Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 4

It didn’t surprise me that I went to bed alone while Nicolaus had all three women going to bed with him. I decided to listen in and see what I’m in store for. I bit my lip and made my way to his room and pressed my ear against the door. Not that I had to. They were not quiet at all and it was kind of turning me on. I licked my lips and went to my room to recompose myself.

Morning came bright and early. I made my way down the stairs to get some breakfast. I yawned as I entered the kitchen. Greg was in the kitchen with the cooks, he and Amelia were laughing, the sight brought a smile to my face. I felt a small crack ripple through my cold heart, I shoved it back down.

"What smells so good?" I said as my stomach made an undignified gurgle.

"Shit," Amelia said as she jumped slightly. "You scared me." Greg chuckled as he had seen me walk in, Amelia punched him in the arm.

"Not my intentions," I said, holding my hands up in surrender.

"I'm making crepes and scones." She said with a giggle, her laugh was like music to my ears. I suddenly had the conviction to do everything in my power to ensure her happiness.

"I have never had a crepe," I said honestly.

"Well, you're missing out," Greg said as he folded his arms. "Amelia makes the best crepes on this side of the world." At his words, Amelia blushed.

I sat in silence as Amelia bustled about cooking, her and Greg laughing and joking with one another. It made me smile, and at the same time feel an immense amount of sadness.

Moments passed and a plate was set in front of me. The crepe was filled with a variety of fruits and topped with creme'. I inhaled the delicious scent, as I forked in my first mouthful a group of males entered the kitchen. They were high ranking wolves. I bit back the growl that bubbled in the back of my throat as one of them was checking Amelia out.

"What did you make me for breakfast sugar?" One of the males slurred out. Drinking in the middle of the day? I narrowed my eyes as he closed the distance between him and Amelia. Greg also tensed up, he couldn't do anything because he was ranked below the male approaching Amelia.

I stood up slamming my hands on the counter. "Get away from her," I said with a dark, guttural, growl. He swiveled and locked eyes with me.

"Ah, your Nicolaus's bitch." He said the way he spoke of his alpha set a fire in my belly. The amount of disrespect had my lip twitching with anger. "What are you going to do, female?" He said the last word with malice.

I took several silent steps forward, a knife is cleverly was hidden in my hand. Although the speed I approached him he wouldn't have seen it regardless. I had him pinned against the opposite counter with the blade pressed to his jugular. He motioned to say something.

"Shhh, shhh, shhh," I said in his ear. "You hear that?" He shook his head. "That's the sound of you getting the fuck out of my kitchen and letting me finish my goddamn breakfast." With that, I slung him towards the exit.

"Oh my gods, that was badass," Greg said as Amelia slunk to the ground. I rushed to her.

"You alright love?" I asked as I crouched in front of her.

"I appreciate it." She began, pulling her knees into her and resting her head on them "but you've probably only made it worse." I squeezed her arm lightly.

"If he bothers you again let me know..." I said softly

"Thanks." Was all I got. She inhaled then exhaled and stood suddenly. Her cheerful attitude returned like a flash. "Now finish your food missy."

After I finished eating I retreated to my room and watched movies for a good portion of the day. I took several cat naps in between, I’m not used to having so much leisure time and my kind of like it. I was in the middle of watching a horror movie called The Forest when I heard a knocking on the door.

Looking down at my lack of clothing, choosing to lounge in my undergarments all day. I sighed and went to the bathroom and grabbed my robe off of the hangar. Properly covered I decided I had let my guest wait long enough I went to the door to answer it. It was Nicolaus.

“Can I help you?” I asked while darting my tongue across my teeth. I hadn't brushed today.

“I haven’t seen you all day and was wondering why.” He stated while tilting his head. I heard a low rumble as his beast took its time to appreciate my lack of clothing. I smiled slightly.

“I’ve seemed to have lost myself in an idle activity. I’ve been watching movies.” I stepped back and gestured for him to enter.

“I know you were outside of my room last night. What were you doing?” He deadpanned as he glided soundlessly across my floor and to my couch.

“I was only curious about my lord. We haven’t gotten to know each other at all.” I said as I crinkled my nose. I hadn't showered either and I smelled like a bitch in heat.

“It’s best if we don’t.” He said while glancing around the room, stopping on me briefly before seemingly accessing the room for a threat. Yes, it is best if we don’t. I thought.

“Very well my lord. Is there anything else?” I said while folding my arms across my chest, effectively pushing my boobs together.

“One more thing, I heard about what happened in the kitchen,” Nicolaus said, my breath hitched. "Rogan is getting out of control." With that, he turned and left. Finally, I can get back to not being bothered. I had just sat down when I heard another knock. Growling I got up and answered it, expecting Amelia. Instead, I was greeted by Brittany. I sneered at her and held back my growl, though it didn't stop her from flinching.

“Renee told me that you threatened her.” She said hesitantly, suddenly not so sure of herself.

“And,” I said while tapping my nails on the doorframe, making it obvious that I was losing my patience.

“You’re lucky I don’t tell Alpha.” She had lost whatever instinct that told her to be afraid of me. She replaced her hesitance with a cocky aura.

“Are you here to blackmail me? Intimidate me?” I started laughing. Her face got red and she stormed out. “Toodles.” Time to get back to my movie. I sat down and pressed play. It took about 5 minutes for another knock on the door to arouse me, once again, from my tranquility.

“Come in.” I didn’t bother pausing the movie or acknowledging the intruder I was beyond done with being pestered. I just wanted to be left the fuck alone.

“What have you been up to dove?” Nicolaus said with menace. With my temper flaring by the second I knew I had to hurry and get him out of here before I lose it.

“Watching movies. My lord.” I said through my teeth. I knew what he meant.

“Tsk. Tsk. Brittany told me about what you said to Renee.” He said while making his to the left of the tv screen. I sighed, I wasn't going to finish this movie.

“And what did I say to Renee.” I flicked my eyes up towards him.

“I will not tolerate jealousy from you. Nor will I tolerate you threatening my toys.”

“Maybe you should teach your toys manners.” I snapped. I’m still too agitated. “Master.”

“Maybe they aren’t the only you ones in need of a lesson.” He grabbed the remote and turned the tv off. I tried not to growl. It was just getting good.

He snatched me up by my arms and drug me out of my den. My wolf wanted to snatch my arm away and attack. We soon came to a room where I could hear three giggling girls. And judging from the unclean smell it was the room of his whores.

He knocked on the door but didn’t wait for an answer.

“My lord.” They all said in unison.

“What brings you here?” Brittany said batting her eyes at him. Giving me a once over and grinning.

“It seems you three have had an incident with the Alpha Female. I want you all to apologize to each other. Including you Tatiana.”

“I’m sorry.” Said the girls.

“I’m sorry too.” I couldn’t stop the next words from leaving my mouth. “That you are worthless slugs who are cheap. That you have nothing to offer anyone other than your bodies.” I spat at them. It earned me a growl from my alpha and my hair being yanked. Breathe out, relax. You’ll get to kill him soon. I’ve taken much more than beatings before.

I was dragged out of the room and back into my room.
“Should have played nice. I told you I wouldn’t tolerate jealousy.” Shut up and hit me already. You’re boring me with your words.

He backhanded me and I exaggerated a fall, he got on top of me and started choking me while punching my face. I remained still and did not try to block or attempt to get him off me. It hurt but I’ve been through this before. My dad hits harder. I wanted to scream it at him. When he left I got up wiped the blood off my face and started laughing. Pathetic male. This is why I want to become a queen. To make them all bow to me. To women. I’ll be the first female alpha and I will kill all who try to cross me. I was trained to kill.

Amelia came in not too long after and brought lunch. I doubted I even had a mark. I don’t bruise easily.

“Here’s your lunch. Ma’am.” She was shy around me now. I got up and brushed her cheek with my pointer and middle finger.

“One day soon all men will bow to us.”
She looked up and nodded. She had been beaten recently and it sparked a wave of anger in me that Nicolaus himself couldn’t spark.

“Who hit you?” I growled.

“First beta Rogan.”

“I’ll give you his head when the time comes to my love. Endure this a little longer.” She smiled and left.

I was going to kill every male of this pathetic pack. I will raise an army of fierce she-wolves. We will end this misogynistic plague. After I ate my food I was requested downstairs in the office.

“There you are diving,” Nicolaus said. “I see you don’t bruise easily. Perhaps I should not restrain myself next time.” He walked up to me and brushed my cheek with his thumb. I licked my lips, imagining what his blood tastes like.

“It’s time to get ready for our wedding dove. We marry at midnight. When the moon is at her highest.”

“Yes my lord. I guess then it is best you did restrain yourself. That way your Alpha Female can look her best.” I said with a bow and left back to my room. I’ll kill him slowly. But the first to go is this bitch.

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