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24. Intimacy

In the next two days, Basil was completely healed but it didn’t put my wolf at ease. Remembering Hunter’s words nearly set me into a blind rage. I needed to restrain myself from attacking him or else I would do something I’d regret. Protecting him was pure instinct to the point where I’d shifted into my wolf’s fur, my human mind weak against her wishes. He’d watch her carefully, her fur vibrating with her growls, his wounds burning her eyes. She was completely restless, shaken even.

Warily, she stalked towards Basil, sniffing around him and he watched quietly. She licked his hands, waiting for him and nipped his shin before running off into the woods, stopping just to see if he was following after her.

“No, it’s not safe out there,” He crouched low, crooking his fingers for her to return. She did without hesitation. He kissed her snout noisily while rubbing her fur. She licked his lips eagerly and he laughed. He laughed. A full, hearty laugh that was foreign to my ears.

I felt a pang of jealousy knowing he only laughed for her. I wasn’t jealous of my wolf, just the connection she had with Basil. Despite his wolf living in his flesh, he was feral and could connect deeper to my beast than me. His human died, a part of him I would’ve connected with but I was left alone. This insecurity was uncalled for but I was being truthful. I’d been honest with him about it before.

She continued to lick him, his scars, his cheek, the need to love her mate controlling her every movement. She was putty under his touch, rolling to her back as he scratched her stomach, behind her ear and on her scalp. He cooed to her lovingly, leaning into her fur to sniff her scent... our scent. His own growl of satisfaction shook deep in my core and he pecked the tip of her nose, closing his eyes with his forehead to hers.

“My Moon,” He whispered gruffly, staring deep into our eyes. He muttered something in his native tongue, the pad of his thumbs rubbing her sides softly. She licked the tip of his nose and he grinned, rubbing down the length of her spine. “It’s time to see her skin,”

This caught my interest. I allowed her to take complete control so she could spend time with him. I’d given her a few hours since it’d been a while they’d run together as wolves. She whined in protest, digging into his hold and his commanding growl silenced her. Her heart slowed in a relaxed state and he held her snout tightly, forcing her golden eyes to meet his.

“Shift,” At his command, the sickening crack of my bones filled the air and my wolf receded into the depths of my consciousness. Fur sheds to flesh as a gentle wind blew against my overheated skin.

I was on my knees, sitting on my heels with my head faced down. All I could see were his feet and the shorts that hung loosely on his hips, revealing the ‘v’ trailing what was underneath. He gripped my neck, forcing my head back further and his lips collided with mine. I moaned, clutching the collar of his shirt desperately as my bones melted into mush. Basil held me upright, angling my neck as he deepened the kiss.

Adding light pressure to my shoulders, I complied, sinking lower to the earth as he hovered over my frame. His kisses left a fiery trail down my spine as he marked each and every corner as his. Lost in my thoughts, the feel of his bulge nestled between my thighs elicited a soft gasp just as he kicked them further apart. A deep guttural growl resonated through my limbs, shaking my very core.

He knew what I needed, what she needed - my wolf. She needed this for her own reassurance as well as mine. The tips of my fingers crawled down his scarred back, feeling my own scratches from our previous lovemaking.

Love. I knew for certain where I stood with that word. His hot breaths fanned the shell of my core and involuntarily, I shivered, feeling wetness pool the more aroused I became. Flicking his tongue on my bud, he hummed deeply, completely satisfied.

“So sweet,”

Without hesitation, he attacked my centre, licking and sucking savagely until I couldn’t catch my breath any longer. He paused for a second and I released a frustrated cry as he crawled up my body, silencing me with his lips. I drank him in willingly, spreading my thighs even wider to adjust to the width of his hips but he didn’t enter me just yet.

“Lie on your stomach,”

Obeying his command, he grabbed my hips, hoisting my ass in the air while pressing my chest to the ground. I couldn’t ignore the cool breeze brushing against my bare flesh and my face heated. What if someone saw us? I’d die from humiliation.

In one swift move, he entered me and I groaned as he stretched me completely. I pressed my forehead against my forearms, closing my eyes as I absorbed each and every sensation. I was like that for the next few second, him still inside me as he circled his hips, slowly stretching me apart. My breathing hitched as he drew back then slammed into me.

“Oh... fuck,” I groaned breathlessly, my voice thick with desire which only fuelled his.

His grip on my waist tightened as he started his deep thrusts. I leaned into him and yelped when a sharp stinging sensation seared through the skin of my ass. He slapped my ass. Wetness flooded my centre when his hold became rougher. Wrapping his hand around my hair, he jerked my head back and his lips crashed to mine.

A warm, fuzzy feeling stirred inside as blood soared through my entire body, spiking my nerve cells with pleasure I couldn’t fathom. I wanted more. I craved more. Basil reached around me, his fingers rubbing my clit as he quickened his pace. It was too much. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

With one final thrust, I came and he followed, collapsing on me and holding me tightly. He moaned in my ear softly, burying his face into my neck while licking his mark on my neck. I shuddered, riding the last waves of pleasure. Spent, I crashed to the ground. Basil leaned forward, kissing the length of my shoulder before darting his tongue out, sucking my skin which was slick with sweat. His loving touch didn’t go unnoticed and I sighed as each kiss tickled me.

I wanted to sleep the day away while he continued to love me through his touch. It only pushed me more into the darkness threatening to consume me.

“Mine,” He repeated, his tongue sweeping down the centre of my spine before he muttered something in his mother tongue. I always wondered what he saying but then I was too tired to ask him any questions.

A couple more minutes passed when he pulled away, rolling to his back with my chest pressed against his. He kissed my temple and I tried to fight against the sleepy haze clouding my mind. We stayed like that for a while, our hearts thrumming in sync, saying all we needed to say to one another. It didn’t stop me though; I knew he was in my mind. He was always there and it was comforting.

I love you.

I closed my eyes, letting sleep take my body into a dark, endless abyss.

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