Into Another Realm

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In a small village in the North of England lies a portal into another realm. When Amara stumbles upon this entrance she discovers the truth about herself and those around her

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Can someone remind me why I decided to do A-levels” Amara complained, wanting to hit her head against the table over and over again until she actually knocked some sense into herself.

“Because you actually have a dream job that requires A-levels” Amara’s best friend, Nova, reminded her for the tenth, no eleventh time in the past hour. Amara lifted her head from her work, blonde hair with tints of grey and purple covering some of her face, her electric blue eyes looking through her mascara coated eyelashes with distaste for her friends reply, naturally shaped eyebrows furrowed and lips slightly pouted desperately trying to hold the sarcastic comment ready to slip from her mouth.

“Thanks for that piece of knowledge Nova. It’s not like I didn’t realise my own ambitions actually required further education” straight after her little outburst Amara regretted speaking to her friend like that “I’m sorry Nova I didn’t mean to sound so bitchy. I’m just a little stressed.“

Nova sat watching her best friend panic over the practical endorsement, that covered 40% over her final grades, which wasn’t until after the May/June half term holidays. Nova was undoubtedly pretty with straight dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes that appeared to change colour in different lighting, small lips and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Her skin flawlessly golden. Both Nova and her twin, Embre, shared the same traits except Embre had striking green eyes that caught everybody’s attention regardless of where they were. Amara would never admit to either twin that she was jealous of their looks believing her pale lightly freckled skin and wavy blonde hair paled in comparison to their looks.

The hour in free period passed quickly, Amara and Nova left the library to the cafeteria for dinner. Finding a table in the centre of the room both girls dumped their bags and rushed to queue to buy food as it was Curly Fry Friday, the best day to buy food as anyone would answer if you asked the question. Whilst waiting for food Embre, Nova’s twin and Amara’s other best friend, appeared from English with her boyfriend Tommy. A pang of jealousy surged through Amara before she quickly recovered and reminded herself that nothing ever happened. When the girls had first started sixth form Amara and Tommy had a thing for a couple of moths and rumours spread fast about them officially talking. However as fast as the relationship started it ended, leaving Amara with no clue as to why Tommy stopped messaging her, people constantly asking what happened between them and finally finding out that Embre and Tommy were hooking up. All of Amara’s friends told her to drop both Embre and Tommy but because of the type of person she was Amara immediately forgave them both and watched from the side-lines as their relationship developed. Granted Tommy was not the best looking, but it was the first time Amara thought that a boy had paid her attention for herself rather than to try and get close to the twins. In response to the film Amara was the DUFF of her group.

“I still cant believe how close you are to that group Amara! I don’t have courage like you, to talk to them. I mean damn, they fine!” Nova sighed dreamily staring at the boys from her chemistry.

“We both know that Amara only talks to them because she didn’t know anyone in chemistry and she can’t go five minutes without talking rubbish.” Embre laughed in response.

Rolling her eyes Amara answered “Rude!” But true she thought to herself.

Due to being sat on a larger table with only three of them - after Tommy left to sit with his own friends - Amara’s “chemistry fitties” as Embre had dubbed them, joined them and shared the table. Micah, aka chemistry fittie number one, the smartest person in the entre sixth form with straight A*’s at GCSE’s and on A’s and A*’s for A-levels. He had dark brown eyes that were often mistaken for black, light brown hair that had blonder tones when reflected in the sunlight and a sharp facial structure that could make any girl drool. Eli, chemistry fittie number two, his full lips, chiselled cheek bones and sharp jaw, obsidian eyes and curly black hair all gave him model features that he definitely used to his advantage. Finally, chemistry fittie number three, Carter “the hot nerd” as Amara and the twins liked to call him. Although his nickname suggests a nerd, he definitely wasn’t, it was given to him by Amara on the first day, when the girls were discussing any good looking new boys. Carter had slightly tanned skin, dark brown hair with eyes that matched and he wore a pair of glasses that screamed Superman.

“Afternoon ladies” Micah interrupted the awkward silence that filled the area around them.

“Amara my G” Eli nodded towards Amara then glanced over to Nova and smiled.

“I ship it” Amara whispered into Nova’s ear, after acknowledging the boys and nodding back at Eli, Nova blushed slightly hiding it by looking down at her food. Conversations began becoming more casual over time. All the while Carter sat quiet not uttering a word but occasionally glancing towards Amara and blushing slightly whenever he caught eye-contact with her or if someone else noticed his infatuation with the girl.

“Are you ready for Mrs Harold today?” Carter blurted out randomly.

“I’m never ready for her lessons. I seriously can’t stand her!” Amara stated frustratedly.

“Nope. The aim of this lesson is to bug her that much she just gives up” Eli grinned thinking of the trouble he was about to cause.The bell rang interrupting Eli’s thoughts and all six of them groaned not wanting next period to begin. Walking over to the lift Carter slowed down to keep at the same pace as Amara and walked next to her.

Chemistry was nothing but a bore. Until half way through and Mrs Harold had given up on telling the class to shut up and left them to do a practical. For the past ten minutes the three boys had been bugging Amara about her height. Amara stood about a foot taller than the boys at 5ft where as they were around 5ft 9" to 6ft, Carter being the tallest. When she went to complain Micah just replied “I’m sorry but when I’m near small cute things, like you and puppies I just get excited” this caused the other three to burst into fits of laughter.

“Right that’s it! I’m sick to death of you four at the back constantly chatting away while others are trying to work! Micah, Eli, Carter and Amara leave now!” Mrs Harold bellowed at them. Trying desperately not to laugh they grabbed their bags and left. Not before Eli could say “alright woman chill out. Geez.”

The four students burst through the door laughing.

“Hey Amara. Wanna come out tonight, there’s a party at Luke’s celebrating the first day of the holidays?” Micah questioned.

“I’ll think about it, are you all going?” Amara responded whilst trying to untangle her earphones.

“Yeah. We’ll be there. Invite the twins if you want, just not Tommy I can’t stand him after he messed you about.” Eli gave Amara a side hug as they walked down the corridor. Amara always believed that Eli and Micah were big brothers to her, she was an only child and felt a close bond with the boys especially with the overprotectiveness they displayed in any troubling situation. Carter on the other hand wasn’t like that, Amara had never really noticed the small crush that had developed for him over the last few months. Not that she would do anything about it, she was pretty sure he didn’t feel the same way.

“I’ll see you tonight then” Amara smiled at the boys making them shout with excitement over what was happening that night.

Later that evening Amara sat on her bed staring into her wardrobe, looking for the perfect outfit for tonight. After around twenty minutes of decision making Amara pulled out a white, cropped, spaghetti strap top with a pale pink leather skirt. Smiling she looked for a pair of heals that would match.

After the finishing touches of her hair and makeup, Amara’s phone began to ring and a picture of Nova’s face appeared.

“Hola, my lovelies!” Amara grinned down the phone to show Nova wearing a pair of black ripped jeans and a beige racer back top, and Embre in a pair of cigarette trousers and a white t-shirt.

“You ready for Luke’s? And I still can’t believe Tommy wasn’t invited.” questioned Embre.

“Hell yeah. And you know that the boys aren’t his biggest fan at the moment” Amara reminded Embre, “Okay we better go as we are pushing the fashionably late boundaries! See you both in ten.”

The party was in full swing when Amara arrived, music blared from speakers around the house, cans and bottles of all sorts of alcohol were littered among floor and drunk people. Lots of drunk people. Spotting Carter and the other boys Amara made her way over. The first thing she noticed was how good Carter looked in a pair of black skinny jeans with a white logo t-shirt tucked in. Before she could get caught staring she moved on to the next. Eli. Eli looked model like as always in cropped leg black trousers and a black t-shirt. Finally Micah was wearing black ripped jeans with a black hoodie and a blue denim jacket.

“Looking fab guys” Amara admired giving them all another quick look. She noticed that Carter appeared to blush, but immediately removed the idea from her mind. He doesn’t feel that way about you Amara told herself.

“You girl are gorgeous” Eli flattered her causing Amara to blush furiously and look away.

“Thanks guys” she blew a kiss towards them.

“Eli, Micah come here a minute!” Nova shouted over the many conversations and pounding music. That cheeky... Amara’s thoughts were interrupted when Carter began to speak.

“You look amazing Amara” Carter spoke staring into her eyes with such intensity Amara had to turn away.

“Thank you Carter.” Amara avoided any form of eye contact “Oh look Embre is over there, I need to speak to her. Talk to you later” Amara dashed away from the awkward conversation towards Embre and a few other of her friends.

“...she is so desperate to get Carters attention. Amara could barely keep Tommy interested in her for two months before he got bored and moved on to me. I really don’t like her, she’s a really bad friend and...” Amara couldn’t believe what she was hearing. One of her best friends, the girl she tells everything talking behind her back. When Embre noticed Amara stood there she continued “hey Amara I was just talking to the girls about how good the boys look, have you seen them”

“Oh I know I heard, please do continue, About how bad of a friend I am” Amara’s anger started to build. “because I don’t remember one time where I talked shit about you when you got in between me and Tommy or when I immediately forgave you even when you knew how I felt.“

”Amara I never said that, how much have you had to drink?” Embre questioned acting innocent.

“Actually I haven’t drunk anything, ask the boys. Ask Carter, after all I’ve been trying to get his attention all night. Or how about you tell everyone what happened over Easter. I’m sure that bit of gossip would go down well with your boyfriend. And I’m sorry okay. I’m sorry about being a terrible friend, I’m sorry for sticking by your side and defending you in high school when everyone thought you were sleeping around -which we both know was true, I’m sorry for caring about you, and I’m sorry that I talked to my crush tonight. You know I’ve been getting feelings for Carter and what do you do! You throw the information about like you throw yourself at anything male that moves!” Gasps interrupted Amara from her rant realising she had unwantedly attracted the attention of anyone in the room, even Carter.

Humiliation. That’s all Amara felt. Absolutely humiliated. The tears that were threatening to spill rolled down her face leaving a trail of mascara down her cheek.

She ran. Amara ran as fast as she could into the back garden and the woods surrounding her house. Running behind a tree she tripped over a root sticking from the ground and fell into a hole in the tree hidden in the leaves and twigs. She felt as she was falling forever until her head hit something hard. In the background she could hear her name being shouted, her name became quitter and quieter until she slipped into the darkness and unknown.

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