Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 8

Waking up alone caused a sigh of relief to escape my lips, I had no desire to look at the male after last night. Taking this moment to stretch out across the enormous bed, I squealed in bliss at how my muscles pulled. I rolled around a few times while making weird noises like the crazy person I am. After a while, I sat up and crossed the room, to the desk and snatched up a hair tie to throw my hair up in a messy bun. A quick swipe with my tongue across my teeth would alert me to the fact that they were grimy, with disgust I made my way to the bathroom with determination and brushed my teeth. After I spit I looked in the mirror and noticed how disheveled I looked, a grimace crossed my face.

“Ick.” I said, grabbing a brush, yanking my hair down, I started untangling my matted hair. After I was satisfied that my hair was in perfect condition, I washed my face and applied a small amount of makeup. My skin has always been perfect so I have never needed foundation. And my eyebrows were perfect in shape and thickness. So some light eyeliner and mascara did the trick. “Must always look like a queen.” I murmured to myself in the mirror. Almost laughing.

Sighing once more, I reached out through the newly formed bond to see what my bondmate was doing. He was good at blocking but he hasn’t had experience with bonds so I easily broke through. He currently in a meeting, talking about borders and expanding. It didn't take long for him to notice my prodding. I could feel his awareness and the anger that it brought with it. Get out of my head. He roared out. I made a noise with my teeth, I’m going to catch the backlash of that later.

I chuckled at myself and left for the kitchen my stomach screeching at me to put some substance in it. I grabbed an apple and started eating. If you don’t want to reproduce with him I can show you a way. My wolf whispered to me. Tell me. Wolfsbane. I hissed and retracted from her. That would hurt you. She thumped her tail. Not if you take small doses in the form of tea. I huffed and plopped on the couch. How would I even get any of it? She just flopped her head to the side before curling up into herself and going to sleep.

“Some help you are,” I said out loud before taking another bite of my apple. I spent the next 8 hours watching movies. Around 6 I clicked the tv off and decided to make dinner. I could feel that Nicolaus was on his way home so I decided to make dinner for two. Might as well.

There were two already thawed steaks in the fridge so I decided to make those with some mashed potatoes, asparagus, freshly baked rolls, and Oreo cheesecake for dessert. I started with the cheesecake and then the potatoes. While the potatoes were boiling I spiced the meat to marinate. I grabbed some bacon and wrapped the asparagus and threw them in the oven. While I was mashing the potatoes with garlic, butter, milk, and cheese, Nicolaus walked in.

“What the hell was that?” He said in a half growl and half exasperation, I felt a small ping in the bond. He hadn't prepared himself for the caring that the bond demanded of us.

“Hmm?” I placed the steaks in the pan. They will only cook for a few seconds on each side. I seasoned them a little more.

“You broke into my head.” He said while peaking at what I have cooked, his eyes mimicking that of a child searching for candy.

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” I whispered out my lie. I force myself to look down in false shame.

“Don’t let it happen again.” He said while sneaking a smell into the air.

“Yes alpha,” I said while putting the dishes and food out onto the kitchen table.

“What smells good?” He said, sounding slightly calmer, and significantly less irked.

“I prepared dinner for you,” I said void of emotion.

“I already ate.” He said with some emotion I couldn't quite gauge. Was that a hint of regret?

“More for me.” I shrugged. I didn’t care.

I made me a plate, leaving enough for him in case he changed his mind, and started eating. A few minutes later he came in and sat across from me and started to prepare his own plate. I smirked up at him.

“It smelled too good to resist.” He told me. Ian flashed through my mind again, sitting and eating dinner with him like this made things feel, normal. I shriveled up inside and bit my tongue hard, drawing blood into my mouth.

We finished dinner in silence, when we were done I collected the dishes and grabbed us both dessert. He looked at it, clearly not knowing what it was. He poked at it a few times and even stuck his finger into it and retrieved it, licking it off of his finger.

“Oreo cheesecake,” I said as I drew my eyebrows to a furrow. I giggled a little, earning a glare from Nicolaus. I threw my hands up in surrender.

“Tastes good.” He said after I finished my giggle fit. Again we ate in silence.

“I was thinking,” I said while washing the dishes

“Mhmm.” He was sitting at the table reading a book.

“On days where you would be away, I would like Amelia to keep me company.” I brought up casually.

Amelia can get us the herbs. My wolf perked up. How exactly would they work? I decided to question. If you were to conceive it would kill the embryo before it attaches. The small amount wouldn’t harm us but a wolfing wouldn’t stand a chance. Either wolfsbane or silver nitrate. I shook my head at her. He would smell the silver. She nodded and went back to lay down.

“That would be fine with me,” Nicolaus said. “But remember what I said.”

“Yes alpha.”

That night we had intercourse again and I again slept as far away from him as I can. We spent the next 3 days this way until he was called away on urgent business.

It wasn’t long until Amelia showed up.

“Amelia, love. I have a favor to ask.” I told her grabbing her hand and bringing her palms to my mouth to kiss them. A simple gesture of caring that a luna did to great other females of her pack.

“Yes, Luna?” She said with a smirk, that quickly fell away as I opened my mouth.

“I need wolfsbane.” I said urgently.

“W-why?” She stuttered as her face paled and jaw dropped.

“To use as a contraceptive,” I stated plainly.

“I see.”

After she went and retrieved the herbs I immediately made a tea and drank some. It made me a bit dizzy. We spent the rest of the day watching movies together and eating junk food.

Nicolaus came back and we repeated our nightly routine of a silent dinner and then sex. Tonight was a little bit different though because he made Amelia stay. I knew why.

Amelia joined in our activities all though Nicolaus was careful not to touch her too much. I didn’t care. Afterward, he sent her away and we slept in our now usual position. I on the far side of the bed and him sprawled out on the rest of it.

The month was wasted in this cycle. Amelia brought me herbs and I spent the days he was away with her. And we ate fucked and slept.

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