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As You Wish

Our first chapter in RYDER’S POV!!!


I tried to open my eyes, but they were not cooperating, instead preferring to stay comfortably closed. But as I became more aware, I realized I wasn’t comfortable, not really. My arms and legs were stiff and decidedly uncomfortable. My head also felt stiff.

What the hell happened to me?

I’d had hangovers before but this didn’t feel the same. Something was wrong, off somehow.

I let out a low groan as I forced one eyelid open and peered around. I didn’t recognize the plush neutral colored couch I was currently seated on or the large bed in the center of the space. It had a blue duvet and a pile of pillows in varying shades of aqua, green and blue. Nothing was familiar, but I knew one thing for sure, this wasn’t my room.

So where was I?

Quite abruptly, I was wide awake, adrenaline coursing through my veins when I realized I wasn’t alone. That bastard vampire sat across from me!

He smiled, clearly pleased with himself. His smug expression caused fury to flow through me, hot and strong. My instinct was to shift and tear him apart piece by piece, but I realized with shocking horror—I couldn’t sense my Wolf!

My face paled, and my breathing slowed. I hadn’t been separated from my Wolf since I had shifted as a young juvenile. The loss was terrifying. There was tangible loneliness in my head, it hurt. A living, vital piece of me was gone, and the absence of him broke my heart.

I tried to keep my voice from cracking from the emotional fallout in my mind, as I snapped to my feet and snarled, “What have you done to me? To my Wolf?!”

It only took one step for me to realize I could go no farther. I looked down, distracted by the clattering and clanking, to find my ankle encased in a thick band of silver. It was attached to a chain that ran along the floor and connected to one of the bedposts.

What the hell?

I jerked against it, again and again, testing its strength in a futile attempt to free myself. But I realized that not only was my Wolf gone, my Moon-given strength that came along with my Wolf had also disappeared. I was weaker, unable to defend myself as I had so many times before.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get free, I sat back down, breathing heavily.

The vampire had not bothered to flinch or even lift a finger while he watched me struggle. But he was no longer smiling. Instead, he patiently waited for me to understand what he already knew—I was caught in his trap.

He spoke soothingly, ”Easy. I would never take away something so precious to both of us. Your Wolf is alive and well. He’s there and can hear us and understand. What you are feeling is just a side effect of the sedative I gave you.”

I blinked.

’Something so precious to both of us?’

What the fuck did he mean by that? I didn’t trust a word that came from his mouth and pressed, “I’m fully awake. The sedative has worn off of me so why not him?”

He gave a wry smile. “I just need him to relax for a while so that we can talk without you trying to kill me.”

Well, he was damn correct on that. Had my Wolf been fully functional, the vamp would have a fight on his hands right now instead of this impotent chatting. But his words still didn’t make a lick of sense. I pushed further, “What did you mean when you said my Wolf was precious to both of us?”

The smile was back. “It’s quite simple. I want both of you.”

Shock rolled through me. I sat silent, waiting for him to laugh at his joke, but it was clear he was entirely serious.

I finally spoke, “You’re delusional. You can talk all you want, but you’re never going to have me, let alone my Wolf. He submits to no male or female, only our alpha.”

The male vamp licked his lips. I noticed a distinct bulge growing in his pants as he purred, “Oh, he will submit to me...and he will enjoy every second of it.”

I shuddered hard at the thought.

He was crazy. There was no other way to explain it. I glared. He might have captured me, but I’d be damned before I let the fucker claim me. I would fight to the death first. I spat vehemently, “You disgust me! Neither my Wolf or I will ever want you!”

The levity was gone from his face, replaced by darkened fury. “Is that right?” he challenged slowly.

Something in the way he said the words caused my skin to crawl, a warning deep inside, but I suffocated it and held my ground, my chin high as I insisted, “That’s right! I will never want you!”

He needed to understand the truth of the matter. Maybe if he did, he would let me go, and I would finally be free of his useless interest.

He stood to his feet and prowled across the distance between us. I snapped to my feet as well, my hands clenched into fists. Our chests were hair-breadths apart, but he didn’t touch me. He just leaned into my neck where his mark was, his voice husky and deep in my ear, “With one bite, you will be ass-up and begging me to take you.”

Fear rolled through me. I stood frozen. I felt the prick of his fangs applying gentle pressure, but they didn’t penetrate my skin. His tongue came out to taste my flesh as he cooed, “Would you like me to prove it to you? My intentions were only to talk with you, but I would be happy to sink my cock deep inside of you if that’s what you need.”

A hard shudder coursed through my body. My heart raced. My fight was gone. I had felt the power of his arousal before. I knew what he could do to me. I whispered, “No.”

He nodded and commanded, “Now, be a good boy and sit back down.”

The dominance in his tone washed over me hard and strong, stirring something deep inside. I ignored the strange feeling, pushing whatever it was away. Now was not the time for self-evaluation.

Without another word, I sank into the chair.

He didn’t move, leaving me eye-level with his now rock-hard cock. It pressed against the confines of his jeans. I flushed and turned my head away.

He chuckled, his humor returned, as he strolled back to his chair.

When he was seated, he began again, “As I said, contrary to what you may think, when I said I would possess you, I meant willingly, not by force. It’s clear that you need a little time to adjust and understand. I brought you here so we could talk, so you could get to know me.”

I kept my mouth shut, not challenging him this time.

It was apparent I wasn’t getting free without help. I needed Coal. Anxiety rolled through me when I remembered Coal had also been drugged and taken as well. Where was he? My Wolf was silent, but did that mean I couldn’t use our mindlink.

I reached out to Coal in my head and only heard silence in return.

A different kind of fear rolled through me. I didn’t give a fuck what the vamp did to me, but if he hurt Coal, I would have his blood. I glared. “What did you do with my brother? I swear if you hurt him, I’ll—”

He cut me off with a nonchalant wave of his hand. “I have no use for him. Be assured he is quite safe and resting comfortably in his truck.”

What? Why would he do that?

I wasn’t assured. “But why did you drug Coal, if you only planned to leave him there?”

The male smirked, “I assumed you would not react favorably to my killing him, so I just needed to put him out of action long enough so that he wouldn’t stand in my way of obtaining you.”

Obtaining you.’ I repeated in my mind, those words washing over me like ice. He had promised to find and claim me. As I looked at my current circumstances—I was chained to a bed with no idea where I was—it seemed he had followed through, quite efficiently, on his threats.

Guessing my thoughts about seeking help, he continued with a warning, “When he awakes, I suggest you do not call him for help. I put him to sleep to avoid harming him.”

I didn’t reply to his recommendation. From his words, it sounded like I would be able to mindlink to Coal when he woke up, so I would wait and decide what to say then. Instead, I grunted, “What did you want to talk about?”

He seemed encouraged that I was talking without fighting and replied, “Just what I said, so you could get to know me better. And I could get to know you. Why don’t I start with my name—it’s Aatos.”

Aatos. Okay, now I had a name to go with his face. But I wasn’t sure I needed to know much else. My eyes slipped down to the still prominent bulge in his crotch. He was still raging hard. It was clear in just what way he wanted to get to know me.

Rather than blatantly refuse him for the sake of satisfying my anger at being held against my will, I tried a different approach to get him to see how a ‘future’ between us was not possible in any shape or form. I spoke carefully, “You may not have harmed Coal, but you killed three of my family. Those wolves on patrol may not have my blood, but we are all pack, family. And you had no regard for their lives. There is no harmony between my kind and yours. I couldn’t want someone, anyone, who blatantly killed those I love.”

Aatos didn’t take my words as rejection this time, just as simple conversation and surprised me when he sighed, “And what would you say to my using self-defense? Is it okay for one of my kind to strike back when threatened?”

His voice took on an edge at the word ’kind.’ Okay, so maybe he was a bit peeved at my phrasing. Oh well, it couldn’t be helped, it was what it was, we did belong to different species. And I was a bit peeved at being held against my will. Still, his words suggested a different story than the one we’d been told.

“What do you mean? The fourth wolf on patrol said you breached our border. When they confronted you, you attacked and killed three. Only he escaped.”

Aatos rolled his eyes. “We were nowhere near your border. Nor did we attack first. No, your Alpha’s little team of assassins tried to take us out. They just weren’t successful.”

“Team of assassins?” I repeated. My father’s words at the meeting came back to me. It had been his opinion just to wipe them out.

Aatos nodded and smirked, “Yes, but he was foolish to think a werewolf could kill a vampire.”

His arrogance irritated me, enough for me to want to knock him down a notch. I pointed out, “My brother killed one of your kind, quite easily too.”

Eyes darkening, Aatos frowned. “He got lucky. I was otherwise engaged at the time. If I hadn’t been, the outcome of the fight would have been very different.”

I blushed when I remembered just exactly what he’d been engaged in. The memory of his hand wrapped around my cock and the feeling of him stroking me hard up and down my length washed over me. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair, my eyes once again reverting to the proof of his attraction. His arousal hadn’t gone down. If anything, it pressed even harder against his pants.

My thoughts were interrupted when a voice in my head was loud and clear, ”Ryder!”


Relief washed over me. I answered quickly, “I’m here, brother.”

“Where are you?” there was panic in his tone. “Are you hurt?”

I glanced around the room. “I think I’m in a hotel room. But I don’t know where.”

His fierce growling resounded in my head. “I’ll get help. I swear we’ll find you and get you free.”

His words alarmed me. “No! You can’t tell anyone. I don’t want anyone to know!” The very last thing I needed or wanted was the warriors, or even worse, my father, to know what was happening to me. ”I would rather die than for them to know.”

“I can’t just leave you.” I could hear the agony in Coal’s voice. I understood his struggle. I wouldn’t leave him behind either.

“So he’s awake?” the vampire interrupted.

My glance shot up at him. “What? How did you know?”

“Your eyes glazed over,” he acknowledged. “It wasn’t hard to guess you were having a different conversation in your head. Tell him you’ll call him when we’re done talking.”

I stared at him in disbelief. “You’re just going to let me go? Just like that?”

Aatos nodded. “I told you I want you willingly. And when you’re done denying it to yourself, you’ll realize you want me to. So to prove it to you, when we’re done talking, I’ll tell you our location, and he can come pick you up.”

I was shocked, but there didn’t seem to be any deception in his expression or voice. I gave a slow nod and refocused on Coal. “Brother, he just wants to talk. As soon as we’re done, I let you know where I am and you can pick me up.”

Coal had the same suspicions I had. “Just like that? After knocking us both out and kidnapping you, holding you against your will, he’s going to let you go? I don’t trust him.”

“I know,” I acknowledged. “But I believe him. I promise I’ll contact you when we’re done talking.”

Coal went silent. I refocused on the vampire in front of me. He reclined, pressing his back farther in the chair and spread his legs wider, drawing my attention once again to the large bulge between his thighs. He was still hard.

Did he just always have an erection?

It would seem so.

He spoke softly, “I know you felt the same thing I did that day in the diner. You can lie to yourself but not to me. I tasted it in your blood. You belong to me. And when you’re ready to admit it to yourself, you’ll find that you want me as much as I want you.”

“No,” I stuttered. “I don’t—”

He raised his eyebrow and interrupted me, “No? Then why have you been staring at my cock the whole time?”

I flushed, feeling heat creep along my skin, and hotly denied, “I haven’t!” I looked anywhere in the room except at him.

A deep throaty chuckle came from his chest, causing the hair to stand on the back of my neck. But it wasn’t fear that caused my reaction.

Aatos continued seductively, “It’s perfectly fine for you to look. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen and felt what you have to offer. It’s only fair that you get to do to same.” He unbuttoned his jeans.

“Wait!” I gasped. I needed to stop him before he went any further. “I don’t need to see it.” I insisted. In truth, from the outline pressed hard against the confines of his jeans, I could already pretty much guess what he looked like.

Another throaty rumble came from his chest as he disregarded my statement and continued pulling his zipper down slowly and then adjusting his pants lower on his hips as he released his erection for my view.

I sucked in a deep breath.

I wanted to look away.

Everything in my head told me to stop staring at him. But I couldn’t seem to get my eyes to agree. It was as if I was mesmerized by his considerably large member. I was at the end of my juvenile years at age nineteen, and still growing, still coming into my own physically. But he was a full adult male. His shaft stood thick and long, surrounded by his hand.

He stroked slowly down to his base and up again, while I stared.

Again and again, his hand moved steadily up and down, tugging and pulling, his fingers massaging from base to tip.

That feeling was back in my belly, harder and stronger. My heart pounded in my chest. I had to resettle myself on the couch to accommodate my cock that had roared to life. The temperature in the room seemed to increase. At least that’s what it felt like to my suddenly overheated body. A bead of sweat rolled down my neck.

“What are you doing to me?” I grunted, the pressure between my thighs making me groan out the question.

“I’m not doing anything to you. You’re aroused by me all on your own. I told you I knew as soon as I bit you.”

“But...but you made me want you,” I stuttered, remembering the intense rush of arousal that had crashed through my system when he bit me.

“That is true. It’s a gift I have. It’s not unusual to run across a vampire that can arouse their victim when they bite.”

I cringed at the word victim.

Aatos continued as if he hadn’t noticed my body’s response although I suspected he had, “It makes the process so much more pleasurable for both of them.”

“So that’s the answer. None of this is real,” I insisted. I was glad to have the bizarre events explained to me.

“What you’re feeling is very real. I can only force arousal if I’m biting you. You started out affected by my bite, but when I released the compulsion, you wanted me all on your own then...just like you do now.”

His hand kept working his shaft. Slow, smooth strokes as if he had all the time in the word. A bead of excitement released at his tip. He used his thumb to smooth the moisture around his plump head. Up and down, his hand went, while I stared.

“You are welcome to join me if you like,” he said huskily.

I looked up to find his eyes bright with arousal. He nodded toward my groin in answer to the unspoken question my eyes must have asked. Looking down, I was stunned to find my palm on my crotch, rubbing.

A hard flush of embarrassment and shock flowed through my body at my actions, and I released myself. I muttered, “No... I...”

Aatos stood to his feet, his pants resting on his hips, his arousal still in hand and walked to the couch to sit next to me. His closeness made it hard for me to think straight. My breathing picked up as I watched his dick twitch with excitement in his palm.

The head of his cock looked soft, like velvet, I couldn’t help wondering how it felt. Sensing my desire, Aatos took one of my hands and wrapped it around his shaft, holding his hand over it.

I didn’t fight him.

He rubbed both of our hands up and down.

I bit back a groan. I was painfully hard now.

After a moment, he let go, and I was stunned to find I was stroking him all on my own. There was something incredibly erotic to know I held the manhood of such a powerful creature in my hand, to do with as I liked.

Aatos growled, “Fuck! You have no idea how badly I want to see you on your knees with your head in my lap.”

Another shot of desire went through me at the mental image. My hand clenched down automatically, causing Aatos’ hips to buck and he swore again, “Fuck!”

More moisture leaked from his head. I went faster, watching how his body reacted to my touch. His cock was red, veins prominent, bulging from being so engorged with blood. It wouldn’t be long before he came.

I felt another stirring deep inside me and knew exactly what it was this time—my Wolf!

I could sense him again! Joy shot through me at his presence and then shock as I felt he was also aroused...very aroused.

Aatos had said my Wolf could hear and understand our conversation. Apparently, that was true because he was just as excited as I was. My Wolf surged to the forefront, his eyes in mine.

“There he is,” Aatos noticed the change and spoke, voice thick with lust, and approval.

My Wolf responded with a deep growl through my chest, encouraging me to stroke him hard, faster. He wanted to see what the vampire looked like when he came.

We didn’t have to wait long. Three more strokes and he was there. Aatos grabbed my hand to slow and stop my movement, cursing loudly, as his hips thrust, releasing himself into our joined hands.

Neither of us moved as his heavy breathing finally returned to normal. Without a word, he stood to his feet forcing me to release my grip on him. Walking through a side door, he returned a moment later with a warm wet towel. He’d already wiped himself clean and used the cloth to attend to his leftover release on my fingers.

When he finished, Aatos tossed the towel into a small basket and sat down next to me. His voice was thick with satisfaction, “Let me take care of that for you.”

Without asking, Aatos reached his hand and began rubbing me through my pants. I couldn’t hold back the moan that slipped my lips, but I shifted away from him and muttered with embarrassment, “No, that’s okay.”

He looked pointedly at the thick bulge between my legs. “There’s no need for you to be uncomfortable, not with me. Let me show you how it’s done.”

“How what’s done?” my voice cracked.

When Aatos slipped to his knees on the floor in between my legs, I fell silent, completely unable to speak. He carefully undid my pants, my cock springing free. He wrapped a fist around my flesh. I gasped and grabbed his hand to stop him. “No, wait!”

His pupils dilated as he looked up at me. “I’m going to teach you many things, pet, starting with this.”

I ignored his term of pet for the moment and rasped, “No...I can’t let you do that.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Really? Why don’t you ask your Wolf what he wants? I can either suck him off or’s your choice.”

I stared at Aatos in stunned silence. He couldn’t be serious!

He was offering to suck off my Wolf?!

And from the fierce growls of anticipation in my head, it was clear my Wolf loved the idea.

What the hell?

Aatos gave me a wicked grin, thoroughly enjoying the shocked look on my face. He knew he’d won. Rather than ask again, he merely removed my hand away from his. He kept eye contact with me as he brought his mouth down and licked from my balls to my tip.

I shuddered and moaned at the sensation that coursed through my body. The corners of Aatos’ mouth turned up, even more, giving me a devilish he knew something I didn’t.

It only took me about a minute after he wrapped his lips around my cock and sank down around me, for me to realize what I hadn’t known.

He was good, fucking good.

I’d had girls suck me off before, but they were nothing compared to what Aatos could do with his mouth and tongue.

On and on he went, working me into such a hard frenzy, I could barely breathe. Air came in and out of my chest in harsh pants. I gripped the cushions with both hands.

He lifted off of me. “Pay attention, pet.”

Pay attention? He’d said he was going to teach me. That implied I was learning a skill I would use later. I shivered at the thought of our roles being reversed. Could I do that? Did I want to do that?

Abruptly, he took me into his mouth deeper, much deeper, my cock hitting well into his throat.

I lost every bit of my ability to think, groaning loudly, my hips pushing up, meeting his rhythm stroke for stroke as his head moved up and down my shaft. My claws came out, tearing into the cushions. I gasped and tried to warn him, “I’m going to—”

I couldn’t finish my sentence because he abruptly growled loudly, causing vibrations along the length of my shaft, and sucked me harder, almost violently.

I couldn’t take any more. Pleasure ripped through me furiously as I released into the back of his throat, causing my head to go back and me to cry out, “Fuck!”

It was so intense, I saw stars and was confident I was going to blackout.

Again and again, my hips jerked, each time emptying more of myself into him.

When it was over, I panted to regulate my breathing and still felt trembling in my legs as he released me and stood to his feet. “Did you learn something, little one?” he asked with a satisfied smirk.

I stared at him with wide eyes and muttered, “I...I...”

Aatos gave me a slow nod, amused at my inability to speak. “It’s okay. When it’s your turn, I’ll coach you through it.”

I watched as he walked back to the door I presumed to be a bathroom. He spoke over his shoulder before he disappeared, “Call your brother. Tell him we’re at the Avondale Hotel twenty minutes south of White Fang.”

I quickly tucked myself back into my pants and did as he said, reaching out to Coal in my head.

When Aatos returned, I could smell mint with the mouthwash he’d used. He leaned down to one knee and released the band around my ankle. When I was free, he relaxed in the chair across from me, and asked, “Is he on his way?”

“Yes, he said he’d be here in ten minutes.”

He looked down at his phone. “Good, Savvy should be here by then.”

“Savvy?” I questioned with a raised brow.

“Savannah. You met her at the diner.”

“Oh, okay.”

Less than a minute later, there was a knock at the door.

Aatos strode across the room and let in the other two vampires I’d seen before. The female’s nostrils flared. She looked at me and then back to Aatos, grinning knowingly. “So, I take it your visit went well then?”

“Indeed,” Aatos replied, matching her grin.

I flushed with embarrassment, knowing what she smelled in the air. Shit, if she sensed it, Coal would undoubtedly catch the scents as well. Wolves had ten times the sense of smell.

Oh well, I couldn’t worry about it now. I needed Coal to get me.

Aatos hadn’t been what I expected, but that didn’t mean I wanted to stick around to chat longer. Too much had happened and I needed time to process it all.

Abruptly, Coal’s mindlinked with mine. ”I’m here brother. What room are you in?”

I looked to Aatos. “What’s the room number?”

“311,” he replied.

“It’s room 311,” I told Coal.

Coal growled, “Good, when I get there, I will kill that fucker, and you will never have to deal with him again.”

“No!” I replied quickly. “He didn’t hurt me.”

I could hear the confusion in Coal’s silence. My answer wasn’t what he expected. He didn’t reply. Instead, there was another knock at the door, this one much harder, almost like a banging. None of the vampires approached the door. Instead, Aatos called out, “Come in.”

The door swung wide, and Coal entered, his eyes completely black, fury radiating through his massive frame. His Wolf looked at each of the vampires in turn.

They were silent under his inspection.

His gaze then landed on me, and his nostrils flared. Shît.

I spoke out loud this time, “No, brother, he didn’t hurt me.”

Aatos didn’t appear to be surprised by my words. He looked at Coal and said with perfect cordiality. “Please do come in. Have a seat. We’d like to speak with you.”

Coal narrowed his eyes and didn’t move. He growled, “I prefer to stand.”

Aatos was unaffected by the anger in his tone and soothed, “As you wish.”

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