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I'm Yours


I stayed tucked right next to Coal during the drive home, his arm around my shoulder, and the blanket still wrapped tightly around me. Coal had suggested we look for a spare shirt in the cabin or the truck, but I’d quickly rejected that idea. I’d rather ride home stark naked than wear anything that belonged to Alpha. Coal had nodded his head in understanding.

When we arrived at the packhouse, we were swarmed by shocked wolves. They could feel Coal was Alpha now, but from the looks of confusion painted on their faces, they had no idea what happened. And if they weren’t already surprised enough over him becoming Alpha, several of their mouths dropped open when they saw Coal’s arm wrapped around me protectively.

However, Coal was in no mood to have a conversation with any of them. Obsidian eyes of his Wolf glowing, lips curled back in a snarl, a deep growl from his chest caused the wolves to stop dead in their tracks and incline their necks, their eyes down.

“We are to be left alone interruptions! We will have a pack meeting after the sun goes down.”

The wolves remained silent and nodded solemnly in understanding as we passed by. Continuing our way through the packhouse, past the kitchen, Coal stopped and bellowed, “Lena!”

The shewolf yelped and scurried out of the walk-in pantry to stand in front of us. I looked at the open door on the pantry. Had she been hiding from him?

It wouldn’t surprise me.

Lena’s eyes darted fearfully from Coal to me and back to him again before hitting the floor. Her face flushed red, hands trembling. “Yes, Alpha?”

“Prepare the house! We are having a pack meeting this evening. In addition, we will be having three special guests. I trust you will make everything perfect.”

"Of…of course...Alpha!” she stuttered. “May I ask who is coming?”

Coal didn’t even bother to reply before turning on his heel, taking me with him, hand-in-hand, and headed toward the stairs to his room.

When we reached our destination, we entered silently.

Coal released my hand and walked across the room to drop his phone and keys on the desk.

I went into the bathroom, blinking is my eyes adjusted to the brighter light, my vision even sharper now that I was a vampire. I took a moment to pee and wash my hands and then dug through the cabinets. It only took me a moment to find what I was looking for. A new toothbrush still in the unopened package.

I went through the repetitive motion of brushing my teeth when Coal came in to do the same. After rinsing and spitting, I felt a hundred times better, so glad to get a taste of blood out of my mouth, and had no doubt he felt the same way. When he was done, Coal returned his toothbrush to the holder and focused all of his attention on me.

Blue eyes blazing, Coal’s pupils dilated as he gently peeled the blanket away from me, leaving me naked and trembling in front of him.

Without taking his eyes off of me, he reached a hand into the shower and cut on the spigot. Water poured out of the shower head, quickly releasing fine particles of steam into the air.

Coal’s hands found the waistband of his shorts. He pushed them down over his hips and let them fall to his feet. He took a step back into the shower, pulling me with him.

The hot water felt amazing as it cascaded over my shoulders and down my back. I tilted my head, allowing the water to saturate my hair.

Coal leaned down to my neck. His nostrils flared as he inhaled deeply, a low growl coming from his throat. “So, would you like to explain now why Langdon’s scent is all over you?”

I sucked in a sharp breath. Shit. I had forgotten about!

“It’s not what you think!”

“Tell me what I think,” Coal’s tone was even, but with a genuine edge of aggression. His Wolf hated when I smelled like another Wolf.

A shiver ran down my spine. I sputtered, “It was a diversionary tactic...that’s all! When Alpha ordered me to his office, Langdon thought...I mean, we thought...having his scent on me would keep Alpha off-track.”

Coal’s piercing gaze locked on mine. “And how exactly did he transfer his scent to you?”

I swallowed thickly. “Well, we um, he rubbed...against me.”

Coal tilted his head as he looked at me and spoke casually, but there was nothing casual about his question. “Hmm...his scent is quite strong...were you both clothed at the time?”

“Yes! I was fully dressed!” I practically tumbled over my words, hoping my answer would calm him down and that would be the end of the conversation.

But I should have thought through my response a little bit more, because he raised an eyebrow and asked pointedly, ”You were fully dressed? Does that mean Langdon was not?”

“Um, no...he had just shifted...and, um...” I trailed off.

“Okay. So let me get this straight...Langdon rubbed his naked body all over you.” Coal’s Wolf’s eyes glowered. “And did he happen to have an erection at the time?”

I stared at him like a deer caught in headlights, racking my brain for some way to answer that particular question without causing him to go off like a ticking time bomb, but came up completely blank. There was just no easy way to say it. I squeaked softly, “Uh...yes.”

One of his hands trailed up my belly, over my breasts, and continued on until his fingers wrapped around to collar my neck. His hold wasn’t tight—but it was possessive as hell. I didn’t dare move. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, he demanded, “Did he do anything else?”

Oh, fuck. I swallowed thickly. My voice was barely a whisper, ”He...he, um...he”

The growl in Coal’s chest became much more pronounced. The hand at my waist tightened, his fingers digging into my flesh. Coal drew slow, careful breaths in and released them, trying to calm himself down. He was silent for a long moment, so long, I felt the need to try to fill the empty space. “It didn’t mean anything!”

A muscle in Coal’s jaw twitched. He ignored my statement, and asked coolly, “And was Alpha deceived? Even a tiny bit?”

I thought back to those moments in his office. I shifted from one foot to the next. “No, um...he wasn’t.”

“No... I wouldn’t have expected him to be. I’m surprised Langdon thought otherwise.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, so just waited silently. Coal continued in a calculated tone, “So, you allowed another male to rub his naked body all over you, while the male was aroused, nonetheless...and you kissed him at the same time?”

I cringed, “Well...when you say it like sounds much worse than it was.”

“Oh’s definitely as bad as it sounds,” Coal disagreed through gritted teeth.

I was suddenly panicked over Langdon’s well-being. “Please don’t hurt him. He was just trying to help!”

Coal contemplated for so long, I came very close to filling the space again with nonsense words. Finally, he spoke slowly, “I’ll consider not killing him. You on the other’ve been a very naughty girl...and naughty girls get spanked.”

I inhaled sharply and stared up at him with wide eyes. “You’re going to...spank me?”

His thumb gently stroked my neck. His lips curled into a wicked smirk. “Oh yes...but not right this moment. Right now, we have other things to do. However, soon, I’m going to lay you on my lap with your naked ass perched high in the air. And then I’m going to remind you what it means to be mine, and also give you a very vivid lesson never to touch another male again...under any circumstances.”

He wasn’t joking! My chest heaved the thought. I gasped, “But...”

He placed a finger against my lips, silencing my words. “Don’t worry, love. If you take your punishment like a good little girl, I will most definitely reward you.”

I was rendered speechless, my cheeks flushed pink. Reward? What type of reward? He’d spanked me before when I’d disobeyed him when I’d practically seduced his Wolf instead of working to keep control of the situation. After he’d spanked me...he’d stroked me until I came, hard. Tingles ran up and down my spine at the memory.

Coal’s nostrils flared, taking in the sudden burst of arousal I couldn’t contain. His eyes danced seductively, and his voice lowered an octave, “You like that idea, don’t you? Did you enjoy feeling my hand spank your pretty little ass?”

“No, I—I...,” I blushed and stuttered.

“Uh huh,” he chuckled softly and thankfully moved on to the task at hand. “Turn around so I can wash your hair.”

I exhaled in relief at the change of subject and did as he asked, giving him my back. Coal reached for a bottle of shampoo and lathered up my tresses, working his fingers carefully and gently to clean my hair and release the tangles. If I could have, I would have purred at the exquisite feeling of his fingers massaging my scalp. After a moment, he placed his hands on my shoulders, and turned me, rinsing the soap out of my hair, and then back again. He hesitated for a long moment, and then whispered into the atmosphere behind me, “How are you feeling?”

There was something in his tone that caught my attention. His words were much more than just a casual question. I considered my answer and then replied softly, “I’m not sure...I don’t have any pain.”

Coal dropped his forehead to my hair, his voice cracking, “I’m so sorry I hurt you.”

The overwhelming emotions coming off of him through our bond—guilt, pain—caused me to turn around in his arms. He raised his head, eyes swirling in agony at the memory of him purposefully breaking my leg.

I brought my fingertips to either side of his face and whispered fervently, ”Don’t do that. You know I didn’t give you a choice. I didn’t like it, but I was glad you did it. I was glad you ended the battle between us.”

Coal closed his eyes tight, and leaned his head into my hand, kissing my fingertips. I moved my other hand to smooth out the lines on his forehead. “None of this was our fault! None of it.”

His shoulders relaxed, some of the tension leaving his body. “Turn around,” I ordered softly, pushing gently against his chest.

He accommodated my request, letting me move him so that his head was under the water. I ran my fingers through his hair, and returned the favor, washing his hair.

His hands weren’t idle while I tended to his hair. No, his fingers worked systematically and purposefully, washing every inch of my flesh.

When I was done with his hair, I joined in, washing his body as well, reveling in the feel of each hard muscle beneath my fingertips.

However, as my fingers explored him, I became more and more alarmed by the number of times he clenched in pain in reaction to my soft touch. And as the dirt and dried blood washed away, the shocking extent of his ravaged skin became known—deep claw wounds were everywhere, along with chunks of flesh carved out. After several minutes, he was breathing heavily, with his eyes shut tight.

“Coal,” I whispered, my voice breaking at his pain.

His chest continued to rise and fall quickly. “I’m okay...just give me a minute,” he grunted. “Now that the adrenaline has worn off, I’m just feeling it more, that’s all...I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine,” I insisted, my brows furrowed as I inspected him.

He didn’t deserve to be in pain, not after everything else he’d been through today. And then I remembered—I was a vampire now! And if what Marku said was true, I had the ability to heal with my blood, even before he turned me.

Cupping Coal’s chin with my fingers, I lifted his head. When I had his full attention, I murmured, “Bite me.”

“What...?” Eyes widening, he stared in confusion and then understanding lit his expression. “Oh! Are you sure...that’s safe?”

“I want you to,” I replied huskily, suddenly, really wanting him to sink his teeth into me.

The idea was actually becoming more and more appealing by the second. So much so, I had to clench my thighs together. I needed...friction.

Coal caught up to my arousal in a second, his canines extending of their own free will. The space between us filled with his swollen cock. I eagerly wrapped my hand around his hard shaft. Still cognizant of his overall bruised and battered state, I stroked him gently.

Coal let out a low extended groan and pushed his hips into my hand.

And then, without another word, he dropped his head, and his teeth plunged into my neck—right over his mark!

Oh, fuck!

My entire body jolted, every nerve ending in my pussy electrified and quivering. I had intended to be careful and gentle with my ministrations, but all bets were off now.

My hand clenched tightly around his manhood, pushing down hard and fast to the root before tugging harshly back up to his head. Even with his mouth engaged at my neck, suckling, Coal hissed out his pleasure. He could handle my aggressiveness. Both he and his Wolf loved to play rough.

But I was nowhere near ready when he responded by taking a hard pull at my neck, a grunt of desire and satisfaction releasing from his chest. My electrified core felt like it caught fire. A scream ripped from my throat, ”Coal!”

My knees buckled, trembling legs, no longer able to support my weight. But I was in no danger of falling. Coal’s muscular arm was wrapped around my waist, clutching me to him. My chest heaved as I panted, trying to catch my breath. Fuck, if he did that one more time, I was going to come without him even touching me! This was ridiculous.

But he didn’t. Instead, Coal carefully removed his canines out of my neck and pulled back, eyes half-lidded, his tongue licking the remaining blood from his fangs. My glance drifted down to his chest. I sucked in a sharp breath. It was shocking. Not a single wound, claw or bite mark remained on him!

I trailed my fingertips along his chest, and then leaned forward, pressing my lips to the smooth, marble surface. I traced the outline of his muscles with my tongue. When my fingers trailed down to his abs, his breath caught. My attention snapped back up. His eyes smoldered lapis and obsidian, dark, endless pools of desire, voice hoarse with need, “I want your mouth.”

Shivers of anticipation ran down my spine. I liked that idea very much. My Wolf did as well. She licked her lips and squirmed in my head. Her thoughts clear, ”Want to taste....” My tongue began to trek lower, moving purposefully, kissing and licking his skin.

Not wanting to stop touching the perfection of his chest, I let my left arm extend, twirling my fingers around one of his nipples, as I sank to my knees in front of him. A hum of approval released from his throat.

Eye level with his cock, I continued to play with his nipple with one hand, pinching and rolling it between my fingertips until it hardened into a small pebble, while my other hand slid down to his stomach. I traced around his belly button and then dropped my fingers lower to lazily trail around his balls. Coal sucked in a sharp breath.

I looked up to find his eyes glowing with arousal and sexual intent.

My mouth curled into a provocative smirk.

Abruptly, he grasped the hand I was using to play with his nipples, entwining his fingers with mine, and held it tight against his chest. He wrapped his other big hand around the back of my head, his fingers curling through my hair at the nape of my neck. Using his hold, he nudged my head closer and rubbed his cock on my right cheek.

Scent transferring

Marking his territory

My eyes drifted shut. The feeling was amazing…

…silky soft skin covering his hard as steel erection.

I nuzzled closer, my head dipping down to lick along his smooth balls. My nostrils flared, inhaling the crisp, clean scent of aromatic soap, but underneath a scent all him, cedar, cinnamon and spice.

My Wolf thrummed her approval.

After a moment, he repositioned my head and repeated the process against my left cheek.




My eyes flickered up to meet his. In that moment of utter vulnerability and intimacy, our connection flared brilliantly, the bond vibrating in the air around us. It was alive. We were no longer two separate people, but two halves of one whole.

His command was gruff, “Open your mouth.”

I did as he demanded, opening my mouth.

“Fuck,” he groaned as he maneuvered his cock past my waiting lips, and then returned his hand to the back of my neck.

Our hands were still entwined against his chest. He squeezed my fingers, his eyes whispering words of love. I tightened my grip, using his hold to help keep my body steady, as he began to slowly rock his hips forward, pushing himself deeper. I wrapped my free hand around his shaft, adding pleasure to the length of him that I couldn’t fit in my mouth, and twirled my tongue around his plump tip.

Quickly, he built a rhythm, thrusting deeper, moving faster. His words were thick with lust, “That’s it. Take more.”

I worked to keep my throat relaxed, giving him everything he wanted.

He nodded and growled, “Good girl. One day, you’re going to take all of me.”

The thought made my pelvis clench with anticipation.

As Coal continued, his thrusting became erratic, his breathing faster, ragged, his eyes bright with lust as he stared down at me. He was close.

But just as I thought he was going to release, he abruptly pulled me off of him, bringing me swiftly to my feet.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, surprised at his sudden maneuver. “What—?”

I didn’t get the words out before his lips slammed down on mine. I let out a high-pitched moan, meeting him back eagerly, ferociously—teeth, lips, tongues battling, nipping.

A vibrating growl released from his chest. He stepped forward, and I stepped backward...I had no option, not with his massive frame to contend with. Abruptly, I felt the tile wall pressed against my back and shivered at the coolness. But I wasn’t cold for long.

His mouth came down to my neck, tongue teasing my flesh. “Do you want to ride my cock?”

His words crashed over me, causing flashes of heat to pool in my center. I let out a whimper.

Coal gave me a wicked grin. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Shockingly fast, I found myself lifted into the air, my legs wrapped around his hips, his cock pressing into my opening.

“Coal!” I gasped at the burn, my flesh resisting his intrusion. He groaned and used short, even strokes until my walls had relaxed enough for him to work all of his way into my pussy.

By the time he was finally seated entirely inside, I was panting hard and clinging to him, my claws digging into his shoulders. He didn’t seem to mind.

I felt full. So full. And overheated.

With only one hand necessary to support my weight under my butt, his other hand planted against the wall above my head, caging me in.

Coal must have been confident with the new durability of my vampirism, because once I was loose enough for him to glide in and out smoothly, he pulled back until just the head of his cock was inside me—and thrust forward, fast and hard, like his life depended on it.

“Coal! Shit, oh...!” I cried out, stunned at a depth of pleasure coursing through my body.

Again and again, he reared back, only to pound into me, his movement was relentless, punishing—and fucking fantastic.

All I could do was hold on for the ride, crying out with every deep pummeling thrust. “I love to watch your tits bounce as I fuck you,” Coal grunted, eyes trained on my jiggling breasts, ”So fucking beautiful.”

I was beyond the ability to respond anything other than, “Oh...I—I’m close!”

He seemed to take that opportunity to change the tilt of my hips, driving himself even deeper and grinding his pelvic bone against my clit on every thrust.

That was it.

“Yes...!! Yes, oh fuck!!” I yelled as I came apart around him and then I just couldn’t help myself…

…I sank my fangs into my mark at his neck and sucked hard.

Coal roared, his head going back. In the next instant, he returned the favor, his canines buried deep in my flesh as he released, bathing my insides.

It was enough to throw me right over the edge for the second time. Blinding pleasure shot through me, causing my core to spasm hard. I released Coal’s neck, unable to contain my cries of ecstasy.

Coal’s hips jerked erratically, growls percussed him from his chest, as he continued to empty himself between my thighs.

When we finally stopped moving, Coal pulled his canines from my flesh, licked to close the wound, and dropped his head to my shoulder, his chest still heaving from exertion. Sweat trickled down my back. I was limp in his arms, my muscles feeling like jelly. Eventually, my breathing slowed, and I huffed, "Shit.”

A rumble of amusement came from his chest. He lifted his head. I did the same to meet his gaze. Not bothering to pull out, Coal shut off the water and stepped out of the shower.

I clung to him like a spider monkey as he grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around both of us, and headed into the bedroom.

Crawling on the bed, he settled me beneath him, still buried to the hilt. His head came down to ear, his breath hot on my neck, his tone gravelly and thick, so low it sounded much closer to animal, than human, “We’re going to complete the bond now.”

My pussy contracted fiercely at the thought, tightening around him.

“Fuck!” he cursed, jolting above me.

My heart pounded in my chest. Images of his Wolf sliding in and out of me filled my mind. I wasn’t sure if I’d caused the vivid images or if his Wolf pushed them into my head. Either way, I was panting again.

Coal’s mouth moved intently along my neck and down to my collarbone, but I pressed against his chest. “Stop...wait.”

He pulled back, brow furrowed in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” I bit my lip and whispered, “I just...I want to go to the cave.”

His eyebrows rose.

I explained softly, “I know we’ll settle here in the packhouse...but it’s not home to me...not yet.” I searched his expression for understanding.

Eyes softening, Coal pressed his lips against my forehead. “Of course, we can go to the cave. I’m sure our Wolves would be more comfortable there anyway.”

Lifting off of me, he stepped back and shifted into his Wolf. Intelligent obsidian eyes pierced into mine...drawing me to him.

Happiness filled my heart. I was more than ready to be irrevocably bound to my mate. I lifted silently and scooted to the edge of the bed. When my feet reached the floor, I shifted, giving control to my Wolf.

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