Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 12

I felt a lot of things when I snapped out of my bloodthirst. I felt my body twitching with need and shock. I could feel the excess of my father's blood pouring out of my mouth. I could feel the pack's awareness pricking in my brain. I could feel Nicolaus as he too, stood in anger and shock. I slowly and carefully lifted my gaze up to him and began to make my challenge, making sure my young stood behind me. He growled but retreated, not wanting to make a fight between us here in the open, and in front of his pack. All surrounding members were apart of my elite warriors, and those who I had made submit to me. It didn’t take long for Brittany to scurry behind him. I licked my blood-covered muzzle and followed her with my gaze, she took a moment to look at me, I growled at her and she continued her scurry.

I shifted back and turned to my daughter, I was still in a dreamy state of disbelief. She was alive. “Yes,” I said wiping the wetness away from her face, “I am your mommy.” I knelt down in front of her as someone placed a robe around me. “What is your name?”

“Arianna.” She said sniffling, he had kept the name that my dead mate and I had wanted to give her. “Why did you hurt Grandpa?” She didn't seem too upset about it though if anything she seemed relieved. I was now especially glad I had killed him. Regretting it hadn't been sooner if I had known I would have killed him a long, long time ago.

“He was a bad man. Come, Ari lets get you settled in. Amelia, run to the car and get her things. Cara, take her to my room and get her cleaned up.” I soothed Arianna’s dress and hugged her tightly, noticing that it was smeared in blood. “I will be up in a minute.”

I got lucky that my father had been arrogant enough to not bring traveling companions with him, but unfortunately, I now had to do some damage control. I released my robe and proceeded naked to the alpha’s den. When I arrived at the door I could hear him fucking Brittany, and very roughly, deciding to push my luck I slammed the door open. He had her positioned on her knees, facing the door. He made a deliberate attempt at not looking at me, but Brittany stared at me wide-eyed. Fear, her fear permeated into the air. I was still covered in my father’s blood and I reeked of anger, death, and power. Fresh anger coursed through my wolf, how dare he, she spat. He had not touched another woman since we had been mated. His now wounded ego demanded he dominate something, and he suddenly realized that it wouldn't be me. Not today.

I climbed on the bed, still being ignored by my so-called-mate. Only gaining his attention when I ripped Brittany away from him and threw her to the side. I shoved him back into the bed, he growled but made no move to protest. I climbed on top of him and his eyes filled with anger and lust. Later he will punish me, for now, I will dominate him. I slammed him into me and when he tried to gain control of the situation I pinned him down and growled a death threat at him. Surprisingly, to both of us, it only made him more aroused.

He had finished and try to push me off, coming to his senses, I locked myself on with my feet tucked under him, using his own body weight against him. Only when I was finished did I get off of him and walk away. He growled at me to come back but I was still too feral to listen to him. He eventually trailed after me, both of us stark naked, and yanked me by the arms. I growled again.

“I said wait.” He said in a tone that just rolled off of me, he noticed it too. “Who are you?”

“I am Tatiana White, daughter of Trey White, former alpha of the BloodStar pack, and rightful heir. I killed my father and the pack is ours by conquest.” I said in a monotone voice.

His eyes filled with hatred and something kin to admiration, “I saw everything, that you have been hiding from me. Your mate, your father, your daughter, and you.” He purred a little, confusing me. He couldn't love a weak wolf, my sister wolf told me in pride. I am not sure I want his love.

“So? You going to kill me now?” I said emptily. They say that a wolf with nothing to lose fights the hardest, because they don’t care what happens to them. I think that statement is wrong now. I would stop at nothing to make sure my daughter is safe and happy. I thought I lost her before. No, the wolf that fights to the death is a mother wolf who is protecting her young.

He said nothing as I snatched my arm away from him. I know when he gets over the shock of who I really am, there will be hell to pay. He probably knows that I have been planning on killing him and that I have been turning his pack against him, that is textbook treason, wolves have been put down for less. So now I have to move fast. He will also be made aware that I am very, not pregnant. And exactly why I am not pregnant.

I went back to my room where Ari and Amelia were watching something on tv, I slipped by them almost soundlessly, into the bathroom to wash the filth from my skin. When I got into the bathroom I took one long look at myself and felt immediate peace. Killing him was just a fulfilling as I had thought it would be, even more so if I really thought about it. I took one last look in the mirror and examined myself, bursting out in laughter when I noticed my hair is a tangled mess. Blood smeared and dried in it, I look like a madwoman, and Brittany’s face. I couldn’t stop laughing. Even after I got out of the shower.

I climbed into bed feeling giddy as I wrapped my arms around my perfect little girl. I whispered sweet nothings into her ear and snuggled her scent against me, knowing that I would do all of this over again.

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