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It Was Time


Holding Aatos’ gaze, I licked my lips.

His nostrils flared, cobalt eyes widening.

Okay. So the sexy-as-sin vampire hadn’t expected that response. Good to know I wasn’t the only one affected by whatever craziness this was. He had buttons I could push.


If Aatos wanted to allude to sex with his comment regarding Brinley and Coal’s afternoon activities, I would go a step farther, remove the insinuation altogether and just speak outright. I returned his smirk, flashing my canines. “Yeah, Coal wanted to finish the mating process before anything else.”

Apparently, my words were also not what Aatos expected because his expression morphed from playful into fiery intensity. He leaned forward in his chair, eyes smoldering.

My heart raced. I forced myself not to react to the overt predatory nature of his movement.

His voice deepened, “How does that work…exactly?”

“What?” I stared at him, distracted by the look of pure, unrestrained arousal in his eyes, and the low and rumbly sound of his voice.

“The mating process…how does it work?” Aatos repeated. “I saw Coal’s mark on Brinley’s neck. But you’re saying she and Coal are not fully mated yet?”

I blinked. For some reason, I just expected Aatos already knew, but the intent look on his face communicated genuine curiosity. And acute horniness. It took no effort at all to figure out he was contemplating the mating process with me.

I cleared my throat and shifted slightly in my chair. “You want me to explain the birds and the bees of werewolves?”

Upper body still angled toward me, elbows propped on his spread knees, Aatos replied, “That’s exactly what I want.”

Well, shit.

I’d been prepared for a little friendly—maybe, even flirtatious—banter filled with harmless innuendo. I was not expecting a detailed conversation about mating. I exhaled, working to gather my thoughts. “Um, okay. Brinley’s mark represents their first coupling.”

Aatos nodded, encouraging me to continue.

But, I found I couldn’t. The air was trapped in my throat. Aatos’ overly attentive positioning was a little too much for my nerves to take.

I had tried to keep my cool but couldn’t stop heat from flaming up the back of my neck. I cursed internally, knowing I had to be blushing. What the hell was wrong with me? It was like I was a juvenile wolf all over again, getting embarrassed when someone mentioned sex.

I stood to my feet and spun around, pacing across the room, putting more space between us. Just breathe! I coached myself. Damn him for being so…so overwhelming.

I turned back around to face him.

Aatos had once again reclined in the comfortable chair, his lips twitching with amusement.

I narrowed my eyes.

He was having far too much fun at my expense. My determination kicked in again. He’d already revealed I could affect him...

“Four couplings are required to cement an unbreakable bond.”

Aatos nodded slowly in understanding.

I could have stopped there. Aatos was a smart male. It wouldn’t take him more than a second to piece together exactly which couplings were needed. But his fierce attention had me tingly, and I wanted to crack his ultra-smooth demeanor. “A male Wolf usually likes to sink his cock into his skin-female second, preferring to save his fur counterpart for last.”

Aatos’ pupils dilated and his cock hardened in his pants. With no pretense whatsoever, he stroked the large member between his legs and purred, “I’ve seen and felt the size of your Wolf’s cock. It can’t be easy working something so substantial into a human’s body.”

My Wolf preened at the compliment and strutted around in my head. I wasn’t sure if it was my Wolf or I that spoke cockily next, “But it can be done. Would you like me to show you?”

A low growl came from Aatos’ throat. He settled his drink on a side table and stood to his feet.

I inhaled a sharp breath.

His slow and purposeful approach could be called nothing other than predatory, beauty in motion, dangerous and deadly, but somehow, silently promising me pleasure beyond my imagination.

I’d wanted to rattle his calm and affect Aatos as much as he did me. Without a doubt, his intense expression told me I had. He stopped just in front of me and licked his lips. “Are you offering to fuck me?”

Oh, shit. Was I?

The words had just slipped out. Damn my horny Wolf.

I blinked, my mouth dry.

Aatos’ lips curled into a wicked smirk. If I hadn’t already been surprised at the unplanned way our conversation was going and my own choice of words in my last statement, Aatos’ next comment completely floored me, “It’s too bad you can’t take both forms separately. I would love to watch your Wolf fuck you.”

A flash of heat surged down my spine, settling in my balls. I stared, not quite able to form words. A mental image swirled in my head. Me, Wolf taking me hard and fast...while Aatos watched…


That would certainly be a new form of masturbation...and without a doubt, added new meaning to the phrase, ’Go fuck yourself.’

One of Aatos’ eyebrows went up, a challenge for me to continue.

My heart beat faster.

Impossibly, the intensity of his expression increased.

He took another purposeful step forward, trapping me, with the wall at my back. His voice was as smooth as silk, “You like that idea, don’t you?”

“What? Um…no,” I stammered for words.

Not concerned with my stuttered response, he leaned in, his nose skimming my neck. “Which part do you like the most? Having a cock in your ass or my watching?”

Suddenly, I realized his hand was stroking my extremely hard cock through my pants. But rather than pull away, my hips instinctually pushed forward. An unrecognizable needy sound emerged from my throat.

Instantly, Aatos’ lips captured mine, aggressive and dominant. The fingers on his free hand wove through my hair, gripping the back of my neck, keeping my head where he wanted it.

I surrendered to the explosion of pleasure he caused in my body, melting into him. My eyes shut tight, Aatos dominated my senses—all I could hear, taste or smell was him.

A minute, or maybe ten, passed by and not even realizing how we got there, I found myself beneath Aatos on the bed.

Clever fingers released me from my pants. I gasped when Aatos wrapped his big hand around my shaft...and squeezed.

“Wait.” I tried to pull away, which was impossible considering the bulk of the male on top of me.

“Shh…easy,” he soothed. “I just want to feel you. As much as I want to, I’m not trying to have sex with you.”

I watched in fascination as Aatos took a moment to release himself from his pants. His cock bobbed free, head glistening with his desire.

Spitting into his hand, Aatos wrapped it around both of our cocks. He stroked down to the base and back up, running his fingers over our heads. My back arched, a deep groan releasing from my chest.

Lips finding mine, again and again, his hand made the same path.

The friction curled my toes.

It didn’t take long for the pleasure to overtake me. I tensed.

“Look at me,” his voice was a low growl.

My eyes snapped open. My chest heaved. I locked onto Aatos’ dark blue orbs.

“Give me what I want,” he demanded.

His dominance washed over me.

That was it.

I released with a grunt.

Aatos came with me, both of our cum coating my belly.

Mouths connected again, Aatos nibbled at my lips while our breathing returned to normal. When I finally stopped panting, he rolled off of me and got off the bed. “I’ll get something to clean us up.” He disappeared into a side door, before returning with a warm wet washcloth.

I lifted onto my elbows. “As much as I appreciate that, wolves have an extreme sense of smell. If I entered the packhouse now, there’d be no doubt what I’ve been doing. Do you mind if I use your shower?”

Understanding lit his expression.

“Of course.” Aatos motioned toward the bathroom door.

Taking a quick shower, I washed the evidence of my tryst with Aatos off of my body and got redressed before returning to the living space.

Aatos was seated in the same chair. He had a fresh beer in his hand and had placed one on the side table next to where I sat.

“Thanks.” I picked it up, twisted off the top and took a swig as I settled into the comfortable chair. Resting my hand on my knee, I remained silent, unsure what to say next.

Aatos took up the conversation. “What are you not saying about your brother’s mate?”

Not this again.

I wished now that I had come up with a conversation topic instead of leaving it up to him.

Aatos continued, “Clearly, there’s something you don’t want to say. It would be better for you to tell me now than let the king find out another way.”

I stiffened. “Is that a threat?”

He looked insulted. “No, of course not. It’s a wise suggestion, one you should listen to. Certainly, you can sense Marku’s penchant for volatility. If you’re trying to protect your brother, I get it—“

“What?” I interrupted him. Surely he couldn’t suspect Coal was the source of Brinley’s torment. I leaned forward. “Wait a minute. I have nothing to protect Coal from. He would sooner walk through fire than ever hurt her. Did you miss the rabid way his Wolf protected her?”

Aatos considered my words. “Then why keep silent?”

“Because it isn’t my story to tell,” I answered, bringing the beer to my lips before continuing, “I’ll admit, it isn’t pretty, but maybe that’s all the more reason Brinley should be allowed to decide what she wants to be shared. I would never betray her trust and speak out of turn.”

Aatos was silent for a long time, his forehead creased, contemplating. Finally, he murmured, “The king will find out.”

It wasn’t a question, so I remained silent.

“Did you have anything to do with it?”

Shit. The conversation just went from bad to worse. I ducked my head, avoiding eye contact. I wasn’t proud of my earlier behavior.

“I might have been an…asshole…to her as a kid.” I hedged, the words tasting bad on my tongue, shame and embarrassment washing over me. I wished more than anything I could go back and change it because Brinley sure as hell never deserved my attitude.

“Fuck!” Aatos swore under his breath. The alarm in his tone and the sound of wood and glass breaking made my head snap up. He was clutching the arm of the chair so tightly in one hand, the wood support snapped. His other hand had contracted around the beer bottle, crushing it into tiny pieces, glass shards falling to the floor. The scent of his blood wafted in the air. He must have cut his hand.

His intense reaction caused my heart to race. I rushed to clarify, “I never touched Brinley, ever! Shit, if I had, Coal would have put me down. It wouldn’t matter I was his brother. She is his mate.”

Aatos’ alarm lessened slightly, his shoulders loosening, but he was by no means relaxed like he was just a moment ago. I ran a sweaty palm along my upper thigh, further explaining, “I never targeted her specifically. I was just young and stupid and entitled, the Alpha’s son, basic kid-assholery all around.”

He gave a slow nod.

“And Coal took a pound of my flesh for it.” I cringed, remembering the day Coal had confronted me about Brinley’s past, and my contribution to it. Aatos’ eyebrow rose. I added ruefully, “I could barely move for two days after that.”

“It sounds like harsh punishment for minor assholery, as you say,” Aatos said carefully.

I shuddered. “It wouldn't if you knew my brother and his protection of his female.”

Aatos seemed to accept my explanation, and our conversation drifted to different topics. Before I realized it, several hours had gone by, and Savannah returned.

She gave me a slight glance and addressed Aatos, “The sun is down. He’s ready to go.”

Anxiety rolled through me.

It was time…

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