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His regal head bore sharp teeth that dripped with saliva. Paws beating against the ground. Faster and faster. It was a battle against tiwme. Yellow gleaming eyes staring her down, taunting her. In the year 2890 the planet earth has been overturned by supernatural species, werewolves to be exact. The revelation of a race other than humanity came with it the imprisonment of all free humans. Neema, is one of the many humans who remained un-captured by the wolves and living in a dwelling underground. However, when her underground village is infiltrated, she is forced to the nearest compound for mating and breeding. Placed into a submissive role, Neema fights the restrictions placed upon her by the wolf community. Resistant to the expectations exerted upon her, she must learn to adapt to the changing world around her. She is forced into accepting her position as the mate of a powerful and cruel alpha male of one of the oldest and most revered wolf bloodlines. Neema struggles to establish a home for her and her two younger siblings in the harsh new world they have been forced into the centre of. Can Neema find her place in a world where dominance and breeding is all that wolves care about. A story about strength and family.

Fantasy / Romance
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The grey wolf sat atop the hill with a perfect view of the land before him. A vast area covered with rotting buildings, debris and the new growth of trees. The area provided a perfect hiding ground for the ever fearful humans. With so many buildings to hide in and an underground sewer system, the stench of the town was a somewhat perfect place to hide the humans scent. However, with the light of the moon beckoning down on him he felt the beast inside awakening and his senses sharpening to its full power. With one last look at the land, he raised his regal head to the moon. With his muzzle in the air, he let out a mighty howl. One by one his companions howled up at the sky in response to his outcry, signalling the beginning of the hunt. They were going to find this hidden human village even if it was the last thing they did. No human would be left to roam his lands unaccounted for. They would capture them all and when they did, only the gods would save them from his wrath.

At the thought of the evasive humans the grey wolf emitted a snarl that reverberated through his chest. His patience had run out, and the beast was now running rampant through his kind. He was determined to end the hunt. The thirst for the prowl left his skin tingling with the need. It was time to bring them home.

With one last look up at the moon the grey wolf howled and then set off at a deadly pace through the forest. He could hear the heavy footfalls of his fellow wolf companions and knew that this would be the time, the time in which they won the hunt. There could be no other outcome.

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