Destined to The Dragon [Book One]

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[Chapter Nine]

The words hit him as a sword had split open his chest. The sentence alone left him on the verge of wanting to go on a full rampage to show her just how angry her thoughts made him. He felt like he was suffocating, choking and drowning in water, sinking deep to the bottomless pits of darkness. Was it how one was to feel when feeling hurt?

Rykal’s eyes glazed over, voiding off anything that seemed near to sorrow and kept it back. But he didn’t even have time to react when she suddenly ran. Rykal didn’t understand it, he felt himself mentally screaming for her to come back, begging for her to turn around. He never knew the bond between them could be so strong so soon.

His body responded at the sense of his Dragella leaving and it affected him greatly. He was yet to get used to the newfound power surging through him the minute he smelled her for the first time. The strength and energy that coursed in his veins made him feel invincible, impregnable. Her forsaking his side left him powerless, weak and useless; chained down with an enchanted cloth and locked deep in the prison of hell.

He watched her run and it pained him beyond his comprehension. All that crossed his mind was the vast destruction he craved and her terrified eyes were the causing. He made the conclusion that she feared him, greatly. So much so, she couldn’t bear to be near him, afraid he would harm her fragile figure to the extent of killing her.

Rykal balled his fists to the point of his knuckles turning pale, he wouldn’t let her think about such treacherous things. He would show his Dragella that he wasn’t the monster the rotten books made him out to be. He wasn’t the dragon prince nor the demon prince. Demons, he would show the world he was nothing more than an exiled prince.

Rising to the air, Rykal flapped his wings hard, collecting wind beneath them. He narrowed his eyes, quickly catching the slightest movement of white cloth dancing in the wind, his human was fast despite her injuries. Rykal leaned forward, his wings carrying him through the cold air though he paid no attention to it. He was determined to win his Dragella’s affection and finally start a future together with her, too long he had waited, too impatient he had gotten. He imagined all the whelps they could possibly have together and Rykal was more determined than ever to firstly catch his runaway mate, earn her deservingly, and make her rightfully his.

With energy fueling his excitement, his nose twitched, smelling out for his Dragella’s scent of jasmine. He caught it and a shiver ran down his spine. He never knew how much the sweet fragrance of a Dragella smelled to their Dragale until the day he smelled the strong, breathless scent of jasmine. It made the scales on his body twitch with desire as it did again as Rykal changed direction and flew toward the jasmine scent.

He saw something moving and he swiftly dove through the thick trees, folding his wings back and protected his face from the frosty branches with his scaled arms. When he came into the clearing he quickly moved his feet downwards and came to a crashing thud. He didn’t waste time and stood, ruffling his hair free from snow and a few twigs caught. He scanned the area around him but frowned when he came to the realization that it was nothing but snow-laden trees.

It smelled so heavily of his Dragella’s scent in the spot he was standing in, Why does this spot smell like her? Did she trick me?

The area suddenly grew quiet, eerily quiet. Rykal tensed and a thick, vile fume suddenly wafted in his nose, burning it. Rykal exclaimed in disgust cough a few times, not being used to the foul odor as he knew only one species could burn his sensitive nose, lamias.

Demons, he cringed at the taste their blood left on his mouth, it made him sick for days on end. Rykal would’ve eradicated them once and for all but he didn’t have the time nor the patience.

Jasmine abruptly wafted up to his nose, easing the burning sensation and it caught Rykal off guard for a second. He turned around and narrowed his eyes through the forest. Glowing green eyes and forked tongues, a worn white dress. It was all Rykal needed as he launched from the ground that gave him the momentum to sprint swiftly through the dense forest. Energy pulsed through his veins, strength pumped and tightened his muscles and Rykal found himself becoming stronger and stronger by the second as he raced through the forest.

He could clearly see the filthy snake tongues closing in on Olivia as she slowly backed away, trembling from the cold, he could even see the goosebumps rising on her pale-looking arms. A snarl pulled his mouth back, revealing growing canines, and cursed at the idea of the revolting species being near his special one.

A few glowing eyes snapped in his direction as he burst through the last tree standing in his way. A ferocious growl rumbled deep within his throat as he stood high and threatening. Rykal didn’t give his Dragella a chance to run from him again and securely wrapped his tail around her waist.

She gasped and he quickly tugged her behind him, feeling a little relieved that he made it before the snake tongues had a chance to harm her. The dragon shifter sharpened his fingernails into claws and held up his arm protectively in front of his Dragella who was peeking around him. He glared bitterly at the lamias, spreading his wings high to warn them.

A lamia slithered forward and hissed, “To what, do we owe the pleasssure of the great and almighty dragon —”

“Silence, cretin,” Rykal snarled, not letting the lamia finish its sentence. “Leave now and I won’t tempt myself to rip the tongues out of each and every last one of you,”

The lamia narrowed its slitted eyes. A dark smile curled its scaly lips up and it lifted its hands in the air. “Leave? Why ssshould we be the onesss to leave when you are the onesss in our village, dragon sssshifter?”

Rykal growled and tightened his grip around his Dragella’s body. He quickly turned to her. “What village are we in?”

She looked at him with wide eyes, a tear rolling down her cheek and shook her head. Rykal clenched his teeth and looked forward again, as much as he wanted to comfort her he didn’t have the time to deal with her weak human mind. She needed to snap out of whatever delusions she was putting herself through and face the reality before her.

A hiss suddenly shrieked down his ears and Rykal turned as a lamia sprung at him. The lamia caught him off guard and swiped at his shoulder. Blood sprayed out, Rykal yelled in pain and stumbled back but quickly found his balance. The lamia swiftly circled back around and attempted to tackle him.

The irritated dragon shifter snatched the snake tongue by the neck in midair and squeezed as hard as he could, all the while keeping the despicable creature at arm’s length. The snake tongue squirmed violently in his grasp, scratching at his arm and screeched loudly. Rykal squeezed harder — his arm shook and a vein popped out from his increasing strength. A sickly crack of bones rung his ears and the lamia went still. Rykal gave a putrid look before he threw the lamia back at the other one who spoke.

The main lamia hissed in a fit of hatred. Its eyes glowed eerily dark and Rykal knew well that he had angered the Lamias — not that he cared. Another lamia lunged at him and Rykal was ready and quickly grabbed the snake’s slimy arms. With his lean arms — and letting his tail slip from Olivia’s waist — Rykal twirled the creature above him before throwing it hard into a wooden cottage nearby. Screeches were caught underneath the rumble and Rykal turned his attention to the main lamia who was gazing at him evilly.

Without turning his head, Rykal spoke in a slow, dangerous voice. “What village is this, Dragella?”

There was no response from her as the main lamia unexpectedly shrieked out. The sound quickly went high pitched and it was so sudden that it nearly pierced Rykal’s eardrums. His head started to pulse, painful throbs smacking against his skull which led to becoming dizzy. He shouted in fury but couldn’t keep his balance and unwillingly swayed on his feet.

The sound increased and Rykal winced painfully, covering his ears with his hands. He quickly lost his balance and fell to his knees, shouting at the unbearable pain suddenly striking through his ears. From the corners of his eyes, Rykal saw more and more lamias gather around his human and him. He heard her collapse and he cursed under his breath. He forced his hands against his ears hard enough he felt like his skull would crack. Still, it was no use; the main lamia didn’t stop screeching and more lamias kept coming.

He had to do something, they had to escape but Rykal couldn’t think straight. The sound was piercing his ears so tortuously he wanted nothing more than to rip them off. Each attempted thought was shattered and once again he yelled in pain. He hunched over on his back and instead of covering his ears he pounded the side of his fists into the ground. He hoped that it would somehow distract him but did little to nothing.

“Curse the demons, what village is this, Oliva?!” he screamed in rage, tempted to shake the human harshly until she gave an answer.

He finally got a response as Olivia screamed in agony. “T-Trihkul! Trihkul village!”

The name echoed in his head. Olivia screamed out again and it rung his ears painfully. Absurdly, it eased his mind as he pounded his fists harder into the ground, forming small but deep craters. The name sounded familiar and it was. Trihkul was the largest village in all five villages and it was invested with lamias. Rykal couldn’t defeat the lamias in the state he was in, he needed help if he wanted to save both himself and his Dragella.

A heavy grunt left Rykal before he rose on all fours, fisting the loosened soil in his hands. Sweat beads formed on his forehead and he panted heavily. He did what he could to block out the lamia’s death cry, a weapon it was using to try and make his eardrums explode. Olivia’s next scream forced against the lamia’s, a few seconds to clear Rykal’s mind. There was something about her voice that fought against the lamia’s death cry and it shocked Rykal. It was unpredictably strange considering she was human.

“Exiron!” he called out.

He would question it later, what he needed was his dragon. He couldn’t make it through the battle of a hundred against one in the state he was currently forced in.

“Exiron, I need your help!” he shouted louder.

A part of him hated that his only option was to rely on the beast that had silenced himself for nearly two centuries, leaving Rykal to fend for himself and make all the decisions without any arguments. Demons, the dragon didn’t even try to stop Rykal when he nearly ended their life.

“Exiron, curse the demons, I can’t take them in this form!”

There was no reply in his head, only the lamia’s piercing death cry he fought so hard to block out. It wasn’t working and his eardrums were beginning to throb painfully, it almost seemed like a blade was twisting its way through them. He soon felt a warm liquid pool in his ears, blood.

“Exiron, you winged beast!” Rykal roared in great irritation.

The lamia’s death cry grew louder and by then it seemed the whole village had gathered around the two. Rykal cursed in all the languages he knew and winced loudly again, his face screwing up. It felt as if someone was ripping open his jaw, snapping his spine, and driving an axe through his head. Olivia screamed again, it was loud and reverberated down Rykal’s ears, clashing with the death cry.

The dragon shifter used the chance of having his mind eased for a few seconds to struggle to his feet. He took a deep breath and as the lamia’s death cry started to penetrated his eardrums again, Rykal threw his head back with clenched fists at his side and roared at the top of his lungs. “EXIRON!”

His roar was bestial, inhumane, powerful. It shook the air, made the ground quake and chilled the spines of his enemies. His death roar clashed and collided with the lamia’s death cry. Glowing yellow eyes suddenly appeared in the darkness of Rykal’s mind. A vicious snarl echoed deep within him, sending a chill down his spine. A sudden, powerful and dark aura surrounded him. Snarls pulled his mouth back to reveal his growing canines shaping into large fangs. Growls of fury rumbled low in his throat as his once passionate blue eyes seeped into a rich golden yellow, his pupil narrowing to a slit. His muscles began expanding, growing larger and thicker with each breath he took.

Power erupted through his body. He shouted toward the sky, his voice growing rougher and more beastie. He hunched on all fours and started to grow larger and larger by the second. Rykal didn’t stop as his mouth extended out and reformed into a snout of a beast. Scales prickled at his skin, layering and forming upon every part on his skin. A strained grunt left him, his eyes jamming shut as his bones cracked and rejoined. The wings on his scaling back expanded and spread high behind him. His tail grew longer and more serpentine and his hands and feet reformed into ones of a dragon’s.

Rykal’s head pierced with pain. He cried out and grasped his head tightly. Twisted, pointed horns protruded from his skull, followed by pairs of smaller ones. He felt a presence in his mind, a presence so lethal and compelling that he’d forgotten how it felt to feel his dragon’s spirit after so many countless decades. Exiron pushed at Rykal, forcing him back. Rykal didn’t resist as Exiron took control over his own body.

The dragon slowly opened his eyes, a colour of deep yellow much like melting gold, and the black slit thinned; his sight became more focused and crystal clear. A cruel snarl revealed a row of his sharp teeth and pink gums. A wild growl rippled through him, thundering the air and challenging the lamia’s death cry.

The magnificent dragon took a step forward, the ground quaking from his sheer strength. He had long since forgotten how surpassing it felt to be free in his own body without restrictions.

Smoke exhaled from his nostrils as he stood high, his chest puffing outwards. He clenched his front feet into the ground and threw his head back, releasing a dominating roar toward the sky, loud and brutal to all other sounds. His wings were high, fierce with intimidation and his thunderous declaration made his presence known and stiffened the spines of all that stood before him.

The beast of a dragon lowered his head toward the main lamia and his golden eyes bored into its green eyes. He snarled once again, showing his large fangs that were ready to tear limbs from limbs. The lamia only glared back and shrieked again. A growl waved through Exiron’s large muscles as he stretched out his neck, snatching the lamia off the ground. The lamia screeched in anguish, wriggling in the dragon’s powerful set of jaws. Another growl released from Exiron’s throat as he stared inhumanly into the eyes of dozens of lamias.

Without warning, he threw the main lamia into the air. It screamed and squirmed helplessly in the air before it came crashing to the ground. Its tail curled and twisted while the lamia remained stilly stagnant. Exiron looked at the rest of the lamias gathered around him and lowered his snout intimidating, as if addressing small peasants.

The lamias snarled and hissed at him, their tails curling and twisting behind them. Suddenly, lamias from all directions launched from the ground. Exiron expected it as they landed on different parts of his body and began attacking him. The dragon snarled venomously before he stomped forward and spread his wings high in the air. Lamias clawed and scratched at him, though it didn’t do much of anything due to his scales as hard as diamond. He roared fiercely again before he flapped himself in the air. Beating his wings heavily, he rose high and soon was above the clouds.

The lamias hissed while some began attempting to weaken him by going to his soft spots. Exiron only smirked faintly. He leaned his body back and dove down, doing a half backflip in the process. He folded his wings to his sides and narrowed his eyes, spiraling straight down. The lamias snarled and scratched frantically at him. One by one they couldn’t hold on and blew off.

Exiron clenched his teeth as he closed in on the village below. He quickly spread his wings out, catching air in them and slowed him down. His feet were ready and Exiron landed with a thunderous quake, shaking the ground. Lamias fleed in all directions but Exiron wasn’t finished with them.

His body burned up, increasing drastically as hot blue flames inflamed his large horns and the talons sprouted from his spine. The dragon felt a fire ignite deep within his chest and Exiron had missed the pleasurable burning sensation it gave him. Smoke streamed from his ajar jaws, seeping into the air as he growled, the terrifying sound flooding the still air.

The burning sensation then rose into his throat and Exiron felt the hot flames looming in his mouth, spilling from the corners. Stepping forward, the dragon unleashed his rain of deadly blue flames among the snake tongues, burning everything around him. He roared and more blue fire erupted from his mouth, eating away at the village and melting the snow.

The lamias shrieked in fright, fleeing to where ever they could to hide. Exiron watched the slithering things slink away from him and toward the forest. He puffed smoke from his nostrils, he wasn’t going to let them get away so easily. A fire burned within him and his tail slashed side to side, destroying buildings and crops behind him. Exiron felt the hot sensation blazing on his long tongue as his jaws clenched shut. Blue flames glowed through the gaps in his fangs and Exiron snarled viciously.

He was about to breathe his heavy flames toward the escaping snakes when a scent suddenly wafted in his nostrils. A fragrance so rich and intoxicating it left the mighty dragon breathless. The burning sensation drastically vanished and the mighty dragon frantically turned his large body around, pulverizing whatever was in his way. He saw, hidden behind a tree, quivering in fear, a human.

Exiron narrowed his eyes at the feeble looking human trembling at the sight of him and lowered his head. The human flinched and backed away from him. Jasmine abruptly flooded his nostrils and Exiron breathed in deeply, a deep purr unexpectedly rumbling from his large, muscular chest. He looked at the human with curiosity and stepped closer.

Dragella? he thought to himself, not familiar with using the term for himself. All thoughts of the vile slithering things vanished; his mind consumed by his peaking curiosity of the gratifying smelling human.

The human shivered again and Exiron used his ability to speak out loud with his mind. ”Come to me, Dragella,”

She hesitated for a few seconds before she finally stepped out from behind the tree and took a few shaky steps forward, revealing herself to him. She kept her head low as her body trembled with fear. He could hear her short, shallow breaths of air and the dragon ignored it. He stretched out his neck to her and pressed his large snout against her body, in which she squealed, and inhaled deeply. The delicate scent of her jasmine amora sent his body in a spiral frenzy and the scales on his body hardened and twitched.

He had longed to experience the pure bliss of inhaling his own Dragella’s scent after other Dragales told him tales that it was one of the greatest things ever to inhale. He grew envious at some points that while fellow dragons around him had their Dragellas, he was left mateless for centuries. Exiron couldn’t stop the temptation to smell his Dragella’s scent again and firmly pressed his snout against her body. He inhaled deeply and he allowed the tingles and sparks to fly through him.

Then an unfamiliar scent mixed with hers and came rushing up his nostrils. It smelled so pure and heavenly that Exiron didn’t know what it was but it made him feel heavy. He was a little stunned because never had he heard about there being another scent with a Dragella, was it to signify that she was untouched and innocent? If so then he was well pleased.

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