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A maiden is expected to marry her finest suitor to bring the family name grace and honour. But on her way to her wedlock, a moody dragon shifter she found in the woods has other plans, starting by hijacking her carriage. ~°~ As a fine young woman, Olivia Willows, the wild child of the family, is expected to cast aside her reckless ambitions for a family she has no blood relation to and marry to noble blood. Her life seems to be written out before she's even begun the first chapter. That is until she has a strange encounter with a handsome man with extraordinary dragon features; one who leaves her with an attraction she can't explain. She wasn't expecting to come across a fantasy creature, especially one who cocks his head at everything she says, so she certainly doesn't expect to be whisked away by him before she even walks down the aisle. But there's more to her captor's past than he's letting on whilst an ominous evil is on the horizon. A prophecy speaks of a king wielding a sacred weapon, leading three warriors into a battle against a three-headed beast. Problem is, both the king and weapon have been lost for over eight centuries. As the ominous evil closes in, threatening to collapse the fantasy world, Olivia finds that she may have gotten more than she bargained for.

Fantasy / Romance
Sonya Kestal
4.8 34 reviews
Age Rating:

~ Intro ~

To my beloved ones,

The stories you heard as a child, did you believe them? Did you believe there were monsters under the bed, hiding in the closet if you didn’t fall asleep when mother and father told you to? Were you worried? Nervous?


Do you still believe them?

Folks tell of a time stemming from history books, the ones that whisper of the very tales forgotten over the generations of creasing pages and smudging ink. Their story is ancient, and would soon crumble,

Crumble beneath what you may deem fiction; therefore their history will tear in the pages of weathering books.

But that’s where humans become the weaker species, subjugated by their minds denying what is really there. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. But who are you to know? You believe the fantasy world is, in fact, just that,

A fantasy told at night.

Lycanthropes. A beast cursed to the moon, prowling the night for little girls wearing red hooded cloaks.

Vampires. A murderous man with no pulse, preying on the innocent to feed the hunger that is his bloodthirst.

Sirens. A beautiful mermaid with a hunger for flesh, enthralling lost sailors to their death to keep her youth and beauty.

Dragon shifters. A vicious being neither man nor dragon, bringing their divine rule of chaos through a breath of their searing fire.

But, of course, humans, you have nothing to worry about. You see, they’re all just fantasy stories, remember? Stories you were told as a child to ensure you grew up well behaved and simple-minded.

These creatures were all written off as myths, made up from the imagination of an author who created a world for humans to escape to through the mind; to hallucinate for hours from the skin of a dead tree.

Do you really believe that?

Foolish humans,

Myths came from somewhere, did they not? It can’t all possibly be simple stories, can it? After all, a lie is just that, a lie; to hide the truth, to keep it a secret. There is no lie without the truth just as there is no light without the dark.

So, here’s a question to ask yourself. What do all these stories have in common? What could all these different mythical creatures possibly have in common?

They’re all wrong,

Humans are such a feeble species. What? Did you really think you were superior because we simply kept our existence a secret? Because we didn’t stalk your little red riding hood and feast on your wives blood or sing out to your sailors?


Where did that little girl go?

When did your wife say she’d be back by?

And just what is taking those sailors so long?

Your brave, oh, so noble, king Arthur saw the truth, saw what the gravity of our existence brought upon your lives, so he ventured out, sought to change your fates, or as I call it, your little predicament.

Mythological have truth to them; if you actually read between the lines, that is. But, you humans, if you really saw beyond your creasing pages and smudging ink, your little minds couldn’t handle it, the mortifying realization that you weren’t actually alone,

You never were.

Did you check under the bed? Did you double-check? How about that closet? All four corners?

You allow yourself to believe we don’t exist because your mind holds limits too tight for your childhood stories to live in your reality. You would much rather prefer it if we remained as letters scribbled on ripping pages,

Monsters within torn pages, sealed away within. . .

No. You wouldn’t like it if you saw the monsters that we actually are. Something beyond your petty books, beyond your king’s damned sword, beyond your worst nightmare.

You think you’re actually alone when dusk falls? You think you’re the only one who’s twisted in the head? You think your noble bloods are actually in charge?

Here’s another question to ask yourself. Are you second-guessing what your precious Arthur deemed impossible?

Are you afraid?

Keep reading. Surely, you’ll find some reassurance in your iniquitous books. Authors tend to write more than necessary to enforce their idea to the reader. Chapter after chapter, telling stories through twisted worlds of fate and love.

It’s revolting.

You honestly would rather believe a bloodthirsty vampire miraculously conjuring up self-restraint than draining the woman’s blood because she’s different? Or a moon-bound beast ravishing his blessed mate because he’s the ruthless alpha everyone else fears him for?

Fate. How tediously predictable.

The stories you heard as a child, the ones you read to your children, they’re lying to you. They let you believe you are safe, that the only thing you have to worry about is a cheating spouse and hungry bellies.

You’ve grown naive, gullible, weak. You deny what is actually there. Your one advantage, to simply accept you’re not the superior species. That will be your doom.

Shhh, look over your shoulder, don’t you see me? Look again,

I’m right here. We all are,

Because we’re not a fantasy story, we’re not as predictable as you think fate makes it. But, alas, you’ll never let yourself believe it’s a possibility. You’ll never read between the lines. You’ll never see the true reality,

Of the monsters within. . .

Rustthar Don Gnapenra,
Have you figured it out yet?

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