Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 18

I wasn’t in my room for long before Amelia brought back my Ari from training, a look of worry plastered across her face. I could tell that she brought me news, and it wasn't good news.

“What is it, Amelia?” I asked worriedly, my eyebrows drawing together.

“There is going to be a party...” She looked at me suspiciously, cutting her eyes. “A pregnancy announcement is going to be made.” I shot her a warning look before taking my daughter's hand.

“We will discuss this in private,” I told her firmly. She huffed and motioned for me to proceed to where our conversation could be picked up in a more secluded area. I lead her to the balcony and shut the doors behind us, leaving it just me and her outside. I looked at her and sighed.

“Go ahead and make your accusations,” I said with my eyes down, I could feel the bridge of my nose stinging as tears drew from my eyes. These damn pregnancy hormones

“You have lost your goals. Your vision for all of us is crumbling, and even worse you are pregnant.” I clenched my jaws and held back any more tears from falling. “You have failed us, as a species, as a gender” She hissed at me.

“I am still going to find a way to turn this world around for us, just not the way that we had imagined.” She looked down and what she said was almost inaudible.

“I just thought that if I would be the one at your side when it happens...” I looked at her as tears ran down her face, I reached up to wipe them but she slapped my hand away.

“Amelia, I didn’t want...” I started.

“To hurt me?” She started laughing. “I guess its too late for that.” She snatched the balcony door open and did the same to the bedroom door. There goes another person that I cared about. I steadied myself and forced a fake happy smile as I went back inside to tell Arianna the news.

“Hey Ari, how was training? Did you like it?”

“Mhmm. I beat up all the boys my age.” She beamed with pride, and I felt my own swell up.

“I am very proud of you my little Ari,” I said with a real smile. “Mommy needs to tell you something, and I don’t know how you are going to respond. I need you to promise to not get too upset with me. Do you promise?” She nodded her head. “Mommy is going to have another baby...”

Arianna stood there like she was unsure of how she should respond. After a moment a smile crept from the corner of her lips until it was reaching her eyes, excitement gleaming off of her. She let out a high pitch squeal and hugged me tightly. “I always wanted a baby sister.” She said with joy. My lips trembled as my tears had returned to me.

After a while Ari and I decided to get ready, putting on matching blue dresses. We made our way outside to the backyard where the whole pack was chittering away excitedly with each other. No doubt having heard the rumors of the parties' dual nature. The party was originally meant as a welcome for the visiting alpha and his people but now served as an announcement party as well.

Ari tugged at the bottom of my dress to get my attention.

“Can I go play with the other kids mommy?” She whispered hopefully.

“Of course. Play nice though, my dear.” She flashed a toothy smile at me and bounced off. As I made my way through the crowd to where Nicolaus was entertaining our guest, who was no longer the guest of honor at this party, I kept wary eyes on Ari.

Now that things were different regarding my status in the pack I no longer felt the need to hold myself in. I knew power radiated off me and it made some of the wolves uncomfortable. Having four alphas in such close proximity would put the meekest wolves on edge. When I reached the table I showed proper respect to the guests and took my seat on the right of Nicolaus, who only raised an eyebrow at my sudden release of the chains that I bound to my dominance. I smirked seductively at him.

“You look lovely my dove.” His crisp Irish accent peaking out. I simply bowed and tried to pretend that his voice did nothing for my sexual desire. Both failing and filling the nostrils of everyone in my immediate radius with the stench of the hot desire pooling within me. He placed a hand on my leg and growled at the way it had me writhing in my seat. When my eyes connected with his I had to fight hard to not suck in my breath, his beast staring back at me. Instinct driving him to take care of my needs.

I think that’s what we have between us. Instincts. Our wolves, but when I checked for that deep-seeded desire to taste his heart I came up empty. I’m a mess.

Breaking the intimate moment as soon as I heard Ari cry out I jolted from my seat, Nicolaus not far behind me. It took us no more than the blink of an eye to be by her side.

“I feel hot mommy.” She whispered as her body convulsed a little.

“You're about to start your first shift,” Nicolaus told her confidently. Another reason to celebrate I thought as I comforted my daughter, my once desire filled stench turning into the sweet smell of pride. She is the first in her age group.

She started panting and screaming, all the while I fought my urge to touch her. The crowd that was our pack cheering her on as the first sprout of hair formed over her.
“That’s it, Ari. Don’t fight it.” I crooned.

Ten minutes of her pain-filled screams she finally emerged on four wobbly legs. My wolf paced and preened at how beautiful of a wolf our daughter was, red-tinged fur with black and grey markings. Her wolf's color favoring her late father but body stature favoring my wolves sleek and powerful one. The crowd cheered, excepting Harold and his who stared at the whole ordeal as though they were offended and bored.

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