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Behind the Waterfall


I fucked everything up. All of it. I couldn’t control myself when I saw Brinley talking with that Onyx Moon warrior...and I just lost it. I acted like a complete jackass. And once again Brinley paid the price because of me.

During her punishment, the battle not to shift had been fierce. My Wolf raged. He wanted the Alpha’s blood. On that, we agreed.

Somehow. Someway

…sooner rather than later.

I would make it happen.

I thought I could give her up. I thought I was strong enough to let her go, but tonight brought startling clarity. I couldn’t stand the thought of her with someone else, nor could I stand the idea of being with anyone else...especially Calla.

Calla’s behavior had been shocking. I knew she was a little insecure and jealous of Brinley, but to agree that any shewolf deserved such harsh punishment for a crime that wasn’t even hers, was unacceptable. Calla was no Luna. And she wasn’t the wolf I wanted.

There was only one wolf for me—Brinley. Now I just had to keep her alive in the meantime. I couldn’t make any rash moves. I would only get one chance. It was the only thought that kept my Wolf at bay.

The promise that he would have his revenge.

And then he would have his mate.

That is if she would still have us. My heart twisted in my chest at the thought of her rejection. I didn’t deserve her. I’d only caused her heartache. But if she gave me just a tiny chance, I would spend a lifetime treating her like the queen she was.

But first, I needed to find a way to end my father. It felt a bit surreal, plotting to kill my own flesh and blood, the man who had raised me, the only parental figure I had known.

But he’d crossed a line I couldn’t come back from.

It was one thing to sacrifice my happiness in exchange for Brinley’s life. I thought I was strong enough to give her up, take the target off of her back, so she could live out her life as she pleased. But he’d caused her physical pain, and that was unforgivable. He was my blood, but she was my soul, my very life.

I hastily pulled together the supplies I needed, shoved everything into a backpack, and mind-linked with Ryder, ”Brother, I need your help.”

His reply was immediate, ”Do you want me to take care of Brinley?”

No surprise he’d already heard what happened to Brinley. ”No, I need you to stick with Calla. I’ll be gone through the night. Make sure Calla behaves until I can have a conversation with her.”

“Got it,” came his fast reply. ”I’ll take care of things on this end. You just take care of your shewolf.”

Brinley wasn’t mine. Right now, I didn’t have a solution, so couldn’t change our relationship...yet. But regardless of the outcome, I was done with Calla. I could never be with a wolf so cruel. A Luna was meant to be so much more. I added, ”One more thing. Make sure Calla understands the gravity of her situation. If she steps out of line or says something that causes harm to Brinley...” I couldn’t finish my thought. It was too painful.

But I didn’t need to. As usual, Ryder got it. His tone was hard, “Understood.”

I would try to keep my emotions for Brinley a secret when I broke up with Calla, but she wasn’t stupid. She would connect the dots, which left me with no alternative other than to threaten her. I hoped she took me seriously because I wouldn’t hesitate. If she caused something to happen to Brinley, I would end Calla. Painfully.

The scent of multiple wolves grew stronger as I made my way through the forest. As much as I hated that wolf, Langdon, I was thankful for him and Onyx Moon’s help at present.

My heart pounded in my chest when she came into view. As requested, they were next to the stream. I hurried to her side.

My priority was getting pain medication down her throat. She didn’t like the taste, but she obediently swallowed it. The next step would be much harder. Her wounds needed to be cleaned and dressed.

That fucker, Beta Ford, had broken her skin. I stifled a growl. He would pay for his strong arm against her. I suspected it was because he couldn’t break her. He hadn’t been able to make her cry out. She had refused to give him or Alpha the satisfaction.

I couldn’t find the right words for how much she impressed me. My wolf’s thoughts were more succinct...he felt she was a badass little wolf. Indeed, she was. We were incredibly lucky the Moon had given us such an amazing creature. I just hoped by the time it was over, by the time the dust settled, I prayed we were still alive to enjoy life together.

Brinley had held back her screams during her torture, but she wasn’t holding back now. Now, she wailed and writhed to break free from our grip. It took both Langdon and me, alternating holding her down, to wash and dress her wounds. Even with her fierce howling, we didn’t stop or slow down. The sooner we finished, the sooner it would be over. I ground my teeth together, to keep from releasing the furious growls that wanted to rip from my chest, as I listened to her pain.

It took several minutes. When we finished, Brinley stopped writhing and collapsed, her body limp, eyes closed. She panted, trying to catch her breath.

One of the wolves questioned, “What should we do with her panties? They’re soaked in blood.”

Langdon answered, “Cut them off of her.′

Oh, hell no, that wasn’t happening. Brinley had already been overexposed. I let out a warning growl. “No one touches her like that. I’m thankful for your assistance, but I’ll take it from here.”

Langdon shot back, “I’m not leaving her to face the night alone after you decide to scurry back to your girlfriend.”

As far as I was concerned, I no longer had a girlfriend, but he couldn’t know that. Every move I made from here, would be risky. The fewer people involved, the better. I replied through clenched teeth, “She will not be alone at any time during the night.”

Langdon hesitated longer, while I extracted their shirts off of her body, cut the ruined underwear away from her with my teeth, keeping her butt out of view, and tucked her into a blanket.

Finally, Langdon silently agreed and shifted to join his other pack members on their trek out of the woods.

I held Brinley to my chest and walked toward the cave where we would stay the night. She was wrapped up in a fur blanket to protect her from the elements. Had she been in her wolf form, the frigid temperature would not have affected her, but she would be unable to shift until she healed.

After several minutes, we reached the waterfall. Brinley’s closed eyes fluttered when I shifted her weight into one of my arms so I could use my other to climb up jagged rocks. She tucked her head close to my chest to avoid the condensation coming from the falls.

Fifteen feet up, we reached a small ledge. Pushing the thick foliage that covered the entrance out of the way, I slipped through.

Brinley lifted her head and looked around. Carved inside the mountain, the cave was about ten feet wide by eight feet deep and just tall enough to accommodate my height. Solid rock on all sides except for an eight-foot expanse where the waterfall rained down, hiding our location.

“Where are we?” her voice was raspy from screaming and the slurred a little bit from the effects of the pain medication.

“Behind the waterfall. The entrance to the cave is hidden. Not noticeable unless you know where to look.”

She nodded silently.

Now that we were inside the secluded cave, I had to drag in air through my mouth, rather than breathe through my nose because the enclosed space amplified the smell of several males on Brinley’s body.

My Wolf came to the forefront, quivering with anger that his female remained covered in the scent of, not just one other male, but many.

I pushed him back. I hated it as well, but there wasn’t a damn thing we could do about it. Not now.

Jaw locked, my movements were stiff and jerky as I worked to set up the propane heater and contain him at the same time.

It was time for her second dose of painkillers. Brinley’s nose wrinkled and a low whimper released from her lips when I pulled out the vial.

I sympathized with her. I had no idea what ingredients the Healer had incorporated, but the concoction smelled horrendous.

Pulling out a cold bottle of water, I soothed, “I know. Breathe through your mouth and hold your nose closed while you swallow. I’ll hand you the water as soon as you finish so that you can wash the taste out.”

She obediently followed my instructions, pinching her little nose closed with two fingers, while I helped her toss the medicine down the back of her throat. Even with her nose compressed, her face scrunched into a grimace at the vile taste. I had the water ready and pressed it into her open hand. She drank the entire bottle. When she finished, she stared at me, studying my feral expression and then whispered, “What’s wrong?”

I couldn’t deny there was a problem.

Fuck yes, there’s a problem, my Wolf added with a snarl at me. His sarcasm wasn’t helping matters any.

His simple solution flashed through my consciousness—images of him licking every inch of our mate’s skin, transferring our scent, eliminating the smell of any other wolf. I shuddered hard, working to keep him in check, and gritted out, “The Wolf. He doesn’t like the scent of other males on you.”

Understanding lit her expression. She relaxed and breathed, “It’s okay. Let him.”

He growled his approval at her acceptance and willingness to submit to him. But she had no idea what she just agreed to. I wouldn’t stop him. Not this time. By the time my Wolf finished, every last inch of Brinley’s flesh would be wrapped in our scent.

I tried to control my erratic pulse as I stood to remove my clothes. Brinley watched me like a hawk, utterly unembarrassed as more and more of my clothing fell to the floor. When I was completely bare, her wide green orbs, molten with desire, traveled slowly down my chest and fixated on my cock.

Instantly, I was hard for her.

Painfully hard. I had never been so physically affected before. And she did it with just one stare. I couldn’t imagine what her touch would do to me. I’d probably explode right then and there. Hell, it was like I was a juvenile wolf again, coming when anything rubbed up against me.

Heart racing in my chest, the moment between us, lingered. I could feel tingles move along my dick as her eyes roamed from my base to tip.

My Wolf growled once more. He liked her careful inspection of our body. He was ready to go and thought it would be best to start with fucking her from behind, where we could get the best leverage and depth.

Of course, he would.

I explained to him, in no uncertain terms, there would be no fucking tonight. He growled his discontent. He wanted his little wolf to moan and writhe beneath him—now, in her skin, and as soon as she could shift, he would thoroughly see to the pleasure of her wolf as well.

I told him to shut the hell up.

Trying to resist her while she was just looking at me was hard enough. I didn’t need the added difficulty of him conjuring images of her screaming our name.

But when she licked her lips, almost indulgently, that was it. I couldn’t take it anymore and groaned, “You can’t look at me like that.” My voice sounded like I was in pain. I was. She was killing me with the scent of her desire and expression that clearly indicated she wanted to eat me like a piece of candy.

Yes, let her do that! My wolf interjected. He thought it was a fabulous idea. He was all for having Brinley’s pink little lips wrapped around our cock.

I refused to listen to him. My words must have broken Brinley from her trance, because she hastily looked away, muttering, “Sorry.”

I never wanted her to be sorry for staring, for enjoying the show of her mate. Every bit of my flesh belonged to her. But, this was not the time or place to clarify. I wasn’t capable of rational speech at the moment, so I just shifted into fur.

Instantly, my Wolf focused on his task. Brinley’s healing came first, and he could help. He nipped the edge of the blanket and pulled it away, revealing her lithe naked body. She laid flat on her belly, with her cheek resting on her crossed forearms.

With meticulous care, he swept his large tongue gently along each stripe on her back. When he had given the wounds sufficient attention, he moved on to the rest of her back, her cute rounded butt and down her legs.

Eyes closed, Brinley’s breathing was slow and deep, completely calm and relaxed. I wondered for a moment if she’d fallen asleep.

Once complete, my Wolf nudged her with his big head, wanting her to roll over. She accommodated him, slowly moving to reposition herself on her back. Hands resting on her belly, and eyes half-mast with her continued calm and drowsiness, Brinley remained relaxed and made no move to cover herself.

…until my Wolf pushed his head between her legs and licked her folds.

Then, Brinley couldn’t have had a more radical change in demeanor. Instantly, the scent of her arousal saturated the air. At the same time, she flushed deeply with embarrassment and wriggled to get away from him.

Never a smart move.

Capturing her thigh with his massive paw, his order to sit still, was unmistakable in the deep growl released from his chest. His claws were out. Not to hurt her, no, never to hurt her, but to lend force to the seriousness of his command.

Brinley froze and stared up at him with wide eyes, her chest heaving with fast breaths, eyes pleading with him to relent.

He had no intention of relenting.

…and I wasn’t going to make him.

His complete attention to detail was what she signed up for when she agreed to let him cover her in our scent.

Brinley hesitated one more moment, and then resignation settled over her features. She trembled as she lay back, but didn’t try to move away again.

My Wolf resumed his task of cleaning her most intimate bits, his rough tongue stroking along each fold, and circling the edge of her opening, leaving no crevice or flesh untouched.

He pushed his big head against one of her thighs, wanting her to open wider for him, so he could better reach the little, puckered hole in her ass.

Brinley gasped but obeyed him without argument. My Wolf was thorough in his ministrations. That area was certainly a concern for him, a priority when it came to needing his scent, second only to her sweet sex. Squirming beneath him, the addictive smell of Brinley’s arousal released into the air again.

Hmm, I would remember that for the future.

Brinley’s heart thrummed in her chest. Her wolf was wild with arousal. If she could have shifted, they’d have been going at it like rabbits. Neither Brinley nor I would have been able to stop them.

Now that her private areas were taken care of, I expected my Wolf to continue down her body.

He didn’t.

Instead, he moved back to her sex.

With a shock, I realized he had the full intention of taking a moment away from his task, to get her off!

Oh, hell no!

I jerked back on his control. I’d allowed him to lick and taste her decadent flesh, but gave no permission to tongue her until she came.

His dissatisfaction was clear. He wanted to know what his little wolf tasted like when she came, and he didn’t see the harm in it, arguing she would be much more relaxed after her release. Not to mention, it would take minimal effort on his part. He was quite familiar with her little pussy now, and would just change the strokes against her flesh from cleaning and care to dominance and pleasure. A few thrusts of his tongue inside of her and a nibble or two against her clit, she would be there in no time.

Like time was our biggest concern! I snapped back. No, the quick speed at which he could make her come was not the relevant issue here!

Undeterred, he snickered a challenge—the cocky bastard was ready to test his skills against mine. He defined the rules of his game. We’d each bring Brinley to climax, in turn—the one who did it in less time than the other, won. He was certain she wouldn’t mind coming twice.

Fucking hell, he was going to have to stop.

We still had a long night ahead of us, and I preferred not to spend it with blue balls. Although at the rate, we were going, it appeared to be inevitable.

No!! I reiterated in my head, forcing control.

Fine, he grumbled and moved down her body to finish.

When he was done, I shifted back.

Brinley moved quickly to cover herself. I ground my teeth together. She was perfectly willing to lay beneath my Wolf, stark naked, while he ran his tongue all over her body, but she didn’t want me even to see her.

My wolf strutted about in my head, pleased with his effect on our female. I growled at him. The arrogant prick rumbled with laughter.

I wouldn’t forget his little challenge. But it might not be relevant if I never let him get physical with her again, I threatened. He whined in my head and sat back on his haunches with his mouth closed in a pout.

I shook my head, forcing myself to refocus. Now that he finished his part, it was my turn. I cringed. I had to be a masochist to offer, but it was the best way for her to heal.

My voice came out rough and low, “I want to lie next to you, skin to skin. You’ll heal faster that way, but I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.”

A part of me...a very large part...prayed she would turn me down.

Of course, she didn’t.

Her answer was barely whispered, “Yes.”

Without another word, I turned the propane heater to its lowest setting. I could probably shut it off. Things were going to get heated without it as soon as we touched. Slipping inside the fur blanket with her, I lay on my back, wrapped my arm around her, and pulled her body close to my side.

The effect of our skin-on-skin contact was shocking. Pleasure jolted through me from head to toe. I groaned deeply, instantly raging hard again.

Thankfully, Brinley was too preoccupied with her own surprise, to notice my body’s response. And after her initial exclamation of shock, she settled down into a deep sleep.

Her reaction meant the bond was doing what we needed. It was healing her faster than if she had to recover on her own.

Throughout the night, I tried to sleep, but it wasn’t really happening for me. I even slipped out from beneath her and walked over to the waterfall, jerking off to release the tension, letting my release wash away in the cold water. But it didn’t help much because shortly after I climbed back in next to her, she tossed her leg over me. And I was right back to hard again.

A few minutes later, she stirred. I kept her tight in my grasp, tucked into my side, but apparently, that was not where she wanted to be, because she pulled herself on top of me, with her legs straddling my waist.

Fuck me. I groaned deeply. Her heated core was planted right on top of my hardon.

Brinley mumbled, the sound coming out groggy and incoherent, and she wiggled to get comfortable, clutching her arms and legs tighter to me.

Hands clenched into fists, my body was rigid from the control it took not to respond to her.

Just when I thought she was going back to sleep, Brinley shocked the hell out of me by rolling her hips and grinding herself against my cock!

She let out a little moan of pleasure.

“Fuck!” I hissed. My breathing was ragged. Time seemed to stop altogether while I held perfectly still and desperately prayed she would fall back asleep.

No such luck.

Instead, Brinley used her thighs to stroke herself up and back down my painfully stiff manhood, coating me in her wet heat.

My hands snapped open, and I grabbed her hips to stop her movement.

The smell of her arousal was driving me insane. And the images conjured by my Wolf were going to break me.

He wanted her…


I wanted her even more.

It would be so slip inside of her.

Brinley pushed against my restraint, whining in the back of her throat when I wouldn’t let her move. My claws extended. I couldn’t speak. I just panted, trying to force air into my blood deprived mind. I was sure every drop of blood in my body had immediately gone to my throbbing dick.

Brinley let out a fussy growl. The sound would have been adorable, had she not been killing me at the moment. I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out and groaned, “I only have so much control, little wolf.”

Still, she pushed against me. I had to end this or I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from slamming into her. And if I did, we wouldn’t go anywhere for hours. My voice dropped even lower, “You are not yourself right now, and I will not take from you when I can give you nothing in return. You are worth far more than that.”

I meant it. Brinley was worth far more than our first time being here, while she was healing, and half drugged. I didn’t have the solution yet, so I would have to wait. I growled out an order of authority, an Alpha command, “You need to stop. Go back to sleep.”

Thankfully, she responded. Her movement stopped, and she relaxed against my chest, her breathing returning to that of peaceful sleep.

I exhaled all of the air I had been holding in my lungs.

I struggled with my sorrow. Staying away from her was killing me, a physical pain, but it had to stay that way for now. I pressed my lips to her hair and mumbled my heartache, “Things can’t change between us...they can’t.”

Not yet.

Brinley awoke a few more times through the night. Thankfully, she didn’t try to molest me again. Each time she stirred, I whispered softly, telling her I was there and she was safe in my arms.

The sun would be up in thirty minutes. I hated to leave Brinley to wake up alone, but I needed to get back and end things with Calla, as well as formulate a plan to achieve the impossible.

I remembered her bear. Very carefully, so that I wouldn’t wake her, I slipped out of the cave and shifted into my wolf. With incredible speed, he streaked across the landscape. It only took a moment of skin for me to scale the rock where she hid her bear, and then we hurried back again. My wolf gently laid down the stuffed animal, and before we shifted, he rubbed his fur on it. He wanted her to remember him when we were gone.

I rolled my eyes. I was confident that wouldn’t be a problem, not after last night. Even still, I didn’t disagree with his methodology. I also wanted her to be nose deep in our scent when she slept with her bear. It was an excellent way to keep us in her mind. It was his turn to roll his eyes, pointing out I just said the same damn thing he did.

I ignored him.

We had other things we needed to attend to now.

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