as it seemed, what she thought were lies were true, and what was true were lies. But Olivia denied herself the right to believe in such fairytales. She was the type of person to believe in only what she saw. Never in her wildest dreams or imagination did she think she would end up riding on the back of a dragon shifter who speaks about what she thinks her death. Olivia believed dragons are the monsters people should be scared of, not awe over. There is a saying that goes, don't judge a book by its cover. ~°~ The first book to the Destined trilogy where the fantasy roams the lands, the adventures an unlikely heroine takes, and a thriller twist of romance, all in one.

Fantasy / Romance
Sonya Kestal
4.8 34 reviews
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~ Intro ~

To my beloved ones,

People say that books tell a story that was forgotten long ago; that their ancient history would soon crumble beneath the weathering pages of an aging book.

Some would say that there is no such thing as fate and was written off as a fantasy story for children to read at night with their parents.

Most would say that werewolves were savaged beasts seeking the power of the full moon and kill under its light for fun; gaining strength and becoming more dangerous at night.

Most would say that vampires have no heart and feed off the weak for power and immortality to live for all eternity; killing the lives of innocent for their own selfish needs.

But everyone would say that dragons were vicious beasts. Craving the blood of others and bringing chaos through their fiery breath.

But they were all just written off as myths; made up in the ink-black pages of the oldest of books.

What’s one thing they all have in common?

They’re all wrong,

Humans may believe what they want to believe and nothing can change their mere minds.

If humans really saw beyond the crippled pages of a worn book they wouldn’t be able to handle the reality of their childhood fantasies coming to life.

Their small minds hold limits too tight for their childhood fantasies to come alive. They would prefer to keep the supernatural within the pages of books and go back to life how it was, keeping mother natures talents locked away within the ripped, yellow pages.

But everyone knew what existed beyond the books of their fantasies. Everyone knew it was impossible and unbalanced to God’s creation. So then they wrote new chapters in their books; telling of how the supernatural were monsters sent from the depths of hell.

They were right.

Fate. Werewolves. Vampires. Dragons.

They were all monsters in their own sick, twisted way.

But humans will never know how much of monsters supernatural really are. Only the crumbling pages of their weathering books will ever tell even the slightest part,

Of the monsters within. . .

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