Love Found At Night

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Delin Amsel and Patrick Salvai, a Hydreigon gijinka and Liepard gijinka, two best friends from high school who run back into each other in a town named Deerseir. What is awaiting them in their future Two best friends from high school went through the same thing that practically everyone does after leaving they lost touch with each other Since Delin's left. Three years later Patrick finally graduates himself and finds himself landing a job in the same town that his best friend moved two so many years ago. So much has changed within the three years that the two have been apart. Will they be able to rekindle their friendship? Will their friendship actually turn into something more? What are these feelings that both of them have kept locked inside themselves for so long. Could it possibly be love? Join Pat and Delin on the ups and down of their relationship and embracing their life together once more.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Origins: Delin


Graduated high school, never went to college, moved to a town away from my family in a different region than my own, and did some random ass jobs in this new town. Just fucking around because I had nothing better to do, and literally I mean I did some fucking around too. I work at the Office now as my main job, and no it’s not some cubical nice office job. It’s a club, mostly known as a Dragon gijinka strip club, and I’m one of its more popular dancers.

My name is Delin Amsel, I’m 23, and I’m a Hydreigon gijinka. Momma, the owner of the club, picked me up and put me under her wing when she found me. No, not her actual wing either. Momma is a human woman who runs the place. She was a trainer who loved dragons before she became a dragon storage unit basically. She pretty much raised me from when I was 18 to now and still is watching over me. She got me when I was at my lowest and tidied me up to be a better-looking man. Man, that was so long ago. I wonder what would have become of me if I went to college. Hua, I wonder if I’d go to the same place as my best friend at the time. Probably not, he’s four years younger than me. Plus I never thought what id wanna do with my life at that point. Now I know, but do they offer that stuff at college do I need a degree or just a license?

“Hey, lazy ass!” A female voice hit my ears.

“Eh?” I leaned my head back in the chair I was in and looked up to see the face of who was behind me. Well, I attempted to I mostly only saw underboob cleavage. “What do you want?” I lifted up my hand lazily and poked her boob.

“Hey!” She smacked my hand. “Hands off the goods buddy.”

“Then get em outta my face sweet thing,” I said blatantly and bluntly.

“Oh.” She walked around me and stood between my legs with her hands on her hips. “What the hell are you doing, daydreaming and shit?”

“I’m on break, Hax.” I lifted my head lazily and dropped my head to the side, my long black hair moving in front of my face.

“Oh yeah, then do something!” Haxlia said. She was a friend-ish of mine back in high school. Haxlia had long blond hair, red eyes with equally red painted lips. She was our more popular female since she had the curves, large ass, and tits to go with. Plus, she was a natural flirt.

“Like I said, I’m on break.” I sighed, throwing my head back over the chair.

“Nuh-uh bub, you’re as is going to work,” she said and grabbed my hair that was resting on my shoulders but didn’t really pull, she more so treated my hair like horse reins.

Sighing, I locked my legs around hers behind her knees and brought her closer to me, and heaved my body forward and put my hands around her waist. Face inches away from her breast. Looking up at her with a smirk, “Want me to get to work on you?”

Haxlia didn’t let go of my hair and tugged a bit harder, “As if, you seem in a bad mood. I don’t fuck pissy children.”

“I’m older than you,” I said, giving her a deadpan face.

“You still look pissy, whats up?” She said, letting go of my hair and smoothing it out.

“Was thinking about what would happen to me if Momma didn’t snatch me up.” I rested the side of my face in her boobs. “I don’t dislike it here, I love it, but…”

“But what?” she asked another question.

“Don’t you ever wonder what would have happened to you if you didn’t come here?” I looked up at her a bit then back down.

“I’d be miserable, I love it here and I’m happy here. I would’ve ended up here anyway.” she put past hands on my head. “Why? Thinking of going to college?”

“Eh not really, I’m too old and broke for that,” I buried my face into her cleavage.

“You’re like what….23? That’s not old, stupid.” she sighed and patted my head. “Are you still having dreams about high school?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled into her boobs.

“Face, remove it.” She tugged my hair, and with a grunt, I pulled my face up. “Still dreams about the times with Patrick?”

“Yeah…” I mumbled again and pouted a little, looking away.

She sighed really loudly and grabbed my face between her thumb and index finger. “Delin, did you love Patrick?”

Staring at her with wide eyes I blinked slowly. I processed what she had just said to me in my head and thought it all over. “Uh…..” I paused.

“Uh….??” She sounded pissed now. Pinching my face more. “God damn it Delin IF YOU’RE HAVING DREAMS ABOUT HIM, THEN YES YOU DID DUMBASS.” She yelled.

“I uh,…” I paused, blushing a bit. “Maybe I did. I dunno, I really enjoyed my time with him back then. But I don’t know if that was because I was thinking of myself as an older brother or something…”

“Imma smack you.” She growled, “The dreams you’re having, you keep telling me they are like flashbacks to when you two were happy, and you get grossly stupid happy about it. I think that’s love.”

“What if it was just love hanging out,” I asked, looking up at her. Her eyes were narrowed, staring me down. Red eyes peeking through her golden blonde hair that looked brighter than ever due to her black eye makeup. “Ah, Ok….maybe you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right, I’m always right,” she said proudly, with a smirk on her red lips.

“Yeah ok.” I let her go and stood up, pushing the chair back.

“Where are you going?” she asked, looking up at me.

“My room,” I said, moving around her.

“No, you aren’t! You’re working!” She moved in front of me again.

I stared at her blankly and turned her around so her back was facing me. Wrapping my arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides, I lifted her up off the floor. Haxlia started kicking and screaming as I started walking with her like that. I walked to the bar, still holding her in my arms. “Yo cap, got anything to settle down a pissy French woman?”

“Dégage-moi, païen!!!” She started shouting in French, “Je vais vous finir!

“Stille, Haxlia.” I groaned, she started kicking my shins with the backs of her heels. She started growling and hissing at me, wiggling her hands. “Cap, help me out.”

“Put her down before she stabs you?” Captain said. He was an older Kingdra gijinka. He was the main bartender since he didn’t like dancing or performing, blames it on his age.

I opened my arms and Hax dropped flat onto her feet and started trying to claw at my face. I grabbed her wrists and held her hands away from me as she protested. “Tell momma I’m calling it down tonight. I’m tired. So, I’m going to my room.” I let go of Haxlia.

“I’m going to hurt you!” Haxlia readied herself to launch at me, but Captain was stretched out on the bar and was holding her back, “unhand me, captain!!”

“I’ll tell Momma for you.” Captain looked at me then dragged Haxlia against the bar. “Now sweetie, you’re going to help me serve drinks.

“Eeeh!?” She turned to look at him.

With that, I took my opening to leave and weaved myself through the crowd of people. At night most of the crowd was humans and gijinkas coming for the strippers. They either just wanted to watch us dance, some others came for ‘appointments’. Others were to just drink and have a good time. If they weren’t here for the club, then they were here for the restaurant that we have just one floor above. It was a nicer type of restaurant, most people tended to dress up for it a bit nicer than the would if they were coming down here. I walked past the stage and looked up to see who was performing. It was free night. By that I mean, those of us who are performing are allowed to do what we want for dancing. What got my eye was two of the guys dancing, Salem and Chardan. Salem was pretty noticeable with his bright blue and red hair and how flashy he was, Chardan stood out for a different reason because he was in his X form, he stood out because of his black hair and bright blue flames. They seemed to be having fun, grinding on each other and getting handsy with one another. On most Free nights, a lot of us, myself included, tend to get touchy-feely with each other to put on more of a show for the guests. The guys getting it on with each other really gets the females excited and more into it. Salem noticed me passing by and watching everyone, that he jogged over to the edge to talk to me. Pushing through the crowd I got up to the stage to meet him.

“Where ya goin man?” He asked, squatting down to meet me eye level ish.

“Going up to the living space,” I replied back, leaning my side into the stage.

“Aaah why!? You should come up here!” He grabbed my hand and started tugging.

“Sorry, I’m not feeling it. Plus if I got up there I’d show you all up.” I chuckled and smirked.

“Ah….true.” Salem scratched his cheek then smiled back at me, “Well you rest up then man.” He patted my shoulder and stood up.

“You have fun.” I smacked him on the ankle and turned around when he went back to the center of the stage. Making my way back through the crowd I go to the staircase that employees use to go up and down the place. Going up the flight of stairs I opened the door that leads into the back area of the restaurant where no one would really notice me. Closing the door, I turned around to see someone leaning out of the kitchen to see me.

“Oh, hi Delin!” she said, “calling it a night.

“Yeah.” I smiled softly at her. “You still working, Viev?”

“Yeah, we got a lot of people today, so I won’t be done for awhile.” She smiled softly at me. “Want anything for dinner?” Genevieve was a Garchamp gijinka, she was Garvin’s younger sister. Instead of being a stripper she works as one of the waitresses on the second floor.

“Nah I ate downstairs.” I rubbed the back of my head.

Genevieve narrowed her eyes at me and pouted her lips, “Peanuts and booze doesn’t count as a dinner…..Wait there.” She popped back in the kitchen. I stood there awkwardly waiting for about ten minutes for her to come back out. She had a Styrofoam box in her hands. “Here, it’s a light dinner. Eat it!” she shoved it into my chest.

“Ah..” I took it from her and opened it a bit to see what was inside, it was pizza and some bread. “Viev, you know I like to pay for the food I get here…I can’t take this without paying.”

“Give it back, and I’m telling momma you’re getting skinny again.” She put her hands on her hips, pouting at me.

“Ah, I don’t think I can get back to my skinny self when I was younger, too much muscle.” I laughed sheepishly, “Let me pay though?”

“Nope, no paying.” She smirked, “if you wanna do something, work a shift here tomorrow.”

“Ah well, I dance tomorrow night. Can I do the after lunch shift and early dinner?” I asked her, holding the box in one hand.

“Yes, you can! See you tomorrow.” she smiled sweetly and walked back to the kitchen. “Sleep well.”

“You too when you’re off.” I smiled and walked towards the further back where the stairs were to the living space. Opening the door, I went into the third floor and shut the door behind me. I passed by a few co-workers as I walked to my room, saying hi and night to most of em. I got to my room and opened the door. Flipping the light on with my free hand and closing the door behind me with my foot. All of our rooms where like dorm rooms sort off. Pretty much each room had a bed, bathroom, and a little living space. I set the box down on the little coffee table that I had in front of a low leather sofa that I brought into my room. Sitting down, I took my boots off and set them on the side of the table. Sighing, I leaned back into the sofa, spreading my arms out and resting them on the back of the sofa. I stared up at the ceiling, “Love uh?” I stared at the ceiling, pondering what t could have meant. Did I love Patrick? Can’t really tell. I was younger back then, little clueless. Loved him to death as my best friend, after I cracked his shell and got him to open up to me. Can’t really remember having feelings for him, well, love like feelings. Leaning forward, I opened the little white box and pulled out a piece of bread and put it in my mouth, nibbling on it. Looking at the bread then at the pizza then back at the bread, “Pat was Italian, right?” I eyed the bread. “Ok, the bread won’t answer me.” I put the rest of it in my mouth and swallowed, closing the box I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. Walking out yawning, I tugged my shirt and pants off, throwing my hair into a really messy bun. I walked to my bed and flopped over face first into the blankets and pillows.

“Sup Pat!” I greeted him with a smile and wave.

Patrick looking up from his phone, he smiled at me. “Hey, good afternoon.” he was sitting at a table by himself outside a pizza joint.

“Yeah.” I sat across from him, “didn’t wait long right?”

“Nah, I got here not too long ago.” he put his phone down on the table and leaned back looking at me.

“Sooo, you mean you got here like…..forty minutes early?” I smirked, resting my elbow on the table and putting my face in my hand.

Patrick’s ears perked up, then went flat. “Okay….maybe like half an hour early.”

Laughing lightly, I reached across and hit his shoulder. “Ya don’t gotta be here so early, man. We’re friends.”

“I know, it’s a force of habit.” He smiled lightly at me, a small blush on his face.

We sat there for a long time, just talking and having lunch together. Talking about family, work, school, really anything just to spend time together. I ended up mostly listening to him talk about stuff. Watching his lips move, looking at his fingers fidget on the table. Watching his ears flick to the sounds of the wind or other people around us. But my eyes always went back to his face, looking at his eyes or his lips.

“You’re staring,” Patrick said sheepishly, blushing a bit.

“Ah, oh. Sorry.” I rubbed my head and chuckled.

A bit of silence sat between us before I started leaning in closer to him, placing my hand on his. Patrick looked at our hands then back at me with a brighter blush on his face. I kept staring at his lips, seeing the bit of his fangs. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from there. I don’t know what was coming over me, but I kept getting closer to his face. Tilting my head to the side. Our noses touching a bit. Patrick didn’t back away or protest. He sat there still. His eyes half-lidded, his lips open and wet from licking his lips inching his face a bit closer to mine to edge me on. Fuck, I wanted to taste those lips. I closed my eyes, ready to feel something.

What I felt wasn’t soft lips though. It was a soft pillow slamming on my chest. “Wake up!” a voice shouted at me.

Grunting, I opened my eyes, trying to grab the pillow. “Wha…?” I groaned, rubbing my face.

“What the hell, you okay?” the voice said, it was Haxlia when I was finally able to look at her.

“Yeah, why?” I moved my hair from my face, then ran my hand over my mouth and yawning.

“You sounded like you were either sick and dying, or you were masturbating in the early morning.” she eyed me, “I guess you were just dying?”

“Eh, what the hell do you mean?” I narrowed my eyes at her.

“You were making strange noises.” she sat down on the side of the bed. “I could hear from the hallway. Dream? Nightmare?”

“Ah…” I paused, “it was a dream with Pat again. But it wasn’t how I remembered it, something in it changed.”

“What did?” she asked, leaning on her hands.

“Don’t wanna talk about it.” I looked up at her. “Morning, now out. I wanna shower, then I’m going for a walk.”

“Why a walk, you never do that.” she looked offended

“I want some air. Now out, I’m going to shower.” I got up and nudged her with my foot.

Hax got up and walked to the door. “Okay ok, just tell Momma ok.”

“Will do, see ya later.” I waved her off and went to the bathroom, I waited till the door clicked. Then started my shower. Once I got out, I dried off and started working on my hair, brushing my teeth at the same time. My hair was dry, face clean, teeth brushed. I walked out and got a fresh pair of clothes on. Slipped on my boots and looked at the door then at the window. “Out the window, we go,” I said and walked over to the window and opened it, climbing out of it and pulling out my wings to fly off. I was one of very few workers here who preferred to hide their gijinka traits. Since I was a Hydreigon gijinka, and a pseudo-legendary at that, I was pretty scary too look at if I had giant black wings coming out of my back and a thick scaly tail along with it. I wasn’t the only pseudo here, but I was the only Hydreigon here. So, I decided to look more presentable and look a bit more human than gijinka.

Once I was out the window and floating in the air, I closed the window and lowered myself down to the ground. Why did I fly just to get to ground level? Dunno, stairs fuckin suck. I took my stroll through the town, weaving through the people. Although that was kinda hard for me to gracefully walk past people, Im 6′1" and decently sized, so I don’t do many things in a graceful manner. “Pardon me,” I said as I passed by a woman, putting my hands on her shoulders to turn a corner. Once I got past, I walked a few steps before something ran into my chest. What or whoever hit me had a lot of force behind them, it felt like they were tackling me to the ground. We both hit the ground with a thump and a grunt.

“I’m sorry.” the person said who hit me.

I looked over at who hit me. He had purple hair, with cat ears that were the same color. He wore a purple sleeveless jacket over a darker purple t-shirt, long purple pants tucked into dark purple boots, pink tones accenting his look. He had beautiful green eyes that were so sharp it could scare the shit out of anyone yet they looked so soft and that you could find comfort in them. I continued to study him, he looked too familiar to be true. “No way Patrick?” I asked, “Patrick Salvai right?”

He stared at me with a cat stare, slow blinking as his head tilted to the side, “Um..yes. That’s me, but I don’t remember you.” he said.

Ouch, that hurt a bit but I can’t blame him. I look so different from when he last saw me. I was skinnier, shorter black hair and not as many piercings. “It’s me, Delin. Delin Amsel. We were in the art club together back in high school.”

His ears perked up and his eyes got wider, “no way, Delin?!” We both got up from our asses on the ground, and shook hands together, “How have you been?”

“I’ve been good, how about yourself?” I asked him. God, what was the possibilities of running into him here. After so many years apart.

“Shit, sorry. I have to go. I’m late for work.” he said and started to pull away from me.

Holding onto his hand, I dug into my pocket with my free hand and pulled out the card we’d hand out for people to visit the club. I slide my hand down to his first and moved his hand so his palm was open, placing the card in his hand. “Come to the address on the card tonight, depending on when you get off of work. I wanna catch up.” smiling, I let go of his wrist.

“R-right I’ll see you tonight.” he turned and started sprinting down the sidewalk, “it was nice running into you!” He waved back at me.

“You too!” I shouted back, watching him leave. Once he was out of sight. I squatted down, putting my head between my knees. Oh man, this town, it’s so damn small. I didn’t know he was here. When did he get here? What’s he doing? He’s working, did he go to college? Has he been working since graduating high school? I brought my hands up into my hair. Then stood up. “I gotta tell Haxlia….” I turned and started sprinting back home. well …to the office that is.

Once I got back, I stopped at the door and caught my breath before going in. The club technically wasn’t open yet. So, all the normal lights were on as the workers all were hanging out down here who weren’t doing anything. Searching around, I looked for Hax. She was at the bar with some of the other girls, chatting with Captain. I took some quick steps and made it over there and grabbed Haxlia’s arm. “Hey, can we talk?”

“Uh.” She looked at my hand, then up at me, getting out of her chair, “Sure?”

“Good.” I started dragging her off to a different side of the room where it was just us. “So, you know how I said I was having dreams about Patrick?”

“Yeeeaaah?” she raised her brow at me. “Let go of my arm too please?”

“Oh sorry.” I dropped her arm from my hand, “well, I ran into him today. Literally ran into him.”

“And, did you talk?” she asked, crossing her arms under her chest.

“Yeah, kinda. For like two minutes then he had to head to work.” running my hand through my hair, “I told him to come here.”

“And? Was that bad?” She tilted her head, shifting her hair around behind her.

“Hax….How can I tell my best friend, well, former I dunno? Anyways, how do I tell him I’m a stripper, don’t you think he’d hate me?” I started panicking.

“Del, sweetness.” She put her hands on my arms. “If he comes here when you’re performing, then show him you’re a stripper. If he doesn’t like it, then he can get over it. If he doesn’t come while you’re performing, then tell him you are.” she patted my biceps. “So, be normal, act casual. It will all be good!”

“If you say so.” I sighed, looking at her defeated.

“Now! Gene wants you in the restaurant. Hop to it!” she turned and left me.

“Gene…OH SHIT VIEV!” I turned around quickly and darted up the stairs to the restaurant. As I ran up into the kitchen, Genevieve was standing there waiting for me. “Ah, hi viev. I just got back.”

“Alright.” She looked at me, “Go put on black pants and an apron, you should be fine.” she turned and went back into the kitchen.

“Yes, ma’am.” I sighed and followed after her, grabbing a spare uniform from the backroom and changing into nicer pants and tied my hair up in a high ponytail.

I worked as a waiter on the dining floor for a couple hours. The guests were those who were getting late lunches or early dinner. Even had a few small groups come in for like a dinner meeting. I was working back and forth between greeting people and severing them. Eventually, Genevieve released me from my working hours and told me to get ready to perform. Thanking her, I left the second floor and quickly went up to my room to change into something loose and baggy that was easily removable. Darting back down to the first floor, I walked to the back room. AS I was doing so, I felt my phone ring. Answering it quickly. It was Patrick. I felt my heart skip a little to hear his voice. We talked quickly, he needed to know the directions to get here. Giving them to him, we hung up shortly after. Sadly, I wanted to talk to him more but I also had to pay attention to who all was going when on performing today.

A bit of time passed, several people performed before me. Right when I was getting ready, one of the female workers came and found me. “What’s up?”

“Your friend Patrick is here.” she smiled, “So put on a good show.” She patted my chest and left the backroom.

“Thanks!” I shouted back, with a stupid grin on my face.

“Eeeew, why are you smiling like that.” Haxlia popped up beside me, her face turned to see my face.

“Patrick’s here.” I looked down at her still smiling.

“Well! Put on a good show, you’re up!” she grinned at me and patted my back.

“Now Please give a warm welcome to our favorite stripper, Delin Amsel!” Noelle said from the stage, and I walked out as she walked back behind the curtains. Her brother, Twitch started playing the erotic music that I liked to dance too.

I noticed Patrick at the bar, I bit my lips smiling as I ran my hands down my body. Tugging on the pieces of fabric that barely clung to my body. Patrick turned to talk to Captain who was working at the bar. Taking the chance, I got off the stage and made my way to Patrick. It wasn’t uncommon for me to get off stage and start to get playful with a guest. Patrick turned to see me and was shocked to see me so close to him. I took my shirt off and he instantly looked down at my chest and stomach, his face getting red. I started feeling his chest up, our faces getting closer as I barely sat on his lap. The girls were screaming and whistling in excitement around and behind us. I ran my hands through his hair, showing off those pretty green eyes. God his hair was soft too. Licking my lips, I tugged his hair gently, pulling his head back. Lowering my face to his neck I whispered, “I’ll be done in five minutes, then ill come back.” I let go of his hair and got off his lap. Pulling my wings out I wrapped them around me and the lights went out, making my way back up to the center stage. When the music hit the right spot, the lights came back on.

I turned my back to the crowd and took my hair down from the high ponytail it was in, Slowly swinging my head side to side with the music, putting my hands behind my head and under my hair. Lifting up and down to fluff it out. Turning back around, I bent over slowly to take my boots off. Taking my time to get back up straight. I danced to the music for awhile before taking my pants off. Getting to the front of the stage, I turned my body in profile, standing on my toes and started moving my body in waves to the music, making almost all the girls lose their minds. Bending at the knees I lowered myself slowly to the ground when I was low enough I stopped bending at the knees and lowered my torso so my shoulders hit the floor before anything else, still having my feet planted firmly on the ground. I kept doing the same motions, but this time, I was bringing my hips up and down in the air. My hands lacing through my hair, then down my chest to my pants. Teasing them off and on, showing just the smallest amount of my hips to the crowd. Bringing my hands back up, I put them behind me and lifted myself up into a quick handstand. Bringing my legs back around I got onto my feet once more. My back turned the crowd again. I started pulling my pants lower and lower with each sway. When my pants hit my ankles is when the girls all started screaming. Taking one foot out I kicked my pants back behind the curtains. Taking my hair into my hand and throwing it over my shoulder. Exposing my back and ass to the crowd. I got lower to the stage floor again, shaking my ass and popping my hips up and down. Popping back up, I turned to face the crowd, right when the music ended. I took my bow, saying my thanks and grabbing my boots and walking off stage to the back.

“You gave pat a lap dance.” Haxlia purred as she sat in a chain in the back.

“No. I didn’t.” I paused while putting my pants back on. “I thought about it though.”

Haxlia started laughing and kicking her feet as she sat in her chair in her performance outfit. “Oh please, give him a lap dance!!” she calmed down to speak. “Oh, if you do see if he gets a boner.”

“Nah I’m not gonna do that to him. He’s still young.” I walked past her, “I’m going onto the floor to get him.” I said as I left the room and made my way to the floor and weaved through the crowd to the bar. I put my hand on Patrick’s shoulder when I found him. He looked started but calmed down when he saw me. “Wanna head outside so we can hear?” I asked, he nodded, so I motioned him to follow me and made our way outside.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a stripper?” He said as soon as we got outside.

Ah fuck, I knew this would happen. I leaned my back into the wall, “I figured you wouldn’t have come if I told you.” I looked away from him. I knew he wouldn’t like knowing what I do for a living. Fuck.

“To be honest, I probably would have.” he said, I was shocked to hear that but didn’t know what to say, so he continued on “I probably would have been more prepared for everything that happened back there.” he laughed sheepishly. “Your body is nicely toned. You’ve been working out for sure.”

Chuckling lightly, “you were expecting the thinner me back from high school?” I smiled, looking back at him.

He laughed lightly, and we talked about what he was doing here. He got a job at a bakery here in town, straight from high school. So, we both didn’t go to college. Patrick told me a lot about the bakery he was working at and that he was learning to make bread. I told him I’d love some when he learned how to make it.

The door to the club opened, “Delin you’re on in five!” The girl said and went back in.

“It’s fine. It’s been a long first day at work for me. I should get home. Oh, and Delin…I’m glad I ran into you this morning.” Patrick smiled and held out his hand to me.

I took his hand and pulled him into a hug, Patrick hugging me back with his free hand. “You should try to make it more often. The girls seemed to like the show,” I chuckled and let him go heading back to the door.

“Wait, Delin I almost forgot to ask you something,” Patrick grabbed my wrist like I did to him this afternoon.

“What is it?” I turned and looked down at him.

“I know that this is terrible for me to say, but I forgot what your pokemon half is and also what evolution are you in?” he looked embarrassed to ask me this. “I mean you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I feel like a terrible friend for forgetting in the first place.”

Smiling softly and chuckling lightly I pulled my hand from his and put it on his head between his ears, “It’s okay don’t worry about it. I’m a Hydreigon now, it’s my final evolution.” he stared at me with wide eyes like I just blew his mind. Patrick must have really forgotten what I was. Don’t blame him, I didn’t look like many of my kind or family even. I laughed, “What’s got you so surprised, Kitten?”

“DELIN HURRY UP YOU’RE ON IN TWO MINUTES!” the same woman spoke again.

“I’m coming!” I shouted back, clicking my tongue. I really didn’t wanna have to leave Pat so early. I looked back down to Patrick “You look exhausted, head home and I’ll catch ya later.” and with that, I said my fair well and went back inside the club.

My show went on pretty slow. I wasn’t really in the mindset to perform now that Patrick wasn’t watching. I still did my job well, giving I was using my body as a service to others. But I wasn’t having fun with it like usual. Why was I like this? Was it because I was so happy to see Patrick? Getting lost in thought I almost stepped off stage but caught myself before anyone noticed. Once my show was over, I got off stage and pretty much went back to my room straight away.

I plopped onto my bed, still dressed and boots still on. I laid on the bed, arms stretched out and feet still on the ground. Huh….So, my best friend is here in the same town as me again….That makes me so happy.

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