Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 11

Word has spread through the pack that the alpha of the BloodStar pack was to visit. That was my birth pack, and that was my father. I spent the next three days pacing inside my den and running the woods. My wolf was agitated and bloodthirsty, I even growled at Nicolaus when he entered my den. I suppose he thought I was finally pregnant and that it is improper to put his heir under any stress. He sent up a plethora of foods and water. Even though the opportunity was a delicious enticement set out in front of me like a convenient buffet, it wasn't quite time for me to face my father. I was also on edge that he would blow my cover or demand some sort of payment for me.

The day had finally come and as Alpha Female of the pack, I was to appear at my alphas side. The thought made me queasy and in a strange way proud. I was planning on killing Nicolaus but my father would see me at the side of the most powerful alpha. When I was called I stood and straightened my dress and soothed my nerves. I wore a dark purple dress, the color of royalty. It had long sleeves and a small train. It was made out of lace material. It showed slight cleavage, but in a classy tasteful way.

I made my way out of my room and walked down the hallways to the foyer. Coming to the top of the stairs I smoothed my dress again, uncertainty pinging slightly. Once my nerves were soothed I sauntered down the stairs with my head high and my gaze fixed on Nicolaus, I would not be giving my father the satisfaction of giving him my attention first.

When I had finally reached his side I placed a kiss on his cheek and gave him my full respect, before giving our guest the slightest attention. Deliberate in my indifference, I turned to greet the man who thought he ruined me and smiled.

“Alpha Trey it is an honor to be your host for this occasion,” I said with civility. I reached for his hand and shook it. He yanked me into a hug

“I must say you’ve done quite well for yourself Tatiana. I wonder what would happen if I were to expose you for who you really are.” He whispered before saying out loud “It is a pleasure that is all mine, I assure you.” I cut my eyes towards him, then licked my teeth before clicking them. Nicolaus looked on puzzled and curious.

It took me a while to realize that my wolf was growling and trying to get my attention. Look around you. I stiffened as I smelt a scent that shouldn’t be familiar, or present at all. I shot my eyes around until I locked eyes with a girl no more than the age of 5. I quickly shot my eyes to my father who wore a smug and challenging look.

Without me knowing how I had done so I was bent in front of the girl who looked a lot like my dead mate, a girl with my hazel eyes. All my walls crashed and Nicolaus growled loudly as he felt a rush of pain from me. She was my blood and he had taken her from me. All this time I thought I had nothing left. I quickly got off my knees and looked at my father who was still smiling at me. All logic and reason left me quickly as I felt my rage boil to the surface. I lost all control I had over my wolf.

My dominance poured out of me like liquid fire bringing all to their knees except my mate who stumbled back before growling once again. My eyes glowed and I felt my nails sharpen as I made a quick slicing motion that I aimed at his manhood, my nails digging and into and nicking the most tender part of my father. He squealed like a bitch in heat as blood poured out from between his legs. The smell of his blood pushed me further and made my mouth water in anticipation. I shifted fully and attached to his jugular drinking his life essence as it poured out, it had happened so quickly that it felt as though time had stopped, took a breath, and then sped up.

The little girl who was of me gently grabbed my scruff, I turned to her and examined her tear-stained eyes. I had frightened her and the thought alone brought my attention back to the fore. My heart panged as I didn't want her to be afraid of me. I lowered my head and went to walk away from her before her small arms latched around my whole body.

“Are you my mommy?”

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