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No Going Back


“What do we do now?” I whispered, my voice hoarse with anxiety, as I shakily stood, following Langdon to his feet.

“We shift, travel as wolves. We need to hurry,” lips pressed together, Langdon’s expression was grim.

His last sentence caused cold fear to trickle down my spine. What if we were already too late? Even with accelerated healing from the mate bond, was Coal too severely injured to be saved?

As if reading my thoughts, Langdon stopped. His eyes bore into mine. “You can do this. Pull yourself together and focus. It will take everything you have. But you can do it.”

I nodded, blinking back the moisture in my eyes, my heart thumping loudly in my chest.

Langdon said nothing else, just began to undress. I was past the point of worrying about his or my nakedness and quickly shed my shirt and pants, sliding off my bra and finally my panties.

To Langdon’s credit, he didn’t stare directly at me, but nor did he turn fully away. He could see me from his peripheral vision. But we were friends now, family. Darcie mothered us all. She had taken both Coal and me under her wing. Two strays without a mother.

Before Langdon shifted, he turned to me, keeping his eyes on my face and murmured, “Put the ring back in the bear. You won’t need to bring clothes. It’s one less thing for you to carry and one less thing that has your scent.” His voice deepened, his own anxiety playing at the edge, “If something goes wrong, run. Run as fast as you can to my mother’s house.”

The thought of something going wrong, of me having to run for my life, or worse, to run away from Coal to survive, almost crushed me. But I pushed the agonizing thought out of my mind. I had to focus. I only had one task at hand. Only one thing that mattered. And that was getting to Coal, and doing whatever it took to help him heal.

I swallowed and did as Langdon instructed, tucking the ring back into the bear. When I was finished, I let the shift overcome me, my Wolf anxious to make an appearance. She stood on all four paws, and shook out her fur, releasing a little tension from her joints.

I watched as Langdon folded his clothes and then dropped to shift. When he was fully Wolf, he gathered up his small pile of clothing in his teeth. I guessed while clothing was not required for me, Langdon anticipated getting dressed again while we were out. It made sense. For our mate bond to provide accelerated healing, Coal and I would need to have skin to skin contact. Clothes would only get in the way.

Making our way out into the night, we traveled stealthily, our speed increasing with each step, my Wolf running full-out to keep up with Langdon’s fast pace. Another wave of anxiety crashed over me. Was his feverish speed an indication that we only had minutes left to get to Coal?

My Wolf took a misstep in her stride, her worry mingling with mine. Again, I forcefully pushed the thoughts out of my mind. We couldn’t afford to make any mistakes right now.

Our paws ate up the ground, thudding silently in the soft snow and over top of revealed patches of wet earth, save for the occasional snap of a branch or foliage hidden under the blanket of white powder.

Langdon and I stayed within the protection of the trees for as long as possible, snaking our way around the camp. Within minutes, we reached the edge of the tree line, as close to the infirmary as possible.

We both skidded to a halt, noses in the air, ears up, listening and tasting the scents around us, looking for danger. Unable to communicate via mind link, I waited for Langdon’s bodily cue.

The small medical clinic was actually a two-bedroom cottage. Jackson stood outside the door, spine straight, chest out and hands clenched at his sides. His rigid posture wasn’t a good sign, not for a Wolf with such a laid-back personality.

Seconds felt like hours.

After a moment, Langdon finally nodded and took off in the direction of the house. My Wolf was right on his heels.

Twenty more feet and we would be there…

Jax whipped the door open the instant he saw us and stepped back out of the entryway, allowing Langdon and I to run straight into the small house. As soon as we were inside, Jax shut the door and locked it behind him. Langdon shifted and pulled on his pants.

I shifted just as quickly, my nose wrinkling at the smell of anesthetic and medicine in the air. Again, I wasn’t concerned that I stood naked in front of Langdon, Jax and Ryder. My one and only focus was Coal’s scent.

Without a word, I followed it into the back bedroom.

Amber sat in a chair next to Coal’s bed. She stood when I entered the room and engulfed me in a hug. “How are you holding up?”

“I’m fine.” I didn’t matter right now. The only thing that mattered was my mate lying in bed. I rasped, “How is he…really?”

Amber took a step back, eyes dark and brow furrowed. I didn’t need her verbal answer. Her body language was enough to confirm how severely Coal was hurt.

One glance at him broke my heart. Coal was deathly pale, virtually no color in his skin. His breathing was labored, distressed short pants, with intermittent gasps that expanded his chest, followed immediately by a grimace of pain, a result of his broken ribs. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of his face following the path of his hairline, his face twisted in agony.

“Can’t they give him anything for his pain?” I whimpered.

“They’ve given him the maximum dosage. Anything more and they risk killing him.”

My bottom lip trembled.

His pain was my pain...

A nearby monitor showed jagged lines running across the screen, their pattern irregular, corresponding to dips and gaps of his heartbeat. I knew very little about medicine, but I understood his pulse wasn’t in a regular rhythm, tentative and broken, slowing down, stopping, only to give a short burst and start the roller coaster of inconsistency all over again.

Amber explained quietly, “Coal’s an Alpha. By nature, they have extraordinary healing power. But he’s lost too much blood, primarily due to the injury in his leg. His other wounds, whether from claws or teeth, have mostly stabilized and are no longer bleeding profusely.”

I let my gaze travel down Coal’s body, studying the wide gashes gouged into his right shoulder, courtesy of Alpha’s claws. Numerous but less significant scratches and bruises covered Coal’s chest.

A light sheet covered his bottom half, concealing the horrible wound to his calf. Alpha’s powerful jaws had ripped out the tendons. It was a devastating injury. Much more and Coal’s leg would have been severed completely. I pulled in a breath to steady myself. Also unseen beneath the sheet, Alpha had taken a chunk out of his left flank.

Amber continued to explain, “Your pack has already used up their blood supply as well as donations from Ryder and Chase to replenish Coal’s depleted reserves. But it isn’t enough. I suspect his Wolf is in the state of hibernation, completely focused on healing, but he needs more than blood to do it on his own.”

Hands trembling, the instinct to touch him, fierce, but I was afraid at the same time of what I might find. I’d never seen Coal so hurt, so weak, hanging on by a thread. Would our mate bond even be enough to pull him through? I didn’t know.

Amber continued, recounting the doctor’s assessment and what had already been done to treat Coal, but I was no longer listening. I automatically drifted closer to his bedside.

Amber’s voice faded off into the distance. I barely recognized when she left, the click of the door shutting behind her.

The bed was large, not surprising considering the size of most wolves. I pulled the sheet aside and gently slid in next to Coal, pressing as much of my flesh along his side as possible.

Instantly, the electrical effect of our bond tingled through me, pulsing from head to toe, leaving me breathless. But more than that, I felt our connection, the potency of one mate to accelerate the healing of another just through touch. Power hummed all around us.

Coal sucked in a deep breath, his body reacting unconsciously, the force shocking his system, the effect on him much stronger than me in his weakened state.

Again, his face tightened into a look of pure agony, a result of his sudden intake of breath and broken ribs.

I flinched at his suffering. My fingertips came up. I ran them lightly across his chest, my lips against his shoulder, kissing his flesh. “I’m here, baby… I’m here. I’m so sorry you’re hurt...I’m sorry you’re in pain.”

His struggle tore at my heart. I couldn’t stop the few errant tears that slipped past my eyelashes, wetting his arm.

Coal groaned. I wasn’t sure if he could hear me. His eyes remained closed. Amber said he’d drifted in and out, not maintaining consciousness more than a few minutes, but it was clear, his lack of awareness hadn’t dimmed his agony.

Lifting an elbow, I reached my other arm across his chest so that I could wrap more of my upper body around him. I was careful to only make skin contact and not burden him with any of my weight.

Trembling fingers trailed over his broad chest, outlining each muscle. Coal had grown immensely over the past weeks, his training honing his body into perfection.

My lips followed my fingers. I pressed soft kisses, my tongue darting out to slowly lick around his pectoral muscle on the side that I could reach.

A low growl came from my chest, my Wolf voicing her appreciation of his taste. I completely agreed.

The change was slight but noticeable to my watchful eye, an incremental relaxation of his muscles, a small release, almost too subtle to measure the difference. But it was there.

Any measure of relaxation meant he had a decrease in his pain. Coal was responding to my touch, to our bond!

Hope soared within me.

And now, I had a plan...

Needing better leverage so I could reach every part of Coal’s body, I drew the sheet back farther, exposing his midsection and lifted up on my knees, carefully bringing one leg over his body to straddle his waist.

I used the muscles in my thighs to make sure he didn’t feel my weight, but at the same time, I kept my legs tight against his sides, maintaining as much skin contact as possible. I ignored the fact that his flaccid cock was right beneath my pussy.

Lifting my ass higher in the air, I stretched forward to reach Coal’s neck with my lips, carefully letting my breasts touch his chest, and supporting my upper body with my arms.

I kissed the side of his neck, trailing my tongue along each curve, tasting under his ear and moving down to the base of his neck, settling at the spot where we would mark him.

My Wolf growled again, louder this time, my canines pushing through my gums. She wanted to mark him…right now.

Crushing desire to make him mine, washed over me, a primal instinct, I could barely contain, driving me to fulfill my destiny, to complete the bond. The force stunned me, but I shoved it back, continuing on.

A lick here and a kiss there, from his Adam’s apple to the other side of his neck, before taking a path to his broad shoulders, my lips caressing both clavicle bones, one side, slowly, to the other.

Lightly kissing just outside the edges of the deep claw wounds in his shoulder, I whispered against his skin, “I love you, Coal… I love you with everything inside of me.”

He mumbled something incoherently but didn’t open his eyes.

I lifted my head for a moment, startled to realize that the small improvement I’d noticed earlier, had become more pronounced, more definable.

Senses straining, I measured the differences. Coal’s heartbeat no longer skipped. Instead, it thrummed steadily—music to my ears. Instead of short panting breaths, now, Coal inhaled and exhaled rhythmically.

My excitement grew.

It was working!

Eagerly, I continued my unhindered exploration of his body. I couldn’t do this while we were awake. It was too much temptation. We couldn’t restrain ourselves from taking the next step and mating. But while he was unconscious and while he needed my ministrations to heal, I was perfectly willing to not half-ass the job.

Changing my focus to his chest caused my body to automatically reposition. My ass came down, settling my core once again flush with his manhood, and I pulled my hands to either side of his arms to support my weight.

Keeping as much of my body curled around him like a clamshell as possible, I leaned down and kissed his pectoral muscles again, honing in on his nipple. Teeth drawing a little bud inside my mouth, I sucked it to a hard peak, while my thumb and forefinger massaged and pulled his other nipple to attention.

Coal let out a low moan, but it wasn’t the kind that indicated he was in pain. A rush of arousal coursed through me at the sound. I needed to hear it again because his pleasure confirmed the pain was fading.

I suckled him harder, using my teeth to nip and bite while pinching his other nipple with my fingers. Another low moan released from his throat.

Without even recognizing I was doing it, I rolled my hips, pressing down into him, only to freeze.

I sucked in a sharp breath, my chest heaving at the realization. No longer was Coal’s dick soft and pliable. Oh no, now it was rock hard and jutted out beautifully between our legs.

My pelvis clenched, my core automatically contracting and releasing, heat pooling between my legs. My head snapped up to see if Coal was awake, but his eyes were still closed. Aside from his cock, no other part of him had moved.

I took a deep breath in and released it, trying to steady my breathing. I had a task to do. I wasn’t sure just how much I could affect his healing, but I was going to put everything I had into it.

Shifting position, I moved down his body. My breasts now hovered right over his stiff manhood. I lowered, my lips tracing random designs and patterns along his chiseled abs. I shuddered at the feeling of my breasts resting on either side of his cock.

Instinctually, I rocked my body, rubbing my now hard and pointy nipples against his thighs, my breastbone running the length of his cock.

My breathing became shallow. From my position low on Coal’s belly, the velvety head of his cock bumped against my chin, leaving the wetness of his pre-cum behind, as I continued a gentle back and forth rhythm.

I drew in a sharp breath. My nostrils flared, the masculine scent killing me. My mouth watered, dying for a taste.

Lifting my head, I assessed his progress. He’d had dramatic improvement when I sucked and played with his nipples. Now, I was amazed to find the grave claw wounds in his shoulder were healed entirely, leaving only pink raised scars behind.

I didn’t dare look at his leg. Not yet. It would take days for it to heal entirely, but I had hope for his recovery much sooner than we initially expected.

Breathing slow and deep, coal’s chest expanded and contracted without any traces of pain. His ribs must be healed.

But he still wasn’t awake.

Okay. I was pretty confident I had one surefire way of waking him up, something we would both enjoy. Although, I smirked at the irony—my first time giving a blowjob and my mate wasn’t going to be conscious for it.

Well, at least one part of him was more than aware and ready for me. The head of his cock glistened as another drop of desire dripped out. I caught it with my tongue, savoring his taste in my mouth with a low growl. Shifting my body lower, I decided his balls would be an excellent place to start.

My Wolf agreed.

And then, we could work I our way higher…

Another purr of agreement from my Wolf.

Kissing his inner thighs, my canines scraped along his flesh, retracting when I moved to lick his balls, drawing each sac into my mouth, tasting and feeling the texture on my tongue.

Coal let out another moan.

My glance flickered up.

Still nothing.

Flattening my tongue, I drew it slowly along the length of his shaft from base to tip and then twirled it around his pink, plump tip. Another bead of desire made an appearance. I quickly lapped it up, growling in excitement, pressing my tongue against his slit, wanting more.

When no more emerged, I drew the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked, immediately rewarded when the taste of his pre-cum filled my mouth. I moaned at his flavor, my eyes squeezing shut, focusing only on one thing as I took him deeper into my mouth. I fisted the base of his cock and sucked harder, working his shaft with my mouth and hand in tandem, wanting more of what he had to offer.

Abruptly, strong fingers threaded through my hair. My eyes flew open, to find Coal watching me, crystal blue eyes burning with unbridled lust. He groaned deep and low, “Fuck. Me.”

Joy surged through me.

Coal was finally conscious!

Keeping my fist wrapped around him, I lifted just enough, my lips still touching the head of his dick as I excitedly whispered, “How do you feel?”

Coal didn’t answer my question. Instead, his voice was gravelly, almost unrecognizable as he uttered, “What are you doing?”

“Oh, this?” I smiled cheekily, and then stuck my tongue out, twirling it around the rim of his cock, so he could watch me.

His eyes darkened. “Yes. Fucking that.”

I sucked his head into my mouth like a lollipop a few times, before pulling away again and asking coyly, “Do you like it when I do this?”

Before he could answer, I took him in much deeper and bobbed my head up and down, sucking harder. I was rewarded with more pre-cum. I growled in pleasure as I swallowed it down.

“Shit!” he hissed, his hips jerking up.

Coal’s gaze burned into mine, his cock twitching in my mouth. “I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

Heat flooded my core at his words. I squirmed, trying to find friction between my thighs, but my legs were trapped open, on either side of him.

I whimpered but didn’t let him go. Instead, I sucked harder, pushing him deeper into my throat. He hadn’t given me what I wanted yet. I’d tasted his release before when my Wolf cleaned him after our almost-mating session in the cave. Now, I wanted more, and I would have it.

Coal’s hips bucked again. He cursed, “Fuck, you have a greedy mouth.”

I didn’t reply. Instead, sliding my free hand down under his base, I cupped and massaged his balls.

Coal’s other hand threaded through my hair, holding my head still so he could thrust into me, gently taking over the motion as he demanded, “Does sucking my cock make you wet?”

I moaned and focused on relaxing my throat. He pushed deeper than I had. My brain didn’t function enough for me to answer. But Coal was relentless. “Have you touched yourself while picturing your lips wrapped around my cock?”

A flush came to my cheeks. I still didn’t speak, but I didn’t have to.

Coal had his answer. His lips curled wickedly. “Remember, little shewolf, I expect an answer when I ask a question.”

The pink on my cheeks deepened, my eyes opening wide. I did remember. Coal hadn’t hesitated to spank me when I didn’t respond before.

As if he could read my mind, he purred, “That’s right. Do you need me to bend you over my knee? Now, answer me. Have you stroked that sweet little pussy while imaging me in your mouth?”

Said pussy clenched, hard, and I gasped at the fire that went through me, the mental image he provoked too much.

I nodded.

“That’s my good girl.” he cooed, rocking his hips as his fingers trail through my hair.

Abruptly, a thought hit me. If I could have smirked, I would have.

I wasn’t a good girl. No, I was a bad girl. A very bad girl, indeed.

Because the realization hit me…

Coal was all talk and no bite, at least right now. He was still healing which meant there was no way he was stronger than me, not yet. There would be no spanking me into submission. Right now, he was distinctly at my mercy.

Coal saw the change in my expression, an unspoken challenge. His eyes narrowed. Before he could even ask what I intended to do, my grip tightened unmercifully around his shaft, the suction in my mouth hard, hollowing out my cheeks. I growled in my throat, taking him deeper, faster. He was going to give me what I wanted when I wanted it, which was right now…

“Fucking hell!” Coal growled, his hips bucking automatically.

And then his eyes changed.

Obsidian black…

Oh, shit.

So much for his Wolf being in hibernation to heal.

Now, they were both there, staring at me, and I was wrong about Coal’s strength.

So wrong…

Still, I held on.

Coal was right at the edge. All I had to do was push him over.

“You want to swallow me down your throat, little shewolf?” Coal’s words came out like a taunt, a dare.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear what he had to say next.

“I’ll let you do that. I’ll let you get on your knees in front of me, and take everything I have to give to you…”

What? What was he talking about?

“…Just not today.” Faster than I could understand what he was doing, his grip went from my hair to my biceps. Coal jerked me off his cock, bringing my body flush against his chest.

I squealed at the sudden movement, the sound cutting off when he slammed his lips to mine.

Oooh! I had seriously underestimated his strength…

Seriously. Underestimated. His strength.

One big hand curled around the back of my neck, keeping my mouth where he wanted it, while his other slid down my spine to grip my ass. His kiss was fierce, almost punishing, while he forcibly ground his cock against my pussy, rocking and sliding my folds along his length.

I screamed in pleasure, the sound captured in his mouth.

My heart thundered in my chest, every cell in my body trembling with desire. Our kiss was a battle of wills, tongues clashing. Coal moved my body at his whim, stroking me against him, bumping my clit with the head of his cock again and again. It was as if I weighed nothing.

I could do nothing than writhe within his grip.

A minute ago, I’d thought all I wanted was to taste him.

But now, oh no, no, no…

Now, all I had to feel him inside of me.

I was desperate for it.

Coal released his hold in my mouth so I could breathe.

High-pitched whines streamed from my throat. “Coal! Please…please, I need you inside of me!”

I knew he didn’t want to. He’d told me that much before. He was afraid that if we were that close, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from completing the bond. But I couldn’t be this close to him and not have him. We’d waited long enough.

His breathing was ragged on my neck, the cockiness gone, his voice pained by my pleas and by the force of his own out of control desire. “We can’t…Brinley…not yet.”

“No!” I cried, writhing and squirming against him harder, trying to make the connection. I literally felt I would die if he turned me down now. It was more than just physical. I needed the connection, I needed to be one with him. My chest heaved. I panted harshly, “I can’t wait…not any longer, please…please fuck me!”

Coal lifted me away from his cock and slid two fingers into me, pressing his thumb against my clit. He whispered hoarsely, “I’m going to make you come.”

No! The pleasure was unimaginable, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t what I wanted…what I needed. “No!” I whimpered frantically, “I have to have your cock…please!”

“Brinley…” he moaned into my neck, his hot breath causing goosebumps to rise on my flesh.

Please…please…I need to feel you inside of me!”

Coal’s breathing was labored, his words distressed, a deep groan, “I can’t take it when you beg me.”

Something changed…in his expression. I could see it, or maybe I could just feel it. I gasped with excitement and hope, and rocked my hips harder, rubbing my breasts against him, kissing, licking and biting his lips.

And then I knew.


I knew because he flipped our bodies over, and an entirely new intensity washed over him. He wasn’t fighting himself anymore. He wasn’t fighting me. He was going to take me....just like I wanted him too.

My heart soared.

And my pussy throbbed.

Once again, he reached his fingers and slipped two of them inside of me. For a moment, I froze. Had I been wrong about his intentions?

Coal saw the look of panic on my face and whispered soothingly, “Don’t worry, love. I just need to get you ready for me.”

Oh…okay. A part of me relaxed, and then an even bigger part of me freaked out. This was really happening! Was Coal planning on just making love to me or did he intend to complete the mate bond?

I pushed the question out of my mind. Right now, I couldn’t concentrate on more than one thing. I just needed him inside of me like I needed my next breath of air.

Coal’s fingers brought me higher and higher as he stretched my body in the most blissful of ways. After a moment, he withdrew his hand and positioned himself at my entrance, rubbing the tip of his cock along my slit.

I arched my back and wiggled my hips, encouraging him to proceed.

When he pressed forward, I gasped. I’d like to say it was out of pleasure, but it wasn’t. I’d forgotten how big he was…how painful it had been when his Wolf had tried. This wasn’t as painful as that had been, but it was close. My core burned at the intrusion. I bit my bottom lip and blinked the moisture from my eyes.

Coal ran his knuckles along the side of my cheek. “I know, love…we’ll take it slow. Take a deep breath and focused on relaxing your muscles. Tell me when you’re ready for more.”

I did as he instructed, bringing a deep breath in and releasing it, forcing myself to relax. After a moment, I nodded for him to proceed. But rather than press in, he pulled out.

I looked up at him in confusion. “What are you doing?”

He didn’t verbalize his answer, but I felt his response when he dipped a finger inside to coat it with my slickness and applied pressure to my clit, rubbing in a tiny circle.

I groaned deeply at the pleasure.

Coal repositioned himself at my entrance, keeping his fingers on my nub. He pressed forward again, the head of his cock sliding into me, and then readjusted the angle of my hips with his free hand, before pushing further inside.

The change in angle, combined with my relaxation technique and his exquisite ministrations against my clit relaxed my body sufficiently. Still, he had to go slow and grunted through his teeth, “So fucking tight.”

I panted beneath him. I was filled to capacity. Words couldn’t quite describe how incredible he felt inside me. His breath hot on my neck, came out in strained huffs, as he paused and then groaned out a warning, “I have to move now.”

I clung to him and panted, “Yes…yes, please do that.”

He withdrew slightly and proceeded to press into me with short strokes, in and out, working my body to fit him. After a few thrusts, I felt the difference. There was no more pain, only pleasure.

Wrapping my legs around him, I locked my ankles, trying to pull him into me and urged him to move faster. “Coal…”

Coal’s lips curled up, the wicked grin was back. Excitement and anticipation trail down my spine, but nothing could have prepared me for when he pulled back and slammed forward, his hips striking mine, his balls smacking against my ass.

I saw stars…

Actual, real stars behind my eyelids.

I swear it.

Again and again, over and over, Coal thrust and retreated until I was a frothy mess of want and desire. Meanwhile, not realizing I was screaming while I was star gazing, I found Coal’s mouth latched onto mine, swallowing my cries of ecstasy. I clawed at his healed back and shoulders, faintly detecting the scent of new blood in the air.

Coal was relentless, pounding into me faster and harder. I was sure is going to break me in half. I was also certain I desperately wanted him to. He dominated me, the muscles in his abdomen and chest contracting and releasing as he snapped his hips forward again and again.

Power and beauty in motion…

He took my breath away.

Staring down at me, eyes shifting between crystal blue and obsidian, the same way mine were, our Wolves fully engaged, feeling our pleasure. The love I found in Coal’s eyes was staggering. The bond wound through my heart and gripped me tightly, holding me to him. His blue-black orbs glowed in the moonlight. “So fucking beautiful…I want to feel you come on my cock, beautiful.”

I was speechless, so close that I couldn’t think straight, let alone respond.

His words, his touch…

All of it drove me right over the edge.

Eyes wide, pupils dilated, I cried out, “Coal…aah!!” Pleasure radiated from my hips, pulsing through my core, causing my sex to clench around him. Explosive and shocking, more than I’d ever imagined.

Coal threw his head back, grunting to contain the roar in his throat. I felt his release inside of me, hot in my core. When his head snapped back down, I saw it in his eyes…




There was no stopping him now…

I only had time to barely incline my neck as his canines elongated, gleaming white, and sank into my flesh. Unimaginable pleasure exploded in my mind and body, causing me to come once again, while Coal came right along with me, his hips continuing to buck as he released.

Coal’s canines deeply embedded in my neck, our bodies still jerking in the throes of passion, there was no thought involved, no purposeful motion, just feral reaction as my canines burst through my gums and lodged into the other side of Coal’s neck.

It wasn’t possible, but somehow our pleasure amped even higher, throwing us over a peek I didn’t think I would survive.

My Wolf howled her joy, joined by Coal’s Wolf, their voices a symphony of pleasure echoing in our heads.

It took several minutes for us to calm down, for our breathing to slow enough to gently extract our teeth from one another, tongues coming out to lick and soothe the newly formed marks that revealed our union.

I stared at the crescent my teeth had etched on Coal skin, shock crashing over me at the reality.

We’d done it!

Marked. Our mate bond was mostly complete. There were a few more rounds of marking, but this one was the most important. We were bound to each other now.

There was no going back now.
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