Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 17

I paced the length of my bathroom a hundred times over waiting for the test to marinate. I can’t be, when had I stopped taking the wolfsbane? The night that I killed my father. Shit, that would explain the intense heat. How could I have been so stupid? The timer that I set went off, startling me from my thoughts, and alerting me that the test was done. I heaved out the breath that I hadn’t realized that I was holding in, and looked at the pregnancy test that I was holding in my hand. My anxiety increased as I read the crystal clear word that confirmed I was indeed pregnant.

I clenched my fists as I felt my heart clench, almost stopping in my chest. My breath hitched as I steeled myself to tell Nicolaus. Almost angrily I snatched open the door and threw the test at him.

“Guess you don’t have to replace me after all.” I gritted out. Not quite sure why I was mad. He held it in his hands and stared at it, almost as if he couldn’t really believe what was set in front of him. He couldn't contain his happiness as it poured into the bond, igniting my anger further. Sensing my anger his emotions pulsed to match mine.

“I don’t think I would have gotten rid of you regardless.” He said almost equally angry. “Why are you so pissed off dove?” He asked softly. "It's almost painful."

“I don’t even know!” I said as I stormed out of my room and stripped myself of my human form. Darting for the woods I didn’t hear him protesting and telling me to stop. I felt too many emotions to even comprehend anyone else’s existence.

I ran until I found my little nook in the woods. My own little territory. Inside my own little haven, I felt like I could process my emotions a little more clearly. There was anger, there was fear, there was happiness, and there was, more prominently, shock. The shock that I was happy. The shock that I was actually dumb enough to get pregnant.

After processing my emotions for a good long while I decided to focus on why exactly I was happy. I didn’t love Nicolaus, not even a little, or at least I don’t think I love him, or I’m resistant to loving him. I didn’t particularly see myself having another child, especially before, when I had thought I had lost Arianna forever. Now even less, I had enough to figure out. I tasted my emotions and focused on the one that was the most perplexing. What does my happiness mean?

This does secure my rank in the pack, but I’ve never felt the need to push for acceptance, and that wouldn't cause me this much happiness. Was it the effects of the bond? Was it Nicolaus's happiness contaminating my thoughts? The more I dwelt on trying to figure the reason behind my emotion the more frustrated I became, so I decided to shove it in with all the other unprocessed feelings that I have felt in the past and put on a front.

When I arrived back at the house, after terrorizing the local population of rabbits and birds, Nicolaus was on the porch waiting for me. I sigh and walked up to him, still in wolf form. He reached down and pat me in between the ears.

“Come my queen, we have guests.” He said while walking inside. I licked my lips as a familiar buzz of feral excitement rushed across my fur. Almost as if my wolf leaped at the thought of killing another high ranking wolf, I could see pictures of her violent intentions and it made me hungry. My thought abruptly ceased when Nicolaus, knowing what I was feeling, gave me a sharp look.

I ran up the stairs into my room, quickly changing into something a little more appropriate. Choosing a purple lace dress, I exited my room and made my way to greet those who were beneath me. I glided down the stairs, this time not hiding who I really am, to face my former “alpha” and his son.

“Herald. What business brings you to my territory today?” Nicolaus said with a business-like tone.

“I’ve come for the breeder you got off of me the last time we had the pleasure of speaking.” I held in the wild laughter that was growing between my breasts. Nicolaus, however, did not contain his amusement in the slightest, his laughter rang through the halls, causing me to shiver in delight.

“And what makes you think I would give her back?” He growled. His demeanor shifted and his body language said that he would not put up with his bullshit.

“It’s been a year my lord, and I haven’t heard of any birth announcements...” Herald stuttered.

“She has proven she is worth more than a breeder, besides our year of tireless effort has seemed to have finally paid off.” He smirked at me and I felt a light blush consume my face. Confusing me more. Damn it all.

Herald seemed perplexed and angry at his response. Shifting into a threatening position. I didn’t hesitate as I grab him by his firm neck and slammed him into the wall. Nicking his skin ever so slightly with my claws, the smell of his blood pushing me further.

“It would be wise for you to reconsider whom you threaten,” I growled out. Nicolaus tilted his head oblivious to the threat that Herald had been preparing for. He gently pulled me off of Herald and crooned me gently.

“Remember what I said about killing our guest my lovely.” He said huskily.

“Sorry.” I blinked and stuttered out. “He was preparing an attack.” I was slightly disgusted with the fact that I had just treated Nicolaus like I would my true mate. Offering my neck to protect his.

Shaking all my thoughts away I slinked away from the three men, smiling a deadly and toothy smile at Justin, who reeked of shock and fear. When I made it to my room I finally let out a long breath and collapsed into a fit of tears and anger.

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