Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 20

Nicolaus’s POV

My heartbeat in my chest hard and fast, rhythmic like a drum. I had been waiting in the small clearing just outside the packhouse that Justin has taken Ari captive for hours now. I growled loudly when I heard footsteps approaching from behind. I knew it was most likely my beta but still. With everything going on I had no patience or decorum. I turned to him, noticing that, like me, he was completely naked. Easier to shift without restraints.

“Are the men ready?” I gritted out, my voice raspy with the effort of having to hold back my wolf. If I let him loose now then no one would survive, we both knew that the chances of the baby that lie in Tatiana’s womb surviving this ordeal were slim. The knowledge of it leaving us raw and hungry.

My beta Rogan just nodded. I was the first to shift, I howled a warriors cry and then dashed towards the house. Coming to the door I decided to burst through the thick oak door that served as the main entrance, splintering it and startling those closest to the door. Ignoring them I immediately go towards the stench of my enemy. I rounded the corner and burst into what looked to be an office, growling in frustration at the emptiness of the room, and the lack of a target to sink my fangs into. A slight breeze tickled my fur and caught my attention to the open window. The coward had fled again. I darted out after him, teeth bared.

As I landed on the other side of the window I felt a sharp sting in my shoulder. Wolfsbane started trying to pulse its way into my bloodstream. Still using cheap tricks, I noted. The adrenaline pushing through all effects of the poison, I yanked towards my attacker and wasted no time disposing of him. It was a clean kill, I simply bit his head off.

Composing myself, I put my nose to the ground and started tracking the alpha’s cowardly son. It won’t take me long to catch up to him, and cheap tricks won’t slow me down. I tracked him to a clearing similar to the one I was waiting in just a few minutes before, this one only being different in the flowers that grew around the open area. They were blueish purples and stung my nose. Aconitum flowers, the flowers that made wolfsbane. Jumping over them, I did my best to avoid contact with my fur. I landed over them with a deadly, and quiet, precision.

He stood with his back turned to me, disregarding the probability of this being a trap I stalked to him slowly before getting into striking rang. I lowered myself slightly and put my weight on my back legs.

As I was about to leap I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen, knowing what the pain meant slowed me down and made me hesitate for far too long. Justin, however, having grown balls in the last ten seconds, didn’t. He was so close that I could smell the sickness on him, he was lost to the wolf and existed in a perversion. Having blocked Tatiana from me I picked myself up off the ground and temporarily out of my grief. Before either one of us could attack I heard her song, the song of a queen going to war. If I could have laughed I would have, Justin would not live past this night. The queen has arrived.

Tatianas POV

We dashed into the fray of fighting wolves, our side was winning, I saw the females of the pack cowering in fear and it made me growl and crinkle my nose in disgust. A scrawny red male thought it wise to snap at my paws as I trotted by. I had planned on going straight for Justin but this insulate male had offended me in a way to which I could not let him live. I quickly spun on him and clamped on his scruff, tossing him onto his side. I approached him slowly, head down, ears back, and all my glorious fangs on display. I wasted no more time, recoiling slightly to shift my weight to my hind legs, and pounced on him, embedding my fangs into his throat as he let out a pitiful yip.

When he was dead I took one last look around, giving my females an appreciative nod, and decided that they didn’t need my help. I took off towards the smell of my mate and my next victim. Running full speed it didn’t take me long to reach the clearing where I came to see Nicolaus circling a wounded and bleeding Justin. He was toying with him, waiting on my arrival, which I announced with a blood-curdling growl. Justin looked at me in shock, clearly he thought I would have been incapacitated for a much longer time. I gave him a wolfish, toothy, smile. And walked straight through the pretty flowers, the burning did nothing to stop or slow me, I relished the pain, and the pain drove my darker intentions.

I snapped my jaws a few times as both males looked at me with fear. My mate knew what I was, or thought he did. This one is sick my wolf whispered to me. I locked eyes with Nicolaus’ for a brief second before turning my undivided attention to Justin. I took two steps forward with my head high and ears back he took two steps back. I ducked my head down and snarled before pouncing.

Full power I snapped down on his arm taking it completely off. I will never know why he never shifted but it suited me just fine. Nicolaus swiped his claw across his thigh. He would bleed to death but we were far from finished. Justin fought as hard as a pathetic, weak, coward could. Never doing any real damage. We played with him for half an hour before I decided it was time to finish it. I knocked him flat on his back and shifted everything except one clawed hand. I plunged that into his chest and retrieved his heart. I quickly devoured it. My mate just watched it.

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