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His Turn


So much had happened between us in the space of fewer than twenty-four hours, it was a little challenging to wrap my head around. I had confessed the truth to Brinley. I told her I wanted to be with her desperately…and hugely grateful to find she was willing to give me a chance to make it up to her, to be the mate she truly deserves.

When we reached the cave, she had shared some details from her childhood with me. To say I was shocked at the depravity of what those young shewolves put her through, was a vast understatement. I never expected any wolf would act in such a manner.

I was also shocked to find who the worst tormentors were. If someone had asked me which gender could be crueler, I would’ve answered males without hesitation. And I would have been wrong. Brinley explained the males were assholes, but the females had been horrendous.

With every story she told, I cringed harder, and I suspected she’d only touched the surface of what she had to endure. But it was enough information to make my wolf and I livid with fury. Aggression vibrated through my body. My wolf salivated with the need to kill, to dole out retribution to every last one of those shewolves.

I had demanded their names, but Brinley refused. I understood her reasoning. She didn’t want me to get distracted. So I let the conversation drop for the moment, but I had no intention of waiting to find out what I wanted to know. When I finished here, I planned to visit Ryder. Brinley hadn’t implicated Ryder, but he’d attended school at the same time. He had to know something. My little brother would give me the names I wanted. He would tell me every last detail. And he’d better pray he hadn’t been a part of her torment.

Brinley had stopped crying, but her eyes still glistened with tears. I would do anything to take those horrible memories away. I leaned down to kiss her soft lips, communicating how loved she was. I moved slowly and carefully with the kiss, wrapping my arms tighter around her small frame, keeping her tucked against my chest.

The sweet scent of her arousal wafted through the air, causing my stomach to clench and balls to tighten, but I wouldn’t take this kiss any farther. I just wanted her to know how much I loved and cared for her.

My wolf wanted the same thing, but his strategy was a little different. He vividly conjured several ways in my mind that we could physically soothe her and make her feel better. He would worship her body and make her come over and over—as many times as it took—until all of her trauma was a distant memory, never to be thought of again. I agreed with his premise, but she was nowhere near ready for that level of physical intimacy with either of us.

I reluctantly pulled out of the kiss. My wolf pouted. Neither of us wanted to leave, but I needed to get back and would have to discard my clothes and wash her scent off of me in the stream before returning to the pack. My wolf growled his discontent. He liked being covered in her scent. I ignored him and whispered to Brinley, “I have to go.”

Brinley’s mouth turned down into a frown. She placed a restraining hand on my chest and whispered, “Wait...”

I hesitated and tried to interpret the soft blush that came to her cheeks. She bit her lip. “I want to see...your Wolf...all of him.”

“Fuck yes!” Instantly, my wolf tried to tear through my skin, all trace of calmness was gone. He growled his approval of her request in my mind. He was more than ready to take care of her.

The breath whooshed out of me. I grunted under the onslaught of his brutal attempt to shift, unable to speak for a minute. Working to catch my breath, I struggled to contain him and rasped, “Brinley, listen to me...I will try to keep control of him, but...”

My words trailed off. I sucked in gulps of air to maintain control, but it was damn difficult to speak with the constant stream of growls percussing through my head.

Her expression turned to confusion. “But…what?”

There was no delicate way of putting it. I grunted, “But he wants you...every last inch of you.” I hoped I’d made myself clear.

Apparently, I had because in the next instant, the sweet scent of her arousal filling the air.

I groaned loudly. Fuck, she was killing me.

She had no idea what she was asking for. I tried again, “You’re not physically ready. I’ll try to keep him controlled, but you’re going to have to resist if he tries something. Are you sure?”

My wolf anxiously awaited her response.

She bit her lip with wide eyes. “I need him.”

Fuck. Okay. I lifted to my feet and barely removed my clothes before he shifted.

My Wolf stood proudly and gave a wiggle to shake out his coat, preening for her attention. She giggled, and she got to her feet. Little fingers eagerly reached for him, drawing through his fur.

I saw his thoughts and tried telling him she didn’t want his particular planned form of hello, but he didn’t listen, instead, preferring to proceed and licked her face in welcome.

As expected, she cried out, “Ew! Stop that!” She used her sleeve to get his slobber off of her cheek.

Instead of feeling any shade of rejected by her words, he found her behavior cute, so he tried it again, tongue swiping out.

But the little vixen wasn’t just cute, she was also cunning, turning at the last instant, leaving him to lick the air. And then even had the audacity to snicker mischievously in his ear, “Missed me.”

I smirked, enjoying her antics. Leave it to our little mate to put the beast in his place. But he loved her game. He gave her chest a hard nudge with his head to throw her off balance.

“Hey!” she called out in surprise, her arms flailing. He wouldn’t have let her fall, well at least not fall and land on the ground. But she didn’t need his help to stay upright. She recovered her balance all on her own and placed her hands on her small hips. “You need to be more careful.”

Hmm...she still hadn’t caught on to his game. Not yet. But she would.

He completely ignored her words and used one big paw to swipe her legs out from under her.

“Oh!” She toppled to the side.

He was already in motion, rolling with a spin so that she landed on his belly. Arms and legs sprawled, her head came up. She blinked, staring at him. The look of utter surprise on her face caused my Wolf to laugh deep in his belly. It was the look he’d wanted to see. She would learn that she could challenge him all she wanted, but he would always win in the end.

Her gorgeous green eyes narrowed dangerously. “I’m on to you now, you big beast.”

I chuckled. My Wolf snorted. Brinley pushed against on his chest in an attempt to stand. Waiting until she was almost to her feet, he gave her shirt a hard tug, causing her to tumble backward and land on him again.

She squealed and joined in our laughter, her giggles filling the room. The sound was like music to my ears. Sweet and pure, just like she was.

Rolling over, she repositioned herself with her legs around his torso and sat up. She waved a finger in front of his snout, in an attempt to make him see she meant business. It was utterly adorable. “You think you’re stronger than me, don’t you? Well, let me tell you—”

He didn’t let her finish. A hard roll to the side had her digging her fingers into his fur to hold on. “Ah!!! Shit!”

He rolled back to center. She panted, her green eyes a little wild. He patiently waited for her to finish her sentence, already having proved his point. He would let her get up when, and only when, he decided to. He could play this game all day.

She eyed him for a lingering moment, and then her surprise smoothed from her face, replaced by determination and something else. Was that slyness? What did she have up her sleeve? I waited curiously to see what tactic she would try next.

Gripping his belly tighter with her legs, she scooted her sweet little ass higher on his chest. Once in place, she brought her upper body down, and clutched him close, even squirming into him, giving her ass a little wiggle.

His thoughts were crystal clear. If she didn’t stop that, their game was going to turn in to something else entirely.

Shit, I wasn’t sure I could hold him back.

I’d warned Brinley. I’d told her to stop him if he tried something. I hadn’t thought it necessary also, to advise her not to encourage him.

But she seemed to have a plan of her own. Tugging at his fur, she nuzzled into his neck. Her voice dropped an octave. ”You’re so beautiful.”

He froze, every fiber of his body tingling. His rapt attention was transfixed on our little mate as she gingerly climbed down from his belly.

He let her go, completely forgetting about their game.

She held his heated gaze and stroked his fur. Another whisper in his ear, “Would you stand for me?”

It was as if he didn’t have a conscious thought in his head. He simply stood to his feet as requested.

Fuck, she was good.

Her eyes dilated with desire as she stared at him, drinking in his features.

Something changed.

There was a new feeling coming off of her...possessiveness, adoration and deep satisfaction.

It took my breath away.

It kept my Wolf frozen in place as Brinley walked to his side. Fingers trailing purposefully through his fur, from his shoulder slowly down to his rump, she growled low, “You already know every inch of me. It’s only fair that I get to know every inch of you.”

Fuck. Me.

Her words caused hot-blooded desire to crash through both of us. A hard shudder went through my Wolf.

Little hands explored in deliberate strokes, sections at a time, his shoulders and back first, fingers gliding smoothly. Her movement was firm and demanding, electrified from the bond, and caused each of his muscles to contract, rippling beneath her hand, and easing with her release. Her touch felt like bliss. And he damn near purred like a kitten.

She moved from one area to the next, taking her time, rubbing and stroking at her own pace, sometimes running over a particularly sensitive spot more than once. Crouching to reach his legs and belly, she was true to her word. Her fingers trail over every inch of him...except one.

His groin.

Which twitched with anticipation.

He wanted her naked.

Fuck, I did too.

My cock throbbed.

When she finished, the little minx stood and took a step back, admiring her work…while we were left quivering from her touch.

Oh no, he had no intention of letting her stop there.

And I was too hot and bothered to do anything other than watch.

“Shift!” he commanded.

It was the fastest way to get her to remove her clothes.

Her eyes widened, feeling the power strumming from our body. My Wolf didn’t blink. He just waited.

Without a word, she slowly began to remove each piece of clothing while we watched her little striptease. And what a tease she was. When she pushed her jeans down, she wiggled her tight little body to get them over her hips.

I groaned. Fuck, she had to stop that ass wiggle. Or we were going to go insane, and she was going to find us buried deep inside of her. “With our teeth in her neck,” my wolf growled in addition to my thought.

Shit, I couldn’t let him mark her, which meant I had to maintain some semblance of control. As soon as she was free of her clothes, he ordered, ”Stop."

She froze.

Stepping closer, he inhaled deeply into her neck. “My turn.”


I stood stock still before him, tingles of excitement running up and down my spine. He took a step back and just stared at me. Coal had warned me that his Wolf wanted me. In every physical way.

I had no experience in intimacy with either a Wolf or a man. I didn’t know what to expect. But I couldn’t force myself to be frightened of him or his intentions because I wanted him too. With every fiber of my being.

He loved me. He was my mate the same as Coal.

I wanted and needed them both.

He stood tall and strong, posturing, ears erect, chest puffed out, tail high. Magnificent. Tangible power radiated off of his broad chest in waves. Never, had he looked more like a predator, a king of beasts. There was no denying his Alpha birthright. The force of his authority would have had other wolves cowering in his presence, unable to look him in the eyes, raising their necks in submission.

But I felt no need to slink down or run away.

Just the opposite. I shivered in anticipation. I wanted this magnificent beast’s nearness. But I too definitely shared the last trait—he had my submission.

At that moment, I knew I wouldn’t tell him no. Not now, or ever. I would give him anything his heart desired.

My Wolf and I agreed. The bond flowed through us like a living connection, holding us steady, keeping me calm. I inhaled deeply, breathing it in.

His gleaming obsidian eyes took in my lithe frame. His intense staring had nothing to do with checking out my figure. He’d already seen me naked. No, I instinctually understood what he wanted was my obedience.

He wanted me to present myself to him for his visual enjoyment, to stand and wait patiently, for as long as his inspection lasted.

His unfathomable gaze moved from my face down to my breasts, and then my belly, to the apex between my thighs, all of the way until it rested on my tingling toes.

I squirmed under the intensity of his dark liquid gaze. It was so forceful, it felt like fingers against my flesh, touching, caressing me wherever his eyes roamed.

Another unspoken but very discernible command resounded in my mind, ”Turn.”

I inhaled sharply and turned around, facing away from him. My Wolf vibrated with desire. Another long minute crawled by as he continued his inspection.

It was quiet in the cave, save for my increased breathing. Every second of not knowing when he was going to touch me or what he was going to do, heightened my awareness. The anticipation killed me.

He made no sound other than a low rumble of approval in his chest. I never even heard his paws move against the soft ground before I felt him at my back.

My heart raced.

He slowly rubbed his side against me; he was so tall, his fur brushed against my back, bottom, and thighs. The air rushed from my lungs. I shuddered hard at the contact. Carefully circling, still pressing himself against me, he covered my front with his scent.

But more than just his usual addictive aroma filled the air. There was a new smell in the air, and it was intoxicating—male pheromone.

He intended to mate!

My body emanated hot waves of reception. Female hormones released from my pores. Wetness pooled between my legs.

His nostrils flared. He inhaled deeply and blew out the breath, a shiver running along his powerful frame. I let my fingers trail through his soft fur as he passed.

Continuing to circle, he reached my side and ordered, ”Open.”

Open? Okay. I had no idea what to expect or why he wanted me to do that, but I obeyed, spreading my legs farther apart, widening my stance.

Without warning, his tail swished up in between my thighs, smacking hard against my sex!

“Oh!” I gasped, my legs trembling at the contact, my fingers clenching in his fur.

He continued his circuit, breaking my grip, causing his tail to trail along my damp folds until it pulled away.

I panted softly.

When he reached my backside, I felt the impact of his tail again, flicking up from behind me. The force was stronger this time, almost like a spanking.

It shocked my senses. I inhaled sharply, and my pelvic muscles clenched hard, releasing more arousal between my thighs. The sting lasted for just an instant before he replaced it with the soothing texture of his silky soft tail, trailing along, tickling my heated flesh, sending my body into overdrive, as he continued his path around me.

I whimpered with need. A low growl came from his chest, warning me to stay still. He might have been at my mercy before, but there was no doubt he was one hundred percent in control now. Rumbles vibrated through his chest. I could smell my scent on him, and see my arousal glistening off his tail as he came around again. He circled me two more times, first a sting at impact, and then soothing softness as his tail drew through my legs. I was quivering so hard I could barely stand.

He stepped away.

I whined at the absence of his touch. He didn’t keep me waiting for long. He nodded in the direction of the fur blanket. ”Lay down.”

My legs were shaky, but I was eager, as I moved to where he wanted me, and laid down on my back. I waited, my eyes hooded with desire, tracking his movement.

He stepped close and nudged the inside of my thigh. I bent my legs at the knee. He kept bumping my thigh until my legs were spread apart at the distance he liked, my body now wide open to him. I held my breath, my hands clenched in nervous excitement by my sides.

He took a step back. Another long minute of inspection. Another rumble of satisfaction. Crouching low, he crawled forward along the ground, until his front paws were on either side of my hips and his head hovered directly over my sex.

When his obsidian orbs dilated and shifted into wicked playfulness, I inhaled sharply, my heart pounding in my chest. My wolf yipped in my head and pawed at the ground, shaking her ass in the air, encouraging him.

Given the intensity of his stare, I was sure he didn’t need encouragement. He dropped his nose, and rubbed his head along my sex, inhaling deeply, covering the ridge of his snout with my arousal.

"Coal!" the intimacy of the contact caused me to startle. He gave a low growl, pleased at my verbalization. Somehow I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I cried out his name. He stared down at the feast in front of him; his possessive thoughts were clear, ”Mine.”

“Yours,” I breathed in agreement.

His eyes flickered back to mine, and the love I found there took my breath away. He held my gaze as he dipped his head lower and his tongue came out, slowly licking from my opening to my clit.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and my spine arched of its own accord. I let out a low pleasurable moan.

He did it again, a slow, purposeful lick front to back. His touch was warm, the texture both rough and smooth at the same time. I shuddered. His tongue flickered along my folds, separating each one, tasting each side, lavishing my skin with attention.

I had felt his tongue on me before, quite intimately, but it hadn’t felt like this. During those previous times, he’d used it for comfort and care. Not now. Now, there was a purpose, an intention for my pleasure. Lick after lick, with just the right amount of friction.

My hips lifted and began to undulate on their own accord, up and down, I pushed myself harder against his tongue, keeping time with his strokes. Searing heat coursed through my body. Beads of sweat made a light sheen on my brow.

I wanted more, and the damned beast just knew he was driving me crazy. He delved his tongue inside of my opening, just a little bit. Enough to make me moan and whine, but nothing close to what I wanted. On and on, he teased, working my body into a froth of want.

I squirmed, almost violently, under the pleasure.

He repositioned one of his paws on my belly to keep me in place. But it wasn’t enough to contain me. Still, I writhed, twisting and turning my body, seeking relief, the devastating pleasure too much for me to handle.

His chest rumbled with excitement and aggression. He liked my fight. He liked the challenge. He was more than up for it. The paw on my belly slid to one side, and he added his other paw, gripping both of my hips.

His hold on me now impossible to break. I couldn’t move my hips even an inch. I let out a frustrated growl. That just seemed to entertain him.

Delirious with want, out of my mind crazed with desire, I wrapped my legs around his shoulders locking my feet behind his head. Angling my body, I tried to force him to do what I wanted.

But I didn’t actually know what I wanted. My body ached and yearned for completion, finish.

Abruptly, he growled loudly.

The intensity shocked me. My eyes flashed open.

I realized I was gripping the sides of his neck and my claws had come out. They were buried deep in his flesh. But drawing his blood worked in my favor because he suddenly thrust his tongue deep inside me.

I cried out, “Yes...more, more!!”

He didn’t disappoint, his tongue moving exquisitely, in and out of me, in between nipping at my clit. His claws were out too, gentle pinpoint pressure against my flesh, but he didn’t break the skin.

A shocking feeling began in my hips and rocked through my core. My eyes snapped open again. “Oh!!” I yelped, stunned at how pleasurable it was. I’d never experienced anything like it before.

I panted, riding out wave after wave of aftershocks.

When I finally regained my breath, Coal’s wolf backed out of my legs and settled himself by my side. I rolled into him, burying myself in his fur.

After a moment, I looked into his eyes. They were still bright with arousal. My belly tightened with anticipation.

We’d gone too far to have reservations with each other anymore. My earlier inspection had been left incomplete. I intended to fix that now.

My hand gradually stroked down his belly, getting closer and closer, until I reached his cock. He growled as I trailed my fingers along his prepuce, exploring his sheath and then his balls. Shit, he was big.

I curled my fingers around him tightly, massaging. Another deep growl. His prepuce retracted and his erection emerged. My arousal flared again to see his reaction.

I eagerly slid my hand down to the soft, smooth flesh. His legs trembled. I squeezed tighter and rubbed my hand up and down his hard length.

Without warning, he rolled onto his feet and placed a big paw on my hip, pushing me flat on my belly. “Hands and knees. Ass in the air."

His mental command caused my pelvis to clench violently with anticipation and nervousness. I hadn’t known exactly how far he planned to go. But it was pretty obvious now. I pushed off the ground with my hands and got on my knees, trying not to tremble.

It was subtle, he didn’t throw the words into my consciousness like his other commands, but his next thought was clear—he intended to make me scream.

Another hard shudder went through me, but anxiety colored my anticipation. Coal had said I wasn’t physically ready. He’d told me to stop his wolf if he’d tried something.

I’d done just the opposite.

Not only hadn’t I stopped him, but I’d also encouraged him, aroused him further with my fingers.

I bit my lip. What did I have to do to get physically ready? Did that mean it would be painful? Questions swirled around my head.

I inhaled and pushed my fears away. I trusted Coal’s wolf. He was my mate. He wouldn’t hurt me.

He positioned himself behind me and began again with his tongue, delving it deep inside.

The feeling was different this time. He curled it when it went in, and then opened it wide, stretching me, getting me ready for him.

Even still, I had seen and felt his size. I had no idea how he was going to fit.

He continued to prepare my body, in and out, stretching. I quivered uncontrollably. The pleasure was shocking, but my nerves were on edge, knowing what was to come.

After several minutes, he stopped and lifted on his haunches. He curled his body over mine, raising my hips with his front paws, my ass even higher in the air so that he had room to crawl forward, positioning his body beneath me.

The instant I felt the pressure of his arousal against my ass, I gasped. Hips spread wide. My sex throbbed, aching for more. My heart thundered in my chest. Nervousness and desire pushed through my system in equal measures.

He held us in that position, without moving, his arousal nestled tightly in between my butt cheeks. I was hot all over with his big body wrapped around mine and shaking like a leaf.

A rumble began in his lower chest, a vibration I could feel against my back. The bond flowed through us, filling me, calming my spirit. The physical scared me, but I had something more important. I had my mate. And he was about to make us one.

My body relaxed.

I was ready.

There was fierce pride—almost to the point of violence—as his thoughts became clear, “My mate.”

“Yours,” I breathed again in agreement, joy and love surging through my heart.

He shifted his hips, beginning to stroke his arousal along my sex, causing mewls of pleasure to release from my throat. And then he moved to my opening, applying pressure just at the edge.

I froze.

He hadn’t even entered me yet, just pushed against my opening, but the stretch was enough to shock me—it hurt.

The vibration in his chest increased, reaching out to me, working to soothe me. Adrenaline pushed hard through my system.

“Shh...I’ll be gentle." Rocking against me, he applied tiny bits of pressure each time, still not entering me, just at the edge. Each time he pressed forward, I felt a sharp sting, but the pain seemed to become less and less each time.

I trembled. He would enter me soon. Is that when the real pain would begin? Coal said my body wasn’t ready, but I hadn’t listened. But it didn’t matter now. I had committed. I was going to give myself to him. No matter what I had to endure, I wouldn’t regret being with him.

He pushed forward, just a tiny bit, barely breaching my opening, but it was enough to take my breath away. I whimpered at the much sharper sting. He stopped. I panted, my lungs trying to keep up with my racing heart. I blinked back the moisture in my eyes.

Abruptly, I felt a shift above me.

Fur became skin!

“Coal!” I gasped.

Coal’s heavy frame draped over my back. He was still pressed just inside of my opening. His breathing was ragged, hot against my neck.

I was shocked he had shifted, shocked he’d been able to shift with his wolf in such a state. I attempted to turn my head to look at him, but was frozen in place when he growled, his Alpha authority reverberating in every syllable, ”Don’t move!”

I trembled and didn’t dare move a muscle.

His legs shook. Sweat poured off of him as he fought against what his body desperately wanted versus what he felt was the right thing to do. His forehead dropped to the crook of my shoulder. Ferocious growl after growl came from his chest.

He was angry.

Very angry.


I forced my body not to reveal the hard shudder that went down my spine.

Without warning, he gave another loud growl and pulled his cock away. In the suddenness of his movement, I didn’t realize what he intended to do until I felt two of his fingers thrust into me, hard. His other hand grasped my butt cheek.

“Coal!” I cried out as unimaginable pleasure shot through me. My back arched, pushing my ass higher into the air for him.

“Is this what you wanted?” he snarled.

His fingers kept an intense, almost vicious rhythm, stroking deep inside my body.

I couldn’t think enough even to answer, a stream of high-pitched whines coursing out of my mouth. However, my lack of response was not what he wanted.

Abruptly, his free hand came down hard and fast on my butt cheek, stunning my senses with the sharp sting. Both my wolf and I yelped. My sex contracted hard around his fingers.

He made a sound between a groan and a growl, “I asked a question. Answer me! Is this what you wanted? Did you want to feel me inside of you so damn bad that you disobeyed me?”

Oh shit. I quaked beneath him.

My wolf cowered and tucked herself into a corner of my mind, leaving me to deal with the wrath of the very angry, very dominant alpha on our back, alone. Her thoughts were clear, “Better you than me.”

Little Traitor.

She and I would discuss this later.

In the meantime, I couldn’t do anything other than cry out when Coal spanked my tender ass again, and again my sex clenched, releasing, even more, arousal that was now dripping around his fingers and down my thighs.

It was clear he expected an answer, but I was struggling to produce a cognizant thought while his fingers continued to thrust in and out of my sex, curling at the same time, reaching a spot inside of me that had me seeing stars.

He rubbed my butt cheek, soothing the sting, but then his hand came up again.

“Yes!” I cried out before he spanked me again.

His hand tightened on the round globe of my butt cheek, his large palm covering most of it. He squeezed, almost painfully. Another yelp slipped from my throat. His grip softened as he rubbed. His voice was thick with arousal, “You’ve been a very bad little Wolf...what am I going to do with you?”

I whimpered.

He suddenly pulled his fingers out. Before I could cry out at the loss, he grasped the underside of his dick and pressed it hard up against my sex, thrusting his hips forward, rubbing himself along my opening, through my slick folds, and against my clit.

I’d thought his fingers inside of me felt good. But it was nothing compared to the feeling of his cock slipping and sliding against my clit. I screamed out, “Coal!” and bucked hard against him.

He continued to rub himself in smooth strokes against my flesh, picking up the pace, his cock bumping harder and harder against my swollen nub. His breathing increased. “So fucking wet for me.”

My thoughts were a hot mess as I writhed and wiggled my ass, pushing my clit down even harder on his cock.

He wound my hair around his fist and pulled my head back, forcing me to arch my back. His breath was hot on my neck. “That’s it, little wolf, ride my cock. I hope you’re close because I’m about to come all over you.”

I was close.

Two more strokes and I was there.

Pleasure seemed to explode out of me, causing me to cry out, “Yes! Coal, Oh...Yesss!” My body pulsed.

Coal continued to rub himself harshly against my now overly sensitive clit. I whimpered, but he didn’t let up.

And then I felt his entire body tense. Another hard thrust forward, and he growled, shooting hot liquid on my belly and breasts.

He rocked forward a few more times. When he had released everything he had to give, he swore loudly, “Fuck!” and rolled off of me, laying on his back on the ground, his chest still heaving from exertion.

Looking around, I reached for his discarded shirt. He said he was going to get rid of it, so I used it to wipe my belly and breasts clean.

When I finished, I stared at Coal. His eyes remained closed, his hand still clasped around his cock that continued to release a little, as his breathing returned to normal.

There was no doubt I was in trouble. As soon as he was physically capable, I was going to hear it. I made a sudden decision. My Wolf had retreated before. It was the coward’s way, but I didn’t care, it was my turn now.

I shifted.


I knew the instant she shifted and rolled my eyes beneath my closed lids. So, my little Wolf thought she could hide from me. She would learn.

But not today. Today we’d both been through enough. I’d been furious when I first shifted. Not only had she completely disregarded my warning, but she’d also taken it upon herself to practically seduce him. Not that she’d needed to do much to accomplish that task.

I was also mad at myself and that damned beast who just couldn’t keep his cock to himself.

He was unusually quiet in the back of my head, sulking that I had stopped him from mating with Brinley. And I almost hadn’t been able to stop it. I’d been as aroused as he was. There was nothing more I wanted than to drive myself deep into her hot sex.

She’d been soaking wet, I shuddered at the memory, desire creeping up on me once again. I pushed it back. I still had no idea how I’d been strong enough to stop both him and myself. But I just couldn’t put her in danger. And her wearing my mark would be a death sentence.

I wasn’t angry anymore. Right now, I just wanted to hold her. I looked up to find her Wolf staring at me with wide eyes, her head resting low on her front paws. I didn’t want her to be scared. I smiled and murmured, “Come here.”

Her ears perked up at my gentle tone and invitation. She belly-crawled the few feet between us and rested her head on my chest. I ran my free hand through the fur behind her ears and whispered, “Hello, Beautiful.”

It was the first time I had been able to touch her as my mate, and I was overwhelmed with emotion and awe. She released a low rumble, sounding very similar to a purr and snuggled closer to my side. I trailed my fingers along the side of her jaw, under her chin. My voice was soft with emotion, “You are truly stunning...exceptional in every way.” My throat constricted. “I’m sorry I failed you.” I hadn’t just failed Brinley, but her Wolf, my other precious mate, as well.

She shook her head and whined. She had already forgiven me; it was her nature. But I needed to say the words. “But I promise I will do everything I can to protect you and keep you safe.” I just hoped I could keep that promise.

She whined again and began to lick my chest, tentatively at first, and then with more curiosity. My muscles relaxed, enjoying her attention. It was also in her nature to sniff and lick me to her heart’s content, and I would let her do anything she wanted.

After thoroughly addressing my chest and abdomen, her head moved lower. I held my breath, unsure if Brinley would let her follow her instincts. There was a moment of hesitation, and then her tongue came out, licking along the length of my cock. I couldn’t help the growl of pleasure that came up my throat. Her ears perked up even higher, and I noticed her ass also tilted in the air, preening, pleased with the effect she was having on her mate.

I released my hold on my cock, moving my hand to rest on my stomach so that she could have complete access. She was comfortable now and attentive, cleaning my fingers before moving back to my cock, licking up every bit of my release, growling in enjoyment at the taste. Her nose dipped down between my legs to push my thighs apart so that she could get to my balls. Her tongue felt like velvet. It was everything I could do to keep my arousal under control. Watching her little ass in the air as her tail swished was not helping matters. But I had just narrowly avoided marking her. I wasn’t going to put us both into temptation again.

Even though I kept my body from reacting, she felt my thoughts. She glanced over her shoulder at me, curiosity gleaming in her deep green orbs. I gave her a wicked grin. “Not now, Beautiful...but soon.”

She shivered from head to toe. She wanted it as much as I did.

When she had determined I was completely clean, I sat up and pulled her between my legs, holding her close. I pushed my nose into her neck and inhaled deeply. Another hard shudder went through her. Both my Wolf and I would mark her. My fingers played with the fur at her neck. “Right here...I’m going to sink my teeth into you.”

A low rumble came through her chest, and the sweet scent of her arousal filled the air. It was a little different than Brinley’s, still honeyed but with a tantalizing exotic spice. My nostrils flared. I felt a familiar tightening in my groin and forced my thoughts in another direction.

Several more minutes went by as we just enjoyed each other. Finally, I sighed, “I need to go, Beautiful. I need you to shift so that I can talk with that scaredy-cat inside of you.” I couldn’t help teasing Brinley. A laugh rumbled through her Wolf. I guessed she thought it was funny too.

She tried to pull away so she could shift, but I had no intention of letting her out of my arms. I held tight and ordered, “Oh no, shift right here.”

Her Wolf smirked and then disappeared as skin replaced fur, and Brinley’s naked body nestled in my arms. She tucked her head into my chest, refusing to look at me. She was still worried. I reached under her chin with my fingers, my words gentle, “Look at me.”

She reluctantly let me tilt her head up, and her eyes met mine. I whispered, “I understand what happened. And, trust me, I wanted you just as much. Under different circumstances, when the time is right, and your body is ready, I won’t stop him. I will enjoy every second of him inside of you.”

Her features softened with relief. I held her closer and murmured, “I love you.”

Her eyes widened, and her lip quivered with emotion, as she smiled shyly back at me. She whispered, “I love you
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