Queen of Alphas(Queens Rising Book 1)

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Chapter 9

After the month was up we went back to our own rooms. Being back in my own den felt great, I could finally let my guard down and be left alone for a while. I would see if Amelia could bring me some training equipment up. I would be useless in a fight against the alpha if I were to fall out of practice. If Nicolaus asked I would say it was to stay in shape and burn extra energy. I have had an excess of it lately and our constant attempts of “procreation" weren’t helping to burn it.

It's because of the wolfsbane, your body is working extra hard to burn it out of our system. We should go on a run soon. I haven’t been out in a month, and the moon grows full.

I will see what I can do about a run, as far as I know, we aren’t prisoners in this room.

And we haven’t gotten to know the pack at all.

I don’t understand how you could be so social after all other wolves have tried to do to you.

She huffed at me and retreated. I knew she was right though, she had been cooped up for way too long, and it was time to get to know the people who I am going to rule one day. The men are going to be the hardest to sway. Not wanting to stray from traditions.

I hopped off the couch and stretched. I walked to my walk-in closet and grabbed an exercise bra and some compression shorts. I threw my hair into a ponytail as I closed the door behind me. Bouncing down the stairs I could hear voices whispering, about me. About how the alpha female makes herself scarce.

I ignored them, I’ll correct this problem later, for now, I need to take care of my wolf. Once I was outside I took off into the woods. I’ll let her take over when I get a safe distance from the house. I ran for another 30 minutes and was satisfied with the seclusion of the location that I arrived at. It was a beautiful willow tree that reached across a pond, its branches dipping into the murky water that was filled with lilies, and lily pads. I could hear grasshoppers chirping and frogs croaking. Ever so often a fish would break the water.

I was thirsty but the pond looked too mucky for my tastes, so I dashed off in search of a more suitable choice. It didn’t take long to find a freshwater spring. While I drank I decided that I would make the willow tree another safe spot for me. I returned to the tree and started marking it as my personal territory. My wolf sighed with content and I let her run. She ran for hours and it felt good to let her loose. Fully loose, and while I sat back and let her have control I was secretly praying that we did not happen upon another wolf.

We returned, once again, to the willow. I decided that we had been gone for too long, so I shifted and retrieved my clothes. After I was fully dressed I ran back to the house, back to my den. I reached the steps and was greeted by Nicolaus, who didn’t look happy.

“Where were you?” His gruff voice demanded.

“I went out on a run, Alpha.” I tried hard to leave the boredom out of my voice. I get so easily frustrated with his mere presence.

“You’ve missed dinner, so you’ll have to go hungry tonight.” Was all he responded with before leaving me to his own devices.

I half-ran up to my room, even though I am not easily intimidated as a person, my wolf still has social needs and instincts. For instance, she feels that we do not yet belong here and that we haven’t officially earned our status among the pack. Meanwhile, I feel as though my status is solid and I should actually be ranked higher than I am. It is an internal battle having two souls in one head. The fact that I acted on instinct told me immediately that she was still too close to the surface and that would not be good if we were to get into an altercation.

Once in my room I immediately called for Amelia, I haven’t seen her in a while and I missed her terribly. She showed up in record time, which meant that she had missed me just as much.

“Amelia my love, how have you been?” I asked while pulling her into a hug.

“I have been better.” She whispered, nudging her face into my neck to inhale it better.

“What happened?” I asked as I pulled away, grabbing her face in my hands gently.

“The house overseer had to whip me last night...” She started.

“What for?” I growled.

“Apparently one of the males has made a complaint about my cooking.” She said while looking down.

“I’ll have her head.” I said with a growl, “And these supposed males head too. You’re the best cook that we have.”

“Please don’t worry about it.” She said while playing with her hands. I will let it go, for now.

“Very well. I need to ask a favor of you, I know that I ask a lot I just can’t get things on my own here.”

“It’s not a problem, I-I like doing things for you.” Bright red brushed across her adorable cheeks and I couldn’t help myself from running two fingers across it. This damned bond has made it rather hard to enjoy her fully, but at this moment it was quiet. I pulled her face close to mine and breathed in her minty lavender scent right before crashing my lips into hers. Things were starting to heat up between us when I was, not so kindly, reminded by my wolf about our favor.

“I need you to get me some training equipment.”

“Anything for you my luna.” She smiled.

The next morning I woke to a light tap on my door. Growling I got up and answered my caller, who was immediately forgiven as soon as I saw it was Amelia.

“Come in.”

“The things you requested are being sent up as we speak. But you should know that Alpha was asking questions about who it is for and why.”

“It’s fine I will deal with him.”

Shortly after a few men brought in a treadmill, a weight bench, and a punching bag.

“Perfect, thank you guys so much for bringing this in here for me,” I said with a genuine smile. When they left I turned to Amelia. “It’s time you learned how to defend yourself, my love.”

It’s time to start training.

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