Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 16

After the girls had arrived we had decided to pit our best against each other, leaving the first to enter the ring Amelia and Rogan, his first beta versus mine. I smiled at her determined face staring into the shocked and confused face of the first beta, the look on his face caused me to chuckle slightly, Nicolaus shot me a look.

“Begin.” Nicolaus rang out.

Amelia has improved a lot in controlling her anger, I just hoped that putting the source of her anger in front of her didn’t set her back to blind attacks. Amelia lunged first, quickly taking up position behind Rogan who, thinking that she was attacking right out, went for a swift kick in the direction he thought she was going. Once behind him, she kicked his knee causing him to buckle under his own impressive weight. As Rogan roared out he spun himself in an inhuman fashion, so that he could propel his other heel towards her. Missing by inches she returned with a jab to his face. They both fought with intensity, but her determination was a brighter fire than his, he was still too confused as to what was going on to fight properly.

Amelia toyed with him for a few more minutes before I gave her the signal to end the fight and end it she did. Her last move was a spinning kick to the base of his skull, Rogan collapsed, knocked out cold. Amelia turned to me and her alpha but only gave me the bow of respect. I bowed back. Nicolaus looked at me through slitted eyes, he was impressed.

“They are better trained than I expected.” He said before dismissing everyone to their regular training regiment. He then looked at me and motioned for me to join the others train. Training inside the actual pack for once felt great and made my wolf purr. I quickly took down all who were presented to train with me leaving the only skilled fighter on my level Nicolaus. We sparred for hours, forgetting the watchful eyes on us, with each passing second I felt more alive than I had in a while. Until I slipped up out of pure exhaustion, bruised, and bleeding. Nicolaus called training for the day and congratulated all the newly integrated female warriors.

Nicolaus walked me back to my room where I found Arianna waiting for me. He was silent the entire walk back, clearly he had something that he had wanted to talk about, but sensed that I wasn't ready to talk about it. He dropped me off at my room and made a silent retreat to somewhere, probably his office. Arianna was waiting for me on the couch, watching a movie, I think it was one of the Twilight movies. However cheesy I think that they are the closes depiction of werewolves.

“Hey princess,” I said as I scooped her into my arms. “How was your trip?”

“It was good. A little boring.” I chuckled and pulled her closer to me.

"Well, what all did you and Aunt Amelia do?"

"We went hiking and swimming. She let me play with her wolf." She said smiling, her smile was contagious and caused me to also smile.

“Are you hungry?” I asked, planting a kiss on her cheek.

“I ate some cheese-its.” She said softly before her stomach growled loudly at me.

“Let’s get you something then...” There was a low knock on the door. One that seemed hesitant.

I got up to answer it and was shocked to find Nicolaus with take-out Chinese food. He had an awkward smile on his face and I started blushing. What the... What's going on with me?

“Come in,” I said as I stepped to the side for him. Eyeing him suspiciously as he moved towards my daughter. I looked real hard for a threatening stance but couldn’t find one. There has been a shift in our relationship and it was alarming.

“My name is Nicolaus.” He said to my Ari.

“I'm Arianna. Are you the alpha?”

He nodded and gave another awkward smile. “I figured you guys would be hungry since its dinner time.” He said as he places the containers of food on the coffee table. The smell of chicken wafted into my nose and caused my stomach to lurch forward, I rushed to the bathroom and heaved for 10 minutes straight, Nicolaus had found his way in there also. He was holding my hair and rubbing my back. When I was finished emptying my stomach contents we sat down and ate.

We ate in silence and he left when we were finished. I waved as he let himself out, exhaling a breathe that was tightening my muscles. I told Arianna to take a bath and brush her teeth. Tomorrow I would take her to train with me. That way she can defend herself as I have been taught.

Arianna came out of the bathroom and yawned sleepily. I tucked her into bed and gave her a kiss on the forehead. A few hours had passed and the clocks read 11:34 when I heard that reluctant knock again. I got up and went to the door.

“Yes,” I asked as I pulled my robe across my practically bare chest.

“I would like for you to take a walk with me, so we can talk about a few things.”

I sighed and glanced at my sleeping angel. When I looked back at Nicolaus I motioned with my head to proceed. We walked outside to the garden, I noticed that the rosebushes slightly withering in preparation for winter.

“What is it you wanted to talk about?” I asked reluctantly.

“Our upcoming guests. Maybe a few other things.” He murmured softly.

“You’ve come to make sure I didn’t kill them.” I had come to an abrupt stop.

“Precisely, this isn’t like your father. You would be severely punished.”

“I have great composure...” I scoffed.

“You had great composure, somethings changed in you. You smell almost sickly and wild." I knew what he was about to insinuate.

I looked up at him and blinked. “What do you mean?” I asked dumbly, I knew I just didn't want to think about it.

“We both know what I mean. You’ve stopped taking your doses. You’ve been so... busy lately, you haven’t even thought about it...”

I looked at him with horror and rage. He couldn’t mean that I’m...

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