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31. To Bend a Knee

Another round of thunder soared through the darkened sky and rain pebbled to the earth as the cold air seeped into my very core. I trembled but I didn’t know if it was from shock or the cool breeze surrounding me.

Everyone was kneeling, their heads bowed and that was when I took note of all the Alpha’s kneeling as well. It was normal for a regular wolf to bend a knee but Alphas? Alphas! I shook my head, confusion hindering my vocal cords as I couldn’t seem to utter a single word. My eyes darted from Tristan to Theodore, Dante and even my dad before finally landing on Basil, the only one daring enough to meet my gaze.

It was so surreal. Never would I ever expect this to be the outcome. For one to bend a knee was one thing but an Alpha? Alphas from other packs that’d gained respect from their own people decided to put their pride aside to show their loyalty to me. Not only was I the new Alpha of The Midnight Moon but the leader of The Nobles.

The adrenaline pumping through my veins subsided and like a freight train, exhaustion slammed into me, causing my legs to buckle. It was as if I lost all sense of coordination and unable to stand, I fell. Tristan caught me before I hit the ground and shifted my body until he was carrying me bridal style.

I watched him attentively through heavy lids as he straightened his posture, standing on his feet and walked to Basil, handing me over in his arms. I clutched his shirt tightly, wrinkles forming around the collars as I tried desperately to keep my eyes open. It was all a losing battle, especially when his lips skimmed the shell of my ear, his voice warming my inside, turning me into complete goo as a sense of peace came over me.

His last words rung loudly in my thoughts before sleep consumed me completely.

“My Alpha,”

I woke with a jolt, my breathing laboured as I took in my surroundings. I was back in my bedroom, changed into my PJs but I didn’t remember going to bed. Suddenly, memories of before came back to me in a flash and I gasped, clutching my chest, disbelieving of what happened. Was it a dream? I didn’t want it to be. Please, don’t let it be.

The clock in my room was broken so I couldn’t tell what the actual time was. Judging from the warm, hues of light from the windows, it must’ve been morning. How long did I sleep for?

Carefully, making sure to not trip over the duvets, I slipped out of bed and stripped naked, getting rid of yesterday’s clothes. I headed to the bathroom and switched on the shower and I stared at my reflection, taking in the ratty bird nest that was my hair and the dried drool staining the corner of my mouth. I didn’t feel much different other than the bruise darkening my right eye. It was puffy and it throbbed so much I couldn’t help but whimper. Guess it was all the proof I needed to know it was all real. Cringing, I splashed water on my face and brushed my teeth. Testing the water and pleased with its warmth, I stepped into the shower, tilting my head back with a low sigh, relishing the way my muscles relax instantly.

Lost in my thoughts, my senses weren’t sharp enough to detect him entering the bathroom.

Large rough hands gripped my waist and a shiver curled up my spine. Lips skimmed the curve of my neck and with a pleasurable moan, I threw my head back, my eyes rolling shut as his touch cooled my heated skin. Shit, my heat was near and I didn’t need this with everything happening in The Midnight Moon.

His tongue trailed up the length of my neck while his hand lowered to the opening of my sex, toying with my sensitive bud. Arousal seeped into the steam filled air and his nostrils flared, his erection poking my backside. Torturously, his finger slipped into my folds, his thumbs rubbing my clit so sensually, a moan escaped my lips.

“Basil,” I whispered, pleading him, begging for more. Rolling my hips into his touch, I gripped his forearm with my fingernails digging into his flesh. He grunted lowly, his teeth sinking into my earlobe while his cock rubbed my opening. Both sensations of his fingers and cock sent me over the edge and I clenched around his fingers one last time before I’d reached my climax. Sagging into him, I breathed deeply as my soul returned to earth from my high. Wrapping a hand around my jaw, squeezing it with enough pressure and his harsh breaths fanned my cheek.

“So beautiful,” he murmured, forcing me to face him so he’d capture my lips. “So fucking tempting,”

Pushing me up the tiled wall, he forced my ass back and the tip of his cock teased the opening of my sex. At first, it was coincidental but then he groaned deeply, purposefully rubbing his length while spreading my arousal. His grip on my hips was strong, I was glad he kept me from falling as tremors wracked through my body from my last orgasm. I wiggled against him and he slapped my ass warningly.

“Keep still,” his snarl was laced with lust.

“No,” I turned to face him. “Your turn,”

He hesitated but then stepped closer and from the glimmer of his eyes, I knew he was taking in the bruises on my face. He kissed my right eye and swooped down to my lips before stepping away. Not allowing my eyes to leave his own, I lowered to my knees, his cock thick and long in my line of sight. My mouth watered ad I gripped him tightly and he hissed lowly.

Taking a handful of my hair, he massaged my jaw gently, coaxing me to open my mouth to open to his will. Easily I took him in, watching in fascination when he tossed his head back, a low, guttural groan rumbling from his chest. It only made my pussy clench tighter, causing more wetness to leak down my thighs and my clit ached for more attention.

I took him in completely, testing how far I could go. His tip reached the back of my throat and I sucked slowly. Inhaling sharply, he placed both hands on the walls behind me. I watched his muscles tighten deliciously and he slipped out of my lips.

“Don’t stop,” he said gruffly, guiding my head back to his hard length.

I licked and twirled my tongue along the tip of his head, using one hand to rubbing his base. His grip on my hair tightened as he began to pump into me, taking it slow at first before his desire consumed him wholly. He was fucking my face, wildly, and my eyes stung as saliva trickled down my chin. Pulling back, I gasped for air and took one of his balls into my mouth greedily. His dangerous growl filled the air around us.

“Stand,” at his command, I did and gasped when his lips crashed to mine in a heated, feral kiss. We kissed like it was our last time, our last breath, breathing each other in, scenting one another. I licked him, bit him and sucked him ’til I was drowning in him. Everything that was him, I was drowning and I didn’t want to resurface.

Grabbing the back of my thighs, he lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms flinging around his neck. He kissed me, hard, and the cool tiled walls clashing against my heated back sent shivers down my spine.

He rubbed his hard length against me, my bud still sensitive from my previous orgasm. I shivered again and he lined his tip right in front of my opening. He stared at me, waiting for my permission, pleading. I didn’t say anything else, I let my body speak for me. I lowered myself on him and he tightened his hold on me, burying his face into the crook of my neck, biting on his mark on me. I gasped, my body shuddering as pleasure consumed me.

“Fuck,” he rolled his hips, hitting all the right spot that sent me shaking with desire. My chest expanded with a deep sigh. I threw my head back, careful not to hit it too hard on the wall and together, we worked towards our release.

Water poured around us, making our body slick as he thrust hard into me. Another moan rolled through my lips and his hard, heavy breathing only fuelled my desire. His thumb skated down to my centre, rubbing my clit with quick, jerky movements. Thrashing wildly, I rolled my hips one last time and I released a soft blissful sigh as I came around him. When my walls tightened around me, he stilled and spurts of his semen filled me followed by his long, strained groan.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, holding each other, our breaths twining together along with the steam swirling around us. Soon, reality settled in, weighing me down from the clouds I wasn’t willing to let go.

Kissing my shoulder, he stepped back, easing out of me noisily and his semen trickled down my thighs. I took in a deep shuddering breath, placing my hand over my heaving chest while slowly meeting his stark white eyes. We didn’t say a word but our emotions, the love that we had was so powerful it spoke all that needed to be said.

He grabbed the soap on the shelf and lathered it up between his hands and proceeded to wash me. I watched him, fascinated. His fingers grazed my centre, washing me clean from his release and he lifted his eyes to mine, our nose barely touching.

“No pups… not until you’re ready,”

Relieved, I nodded in gratitude. I got the conditioner from the rack, squirting some conditioner into his dark hair. Massaging his scalp, my hands lowered to his beard, playfully twirling it around my fingers. He grinned at me, revealing straight pearly whites and unlike the other times, his eyes sparkled with mirth. The sight was breath-taking.

We spent most of our time touching, kissing and scenting each other ’til the water ran cold. Squealing, I hopped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my body before heading towards the mirror above the sink. While brushing the knots out of my hair, Basil wrapped a towel around his waist, grabbing another to dry off his hair. I admired him, taking in all the contours of his muscles as they tightened and flex, and the ‘v’ trailing down to what was hidden beneath the skimpy material.

I looked away just when I felt his eyes on me. His stare bore holes into my skin but I ignored it, brushing out my hair without a care in the world. I frowned when the brush got stuck at a particular knot and I made a mental note to get a haircut. I’d gotten one before returning home but it seemed my hair had a life-source of its own.

“They want to see you,”

“What?” spinning on my heels, I faced him and my eyes widened in shock.

“Don’t look so surprised,” amused, he continued. “You are their new Alpha.”

I bit my bottom lip, smacking the brush against my palm thoughtfully before turning to the mirror.

Alpha Izabella; it was a title I never thought I would never achieve. It was one I’d easily adjust to, though. Uncapping the moisturiser, I massaged it into my skin and felt Basil’s body pressed against my back. Circling his arms around my waist, he pressed his cheek to mine.

“Don’t cut your hair,”

Before I could respond, he disappeared through the door. He didn’t know that his words were enough for me to make that decision.
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