Dragorea 3 "The Sea Of Sorrows"

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The only way to cross the Grate Sea is by ship and there is no better caption than he who has sailed all his life, But Crossing the Sea of sorrow isn't for the faint-hearted it's full of danger and its own would of problems. Dragoen and his group have to put their trust in this lown sea caption and his ship Cassy Ann to get them across safely can they make the 3-week journey? and what how will it end?

Fantasy / Adventure
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"Do you want Passengers?" The Caption put his hands in the pockets of his coat and pulled out a red gem then he said He had 15 of them only a fool would refuse such a thing. The Captain's wife Cassy looked at the Gem in surprise and said Blood Rudy Saffires!! Madness Just one makes you stupidly rich what is that worth?

The Caption who was named Killalot put the ruby back in his pocket and said 223 million platem pieces each and the guy had 15 of them! he cost me 3 of them just for safe passage across the Sea of Sorrows to be dropped off at the port city of Gold Port him and his party I would have changed him 800gold at most.

Cassy said this is no small deal it helps us out by paying off your debt and much-needed work done the ship upgrades we never could afford untell now. You dropped 15 million platem for the girl you saved from slavery, why? Killalot looked at the tiny girl hiding behind some barrels who was hardly dressed in rages too big for her.

Killalot said didn't seem right to leave her in the hands of that crooked merchant, besides she was rare among her race with powers I had never scent's before if I had to guess I say she is a lot older than either of us combined. Cassy said the kid looks 13 are your sure? Killalot said looks perhaps she's no child that's as tall her rase will grow, her name is Meia this girl holds secrets.

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