Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 15

I woke up feeling sore in every sense of the word, I was emotionally raw, and thanks to last night, physically raw, Nicolaus had left some moderately deep gashes on my back. It left the bed sticky and stained red. On top of that, the exertion had made all my muscles aching. It didn’t take long for Nicolaus to notice that I was awake.

“You’re up early dove.” He said as he brushed a strand of my wet sticky hair out of my face.

“I have never been a good sleeper,” I mumbled, slapping his hand away.

“Let's get breakfast, we have a long day ahead of us.”

"I think we should shower first." I retorted as I got up and out of the bed. I got in the shower alone but it didn't last. When Nicolaus tried to make a move on me I growled at him.

"Too sore?" He chuckled.

"Not in the way you might think." I sighed, after last night I wasn't sure how I felt about anything. My emotions have run amuck.

After we got out of the shower he asked me if I was ready to eat. I nodded and trailed him downstairs. As we passed Brittany and the other girls' room I heard hushed tones. I stopped and pressed my ear to the door.

"And how do you plan on getting rid of Tatiana?" I heard Renee ask.

"I will sneak the poison into her breakfast..." I let out a growl and slammed the door open. She was startled while the other two looked at me with sneaky smiles. I had taught them to use their noses so they knew that I was outside the door.

“What was it you were saying just now?” My wolf peeked out and stirred.

“N-nothing.” She looked anxiously between Nicolaus and me.

“He’s not going to save you anymore,” I said while looking her directly in the eye. She screeched and lunged for me, I have no idea what possessed her to think she would ever stand a chance against me. I felt my wolf pawing at my insides and I gave way to the shift, letting her fully take over. I guess I had finally snapped, and I wasn’t going to hold back anymore, I wasn’t going to leash my wolf ever again. I blinked a few times as focus returned to me, my wolf settling to give me back control. I held her by the neck in between my wolfish jaws. I dropped her and licked my lips, looking at my mate, who was regarding me with lust and wonder.

“Impressive took you a whole 10 seconds to shift and completely kill her. I wonder who effective it is against something that can actually fight back.” Nicolaus said as he bent down to run his hands through my fur. “Shift back.” His command sliced into my ears causing my wolf surged a little and growl. “Please.” He said through clenched teeth. This whole situation is going to be a bit tense for a while, because I was just as dominant as he was, and now he knew it.

When we finally ate, after I had returned to human form and bathed for the second time in an hour, it was around noon. Probably could have made it sooner but this time I did not refuse Nicolaus when he tempted me. I scarfed down the meat and potatoes that were leftovers from a few nights back. When I was finished and thoroughly satisfied, I looked up to Nicolaus, who was sipping on some sort of tea.

“Its time to train you properly.” He said as he brushed past me to put our dishes in the sink. I inwardly scoffed and at the "properly" part.

“I do not train without my warriors.” He stopped and looked at me.

“You were raising an army within my walls.” He said.

“Yes,” I growled while holding his eyes. This whole thing felt weird. For the last, almost, a year now we have hardly had a personal conversation, and I have been plotting to kill him, yet here we were trying to piece together... Something. Maybe a relationship, maybe a partnership. I didn’t know, I will have to figure it out soon though. I still might kill him. If I decide it what will suit me best.

“Interesting. Even after you completely opened the bond there are still things that you are managing to hide from me. Like for instance, I knew you were able to keep yourself from becoming pregnant but not how. I knew that you had mated in the past, but not the extent of the relationship. And for some goddamn reason I want to know. I want to know what caused you to hate so much. Why put the thirst for blood in your stomach?” He had made his way towards me during his speech.

“I have my secrets and you have yours,” I said as I brushed past him coldly. Even though I have, for now, decided to not kill him, I wasn’t going to let it change anything between us. I wasn’t going to let myself get deterred from my goals. I wasn’t going to allow myself to be weakened by caring. It took me too long to build my walls and this, this wolf, wasn’t going to break them now.

“We will have guests soon. You should be familiar with these ones.” He looked at me sternly.

“Justin and his father.” I gritted out. He just smirked at me.

We went to the pack training facility, it was the first time that I have gotten to see the official training camp of the strongest pack in this country. I was impressed, the warriors moved with deadly precision.

“I will send for your warriors.” He whispered, “And we shall see how they fare against mine.”

I bowed and sent for them. He was surprised that most of them were female, and even more surprised to see that two of them were his concubines. I smirked at him while he looked at me with a new sense of wonder.

“You’ll find that I can be quite charming, my lord.” I winked at him and went into the training ring, where I was met by gasps and grunts. Grunts coming from the warriors here that I had converted, but there was no reason to let Nicolaus know all of that.

"Tatiana and some other females are going to start training with us from now on." Some of the men started mumbling their objections causing me to growl and snap my eyes to them. This is a huge step towards my goal and now I get the pleasure of witnessing my female warriors taking down his "elite males". I smirked at them and the feral look in my eyes caused them to step back.

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