Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 14

As Nicolaus returned to the den an immediate challenge roared from my chest as I let the caged beast out. She has been suppressed for far too long. Tonight he dies. I felt the shock ripple through our bond as he realizes the extent of who I really am. After the shock rolled off he recognized the death threat that I really was.

He quickly took form, ready to defend himself from my attack. I leaped into action, no more would I bare my throat. I slid the dagger out of my waistband and in rapid succession plunged it into his thigh. Ignoring the searing pain that it brought me in return.

“My lord you seem to be bleeding.” I mocked. He roared again, swatting me to the side. I laughed and rolled to my feet.

“Treacherous bitch!” He spat.

“What’s the matter, my lord. Can’t. Handle. A. Challenge.” I squeaked out as I threw my fists towards him, finally connecting and landing a punch to his face.

“I can deal with a snake in the grass. Or my bed.” He replied while landing a knee to the stomach.

“My lord. What about your heirs.” I wheezed as I spun my heel into his shoulder. My face was contorted with the effort of fighting.

“You’ve made sure that I don’t have to worry about that.” He growled as he dug another knee into my stomach.

“Killing you wouldn’t work if I were plagued by such an affliction!” I screamed at him, ripping apart of his flesh with my now extended claws.

We exchanged blow after blow. Insult after insult. Until finally he slipped up. “I thought we were getting along so well.” Our fight paused and we stared at each other, panting.

“I thirst for things bigger than you.” With that, I kicked his feet out from under him and grabbed my dagger and straddled him ready to plunge it into his heart. I felt my body hesitate, an intense heat brushed across my skin, my insides caught fire. It took Nicolaus's nose flaring and him making cooing sounds for me to fully understand what was happening. I was going into heat. Shit.

He claimed my lips passionately, causing my skin to heat up further, searing me from the inside out. I moaned and gasped into his mouth, only to make his kisses become more desperate. I wrapped myself tighter against him and returned the hunger. The heat of battle and sweat made his scent toxic to me, his dominance oozed into my skin and prickled at my brain, having a drunk like affect on me. I licked it up and tasted it. My wolf stretched out towards him and touched him in a way I tried hard to avoid. Nicolaus gasped in the pleasure of feeling my raw emotions. He grabbed my hair and threw us against the dresser. Destroying everything on top.

“What’s my name.” He growled out.

“Master,” I growled back.

“I like you more aggressive dove.” He said as he slapped me in the face. I scowled and we started laughing, I then retaliated by punching him in the face and I kicking his thighs making him buck deeper into me. I bit hard into his shoulder and drew blood.

When we finished my heat reseeded, causing me to shiver at the sudden cold. I decided to take stock of our wounds and noted that we had done more damage in sex than rage. His back would need stitches from the gashes I caused with my claws and I had nice baseball-sized welts all over my legs.

“Why were you trying to kill me?” He asked me while I was cleaning the sticky substance from in between my legs.

“It’s what I’ve planned from the moment I heard you were coming for a mate.”

He chewed on my thoughts for a moment. “You want to rule the world.”

“Yes. There is no room in my heart for love.”

“I felt your love through the bond.”

“That was admiration. A very close emotion. I was trained to disregard the feeling altogether.”

“They beat it into you.” He growled.

“I used to love. I used to care. All it ever made me was weak.” I screamed as tears pooled within my eyes.

“I thought the same thing before I met you. Sure you played the part well but you could never manage to keep the fire out of your eyes. Or your heart.” He said cupping my cheek.

“You don’t want love you want heirs. I don’t want love I want a crown.” I said as I grabbed his wrist roughly, pulling his hands from my face.

“Why not both. Together we can destroy the world. Or destroy each other and the world will move on.” He responded with a gentle whisper.

“I'm not going to admit if I love you. I may never.” I concluded with confidence.

“I can live with that.” He smirked.

“And I still might kill you. But for now, you could get me what I want faster than I could on my own.”

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