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A Pup Can Dream


Fuck…what had we just done?

I was riding an adrenaline high like I’d never felt before, body coiled tight, every muscle trembling. Inside my head, my Wolf was singing to his mate, and Brinley’s beautiful little Wolf joined in the melody, both rejoicing at our union.

It was the absolute best moment of my life.

…and the scariest.

I’d just put both of our lives at tremendous risk. I hadn’t been able to stop myself or my Wolf. It had been hard enough to keep my distance from Brinley when we were fully clothed. But waking up to find her startled moss-green eyes wide and my cock deep in her throat was enough to make any Wolf jump into the deep-end of crazy. And when she begged for my cock—I shuddered hard at the memory—fuck, just fuck!

Telling her no had been a fucking impossibility. I gave her what she wanted, what we both wanted. And once I was buried deep inside the heaven of her pussy with my name a strangled cry on her lips as she shattered apart, nothing else in the world mattered but making her mine.

I stared down at her in awe.

Swirling liquid green orbs stared back at me, swimming with emotion. A few scattered tears crested her dark eyelashes, glistening as they rolled down her cheeks.

Kissing each droplet away, I tasted their wet saltiness on my tongue. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

Brinley smiled, radiant even through her tears. “You didn’t hurt me...I’m happy.”

My lips found hers. “Me too, sweetheart. You have no idea how happy you’ve made me.” Her little tongue found its way into my mouth. I groaned. She tasted so damned sweet. I wanted nothing more than to start round two, but alas, our lives had just become 100% more complicated, and we needed to work through some details if we wanted to stay alive.

Reluctantly, I pulled back. Voice still gruff with arousal, I forced out the last words I wanted to say, “We have to get up.”

Heart-shaped lips turned down into a pout.

I kissed her forehead and then lifted, carefully removing myself from her body, and stood on the floor.

Brinley bit her lip. “What do we do n—?” she cut herself off, her gaze dropping from my eyes down to my chest and then lower all of the way to my feet. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out. Little brows furrowed.

“What is it?” I looked down, suddenly self-conscious, looking for the cause of her abrupt change in demeanor.

I didn’t see anything different. I still looked the same.

“No you don’t,” she whispered, shaking her head slowly.

My gaze snapped to hers. Holy shit, she was responding to my thoughts! Finally, we could mindlink! Our mate bond made it possible. She’d never been able to mindlink with the pack. My bastard of a father never allowed it. But even he couldn’t overrule a mate-gift from the Moon.

Warmth filled my chest. But as happy as I was about our new form of communication, I still didn’t understand her look of confusion. I raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

She exhaled, “You’re bigger.”


I blinked and looked down again, reassessing.

Oh. I saw it then.

Rigorous training had already caused substantial growth, but Brinley was right, I was bigger—a lot bigger.

“Is that normal?” she asked, her voice soft. Her green eyes were wide, unfocused, staring at me with a bit of awe. “Do all male wolves grow when they mate?”

I shook my head. Not that I was aware of. I couldn’t say I’d ever noticed a male significantly increase in size right after mating. I met her wide-eyed stare again.

She breathed in shock, ”Every part of you has grown...even your cock is bigger...” she trailed off, looking away, a blush heating her cheeks when she realized what she said.

I couldn’t help the lopsided grin that came to my face. Brinley was adorable when she was embarrassed, although, she had no reason to be now, certainly not after she’d had her sweet, plump lips wrapped around my cock, trying to suck the life out of me.

Brinley gasped, and her cheeks suddenly flamed crimson, and I realized I was broadcasting my thoughts again. I chuckled deep in my throat, entertained by her response. She was just so damned cute.

She scowled, eyes glinting like a dangerous little kitten. It was too much for me to resist. Sitting back down on the bed, I wrapped my arms around her.

Small hands pushed against my chest. Brinley wiggled in my grip, twisting her body, and fought my hold. “Oh no, you don’t get to…”

I held her tighter, thoroughly enjoying her fight. I nuzzled into her neck, nipping playfully at the permanent crescent-shaped raised flesh.

Brinley melted into me and inhaled sharply, arousal washing over her again, strong and sweet.

My nostrils flared. Both my Wolf and I growled. He was impatient, replaying images in my mind of what he wanted— Brinley ass-up with him buried deep in her tight heat, his canines in the lush flesh of her neck.

Fuck. The thought turned me on as well. I couldn’t wait to watch him give her that pleasure, to feel her body’s response to him. He’d never been with a female, in skin or fur. He’d never cared before Brinley.

I reassured him as soon as the time was right, I would happily get her body ready for him. But he needed to relax a little longer, because now definitely wasn’t the time. He grumbled in my head but didn’t disagree. He understood the danger as much as I did, and right now, we needed a plan.

A knock at the door interrupted my internal conversation. Jax didn’t wait for our response before cracking it open and peering inside. Even in the dim light, his practiced one-sided smirk and glittering mischievous eyes were clear. “Sorry to break up this fuck-fest, but if you don’t mind extracting your penis from her body, we need to talk.”

“Oh!” Brinley gasped, her hands frantically smacking the bed around me, trying to locate the sheet that was currently on the floor.

I just held her tighter, restricting her range of motion and covering her nakedness as much as possible with my body. I rolled my eyes at Jax. “Give us a minute.”

Jax held the door, most of his body still hidden behind it, just his head, part of his shoulder and left arm showing. He flashed a wolfish grin, his pearly white teeth glowing in the moonlight. “So, is that code for, ‘Hang on, I’m just gonna slip my dick in one more time, and then be right out?’” He was clearly enjoying the moment.

I tried not to laugh, only because Brinley was having a small coronary next to me, gasping and sputtering incoherently.

I growled, “Get the fuck out.”

Jax laughed and disappeared, letting the door shut behind him.

Shit, shit, shit...I was trying to heal you...and forgot they... Brinley’s thoughts were a jumbled mess. She had indeed lost track that we had an audience in the other room.

I wasn’t even sure who all was out there because I’d been pretty out of it up until this point, but if I had to guess, I’d say it smelled like Langdon, Jax, Amber, and Ryder.

They hadn’t seen us copulating, but wolves had exceptional hearing. There was no doubt they explicitly understood each play-by-play moment just from our words and the sounds we were making.

I reached down, gathered the discarded sheet, and wrapped it around Brinley’s body, nuzzling into her neck again. “Shh…it will be all right.”

“Easy for you to say,” she said, mouth turned down into a grimace. “You do remember that’s Jax we have to go face out there?”

Shaking her head, she began muttering to herself again, “Of all the wolves to have sex within listening distance, what the hell was I thinking?"

I placed my finger under her chin, drawing her attention back to me. Her heart beat faster when she noticed the heat in my gaze. My voice was gruff, “You were fucking amazing.”

“Okay...” she whispered with wide eyes.

I tugged her to her feet. She tightened the sheet around her chest and gathered the excess fabric in her hands so she could walk unhindered.

Opening the door, I waited while she walked ahead of me into the living room where the others were waiting. But as soon as we entered the room, Brinley ground to a stop, causing me to run into the back of her. I grunted, “Um…?”

Her head whipped around and she hissed, “’re naked!”

I found it funny that she just now remembered my state of undress. I grinned, “I’m a Wolf. I don’t give a fuck.”

She pursed her lips. ”Well I do. We’re not having a conversation while you sit here naked!”

“But there’s only one sheet,” I raised an eyebrow, looking pointedly at the white sheet draped around her.

Amber stood to her feet and approached us. She held out a soft knit throw that had been draped over the back of the couch. “Here.”

“Thanks.” I took it from her. Before I could wrap it around my waist, Jax interrupted, “Hold on a second.”

I froze, startled by his words. I had no inhibitions about being naked, but wolves didn’t normally request—or in his case, demand—an exhibition. I waited for his explanation.

He studied me with a quizzical look. “Not that I’m really into seeing you in the buff…but is there something different about you?”

Amber and Langdon wore matching confused expressions, trying to determine what had changed.

Ryder’s mouth dropped open. I could tell from his expression, he immediately recognized what was different, but he didn’t say anything.

I didn’t wait for their final assessment before wrapping the light blanket around the lower half of my body.

“You’re taller,” Amber breathed in shock. ”How are you taller?”

“He’s not just taller,” Brinley interjected. “He’s bigger...everywhere.” She bit her lip but they didn’t notice her slight blush. They must have missed hearing that part of our conversation in the bedroom.

Langdon’s eyebrows shot up. He stood to his feet, beer in hand and walked over to stand in front of me. His eyes roamed over my shoulders and up to my head, comparing my height against his. He took a swig of his drink. “You are taller...and more muscular. How do you feel?”

“I feel great,” I replied and realized just how true my answer was—I had no residual lingering pain from my injuries.

“And your leg?” Langdon’s eyebrows knitted together, his gaze dropping down my body. “How are you even able to walk right now? And with no limp. Even with her skin-on-skin contact accelerating your healing, it still should have taken you days to recover from that severe of an injury.”

“Dude, he’s right,” Jax muttered in amazement. He glanced to Brinley in awe. “You must have one hell of a magical pussy.”

“What?” she squeaked, her cheeks flushing dark pink. “You did not just say that!”

But Jax was serious. They all were. Even I didn’t understand how I could be completely healed.

Langdon returned to his chair.

I pulled Brinley across the room and we settled on the couch. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, not wanting any distance between us. Brinley didn’t resist, lifting her feet, she tucked them to the side of her body on the couch and snuggled into me. Her contentment and happiness radiated through the bond, making me feel about ten feet tall. My Wolf puffed out his chest and strode about in my head, pleased with our mate’s response.

“Okay, so walk us through what happened,” Jax began and then snickered, “Not that we don’t already know, but there has to be a reason you are dramatically healed and an even bigger motherfucker than you were before.”

“What the hell? We’re not going to give you a step-by-step of our mating,” Brinley insisted.

“It’s okay,” Jax purred soothingly. “There’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. We all do it.” He snickered again, his grin widening into a knowing smile. “Although, you just went right ‘for the gold’, straight out of the gate, huh?”

“No! I, I...” Brinley stammered. “I was helping him...heal.”

Jax’s smirk grew. “Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Damn girl, I always knew you were a lil’ horndog,” he waggled his eyebrows, “but shit, you were savage. When I have a mate one day, I’m going to tell her I want her to wake me up like that every day.” The wistful expression on his face made me realize the crazy fucker was serious.

Amber snorted and threw him a look, “Good luck with that. Way to keep your expectations realistic.”

Jax grinned, completely unfazed by her sarcasm and replied, “A pup can dream.”

Amber shook her head. Langdon gave Jax a hard look. “I think we can skip the details.” He turned to Brinley. “Do you feel any different?”

I hadn’t thought to ask Brinley that question but was suddenly very interested in her answer. It made sense. If I was radically changed, was she as well? I hadn’t noticed any difference in her size, but maybe I missed something. Brinley squirmed as we all stared at her. “I don’t think so. I don’t feel any different.”

Langdon’s gaze settled back on me, serious and contemplative. “Okay, even if you can hide the mating, he’s going to notice the healing. What’s your plan?”

Shit. I hadn’t thought about the obvious healing part, although Langdon was right. Many people had seen my devastating injuries. They would ask questions, questions that I didn’t have answers for. I gritted my teeth together, frustration washing over me. “I need more time. I was close…but I lost.”

Langdon eyed me, raising one brow pointedly and nodding his head toward my new and improved physique, asking slowly, “If you challenge him again now, do you still think you’ll lose?”

“I don’t know.” I tried not to grimace. I was already lucky that Alpha hadn’t killed me or Brinley after I attacked him. I never expected to have a second chance and knew beyond any shadow of a doubt I wouldn’t get a third. I was holding both of our lives in my hands, more so now than ever, now that we were joined.

Langdon leaned back in his chair and change the subject. “What happened when you went to see Alpha Mason?”

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