Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 3

When Amelia came in, I was wearing only my underwear and some heels. I had chosen a black see-through lace bra accompanied by lacy underwear that connected to my stockings with garters. I wanted to entice her with my body, and it seemed to be working.

“There you are. I have no clue what to wear there are so many nice things to choose.” I smirked at her through the mirror I sat at. She seemed to be unaffected, except I could smell her sweet arousal. It urged my wolf forward and compelled me to want to pounce on her in that instant.

“I’ll assist you, my lady.” She said. It was obvious that she was still nervous about my dominance, even though I had secured it to where you wouldn’t be able to sense. I turned to her and slowly stood up, maintaining eye contact.

“It seems I am left to entertain myself until tonight, I hope you can relieve me from becoming overly bored,” I said, moistening my lips and taking a step towards her.

“I’ll go grab the white dresses.” She said hastily, practically running towards the closet. I stalked her like the patient huntress I am, coming to stop just behind her, she smelt so tantalizing. As she was reaching for a dress, I took the few steps in between us with determination. I cupped her breast and bit down softly on her neck, electing a faint moan from her perfectly rounded lips. I released my dominance completely, and it caused her to gasp and almost collapse in ecstasy.

“I am so terribly lonely Amelia,” I whispered into her ear, nibbling softly at her lobe. She bit down on her lip, trying to stifle the moan that threatened to bubble out. I twirled her around hastily and started kissing her hungrily, snaking my tongue into her mouth.

The thing about being a dominant wolf is; it causes other wolves to want to mate with you or perceive you as a threat. Amelia was the former, I picked her up and placed her on my bed, leaving small kisses down her irresistible body. She shivered in delight as I grazed her neck.

“If you want me to stop, all you have to do is ask. And I will stop.” I said while looking her deep in the eyes. “I will never force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Please, don’t stop.” She moaned out, panting and shaking with need. I smiled down at her and continued my assault.

I made quick work of discarding her clothes but took my time appreciating her lovely body. I growled deeply as I licked my way down to her core, I could feel her anticipation growing. I delved my tongue between her slick folds, flicking her sensitive bud. She bucked her hips at me, grinding herself against me. I chuckled as I put a hand on her belly, stilling her movements. I used my other hand to plunge two fingers inside of her while I flicked my tongue faster. My pace only grew from there as I felt her orgasm crush into her.

After she was finished riding out her release, I twisted her to where she was on top of me. She smirked as she placed those delicious lips on one of my nipples. I moaned and thrashed as she placed a finger on my bud, gasping as she used orbital motions. She halted her hand’s movements and began to kiss her way down stopping at my center. I watched as this gorgeous woman took me to the edge, what amused me was how she was touching herself while doing it. My princess got off on getting me off.

“You taste so good Amelia” I purred in her ear after enveloping her gently in my arms “Now we must get ready or we will be late.”

I gave her one last kiss right behind her ear, then got up to go to the bathroom to shower myself off. When I was done, I grabbed the first white dress I saw. It was an off-white with a pearled halter top. A short skirt that was hidden underneath strips of long white fabric that flowed around my legs as I walked. It made me look like a queen. I smiled at a clearly embarrassed Amelia. Her cheeks were blushing and her brows were furrowed.

“Problem love?” I crooned at her while intertwining a strand of her hair with my finger.

“I-I. I’m not normally attracted to women. And you’re the alpha female. What will the alpha think?” She stated as she plays with her hands nervously.

“We’ve not mated yet, and he’s allowed to screw around. I’m not fucking other males just you Amelia. I have needs too. Don’t worry if it comes to it, I’ll accept the punishment.” I kissed her forehead. “Now go wash.”

At eight promptly, Nicolaus knocked on the door and entered my room. No doubt he could smell what has happened. He granted me with a confused and interested glance before crossing the threshold of my doorway. He stopped at the edge of my bed.

“Who have you been fucking my dear?” He purred while tilting his head, he looked like a confused puppy.

“My wolf has needs my lord. I did not think you would mind if I relieved myself with another female.” His nose flared, and I could recognize the way he tensed up. He was straining to not devour me as I reeked of desire and a pinch of dominance. The smell was intoxicating to other wolves.

“I see, you’re correct. I do not have a problem with you screwing other women; under the circumstance that I am to be present during the act.” It was evident he was having trouble containing himself so I instantly made my retreat to grab some shoes.

“Yes alpha.” Men are all the same I thought to myself.

“Shall we go?” He asked while offering me his arm. I took it gingerly.

We walked arm in arm down the stairs and into the foyer, take a right and past the double doors that were the kitchen.

“You look the part, let’s see if you can perform the part.” He mumbled into my ear, clasping my lobe with his erect canine.

“Careful My Lord, a girl might think you were offering her a compliment.” I moaned, which caused him to growl.

“I never said there wasn’t anything worth complimenting. You’re merely not someone I would love.” He said as he resumed walking.

“I see, don’t worry about my manners. My mother instructed me properly.” I sighed.

He just looked at me and nodded a little, accepting my answer. We went to the dining hall where a slew of male and female wolves alike was congregated. There were staff members walking about with trays of expensive champagne and I wasted no time indulging in it. I sipped on the flute of delicious bubbly substance. I looked around the room and saw that, for the most part, everyone was dressed quite formally. The party was extremely sophisticated and chic.

As I finished off my glass of champagne Greg made his way up to me. "Alpha." He said with reference.

"Greg," I responded as I grabbed another glass.

"How are you settling in?" He asked with a smile.

"It will take some time to get used to the change in environment," I replied honestly.

"So Amelia huh." He said as I began to intake another sip, the suddenness of the statement had me almost spit the champagne out. Instead, I swallowed it roughly, causing me to cough a bit. "Are you alright," Greg said with a laugh.

"I am fine," I said shoving him slightly. Clearing my throat I spoke. "She is quite lovely."

"Just don't hurt her," Greg said with a small growl.

"Are you interested in her?" I asked with a quirk of my eyebrow.

"She's not my type." He responded with a bit of disregard.

"Oh? What is your type? She's easily the best-looking she-wolf in this pack. I included." I said with a light chuckle.

"I would happily agree. However, she is on the wrong team." He said with a smirk.

It took me longer than I would care to admit to realize what he was saying. Our conversation was light and casual, and after 20 minutes we dispersed.

While I was mingling, I caught a whiff of a familiar perfume. It was a perfume that clung to Nicolaus like his personal cloud. I clicked my teeth in disgust and snatched my eyes in the direction of the stench. I caught sight of three bitches who wore skimpier outfits than all the other females. They must be the alphas concubines, I thought to myself. I smirked at them while they glared.

“What are their names?” I whispered to Nicolaus who had found me in the crowd a few moments prior. The grip I had was tightening slightly as I dug my nails into his arm.

“The one with red curls is Renee, the blonde one is Cara, and the one with raven hair is Brittany.” He said into my ear, bending slightly as he was a good bit taller than I.

“You display good taste, my lord.” I’m not envious just want to have the appearance that I am. To be honest, I know I am much more than they could ever be.

Renee had fiery red hair that was long and curly and green eyes. Her thin lips and masculine jawline did seldom to take away her beauty. She had a cleft chin and was on the lean side but if I had to guess her wolf was sleek and quick. She had potential. She wore a red dress that showed all of her back, it ran to her mid-calf and had a deep slit that came to her mid-thigh.

Cara had platinum hair that was cut into a bob and bluish-grey eyes. A wholly symmetrical nose to go with her perfectly proportional face. Her lips were plump and kissable. Her body looked like it was a fair amount of natural muscle mass. She wore a white dress that had two splits for both her legs and hung off one shoulder. I didn’t like the fact that she wore white, I was supposed to be the only one in white.

Brittany had long dark hair and menacing brown eyes, eyes that bore sheer hatred and jealousy. She likewise possessed symmetrical features and plump lips but her face was long whereas Cara’s was wide. However, her body was slender and looked useless. She wore a black dress that wrapped around her neck and barely covered the upper side of her boobs before exposing her whole navel. It had two strings going across her lower ribs. The skirt was slim and then shorter underneath. She was the one who smelled of desperation.

“They are lovely, but I assure you that they cannot compare to your beauty,” Nicolaus assured me. I smiled at the compliment even though I wanted to roll my eyes. Tell me something I don’t know, I thought to myself with a growl. “They will most likely fall out of use after the ceremony, mostly. Of course, when you’re not feeling good and I’m in need of entertainment.”

I bowed slightly. “Of course My Lord.”

We mingled some more while I pretended to be unimpressive. We eventually split off, and I made use of the time to get to identify the females of the pack. They were mostly friendly, but they showed lots of battle potential. I doubted Nicolaus let any of the female's train, he hasn’t seen a she-wolf in the heat of battle. If he had then, females would have higher rankings and more prestige.

After a while, I went in search of Nicolaus. When I found him he was outside, where some of the party had split off, sitting on a bench by the fountain with Brittany. She was whispering in Nicolaus’s ear while nibbling her lip. She saw me and gave me a sideways glance while smirking, clearly trying to get under my skin. The thought of her making me jealous caused an urge to laugh. Smiling at her, I then winked and licked my lips. Go ahead and have your fun while you can as long as you show me the proper respect you will live. As I turned to leave Renee bumped into me hard, causing me to growl loudly. A few other pack members stepped away from us to give us room and subsequently gaining Nicolaus’s attention. My wolf didn’t care, this bitch disrespected her Alpha Female. I snatched her by her arm and jerked her into me. Bending slightly to whisper in her ear.

“You ever disrespect me like that again I will end you,” I whispered while staring into her eyes, I could smell her fear. My wolf relished it and surged forward, nudging me to just end her life. I had to yank her back into my mind because I wanted so badly to rip her throat out and eat her marrow.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.” She mumbled.

“Don’t worry about it. I overreacted. Are you okay?” I said with a devilish smirk.

“I-I’m fine.” She bolted back to her click of whores.

Nicolaus made quick work of reaching us, the crowd surrounding us breaking apart to form a pathway. When he reached us he gave me a funny look before snatching me by the arm and towing me back into the house. When we came to a halt, I noted he had delivered me to an unknown door. Growling he knocked me against the wall and placed each arm on either side of me and glared into my eyes for a while. Half of me was turned on by the aggressiveness of it. Half of me was revolted by the touch of a man who couldn’t handle an aggressive woman.

After some time he seized both of my hands, shifting them above my head. He had successfully restrained me against the wall. His pelvic area pressed into my heated middle as he jerked and thrust me into the wall with his body. He then picked me up slightly, so his hips aligned with mine. The sudden contact of his member to my now soaked nether regions caused me to suck air in through my teeth, producing a slight hiss. I tried not to moan and settled for a whimper. He could smell my arousal, and it urged him to hesitate, at this moment he wanted to do other things.

“What was that about dove?” He asked while placing his mouth in the crook of my neck. I shivered with delight when he darted his tongue out slightly.

“It was a misunderstanding; she startled me is all,” I said as I wiggled a little bit. Unintentionally trying to generate some friction.

“What did you whisper to her?” He growled into my ear, I do not recall him moving from my neck. I was too engrossed in my own obvious sexual frustration.

“I merely offered her my sincere apologies, my lord.” I moaned while tilting my head up and grinding into him. He seemed to be surprised by my actions; he clearly expected me to fear him, and if I had truly been a weak wolf I would have. I cursed myself and tried to reign in my reactions least he becomes suspicious.

After a few moments he, reluctantly, let me go. As he set me down I readjusted the skirt of my dress, his hands had been gripping my hip in a painful yet thrilling way, minor bruises would have dusted any other wolves skin, I didn’t bruise easily. We finally made our way back to the party where it was time to eat. We sat down at the head of the table, I carefully noted his bitches weren’t even at the main table. Nicolaus traditionally would have been the first to eat, however now that he technically isn’t a bachelor alpha anymore, he offered me the first bite. It was a symbol of him respecting and caring for me, even if it was a facade it was what was done. After a while, he stood up and made his introductions.

“Members of the Blood Borne Pack. I present you with your Alpha Female” Almost all wolves present stood up to howl a welcoming song to their new alpha female, all except Brittany who just scowled. I stood up and bowed graciously.

“It is an honor,” I said, giving my first sincere smile since I arrived. These wolves are worthy of being my army and aiding me to slash my way to being the queen of the world.

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