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23. Boundaries

“I can’t,” I whispered, peeling his fingers from my hip, only to place it on my heart. His was pulsing through his skin, pounding into the deepest depths of my soul. Breathing in deeply, I fluttered my eyes close, listening as our hearts slow beats morphed into one.

My fight against him was pointless; I fell for him so easily. Not that I could fight against the pull twining us together. It was impossible to resist. I remembered the stories of meeting your mate when I was a mere pup, the feelings that you’d experience when you first meet. At first, it all seemed like a fairy-tale to me, that type of tale I wouldn’t believe unless I experienced it myself and it has exceeded my expectations.

“Just because you took my place doesn’t mean there isn’t gonna be some backlash,” I whispered, leaning closer to kiss the tip of his nose and a soft hum vibrated through his chest. “And I need to have a serious talk with my brother.”

Anger seeped into my system. I could tolerate most things but this, what he’d done to my mate, was unforgivable. An innate part of me sought for blood. My wolf couldn’t bear witnessing someone hurt what was ours. Reading my train of thoughts, he grabbed the nape of my neck, adding light pressure to sooth my nerves.

“Calm down, sweet wolf,” Through his bright eyes, I saw see my wolf’s eyes. Shutting them close, I pulled away, breathing deeply and feeling her retreat into the darkest corners of my mind.

“There’s nothing sweet about her,”

He chuckled and shock paralysed me for a split second as I absorbed the deep husky tone that was foreign to my ears. I stared at him in disbelief but fixed my expression before I appeared as a dumbstruck fool.

I could feel my insides warm with pleasure.

“I won’t argue with that,”

Not saying another word, I headed for the door but turned to him before I excited. “I’ll be back soon. Get some rest,”

His eyes glued to me, I waited for his response but when I got nothing, I turned away, taking long, strides towards the Alpha’s office. It was too early for the whole pack to wander the corridors which, thankfully, saved me from any further humiliation. Sparks of sunlight broke through the shadows, giving enough light to create a path towards the Alpha’s Office. I stared at it, my lips tightening as I prepared for the anticipated backlash I couldn’t avoid.

I was used to it, so much to the point where I was immune to it. I’d just stand there and take all the yelling that would be sent my way then leave. I always told myself part but some part of me wouldn’t allow me to leave it peace. I fought back without fail and

Clasping the door handle, I paused, my sensitive ears catching muffled voices on the other end of the door. Frowning, I leaned against the door, immediately recognising my brother’s voice and Daniel’s.

“If it were Izabella would you have drawn blood?” Daniel’s question was a distant echo. Mortified, I pulled back, disgust pooling in the pit of my stomach, poisoning my insides, leaving rage to fire through my skin.

I already knew the answer to his question: he wouldn’t. No matter how hard my dear brother has been, he’d never laid a finger on me, never even tried to before last night. What was his vendetta against Basil? Why the hostility?

“He claims he can protect what’s his yet he failed to do so. She should’ve never been near those vile creatures,” Hunter snarled and something crashed into the ground. “It was a punishment on both ends.”

Unable to hear anymore, I kicked the door open, not wincing when it bounced off the walls. Effectively, I caught everyone’s attention, including the big Alpha himself. I was pissed and from the way his jaw tightened, he could see that.

“You went too far, you could’ve killed him,” I gritted my teeth. “Shedding his skin wasn’t necessary.”

“If I left him with a simple slap, it wouldn’t have an effect.”

“Was that the only reason?” I snapped, my clenched fists shaking visibly.

“No, actually, it wasn’t,” He shock back, folding his large arms. “I’d beat the shit out of him because looking at him, that rogue, makes my skin crawl.”

Feeling like I’d just been slapped in the face, I stumbled back in horror. “What’s your deal?”

“He’s not like us!” He hissed and his eyes widened with so much hatred. “He’s a Native. They don’t think the same way we do

Before I could think of my next move, I slapped him. His face slid to the side with the impact and deadly silence settled over us. A second too late, I realised my mistake. Those around us watched in disbelief. I didn’t let their reaction stop me though. That was no reason to hate on a wolf; his prejudice against Basil was unjustified. Prejudice is unjustifiable, period. It’s a part of our law within Noble packs. He was a hypocrite, that motherfucker.

“You touched what’s mine, you hurt him out of spite.” I pulled my lips back in a snarl as I lifted onto my toes to whisper in his ear. “You may be Alpha, dear brother but I won’t hesitate to end you if you ever touch him.”

He didn’t take the threat lightly but I didn’t care. I met his enraged eyes and his nostrils flared as invisible spoke streamed through whilst he puffed his chest with deep breaths. He was controlling himself - any second, he could shift and attack.

I offended his pride,

His wolf,

And his worth as an Alpha male.

Ultimately, I challenged him and the sharp breaths around showed that it didn’t go unnoticed. He took a menacing step forward but Daniel intervened.

“Easy, she’s your little sister,”

He pushed Hunter back a little, creating space between us, one that’s been growing since my return. Despite the eighteen year gap, we’d been close. I idolised him, saw him as my hero but it felt like I’ve been walking around blindfolded, sheltered from his hideousness and everything that followed behind. I stared at him in disgust. Basil was different, raised in a culture completely opposite from The Nobles, and because of that, he’s an outsider, discriminated for things he couldn’t control. It explained why he despised them so much.

“All of you underestimated me. That was your first mistake,” I called, glancing around to stare into the eyes of others until they were forced to look away. I returned my gaze to my brother. “There are boundaries, Alpha and you fucked with mine,” I said with so much sarcasm, it left a bitter taste on my tongue.

“You want to start talking about boundaries?” Hunter growled, shaking off the hands restraining him. He brushed past them, staring down at me with eyes so hard, so cold it could freeze me to death. I stood my ground, daring him, not giving in. Other times, I would’ve bowed to his will, but not anymore, especially not after last night. “You’ve crossed many, your first is when you left the pack, your second is when you went behind my back to go after the hunters and the last, you dare try to defy me?”

His tone of voice sounded incredulous as if I had the audacity to go against him, against flow the pack seemed to follow.

“Just because you’re my sister doesn’t mean you’re protected from any repercussion,”

I scoffed humourlessly, bitterly, almost hopelessly. “You don’t know me at all, brother. I don’t think you ever did,”

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