Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 19

I met the eyes of the alpha and growled a challenge that I couldn’t contain, the chains that once held my wolfish side were broken completely. This could be bad. Rage, boiled within her. How dare he. She roared. Clearly her pride knew no ends and expected reverence from this weak alpha. Harold twitched a little, his lip ever so slightly lifting in an arrogant smirk.

“It’s true then. Your bitch has become rabid. I wonder how you’ve managed to break her so.” My wolf growled again and I licked my lips. I can go for another alpha heart. Maybe that would soothe me. Before I could even think my wolf was completely out and lunging for his throat. Catching instead an arm. I yanked at the meaty flesh-tearing a gash into my opponent's forearm. Distantly I heard screaming and gasps from the crowd. But they did nothing to bring my wolf out of her angry hunger. Only when I felt a firm latch on my scruff did I cease my attack. The rough hold bringing me close and whispering in my ear.

Where’s the alpha’s son? My wolf panicked the sentence out. Where’s our offspring? This is what I was trying to tell you! Something’s wrong! In an attempt to free me I swirled on my captor and bit into his flesh. Gaining enough surprise to get loose. I put my muzzle to the ground and darted off towards the combined smell of Justin and Ari.

Quickening my pace I could hear her whining, he can’t outrun me. I felt a sting in my ass and felt a bit dizzy. I didn’t let it slow me and pushed through the aching in my brain. I felt two more stings before I reached them but whatever was in the darts made its way to its purposes and I collapsed mid-leap and inches from my mark. Having slightly nicked Justin’s throat before completely passing out.

I jolted from my bed, getting instantly dizzy in the process. Making me dry heave, I collapsed in a pathetic heap. I felt someone lift me gently to my bed.
“Where’s Ari?” I croaked out.

“Shh. You need to be resting.” The voice crooned.

I peeked my eyes out and reached my hand towards the familiar face.

“Ian...” I felt the rough facial hair.

“No dove. Nicolaus. Ian is dead.”

“Right. Where is Ari.” I asked again.

“They still have her. But Herald has been contained in the dungeon. The council is appalled at the kidnapping attempt on the mate and offspring of an alpha. Having successfully procured the offspring.”

My lip quivered. “Justin has Arianna,” I muttered. “Then I have to go...”

“You’re on bed rest. The sleeping darts they shot you with had mild doses of wolfsbane. The fetus is in danger of aborting.”

My heart stopped. I am helpless. I am pathetic. I am weak. My wolf and I seemed to be chanting the words in unison. My heartbreaking more and more at the realization that I could do absolutely nothing.

“I’m heading out again. You nicked Justin enough he left a decent blood trail. My trackers tracked him back to his territory. He is dumb enough to think that I won’t come barging in for her. We’ve officially declared war.”

I had so much I wanted to say but my eyelids grew heavy again as I struggled with consciousness. When my eyes opened the room being dark and empty. I reached for the IV that was stuck in my arm and ripped it out. Or rather she did. I am lost, there is only the beast, the beast that I had caged for far too long.

“Alpha, you shouldn’t be out of bed.” The nurse mumbled at me, being immediately silenced by how my wolf peered through my eyes. I could not talk in this state, even if I wanted to. We knew the baby would be lost regardless and our Ari needed us. We could feel the cramping in our stomach and knew that the damage had been done.

We shifted and darted into the moonlit night, ready to imbed our fangs into the next thing we saw. We would feel grief later she said to me as we lifted our muzzle and sang the song of war, calling my pack mates to battle.

As we darted through the woods I felt the tingle of pack presence and looked to find myself surrounded by the females I had been training. Nicolaus probably left them here to protect me in case they wanted to finish the job.

As we passed the familiar clearing that signified we were close to the dungeon she skidded to a halt, the trajectory of our anger being slightly altered. Licking our muzzle she ducked her head low and trotted, almost happily, to Herold's death.

The guards that were placed at the entrance didn’t even attempt to stop us from our next meal, but she growled at them in a warning. No interference this time, we will get our justice. She licked her muzzle and approached him slowly.

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