Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 7

I must have fallen asleep because I was being shaken awake.
“Who’s Ian?” Nicolaus has this way of invading all of my private sanctums.

“Someone I used to know.” He reached up and wiped the moisture that had accumulated under my eye. Good thing I wore waterproof makeup. I quickly recoiled and wiped my face being careful to not smudge my eyes.

“I’m ready.” I stood up straight and tall, refusing to hint at any discomfort. I followed him out of the house and into the woods. I was in an emotional shutdown, trying not to think about what was happening, and the bile rising in my throat. It felt wrong to mate with someone else, someone who I didn’t love.

The whole pack waited outside in the garden, the crowd split in two to form a pathway. The pathway was lined with a combination of sunflower and forget-me-not petals. He walked up first, growling and snarling at the males he passed. When he reached the small pedestal at the end of the walk he waited. I soothed myself briefly before following him, reaching the alter I stopped and faced him. Nicolaus grabbed my hand gently, holding them.

“You’re shaking.” He whispered into my ear. I could only blink as I had not noticed that I was shaking. We then spoke our vows, starting with Nicolaus.

“I vow to protect and care for you, fulfilling your every need. To put your wellbeing before my own and to heed your warnings. I vow to never let you hunger or suffer and to always put you above me.” Nicolaus said with his deep, seductive, voice.

"I vow to bear your pups and to protect them with my entire being. I vow to submit to you and to love and cherish you."

The time quickly came and went there was a celebration and howling as I said false vows idly. All I could picture was that day. The day I was the happiest, for a split second I was walking to Ian. I was making promises to Ian. I only snapped out of it when his sharp teeth pierce into my neck. I let out a half gasp half moan, before stifling the shriek of horror that threatened to pierce through my being. His teeth ripped into my neck, marring my flesh, perverting the scar that I had chosen.

“Someone has claimed you in the past.” He whispered to me.

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” I said before shutting my end of the bond down completely but not before he would be able to feel the bitterness roll off of me.

Nicolaus stumbled backward and gripped his chest. It was my turn to mark him so I did. I did it with venomous intent. Not out of love like before. Those thoughts have to die. I shifted into my tawny light gold wolf and ran. She wanted nothing to do with this pathetic specimen and she was disgusted that I had let him mark us. That I had marked him.

Her disgust quickly faded as we caught sight of his wolf. He stood tall he was black with a dark grey underbelly and he reeked of power. She almost instantly went belly up. Traitor.

He was shocked by his wolf's actions too. His wolf was caring for mine. Cleaning her fur sniffing her privates and trying to peacock her. I snapped back in control and so did he. He huffed in disgust and I lulled my tongue out at him. He took off for the hunt, calling to the rest of our pack. He was blocking me out too. I was fine with that. I don’t want to care about him and I won’t. Love is dangerous. And I could never love such a pathetic man.

He nipped my neck and then sank his teeth in deep I returned the favor. We then took off to hunt. I let him do all the work while pretending to be slow and useless in hunting. He taunted me but I ignored him.

We had caught several bunnies and one deer. He ate first and then I ate. When we were full he gave the rest to the pack and he then leads me back to the house. He shifted first.

“Shift Tatiana.” His command rolled off me, but I still obeyed. I stood in front of him both of us completely naked.

He picked me up and walked us inside. Up the stairs and into a room that belonged to nor he or I. This room did look like an apartment. Kitchen and all.

“We going to be spending the next month here trying to get results. I am only leaving to deal with urgent matters. You, however, aren’t leaving at all. And for this month you have my undivided attention sexually.” He said into my ear, nipping it lightly and tugging. It sent shocks through my body. Oh boy.

He took me by the arm and yanked me into him. He kissed my lips with passion and meaning. I moaned into his mouth. I haven’t enjoyed a kiss since. Well besides Amelia. Her kisses were sweet like honey. His were like cinnamon and sugar. Warm and rough and... Stop.

He lit me on fire. That’s what the bond does to you. It makes you enjoy every small thing about the other's touch, smell, even taste. Made you want to feel things like love.

“You’re already wet for my dove.” He said huskily, sliding his hands onto my thighs. He gripped them hard as he assaulted my neck, his mark, with his teeth. Those wonderful, deadly teeth. I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t enjoying myself. Conquering this man in bed in a rush.

He put his hands in between my legs and started messaging. I grabbed onto his manhood and did the same. He threw me on the bed and flipped me on my stomach. He forced himself inside of me. Grabbing onto my hair and pulling roughly as he plunged into me with the same intensity. This wasn’t about passion it was about procreation. Still, I could feel that tingly feeling building inside my stomach, my body started to shake.

My theory was confirmed when he finished and I did not. He immediately took to the shower, I let out a frustrated growl and followed him. When I entered with me he gave me a puzzled look.

“Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?” Was all I said as I wrapped my legs around him. I grabbed his pride and slammed it back into me. I bounced as I rubbed my clit moaning loudly. He met my song I felt myself release at the same he did.

He just grunted and left me in the shower by myself. I was still not satisfied so I took the removable shower head and had some real fun. He could feel it through the bond.

After I was fully showered and fully satisfied I didn’t bother getting dressed and went to the bed that I will be sharing with this male for the next month. He was already asleep. The bed was a California King so I could stay as far away from him as possible. I had to fight the urge to sleep close to him, the bond demanded us to be close to one another.

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