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Our wolves traveled the familiar trek through the forest to the waterfall cave. Brinley ran ahead, and we followed behind. For once, my Wolf was letting her lead the way. But he did it for purely selfish reasons. He appreciated the view.

Brinley’s Wolf was well aware of his intentions, and she didn’t disappoint, keeping her tail high, her ass and pretty pussy on full display. And if the visual wasn’t enough to already drive us crazy, she was giving off sweet and thick arousal and mating pheromones. My Wolf’s nostrils flared, capturing every bit of scent he could.

As we ran, he planned what order and what positions he wanted to complete the remaining bonds. His creative thinking caused flashes of vivid imagery to run through my head. And apparently, every position under the sun was still an option, because he couldn’t seem to narrow down his wish list—he wanted all of them.

I snorted, “I don’t think we’re going to have time to explore every one of your fantasies today.”

He pouted. He found it ridiculous that I could perceive our meeting tonight—or anything, really—more important than alone time with our little mate, watching her ride his cock.

I couldn’t say I disagreed. But we were Alpha now, and a new title came with additional responsibilities.

He huffed in irritation and went back to watching Brinley’s Wolf backend bounce with each step, inhaling her scent and narrowing down his choices for our mating rituals.

One thing he had settled on was completing the skin and fur bonding first, saving her Wolf for last. He loved them both; they were both his mates, but her Wolf was his other fur half. He wanted her to know how special, how important she was to him. I had no problem what order he chose. All of it would be fucking fantastic.

Within several minutes, we arrived at our destination.

As soon as we entered the cave, he ordered,“Shift.” A visible shudder went down her spine. In the next moment, she was standing on two feet, staring at him, excitement and anticipation glowing in her eyes.

“Hands and knees,” he demanded.

Okay…so he wasn’t wasting any time.

Her mossy green eyes opened wide, but she did as he commanded, settling onto the soft fur blankets with her palms down and ass in the air.

He took a moment to survey our little shewolf, walking around to her side, and then to her backend to see her from every viewpoint. Her submissive position pleased him very much. She trembled, waiting for him to make a move.

Taking a step closer, he nudged his big head between her legs, using his snout to tilt her ass even higher in the air, forcing her to arch her back. “Oh!” she gasped, her breathing becoming low and shallow.

He then bumped the insides of both thighs. Brinley trembled hard, and did as he wanted, spreading her legs wider, opening up her body entirely for him.

“Good girl...” he cooed, taking another step back to look at her again, examining every inch of her body with his eyes. A thrum of approval went through his chest. His thoughts were clear: she should be kept naked for at least the next week or so. It was the way she looked best, and he wanted to saturate himself in her beauty and submission. I thoroughly supported the idea. I had no problem keeping her all to ourselves for several days.

He walked to her side, rubbing his fur, transferring his scent, and then his tail came up, before swishing down fast between her legs. The smack against her pussy was audible and echoed in the cave. She jolted in surprise at the force he used, a cry slipping through her lips, “Oh!”

“Be still!” he ordered gruffly, his tone leaving no room for disobedience. Brinley froze in place, startled by his rough sound and abrupt order.

I felt her thoughts. Her initial shock transitioned quickly into understanding—he had decided to administer her punishment himself.

Even I hadn’t known he planned on doing that, but it didn’t surprise me. He raged even more than I did when it came to having any hint of another male on our mate.

Nervousness ran through Brinley’s little body.

Last time he spanked her with his tail, it had been purely for enjoyment. The strokes had been firm, and he cooled each sting by gently smoothing his tail along her sex after each spank. He didn’t do that this time. No, now there was no gentleness in his approach. He didn’t hold back the severity of his strikes.

He turned and walked to stand by her other side, stroking his fur along her skin. When he was in position, his tail came down again, fast, spanking her sex again. She yelped and quivered. He repeated the action three more times, in quick succession. Her little hands clenched into fists, and a growl slipped from her throat.

Oh, that was the wrong thing to do.

Instantly, his teeth were at her throat.

“Submit!” he thundered. Canines didn’t pierce her skin, but his threat to do whatever it took to make her understand his dominance, was very real.

She whimpered and didn’t move even an inch.

"Did you enjoy the touch of another male?” he snarled.

“No!” she cried out, “I never...” her voice broke off, panting.

Her resistance surprised me. The spankings hurt but her arousal had been steadily increasing. It wasn’t the pain that had her riled up. She was mad at being punished.

Maybe I needed to clear up exactly what we were doing here. I growled through our mind-link, “Langdon should have known trying to fool Alpha in that manner was a foolish endeavor. No alpha would have been deceived. Their sense of smell is just too intense and sophisticated. And even if the ploy had had merit, transferring his scent could have been accomplished in a number of other ways that did not involve nakedness, erections, or pushing his tongue down your throat!”

We would have a little chat with Langdon later. However, for now, our little shewolf needed to understand what happened when she allowed another male to rub his erection against her and kiss the lips that belonged to us. My Wolf applied a little bit more pressure at her throat.

“I—I’m sorry!” she gasped, her heart racing. There was a definite shift in her emotions. She understood. Her fight was gone.

He demanded, “Do you submit to your punishment?”

“Y—yes, I...submit,” she rasped.

Releasing his hold on her neck, he resumed his previous position and continued.

Five spankings later, her little pussy lips and butt cheeks were red, and her entire body was shaking.

He pushed his thoughts into her mind, “Are you going to touch another male again?”

“No...never!” she whimpered with her head hanging down, breathing heavily, “I—I swear it.”

My Wolf’s anger was sated. He was pleased with our mate’s submission and her acceptance of her punishment. He pushed his snout between her shaking arms and lifted up her chin so that her head was resting on top of his. He murmured his approval, “You did well.”

Little fingers dug into his fur, her relief palpable as she clung to him. He flicked her nipple with his tongue. “It’s time for your reward.”

“Oh!” she startled. Her arousal flared.

He pulled out of her grip and walked around to her backside again, nudging her ass back in the air with his snout. She complied, raising her backside so that he could inspect it.

As anticipated, all signs of her spanking were already gone, not a trace of pink left. It was another reason he hadn’t held back. He’d given her what he knew she could handle because, in addition to her natural werewolf capability, her vampirism caused even more accelerated healing.

I was still amazed the little spitfire had tried to challenge his dominance halfway through. As much as he wouldn’t put up with that behavior toward him, he liked the fire in her belly. She was an impressive female—worthy to rule by his side.

His tongue came out and laved a long lick from opening to her clit.

“Ah!” she cried out, back arching. She pushed her ass even higher into the air, granting more access, and encouraging him.

“Do you like my tongue against your pussy?” he teased as she squirmed. She panted, her breaths coming out harsh and short. Pushing his tongue deep, he stroked her insides again and again.

She let out a long moan, and rocked back against him.

“That’s it...” he growled his approval...” fuck my tongue.”

A high pitched mewl came from her throat. She rocked harder, her chest heaving, legs trembling, as he prepared her body, his tongue curling when it went in, and then opening inside of her, stretching her.

I groaned as I watched. Fuck, Brinley looked amazing with his tongue sliding in and out of her pussy. Not only did I feel both my Wolf’s and my pleasure, but I also experienced hers through our bond. It was almost too much for me to handle, and he wasn’t even inside of her yet. Damn.

His own need was accelerating as quickly as mine. He abruptly shifted, ready for me to do my part.

“What...?” she swiveled her head around to look at me, confusion painting her expression and a little bit of hurt. “Why did he—?”

“He wants you,” I interrupted quickly to alleviate her insecurity and then tacked on, “desperately. But I need to prepare your body first.”

“Oh...okay,” she breathed. Her sound cut off and her head dropped when I pressed two fingers inside of her.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” I let out a low groan. “Your pussy is greedy for his cock, isn’t it?”

“Please…,” she panted and pushed back against my hand. I added another finger and scissored them, carefully stretching her walls. After a moment, I settled myself in position; my dick pressed tight against her opening.

“Coal,” she whimpered, wiggling her hips to encourage me on.

I wanted to take it slow because my size would stretch her and cause her pussy to sting if I went in fast, but I just couldn’t hold myself back. On a low growl, I thrust inside of her, hard and fast, pushing into the hilt.

Her head flew back, and she let out a strangled cry, “Yes!” Her response reverberated through the bond. She felt the pain, but she also loved it.

Fuck, I loved having my dick hidden in her tiny body. Moving inside of her at an even pace, I let her body adjust. After several strokes, I ground out, “I’m going to shift now...slowly.”

Her head came around to look at me, her eyes wide.

“Are you ready?” I grunted softly, continuing my movement and reveling in her silky smoothness.

She nodded her head, excitement, and arousal, but also nervousness shining in her eyes. I pressed myself into her tight sheath to the hilt and held still.

Taking a deep breath then, I exhaled and began to shift. Little by little, I changed from skin to fur. It was grueling and required every bit of my energy and concentration to go so slowly, but it was the least painful way for him to enter her.

As the change happened, she stiffened and gasped, “Oh...!”

“Easy...Just relax your muscles,” I soothed through our mind-link, no longer able to speak as my Wolf and I were about half and half right then—the front of me still skin, but fur had taken the place of my hair and covered my back. My Wolf’s tail had sprouted, and our cock was changing from mine to his.

As we changed, I relinquished control to him.

In another moment, all skin had disappeared into fur. My Wolf’s paws were on either side of Binley’s shoulders, his big body wrapped around her back. The shift was complete, and his cock was inside of her.

Brinley whimpered. Even going so slowly, she felt incredibly full and the stretch burned. He took over comforting her, “ can do this...your body was made for me.” He began to move, pulling back just a little, before pressing in with shallow, gentle thrusts.

Her head dropped. A groan came from her throat.

After a few more light strokes, there was a noticeable difference—her body finally relaxed enough to accommodate him.

“That’s it,” he praised.

He sighed heavily in relief as well. Brinley’s pussy no longer felt like it was cutting off his circulation.

Finally, he could take her like he’d been dying to do.

With one paw on the ground to keep them steady, he wrapped the other around her waist, holding her close to his body. He then he reared back and snapped his hips forward.

She threw her head back and screamed, “Coal!”

Quickly building a rhythm, he pushed inside of her faster and faster. Brinley bucked and writhed, uttering a stream of lust filled words, not all intelligible, most just syllables, the pitch varying depending on his movement.

He thrummed with pleasure. He fucking loved hearing our mate cry out as a result of what he was doing with his cock. On and on he went, playing her body like an instrument, listening to the beautiful music she made.

My head was spinning. I hadn’t known what to expect, or how it would feel. Technically, his dick was inside her, but it might as well have been mine. Pleasure surged through my hips, and my balls pulled up tight. It felt fucking fantastic.

My Wolf’s heart was full, almost to the point of bursting, and the same thought, in a hundred variations kept playing in his head: Mine. My beautiful mate. All mine.

I couldn’t agree more. Fuck, we were a lucky Wolf.

Brinley was on a fast track to orgasm, her breathing more and more erratic as she panted harshly. He tilted her hips, changing the angle, causing his balls to smack harder against her clit. Wet suction noises filled the cave.

“Oh fuck!” she called out, and rocked her hips back into him, meeting every thrust. And then she dropped right over the edge, her sex clamping down tight around him. “Yes!! I—I’m...Oh!”

A deep growl came from his chest. He felt pleasure but also pain, her pussy was positively strangling him, and he couldn’t release, not yet. He had a plan. He bit back the excruciating pleasure, his breathing ragged, while he waited for her climax to finish. When she finally stopped coming, she fell limp in his hold, chest heaving, head hanging.

But it only took one thrust from him to fire her back to life. Her head snapped up, and immediately, our little Wolf was ready for more, wiggling her hips, urging him on.

Fuck…ing yes.

Abruptly, he pulled out.

Her head whipped around, her eyes flashing. She looked at him like she was going to beat the shit out of him if he didn’t get back into her pussy right that very minute.

I couldn’t hold back my laughter. My Wolf’s eyes danced with pleasure at her antics. His chest puffed with pride—our mate wanted him. He loved that possessive ‘you-better-fuck-me-right-now!’ look on her face, and intended to find as many ways as possible to make her have it again.

But for now, he needed to get back to the plan. His preference was taking her from behind, but he wanted to be able to mark her at the same time she marked him.

He rolled onto his back.

Her little eyebrows pulled together as she watched him. Her look of confusion was adorable.

I’m going to have you in many different ways...climb on.”

Her eyes widened as she understood what he wanted her to do. He snickered at her expression and added mischievously, “For now…I want you on my cock, facing me.”

She inhaled sharply, “As opposed to what?”

Laughter rumbled through his chest. He had gotten the anticipated reaction. He was happy to clarify, “As opposed to...when I have your pussy in my mouth...and you are facing away from me.”

She was damn good with her mouth. I completely understood why he wanted it.

Even with his description, I wondered if she would catch his meaning. But then her eyes snapped wide. Her glance cut to his hard cock, and her lips curled into a shocked ‘oh.’

Ah, so she did understand.

And then she amazed the hell out of me when her eyes changed to a wicked gleam full of sexual promise as she held his gaze, and provocatively licked her lips!

My Wolf blinked.

Fucking hell, she was fucking with him…again. I loved that she gave back as good as she got.

He hadn’t expected that reaction from her.

His balls pulled up painfully. I was afraid he was going to come right that moment. I’d have given him shit about it for forever if he had. But he somehow held it together.

She gave a smug little smile, and without another word, climbed onto his chest and positioned her sex right at his cock.

He was still frozen for the moment and then shook his head, trying to clear the image from his brain of her lips wrapped around his cock so that he could function again.

I couldn’t help snorting, “Really?”

He gave me a low growl.

I chuckled.

But then, our attention was dramatically stolen when she eased herself down, her pussy swallowing his cock once again. I groaned. He growled. And she shuddered, pleasure winding up and down her spine, radiating through the bond.

For a moment, neither of them moved. And then Brinley eased herself up and down, slowly finding a rhythm she liked.

Until right that moment, I didn’t realize the difference being a vampire, made in her body, but she was stronger than before. A lot stronger. Lifting a little, she gripped his sides with her knees. And then she proceeded to ride him like he was her own personal stallion!

Her breasts jiggled and bobbed as she bounced on his cock, her little fingers clenching the fur on his chest, her grip so tight, I wouldn’t be surprised if she took out a few clumps.

“Fuck!” he growled, his hips jerking up to meet hers. He wasn’t going to last, not with Brinley riding him like her life depended on it.

She was close as well. We could both feel it. Her eyes were half-lidded, a stream of little growling mewls coming from her throat as she took her pleasure from him.

Without warning, her eyes changed to crimson.

That probably should have been scary, but it was sexy as fuck to see her lose complete control.

My Wolf could take it no longer.

He leaned forward, and sank his canines into her flesh, marking the opposite side of her neck that I had.

She let out a scream so loud I was confident everyone in the pack heard it even though we were miles away.

Her pussy spasmed, nearly strangling him again as she came. And then her little fangs embedded in the side of his neck!

Another level of the bond burst open between us.

Shocking heat filled every ounce of our body, rocking us to the very core. My Wolf released her throat and threw his head back, roaring out his pleasure. Brinley let go of his neck as well and tilted her head, singing with him.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I was going to pass out.

I thought our connection was intense before, but now I understood each layer magnified it a hundredfold. Words couldn’t do it justice. It must be what a heroin addict feels at his next fix.

Fuck, how did any Wolf survive mating?

When they finally stopped singing, Brinley dropped her head to his chest and panted to catch her breath.

His breathing regulated. He rested his paws on her shoulders, getting comfortable. We would be there for a while.

After a moment, Brinley looked up, wide-eyed. Given her innocence, I wasn’t surprised she hadn’t expected his cock to expand and a now be unmovably lodged inside of her. I answered her unspoken question through our mind-link, “It’s called a knot. Male wolves expand at the base of their cock after they come.”

“, okay.” She looked worried.

I reassured her softly, “It’s perfectly normal. It eases after twenty to thirty minutes.”

“Okay,” she mumbled again and then yawned as she laid her head back down on his chest, letting all of the tension release from her body. I forgot how tired she had to be. We’d been up for most of the night. It only took a moment for her breathing to even out as sleep overtook her.

After that ride, my Wolf was rethinking whether or not fucking her from behind was still his favorite position. Maybe, once she woke up, they could try both again, and he could decide.

I interrupted his train of thought, “We still have plenty of other fucking left to do. You’re gonna have to circle back around to that question later.”

He yawned and stretched, reluctantly letting it go for the time being, and we drifted off to sleep as well.


I wasn’t sure how much time had gone by when Coal’s Wolf nudged us awake. I lifted my head and blinked, looking around. Where were we? What happened?

It only took one glance down at his expectant expression for all of the memories come flooding back. My cheeks turned pink, heat climbing up the back of my neck.

Coal murmured through our bond, his words honey soft and gentle, “It’s okay to get up now.”

“Yes…okay.” I nodded and carefully pulled off of his cock. When I was detached, I sat perched on his broad chest. “Um, so, what happens next?” Neither my Wolf nor I knew quite what to expect.

He didn’t keep us guessing. A low growl of arousal came from his chest. “Roll onto your back.”

Okay then.

I shivered and eagerly did as he instructed, climbing off of him and rolling over, my back enveloped in the soft fur blanket beneath me. He stood to his paws and looked down at me in approval.

“Open your legs.”

My legs trembled as they bent at the knee, and slid apart, giving him better access. He settled between them and examined me carefully. I blushed under his intense scrutiny. What was he looking for?

I must have conveyed my question through our bond, because he answered, “I’m making sure you’re okay.”

Oh. Warmth trickled through me at his care and concern, although, he didn’t need to worry. I was a vampire now. I healed exceptionally fast.

He took a second longer to survey me, but it was clear from the mating pheromones he was giving off, his attention no longer focused on worry and concern, just 100% unadulterated male lust.

His licked his lips. “Shift.”

In the blink of an eye, we obeyed.

My Wolf’s entire body quivered with excitement as she lay on her back, looking up at him. He gave an approving nod, and then dipped his head down and licked her pussy.

She yelped in surprise.

I snorted. What had she thought was going to happen?

She clicked her teeth in annoyance at me but utterly lost her focus when he began vigorously pushing his tongue in and out of her. Desire rocked through her body, releasing arousal onto his tongue and mating pheromones of her own into the air.

Apparently, he planned to make a meal out of her because he went faster and harder, his rough tongue swiping back and forth, in and out, moving expertly.

Quite quickly, pleasure overwhelmed her. She squirmed uncontrollably beneath him. I was no better, writhing and moaning in her head, just as lost as she was.

On and on he went, relentlessly pushing her toward the edge.

Constant whines poured from her chest. Her wiggling accelerated. So much so, Coal’s Wolf growled and grabbed her with his big paws, and sank his claws into her flanks to hold her in place.

She felt the sting of his sharp nails, but it wasn’t painful to her. Oh no. His dominant growl and fierce hold just amped her arousal even higher…until she could take it no longer.

Her whines turned into desperate whimpers, and then into a guttural howl as she fell over the edge, climaxing for the first time in her body.

He gave her no time to recover.

Instead, he quickly climbed up her body, shifting into his skin at the same time and slammed his cock into her!

She was so shocked by his unexpected maneuver, her eyes flew open. Coal’s beautiful assault—his sleek and muscular body, holding her down, powering into her—left her speechless.

But that wasn’t what he wanted.

“Don’t hold back on me, Beautiful,” Coal voice dripped with seduction, “I want to hear every bit of your pleasure.”

Her heart raced in her chest. Her throat began to work again, whether, of her volition or his command, I wasn’t sure, but high-pitched whines poured out of her.

A thrum of vibration reverberated from his throat. He continued slamming his hips into her, fierce and unrelenting.

I groaned deeply, my eyes rolling back into my head.

I was stunned by the force he was using. I thought he’d been rough with me. Holy shit, had I been wrong. He’d tear my body in two if he drove into me with the same violence as he was punishing her body with right now.

“Next time, Beautiful, I’m going to have you ass-up with my fist wrapped around that sweet little tail of yours.”

The imagery of his promise was enough to make us both shudder hard. His canines scraped along her neck. His teasing was torture. And once again her whining turned into helpless whimpers. She was close.

So was he. Abruptly, he planted his hands on the ground above my Wolf’s shoulders, to keep her from sliding back, and pulled his knees up under both of her flanks, giving him even more leverage.

And then shockingly, he plunged into her with even more power.

Stroke after exquisite stroke.

She was utterly undone, lost, her climax crashing through her. I couldn’t breathe.

“Fuuuck!” he cursed loudly, shaking his head from side to side, as her pussy contracted around him. He erupted inside of her, filling her insides.

I felt his intense shock through the bond. He hadn’t expected the sheer force of her contracting sex. Equal amounts of pleasure and pain ripped through him, the pain making his release all the more pleasurable.

My Wolf shook beneath him, unable to make a sound. But she wasn’t silent for a long. Less than a blink later, a loud howl tore from her throat when he sank his canines deeply into her neck, marking her as his.

His thoughts echoed in my head, “Mine...mine...mine.”

Still unable to think clearly but reacting on instinct, Nature propelling her forward, she plunged her teeth into his neck as well.

And once again, the bond exploded between us.

It was like lightning and thunder, crashing through our bodies. I wasn’t quite sure I would survive it.

After several minutes of just holding on for dear life as the bond racked through us, Coal gently extracted his teeth from her neck and dropped his head to her shoulder, hot puffs of air ragged on her neck as he tried to get his breathing under control.

And just when we thought we couldn’t take anymore, he shifted again!

We both yelped in surprise this time.

How was he possibly hard again so quickly? I didn’t know, but his Wolf was hard and ready to take what he wanted.

I had thought Coal moved roughly, but dear fuck, the two Wolves together were just insane. I was reasonably sure both Coal and I were just holding on for the ride as our Wolves went at it.

Thrusting and writhing

Nipping and biting

Growling out their pleasure

And when it hit, they found each other’s necks at the same time, all of us howling—the sheer euphoria of the bond completing was overwhelming and unimaginable.

When it was over, our Wolves remained attached, knotted together. The term afterglow was a bit of an understatement, because the bond positively radiated around us, cocooning us in its brilliance.

Thirty minutes later, our Wolves released, and we both shifted to skin. I sat between Coal’s legs with his arms wrapped tightly around me.

I didn’t know what to say. I was in serious danger of my heart exploding with joy. Our bond was unbreakable now! And our scents had combined. We still maintained our own, but his scent was discernible underneath mine now, and mine underneath his.

He nuzzled into my neck, his words rough with emotion, “I fucking love you.”

My breath caught in my throat. I had to swallow before I could speak. “I love you too.”

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