Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 10

Amelia let out a frustrated huff as I tossed her to the ground for the tenth time. She shot back up instantly, swinging like a madwoman. Today she seemed to be a lot more hotheaded than usual.

“Fight with your brain, not your heart. You have to turn your emotions off if you’re going to stand a chance against a trained male.” I told her as she once again failed to connect a punch. She aimed at my shoulder but I quickly dodged her and sent her scrambling to the other side of the ring. She swung again, and I again dodge her blows, tripping her up again, earning a growl from her.

“You have determination but you lack skill. We will pick this up again tomorrow.” She shot up and prepared to argue with me. "Amelia, you aren't listening to instructions today, you're out for blood."

It has been 3 months since I started training her, and she is quite good, just not yet deadly. Every now and then I will do or say something to her that makes her lose herself to the wolf, I’m trying to teach her the control that she desperately needs. Her wolf had been beaten into submission long ago, it took me a while to draw her out again, and now that she is here Amelia is having a hard time controlling her. Her anger has been met with plenty of punishment.

I grabbed her arm and hoisted her to her feet, pulling her into me. For the first time today, I could smell her clearly, the perfume she had covering her scent having been sweated off. I sucked in a breath and looked at her in shock.

“You’re pregnant Amelia,” I whispered to her. She shot her face down and more anger mixed pain ran through her eyes.

“Who did this to you?”

“First beta.” She said vibrating with rage. She didn’t want this baby.

“Does he know?” I asked through my teeth.

She shook her head as tears began falling down her face. Give her wolfsbane, and tell her she has a choice. My wolf whispered to me. I reached into my pocket, withdrawing the herbs she had just given me this morning, and gave them to her. I knew that the chances of survival for the pup were bare to none, they weren't marked as mates and offspring tend to either be weak, crazy or not survive the first year of life. The majority of the time they died in the womb or not too long after birth. This way would be so much easier for her.

“You have a choice. I can’t make you do anything.” I said while slipping the bag into her hands. She took off for the house, in tears. I turned back to the rest of my training group.

"Get back to work! There is nothing to see here!" I barked at them. Everyone had stopped their training to watch the interaction.

In the last three months, I have acquired a few followers and Greg was one of them, he was one of the top warriors in the pack. Greg took off after Amelia and walked her back to her room while she sobbed into his chest. When training was finished I turned to the rest of the girls who were sparring with each other intensely.

“I want all of you to start taking wolfsbane. Drink it as a tea, we cannot make ourselves vulnerable by becoming pregnant.” I told them while holding their eyes. I had many strong females in my fold, I had left an open invitation for all women to join, and surprisingly Renee and Cara were among the ranks. I didn’t know how much I could trust them, them being personal with the alpha and all.

“We don’t have to worry about that,” Renee said to the ground. Old pain bubbled to the surface. I picked her face up and looked her in the eyes. “Use that pain to fuel the fire and burn the enemy,” I told her gently.

Everyone was already gone so I stayed with Renee and Cara to help them train some more, they trained for another 15 minutes before I sent them off. While I walked to the house I considered the group's rankings. Amelia was one of the best, she would be the best if she would put her emotions aside. Renee and Cara were close behind her in both skill and strength. Amelia would be my First Beta and those two would be my second and third. Though which one went where would be a harder task to decipher.

I walked into my room and straight to the bathroom. I peeled my clothes off and hopped into the shower. I was still in the shower when Nicolaus decided to call on me, he slipped seamlessly into the shower and into me. He grabbed my hair roughly as he plunged into me hard and fast. I pretended it was Ian, I pictured the first time we made love so many years ago. I had to bite my tongue so I didn’t moan out the wrong name. He’s still burned into my heart and being bound again keeps bringing him back into my psyche. I arched as he and I finished together.

“One day you’re going to tell me of this other male who was bound to you.” He growled into my ear before biting it.

I must have let a guard down somewhere, I quickly located it and fixed it before he wormed his way into the rest of my thoughts. He bit my shoulder on his mark. On the spot that used to be Ian’s. I reflexively moaned and started shaking.

“He’s long gone, it would be pointless. Besides you have no intention of getting to know me.” I met his eyes, challenging him. My wolf mourned the loss of her mate more than I did.

His wolf surged forward and growled a response challenge to her, a growl that I couldn’t help but return. Narrowing my eyes to slits I could feel her tug harder on the chains. He found my button and I knew this wouldn't be the first time he prodded it. We got out of the shower and started dressing.

“What was his name?” He said while tugging a shirt on.

“Why does it matter to you?” I seethed at him, raising my voice.

I felt her rise to the surface shortly after a sharp smack was planted on my face. I stuffed her down quickly. I have to keep pretending to be submissive. So I shoved my true intentions down and showed my neck.

“Sorry alpha,” I said to the ground, my voice still gruff with anger.

“You’ve seemed to have forgotten your place, Tatiana.” He gritted out. I clenched my fists and grit my teeth together. “Why is this the only thing that breaks your shell?”

“You wouldn’t understand,” I said under my breath, I didn’t let him reply before I shifted. Time to speed up the process, it looks like he’s starting to care.

I ran out into the middle of the woods and sang the song of an alpha calling their pack. I was met by all the male warriors. They were confused, I had mastered mimicking Nicolaus’s call.

One by one I made them submit, some by tooth and claw and others through personality but all through respect. I then called my female warriors and integrated them into a new pecking order. Most of my females outranked his males and I was proud of that. My top 3 were Amelia, Cara, and Renee, as I had suspected. Just a little more training and I will finally kill the alpha, then it’s my father's turn. I thought while licking my teeth, imagining his blood sliding into my belly.

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