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13. Midnight

I glanced at the clock hanging on the bathroom tiled walls, seeing that it’d just hit midnight. Walking to the mirror, I wiped off the steam obscuring my view and stared at the deep, tired hazel eyes clouded with exhaustion. Luckily, I’d managed to find a place to stay for the night but with no money, I had to break in. It was a small motel with many vacant rooms. It was easy to get by the front desk as there was no one there.

I couldn’t stay in the pack-house, remembering Albert’s words sent waves of uneasiness through me. I’d heard the same bullshit countless of times yet the irritation that followed never wavered; it wasn’t in my nature to follow.

I wiped my face and headed for the door, entering the cool air of my four-walled bedroom. With my thoughts occupied, I wasn’t completely aware of my surroundings. I wasn’t completely aware of him. He hid in the corner, in the shadows, and shot out like a viper ready to stake his claim. Clamping a hand over my mouth, he stifled my scream and brought his soft, chapped lips to my ear.

“Quiet.” I recognised that gruff voice, his voice. Instantly, I relaxed in his hold, sagging against his body and gradually, my fight or flight system faded amongst other emotions I felt. He was still for a moment, then, unexpectedly, his thumb brushed a single nipple and I released a muffled moan.

“I should punish you for leaving without any notice,” Basil growled, massaging the corners of my jaw while his other hand dropped to my hip with a tight squeeze. He breathed sharply. “Hmm,”

With a thick arm tightening around my waist, he took long strides towards the bed, lifting me in the process. I stiffened when his erection dug into my backside, my eyes widening in trepidation.

Frozen in place, he let go of my mouth, leaving me naked beneath. He’s not gonna... is he? Lying flat on my stomach, with my bare ass in his view, I waited for his next move. It never came. A deep, thunderous growl split the air and a finger trailed down the curve of my spine.

“Basil...?” I asked as my voice trembled.

“Quiet.” He said again with a light tug on my hair, forcing me up on all fours. My chest spiked with dreaded anticipation and gripped the sheets, trying to calm my breathing.

With fingers travelling to my sex, he flicked my clit. I sucked in a deep breath, feeling stings of pleasure as arousal invaded my body. I moaned but that was cut short when index finger slid into me. Groaning, I shifted and instinctively, I moved forward to avoid the sensation of discomfort.

“Relax,” His fingers continued pushing until he met a barrier. He tested it and grunted, pleased. “You still have your innocence,”

I blushed furiously, glad he couldn’t see my heated cheeks. “I thought we’ve established this,”

“We have,” There was a pause. “Some Alpha females don’t wait for their mates. It gives me pleasure to know you have,”

His finger slips out of my sex noisily and I swirled around, scrambling backwards, away from him. His wintery eyes chilled my skin as I took in his formidable height. I was in complete awe of him, assessing every muscle and vein carving his tanned skin. Basil was too feral to be considered beautiful; I don’t think there were any words to correctly describe him.

Resting one knee on the bed, he leaned forward, landing in a predatory stance that kept my attention. I narrowed my eyes, a question popping in my mind. “How did you find me?”

“Intellect and intimidation,” With hands wrapped around my ankle, he dragged me down the bed. I squirmed in his hold and in response, he tightened his grip. “There are repercussions for you leaving the territory without permission.”

“Permission?” I scoffed, sarcasm dripped from my tone. He didn’t like that and his eyes bore holes through my exposed flesh silently as a warning.

“This is human territory. What if I didn’t find you? What if rogues found you?” With each word, his voice increased along with his burning anger. His eyes flashed into something dangerous, resembling an unforgiving blizzard. “Human men were talking about you and the things I heard...” I could feel the tension radiating from him and his anger sent quakes through me.

His wide body hid mine under the dim lighting of the small room. He was so huge to a regular human, it was impossible not to fear him. Pulling away, he grabbed my clothes, tossing it my way. “Get dressed, we’re going home,”

Home… My lips thinned in frustration as I followed his task. He watched me – like that wasn’t the most unsettling thing in the world – and helped me to my feet, bringing me closer to him. Holding my face with both hands, he tilted my head back, assessing my face.

“Your uncle and Tristan are looking for you. Let them know I’ve found you,”

I winced inwardly as I bit my bottom lip, pulling out of his hold. “How long did you search for me,”

He paused for a moment. “Five hours,”

After his answer, immediately, I contacted my uncle to let him know I was safe. He sounded displeased and I knew I was in for a good scolding. He didn’t miss to point out my habits of running away when I was easily angered. And of course, he mentioned how I was just like my mother. Perfect.

After a few minutes, I slowly emerged into the presence of my reality, knowing Basil was watching. Turning to face him fully, I tilted my head back challengingly with an arched brow.

“If you think to discipline me like a juvenile you will regret it and that’s a promise,”

His jaw ticked in annoyance. “I don’t take threats lightly,”

“I don’t either,”

We held gazes, neither of us willing to back down. Basil took a menacing step forward but I didn’t cower under the force of his authority. Grabbing my chin, his lips were inches away from mine.

“If you ever try that again, I’ll put you over my knee,” His lips curved in a patronising smirk. “Wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Shrugging out of his hold, I marched for the door, greeting the cool air of the night. The cold didn’t affect me, a perk of having the wolf gene. Beneath the sound of the breeze, I heard Basil’s heavy footsteps. It didn’t take long for his long strides to catch up to my pace.

We didn’t say anything but the silence spoke of our emotions. I noticed a distinct scent lingering on his skin. Subconsciously, I inhaled deeply. I know that scent, I’ve smelt it before - death. From the corner of my eyes, I eyed him warily and he didn’t miss my little observation.

“They were going to hurt you,” Was his simple explanation, almost believing that his actions were justifiable. I nodded in understanding.

“You don’t agree,” It was more of a statement than a question.

“You did what you had to do.”

He sent me a quizzical look, his deep frown enhancing the wrinkles between his brows. “You’re not bothered?”

“You had good intentions,” Fighting the blush rising on my cheeks, I looked away, my eyes gaze glued to the concrete ground. “I would do the same,”

A low hum erupted from his chest. “Many people would view me as a monster...”

“You’re...” How was I supposed to reply to that? We were all monsters but describing Basil with that word was an understatement - he was a beast. “You’re something else,”

He touched my shoulder, forcing me to stop as he stood in front of me. Meeting the chill ice of his irises, I swallowed the lump in my throat, battling his scent dancing around my nose.

“Do you fear me?”

“Basil... you marked me when I wasn’t ready. I fear you’ll take me without my consent,”

There was no need to lie, I told him the complete truth and my fear was confirmed when he needed evidence of my innocence. Nostrils flaring, he grounded his jaw, hot rage flashing through the glassy sheen of his eyes.

“When the Moon shows her presence, force wouldn’t be needed to consummate our bond,” he said gruffly, quickly scanning the area before his eyes settled in a direction behind me.

I glance over my shoulder to see nothing but an empty pathway. Returning my gaze to his, I saw his apprehension and he grabbed my arm, walking further away from the motel.

“We need to leave,”

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