Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 2

The drive back to Nicolaus’s territory was about an 8-hour drive, one that we took in silence, only stopping briefly for some food. The comfort of the limo was a blessing as I barely felt any cramps in my legs, I had even drifted off to sleep a few times. I watched in amusement as the scenery changed around me. We were getting close, I could tell by the way Nicolaus’s guard eased up a bit. You could visibly recognize the tension being released from his muscles. We were headed towards the north part of North America, mountains scattered the horizons, the air smelled crisper than before. I detected a few whiffs of moose and bears. My wolf smiled at the prospect of hunting big game, I was excited by the thought too.

When we had finally pulled into the driveway, it was 6:00 at night; we pulled down a long driveway that way barely visible. The packhouse was a mansion, and even though it was huge, I couldn’t find it in me to be surprised; I expected it from Nicolaus’s status. However, I also couldn’t find it within me to be impressed. I’ll have to tear it down and build a proper castle later, I thought. Sighing I relented, for now; it will have to do. The outside, however, was exceptionally lovely; a large fountain lined up symmetrically with the front steps, white rose bushes and forget-me-nots grew along the base. The fountain held a statue of a man surrounded by three wolves in the middle, water cascading from the man’s feet. The house itself was hidden in thick birch trees, a mountain peaking in the background, you could smell the aromatic smell of a fresh spring river.

As we walked up the steps, we came to double doors that donned stained glass with trees and wolves. It was an ironic scenery, and I hated anything having to do with irony. The handles were exquisite, though, they were made out of tree limbs and stained a dark reddish-brown. Opening the door, we walked into what I perceived to be the foyer. There was a considerably enormous tree that went all the way up to the ceiling, at the base was a large koi pond that was shaped by the roots; they surrounded the base and occasionally traveled through the middle and seemed to create a small bridge across. Two sets of stairs were on either side of the pond, leading to a balcony that bound around the tree gracefully. Stone lined the walls and complemented the ash-stained oak floors. It is possible I’ll keep this place after all. It felt more like a den and not a confined house. The air was crisp and cool and gave it a cave-like feel.

“Your home is exceedingly lovely,” I whispered to Nicolaus and had meant it; the mansion was well thought out and perfectly executed, minus the front doors.

“Our home.” He growled. I noticed that when we walked in pack members started to gather around to see their new alpha female. I wanted to growl back, my alpha blood demanded respect; instead, I dug my nails into my palms.

“Sorry. Our home is lovely.” I whispered through my clenched teeth; I tried making myself sound pathetic and weak, but the long drive left me sour. Irritability was oozing out of my pores, and it made Nicolaus stiffen and cut his eyes at me.

“I want you to understand a few things.” He asserted, giving me a sideways glance as he continued his slow pace to the foyer. “You’re here because even though I have no desire for a mate, I have a desire to continue my bloodline.” Nicolaus said, “You will be respected as an alpha female should be, but you have no authority here.”

“I understand Alpha” I replied while bobbing my head slightly, submitting with my body.

“I also have a few dalliances here and there; they are all fixed, of course, I wouldn’t want any bastard heirs. I wanted you to understand everything, full disclosure. I will not withhold anything from you out of respect for the future mother of my children.” He regarded me in the eye as though he was trying to assess a reaction. ”This is why you should also come to understand I will not fall in love with you, you are only birth my young.” He started to walk away as he continued. He paused and supplied me with one last look. “If you do not succeed in doing so within a year, I will replace you.” I inwardly chuckled, the one to be replaced will be you.

“I do not care how many whores you fuck,” I rebutted with a touch too much sass. Quite frankly my wolf is annoyed at having to share her prize. I quickly reminded her that we plan on eating his heart, therefore he should get to enjoy his fun before dies.

“What did you just say?” Perceiving a challenge my wolf stirred more, this would be fun to do right out. However...

“N-nothing, Alpha,” I forced my gaze to the ground, my breathing hitched as I steeled myself. I felt that if I were to lock eyes with him at this moment, then he would learn of my true dominance and the defiance that I hold. He would figure out that I am alpha born and not a beta and I would end up challenging him. Not yet, I thought to myself. I fastened my eyes tight so that I would feel the punch rather than seeing it. I felt my a crack on my nose and I allowed myself topple to the ground.

“You will understand your place, Tatiana, even if I have to beat it into you. You should give up all hopes of happily-ever-after.” He seethed with malice, anger contorting his sinfully attractive face. I almost started laughing, the need burned my lungs as I barely contained the giggle that started to burst from my lips. I stayed where I had landed until I was sure that he and the other gathering pack members had left. Forcing me to submit to him in front of the pack was part of initiating an alpha female, or any wolf, into the fold. Initiation was something I have been through plenty of times. Initiating a female alpha was even more brutal, I was meant to be submissive to my alpha mate in every way. Even though the blood in my veins called out that we were equal.

As soon as Nicolaus left a male of impressive build came to my side. "Alpha," He said with reverence. "My name is Greg." With that he offered me his hand. I reached up gingerly and accepted his help, not because I needed it, but because it is good to have allies. As I looked up to meet his eyes he hissed through his teeth. "Ah you've got fight in you." He said with a smile. I could tell that my eyes were still glowing, but Lord Alpha was nowhere to be found. I was satisfied I had an extra moment to compose myself. I decided I would take this time to scope out my new territory. And maybe peek at the women my alpha would drag to bed, I caught three different intimate scents off of him.

"My name is Tatiana." I said as I brushed myself off. I then held out my hand in an offer for a handshake. And offer he took with another smile, he had dimples.

"I could show you around if you would like Alpha." He said eagerly.

"I would like that." I said, returning his smile with my own.

There were two corridors, and he decided to take the left one first. We walked past a spacious dining room and peeked in there, it could easily hold one hundred wolves. "This is where the pack eats," Greg said informatively. We also passed several rooms that I assumed the warrior wolves lived in, my assumptions being confirmed by Greg. There was another corridor and we took the right this time, it conducted us into a vast kitchen where several female wolves were preparing a meal. The kitchen looked like a picture out of a magazine or something you would see at a five-star restaurant.

"This is where all meal are prepared." Greg said.

The wolves were ignoring me which didn't sit well with my wolf's ego. “Excuse me.” I mumbled. I hated being this person, pretending to be so docile and meek. I always get ignored. I snapped my fingers and let myself flow out a little bit. Both jumped and looked at me with shock pouring out of them. “I said excuse me.” They both bowed and showed their necks and Greg offered me an amused chuckle. It was a most favorable thing that Lord Alpha retreated to his own accords and couldn’t witness this, I am sure he would try to kill me.

“Yes, ma’am.” The blonde one squeaked out. She was quite intriguing and elegant. Perfect plump lips and hazel eyes. Her jawline was to die for. She was between curvy and sleek, her body would drive anyone crazy. It made me wonder whether or not she was one of Nicolaus’s mistresses.

"Let me smell you,” I demanded, she flinched and moved to the front. Obviously nervous because of my dominance display. I pulled her close to me pulling her head upward so her neck was exposed. I dipped my nose into it and inhaled her scent. Her scent didn’t match the cheap perfume and desperation that I had gotten a whiff of from Nicolaus. He’s not rooting her, but I might. He didn’t say I wasn’t allowed dalliances although he might not be too delighted with me. I genuinely don’t care, I licked her neck and it made her jump and moan, her eyebrows furrowed as she couldn’t comprehend why she moaned.

“What are you preparing?” I gently asked as I slowly released her from my grip.

“A sizable feast to welcome our Alpha Female.” She babbled in an unsteady voice. “A feast to embrace you. My lady.”

“What is your name love?” I purred as I clicked my tongue in approval.

“Amelia.” She replied, blushing adorably.

“Amelia, would you like to join us? Alpha Nicolaus has engagements elsewhere and I could use as many friends as I could get” I inquired with a pout; I wanted to spend more time with her.

“I have a lot of work to do.” She mumbled she was afraid of getting in trouble.

“It will barely take a minute I promise.” I gave her a smirk.

"Yeah Mia, join us." Greg said with a laugh.

“Of course.” She said softly, a sheepish smile easing on her face.

Together they showed me the whole house; it consisted of 12 the bathrooms, two offices, a dining hall, a ballroom, a war room, and 20 bedrooms. Greg also explained that the warrior's families and other common wolves were on the second floor. The higher rank you are the higher your floor is. They took me to the fourth floor where they showed me the door to the alphas room, which was closed, and finally to my room.

“I thought we would be sharing a room,” I whined with fake despair. Regardless, I really didn’t care. Amelia offered me a sympathetic smile.

“You may go now. I’m going to take a bath.” My room was a one bedroom one bathroom apartment minus a kitchen. The walls were a grayish purple and the comforter was black, the room was accented black and royal purple. I had a mini-fridge and a bar. My own living room a walk-in-closet and a bathroom almost fit for a queen. I gazed in the closet, and it was filled with expensive clothes and shoes. Mostly dresses.

I decided to take a bubble bath, using mint and menthol salts and lavender bath foam, the mixed smell was harsh but pleasant. I was relaxing when I heard a knock on my door, not bothering to get up or get out I called from the bathroom. “Come in.”

“I see you’ve found your room just fine,” Nicolaus said as he entered the bathroom. Noticing my state of undress compelled his beast to poke out, among other things. I nibbled my lip.

“Yes, Alpha. It’s absolutely lovely and I appreciate the gesture.” I smiled lightly, recognizing another opportunity to play up my part.

“But?” He questioned out, taking my bait.

“I do not think I could accept such luxuries.” My wolf scoffed because she knew that we deserved so much more, we should have the world begging at our feet.

“Nonsense.” He responded, waving his hand in the air. “You’re going to be the Alpha Female of this pack, and the Alpha Female of this pack gets only the best her Alpha Male can offer.” He was sitting on the edge of the bath; his arousal becoming stark and pungent, wafting into my nose.

“Just not your bed,” I slated with venom, it would make it harder to assassinate him whenever I pleased. He would only ever visit my room and never invite me to his.

“I informed you I have dalliances. It would be disrespectful for me to enjoy you in the same room as I enjoy them.” He dipped his hand in the water, grazing my thigh, I whimpered in pleasure. “Be ready by eight and wear something white. Even though it’s not an official wedding and just a rehearsal, I still want to uphold tradition.” Traditionally alpha females are presented to the pack in white upon their first night with them. They are in addition, typically, virgins when presented.

“Yes Alpha,” I said bowing my head submissively. Looks as if I’m pleasing myself tonight if he’s holding to tradition he won’t touch me until we’re united.

“Can you send Amelia up? I require some help picking out an outfit. I asked with a smile.

“I’ll send her.” He responded with a huff, nodding his head slightly before getting up and pacing out of my room.

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