Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 13

I spent the next few days undisturbed, save for once when Nicolaus came to tell me that we needed to talk when he returned from acclimating the new territory to the pack. He had looked past what happened because in the midst of me killing an alpha, which was determined that I was within my rights to, seeing as he had stolen my offspring. The council used the excuse that a mother wolf would do anything for their young and that he had committed a crime in taking her from me. Nicolaus had kept his bond opened and I read everything that he was feeling. Curiosity and anger at himself rippled through it. Curiosity is the one ringing louder than the rest.

When he finally returned, Ari had settled into her own section of my room, and I was caring for her as I should. He was being gentle with her and the fact that he had not attempted to kill her was a bit perplexing. Most alphas would have a harder time adjusting to their mates having offspring from another, and some have even killed the children. I guess my little slip of letting my walls down had earned enough sympathy for me that I could continue on with my plans of eliminating him and every other male ruler.

I heard a soft knock on the door and got up to answer it. Stuffing myself back into me so he could not read me.

“Yes alpha?” I asked emptily.

“Tatiana, it is time.” He said in a business-like manner.

I nodded and followed, a sense of dread reaching into me and clutching my stomach in a way that I have never felt before. Now that I have something to loose I felt myself slowly worrying more, and wanting more. We went into his office, and he closed the door behind him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were alpha born?” He was using the business tone again.

“You didn’t want to get to know each other, my lord,” I stated matter of fact.

“Fair, why did you kill your father?”

“I had the intense drive to protect my young my lord,” I responded.

He questioned me for a few hours and I answered as vaguely and void of emotion as I could. Doing my best to convince him that I truly didn’t know my strength. Though I could never read from him whether or not he was convinced. Eventually, he let me retreat to my room.

I immediately called for Amelia, and she took Arianna far from the packhouse. Something inside of me started burning with need, I knew what was going on. It was about time for my heat anyways. I had planned on locking myself in my room for the duration of my heat. A plan that was completely shattered after lasting only three days.

In an intense moment in my heat, I had collapsed in the shower as ice-cold water cascaded over me. It wasn't helping, and somehow making it worse. Nicolaus had known I started my heat and has been pacing outside of my door for the last three days. Unsure of if he even wanted me or if I wanted him. His resolved caved and he splintered my door. He scooped me out of the shower, panting with the need to soothe me, and carried me to the room where we had spent after our mating ceremony. He had extinguished my heat that night in a fiery passion of wonton throes. We stayed in that room for another week. I had decided that this would be a perfect time to kill him, we were staying in the same room and no one would disturb us.

This morning he requested that I wear something sexy and I complied with confusion. Staring at myself in the bathroom mirror I smoothed out my outfit and exhaled, centering myself for what was going to happen. I opened the door to a smiling Nicolaus who was acting rather not himself. I bit back my growl. We spent two days together all the while he grew more kind. He was even gentle while we laid together. Confusion kept rolling through our bond, from me being wary at the switch of character, and from him not understanding why I was confused.

This was all too much for me to comprehend, why was he being this way? Why was he being nice to me? I was in the kitchen cooking angrily as he sat reading a book on the couch. And why the hell was everything so, normal, between us right now. This week had spun my focus and caused me to doubt a lot of things. Like killing him, why was being with him so natural to me now? I felt like screaming and ripping people's heads off. I needed to know what I felt and why I felt it.

On the last day, I decided to start poking at him, saying things that I knew would get him mad, and he would always take the bait. Tonight, I decided silently, tonight I end this, I was tired and we were quickly rearing my deadline to produce offspring for him. He had left to take care of some unruly pups, giving me the perfect opportunity to prepare my attack. I dressed seductively, the outfit was see-through and split above my waist, I wore a thong to accompany it. I took a few blades and hid them in my waistband. I would seduce him and then kill him.

I prayed to the goddess for some strength and wisdom. I ate raw meat until my stomach bloated, preparing myself for a battle. The blood from the meat giving me strength and centering my focus. I heard the doorknob start to turn and ran to my mark. He was going to be in for a big surprise, I thought with a toothy smile.

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