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By Lady_V All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy


It was 7:30 in the morning, I was sitting in my room on the floor, smoking my last cigarette. My mug with my daily dose of coffee was sitting beside me while my cat was running around the room like he was chasing something. I swear, this little crazy is the only being on this world that’s crazier than I am. As I followed him with my eyes a small smile appeared on my lips. This little being doesn’t even know how cruel the world is. He’s not allowed to leave the apartment, I’m too afraid someone is going to fall in love with him and take him away from me. I wouldn’t survive that.

I looked around my room. Everything was so ordinary, like nothing happened. Everything was back on its place, nothing was broken. Nothing was lying on the floor, shattered, in tiny pieces. Like that fight didn’t happen. It was like he never existed, like he was just a bad memory of a nightmare. But I knew it was not true. Why? Because I still had the scars he gave me. I couldn’t heal them with simple spells, no. They needed time to heal by themselves. Simple demon venom, it works like that. So I had cuts all over my arms, legs, bite marks on my neck, claw marks on my back. They hurt, but not as much as the betrayal I received from him. As I remembered his red eyes, his demonic fangs, and his evil gazing… A chill ran down my spine. In the meantime my cat was still running around like he was nuts. Yeah, he definitely doesn’t know in what a cruel world we live in.

I somehow managed to force myself on my feet. I took the mug from the floor and put it in the dishwasher. Accidentally I bumped with my bruised forearm into the side of the dishwasher.
“I curse the day I met him… Damn it!” The curse words went on as I walked around the apartment to gather everything I needed. I couldn’t stay in that apartment anymore. It has been corrupted by evil forces and betrayal. I had to move to the safe haven for some time. It was a direct order from the Master.
“Great… I’ll have to live in the freakin’ sewer. A girl’s dream home… Simba, remind me that I’ll have to look for a new apartment as soon as possible!” I mumbled as I ripped my clothes from my wardrobe. Simba answered me with a meow; he sat down and looked at me with his huge green eyes. His eyes… they are incredibly green, like two gems put inside a black skull. When I think about it a bit better, he’s pretty weird. His head is completely black while his body is completely white. Yin and Yang. Good and bad in one body. How poetic… I pushed my glasses higher on my nose as I realized that I’m thinking about silly things. I went on packing; I was ripping my clothes from the gut of my wardrobe, my shoes, books, and laptop. It’s funny how a person’s life can fit in a duffle bag. OK, not exactly funny, more like sad, desperately and miserably sad. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is crazy.
My makeup! I almost forgot my makeup! I ran to the bathroom just to find all the mess that got cleaned up with my spells. It was all laying in the bathtub. Broken glass, bloody pieces of broken glass and the remains of my favourite vase I got from my Mentor before he died. I ripped off the shower curtain and covered the mess with it. I grabbed my makeup and ran out, back to my bag. When everything was finally packed I picked up Simba and sighed a bit.
“You know, I loved this apartment. It was perfect. It had the perfect view, the perfect security system and great memories. Now it’s all ruined…” I shook my head a bit with a hint of disappointment. I turned around and walked out from there with everything I owned. The only thing I left behind was my broken self.

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1. Prologue
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