Between the Were Wars

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#3 Were Wars. Peace is here, the Socorro Cartel is gone, but life for the new Gila Pack and their Alphas refuses to return to normal as enemies appear Alpha Marcus Diggs was pissed. “That FUCKING BITCH! I can't believe this shit. You'd think a fucking DRUGLORD would be able to kill one uppity bitch whore of a she wolf!” His eyes went back to the large flat screen on the wall, where reporters were coming in live from the crime scene where Juan and Carlos' bodies had been found. A crawl along the bottom reported the news that Renee Hastings had been rescued from her captivity and was now returning home. File footage showed Juan and the growth and now loss of his cartel. “She needs to pay for what she did. She never should have been Alpha, never should have been able to leave that challenge circle in Colorado. The bitch should be fucking DEAD and her carcass left for the buzzards.” Don waited a bit for Marcus to start breathing a little easier. “Boss, what can we do about her? She was weak back then, but now that she is mated to Robert Hastings their combined pack is a force. Look at how they beat the Cartel and all their money.” “Hastings is old, and Renee is pregnant. They aren't as strong as you think.”

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Chapter 1: Straight Cash

(Book 3 of the Were Wars series)

Gila Pack Vehicles

New Mexico

“Wake up, lovebirds, we’re back on our territory!” Enrique and Anna laughed as they heard the frantic scramble for clothing from under the blanket in the back of their SUV.

Caleb’s head stuck up first, looking around he found a bra on the wheel well and passed it underneath the covers to where Maria, who was trying to get dressed. When they left the hotel, neither had gotten much sleep, so they moved the rear seat out of the way and ‘slept’ the whole way home. The middle seat of the SUV was loaded high with all their bags and supplies, which gave them the illusion of privacy.

Well, they finally fell asleep after four hours of mutual exploration and excitation. Maria’s breakthrough in the hotel carried through to all kinds of amorous activities, which weren’t quiet to werewolf hearing. Enrique and Anna giggled to themselves about it most of the way home.

Since they were the lead vehicle, the two lovebirds did not recognize that the truck carrying all the money and gold and such was right behind them, and could look right into the back despite the tinted window. Robert’s teasing voice came through the link. “Caleb, you might want to see Doc when we get home. The commercials say that if you have an erection lasting more than four hours you should seek immediate medical assistance.” All three vehicles erupted in laughter, with Renee slapping Robert’s chest and Maria diving back under the blankets in shame.

ALPHA!! I... we... HEY ITS OK WE’RE MATED!!!” Maria was holding on tight to Caleb’s chest as she tried to hide her embarrassment. It took a minute before she looked up at his smiling face. He pulled her up and kissed her firmly, his lips taking hers with authority. “I don’t care, I love you and I always will.”

Linda’s voice came through to everyone. She and Andy were driving the tail vehicle, the panel van they had taken from the Cartel. “Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be able to use that footage in my documentary on werewolf mating practices. Too much mating, too revealing practices!”

The laughter roared through the cars again, this time Andy grabbed her leg. They had to be careful with Maria, she had been through so much in her life and they didn’t want to ruin what she had now. That didn’t stop everyone.

Enrique’s voice came through next. “They may have to name their baby Silverado!” The laughing died out immediately, and he suspected immediately he had gone too far.

Robert came over the bond, dropping it to the rest. “Enrique, don’t joke about that. Maria may not be able to have children, we’re not sure if she was too damaged from what they did to her.” Enrique said he would apologize, but instead Robert went over the bond to all but Maria and reminded them not to say anything about babies unless she brought it up first.

Enrique felt like shit. He held Anna’s hand and waited until he saw Maria’s eyes in the rear view mirror. “I’m sorry, Maria, I didn’t know.”

Maria smiled at him. “I don’t know either, the doctors don’t know. No one has ever had this happen to them, Doc said. It’s all right, I’m not mad at you.” She opened her bond only to Caleb. “I don’t want you mad at him either. You knew about this when you claimed me, and although I want badly to have a family with you, we can adopt if my body doesn’t work anymore.

Caleb kissed her gently. “Whatever we have and however we have them, they will be loved. As long as I am with you I will be happy, and will do everything to make you happy.”

Maria cuddled into his side. “We have plenty of time, I’m still young and apparently we need the ‘practice.’” She finished dressing and they folded the blankets.

The caravan passed through the border of the territory, the guards howling in celebration at their return. They made their way towards the Pack House, slowing only to weave around the landslide area where the Cartel attack had been repelled. The vehicles had been towed away, but parts of the road were still damaged and the helicopter was still visible near the river below. Renee’s hand was over her mouth as she surveyed the damage. “Robert, I wasn’t happy when you sent us away, but I understand now why you didn’t want us around for this. Look at all they sent.”

“No, love, I’m the one that should be sorry. I foolishly thought that if you weren’t here you wouldn’t be in danger. I should have known better, I should have insisted Derek keep you better protected. I let you get captured and it’s my fault that bastard did that stuff to you.” He was fighting to keep control, his wolf was howling mad at the memory of how he failed his mate.

Renee put her hand on his forearm. “It’s no one’s fault but Juan’s. I knew the Cartel was after our pack, but I decided to take a shopping trip when I should have been on Johnson Pack territory making sure the pregnant mates and babies were safe. I had a lot of time to think, love. I don’t blame you, or my brother. We need to learn from this and move on.”

She held his hand as they drove on. “We need to make amends to some people.” Robert looked over. “When I was captured, there was a Dr. Martinez who treated me. He lied to them about giving me wolfsbane, and warned me to hide that I wasn’t being sedated like he had been told to do to me. It would have been a lot worse for me without his help. I don’t know if he survived or not, but I owe him.”

“Call Alpha Merino, he captured a few people at the safe house after you were taken from there.”

Renee did, and found out that he was being held for questioning. “Alpha, he risked his life to help me when I was being held there. I’m in his debt. Please consider releasing him, or at least consider transferring him to us and we’ll take responsibility for him.” Robert listened to the response, and smiled because this would make her happy. “Thank you so much, Alpha. If you could give him my contact information when you let him go, I would like to see him again and thank him in person. Thank you again for you Pack’s help.” She hung up. “Anyone else we need to recognize?”

Robert thought. “Well, Alpha Merino’s team was a great help, both his Betas and his medical staff. Their doctor took a big risk by issuing a death certificate for Enrique, even her Alpha doesn’t know about it. Andy and Linda went above and beyond, and without Enrique’s help we would have had nothing. Then there are the people on my teams that got the stuff in the back of this truck, and the ones that defended our Pack from mercenary attack. That includes the team your brother sent down to help us. I think we should have a feast in a few days, and celebrate with our Pack. We should also invite the El Paso and Johnson Alphas and the people who helped, so we can properly recognize them.”

“I agree. We should do something tangible for our allies, as well. Have you decided what to do with this truck full of loot?”

“No, I wanted to talk with you first. I’m not giving it back, his money is our spoils of war and it us right to keep it.” Renee nodded her head. “But, I don’t want to keep it all. It’s far more than we could ever spend, and there is so much good we could do for our people with it.”

He had told her earlier how much they estimated was on the three pallets of cash, plus the gold and gems and bags of jewelry. It was a fortune. “I’d like to use some of it to make improvements to our facilities, especially now that our Pack is growing again. I’d like to purchase more land to expand our borders. And I want each of the members of our Pack to share in the gain.”

Renee thought about it for a minute. “I would like to help out the other Packs. I know there were reparations, but so many had their homes and facilities destroyed, many are starting over. I think we could help seal the peace by taking away the temptation to attack other Packs, giving them the means to live in peace again.”

Robert nodded at that. “I want to do something that would help us as a people, not just Packs. You didn’t see the end of Wolfstock, but there were so many great ideas out there that we could fund. Helping people find mates, support and education for the orphans, scholarships for college and to fund those years of lost education for all the young ones who survived. Legal help for those who are trying to get land or property back. Genealogy projects. Capturing our history. Helping with transitions of humans who find Werewolf mates.”

Renee smiled. “And I want to start a program to help people through the loss of their mates, and help them to find their second one. I want everyone to be as happy as I am right here, right now, because of you.” He lifted his hand up and kissed the back of it.

“Keep it simple? Split the cash 30% us, 10% El Paso, 10% Johnson, then 25% each for other packs and Council activities?”

“Sure. We divvy up the jewelry among our Pack women, keep the diamonds, gems and gold as a reserve in case something else comes up. Those that helped us directly, maybe buy them cars or trucks or something, maybe a vacation.”

They crested the last big hill and the Pack house came into sight. Enrique slowed and stopped, the whole caravan was spellbound at what was before them. Robert spoke first. “Linda, you take the truck and have Andy come up here and drive this one. We’re going wolf.”

All except the drivers bailed out, tossing their clothes back in before shifting to wolf form. Renee came up next to Robert, licking his face as their tails wagged furiously. Her pregnant belly now showing, she moved slower than normal. The rest came up behind them, rubbing against each other in greeting. Robert raised his head and let loose a howl, joined first by Renee then by the rest of their group.

The answering howl from his Pack was deafening. The entire Pack was running towards them in wolf form. Robert led his group forward and they met in the middle in a huge mass of fur and dust. The Pack members rubbed each other and licked each others faces in joy. It took ten minutes for every member to have a chance to greet their Alphas before the two made their way to the front.

With a joyful howl, Robert set off for the Pack house. The Pack, roughly by rank, fell in line behind him. A Pack run was the best form of celebration among them. Even though it was the shortest run ever, this run was glorious.

The Alphas were back!

Tahoe Pack Alpha Office

Lake Tahoe, NV

Beta Don Gillette watched the news coverage with shock, working hard to keep his emotions off his face. Alpha Marcus Diggs had no such control issues. He was Alpha and he knew it, and so did everyone else in his Pack.

“That FUCKING BITCH! I can’t believe this shit. You’d think a fucking DRUGLORD would be able to kill one uppity bitch whore of a she wolf!” His eyes went back to the large flat screen on the wall, where reporters were coming in live from the crime scene where Juan and Carlos’ bodies had been found. A crawl along the bottom reported the news that Renee Hastings had been rescued from her captivity and was now returning home. File footage showed Juan and the growth and now loss of his cartel. “She needs to pay for what she did. She never should have been Alpha, never should have been able to leave that challenge circle in Colorado. The bitch should be fucking DEAD and her carcass left for the buzzards.”

Don waited a bit for Marcus to start breathing a little easier. “Boss, what can we do about her? She was weak back then, but now that she is mated to Robert Hastings their combined pack is a force. Look at how they beat the Cartel and all their money.”

“Hastings is old, and Renee is pregnant. They aren’t as strong as you think.”

“She has powerful allies. Her brother, most of the other Alphas, the military and the government. Hell, the fucking President calls on her when he needs to work with us. I talked to some people I know in other packs, once the Alpha Council meets she could very well end up being able to control the whole thing. She’s the only one, they say, who can bring everyone together because everyone respects her, human and werewolf. With enough supporters, she will be unstoppable. We don’t have anywhere near that kind of influence.” He sat back in his chair, hoping Marcus wouldn’t do something rash that would get them all killed. “And with the rule changes that have been adopted, you can’t just challenge her or Robert for their Pack. The new rules would result in you forfeiting your life.”

Marcus sat as his desk, slowly leaning back as he cut and lit a cigar from the humidor on the corner. “We have more allies than you might think. That meeting at Red Rock, not everyone is happy with how things went. Since then, even more Alphas have learned of the error of supporting the changes. Did you know that five Alphas have been VOTED out of leadership since that bitch’s brother pushed through the new rules? Strong, dominant wolves who were destined to rule their packs, watching them go to weak Betas and women who can’t keep people in line. Packs that are losing members left and right to other packs, packs in chaos because Alphas are afraid to force people into line. If we can get her and Robert out of the way, we might have enough allies by next year to reverse these changes and get things back to how they should be.”

Don went to the small bar behind the desk. Pulling out two tumblers, he poured them each two fingers of single malt scotch. Handing one to his Alpha, he sat on the corner of the desk. “What we need is a way to take them out of the picture without getting our fingers dirty. If we show our hand too early, we could be crushed.”

Marcus smiled. “I have some ideas for that. I don’t want them just to lose their Packs, I want to see them weak. Humiliated. I want them to suffer along the way and wonder how the hell it all went bad. They will never suspect us, because we won’t be doing anything directly.”

Don sipped his drink and smiled. “Death of a thousand cuts, I like that.”

“There is one cut I will take directly, because I have to be the one to deliver it.”

“What is that?” Don set his drink down and leaned forward.

“I’m going to the Alpha Council and petition that my brother’s challenge against her was lost by her, and thus her old Pack and all its wealth should transfer to me. That bitch cheated, and I can’t let her get away with killing my brother like that.”

Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters

Langley, Virginia

“It’s a fucking disaster, boss.” James looked over the desk at his boss, the Director of the Central American division. Vincent Balducci was scowling at him, the Fox News coverage on the wall as he took off his jacket and flung it over the chair to the side. “Juan is dead, his organization is already destroyed. Between the werewolves and the other cartels, in another 48 hours you won’t find anything left of his organization.”

“No hope of pulling something out of this?”

“I can’t see it. We’ve been propping up the Socorro cartel for almost a decade now. Arms, money, hell we even made sure their drugs got through or transported them ourselves. It worked to keep the Gulf and Pacific cartels from getting too strong, but now they’ve each snapped up territory and routes. We’re on the verge of a new war now, a much wider and more destructive drug war. There’s no buffer territory between them, the whole nation just became unstable.”

Vincent pinched the bridge of his nose as he leaned back. “OK, two things. Find out how the fuck this happened, there is no way they were able to take them out this fast without good intelligence. Second, start purging. Congress will have our balls if they find out what we’ve been doing, not to mention what the Mexican government will say. I want us to be clean as the driven snow by the end of the week.”

“Yes sir, it will be done.”

Drug Enforcement Center Office

Albuquerque, NM

Kim Corrigan smiled as she walked to her car in the secure underground parking section of the building. Washington had appointed her Agent in Charge after the death of her old boss, Michael Miller, in a car bombing. She smiled as she thought about how the cartel war had helped her keep his murder from being discovered; it was now just written off as an early salvo in the war.

She was under no suspicion at all.

She approached her reserved spot and unlocked her Ford Contour; now that she had been promoted, she could spend some of the Socorro Cartel money she had been hiding and upgrade to a nicer car without suspicion. As she opened the door, she thought about how she was glad she had saved because that gravy train had come to an end. She tossed her purse into the passenger seat, sat down and turned the key.

“Don’t move.” The voice from the back seat shocked her. She thought about reaching for her duty weapon, but it was carried on the back right of her hip and wasn’t easy to reach in the car seat. “Hands on the steering wheel.”

“You know who I am?”

“Yes, Kim, we know who you are. My boss wants to talk to you, if you do what I tell you when I tell you, you will live. Now... put your purse on the floor of the passenger side.” She complied. “I need your gun, two fingers only, hold it at the base of the grip. I’ve got a shotgun pointed at your spine, one twitch and they’ll be scooping your guts off the dashboard. Nice and easy, take it out and toss it on the floor on the other side of your purse.” Kim was sweating now, there was no way out of this so she complied. “Now drive.”

Kim pulled out of the parking garage and followed directions to an industrial section to the north. They approached a decrepit warehouse, the rollup door opening as they drove to it. The inside was dark, she parked and unlocked the door.

“Put this on.” He handed her a black hood, trembling she put it over her head. Once it was on, her door was opened and a big man unbuckled her belt and pulled her out and to her feet. He led her into a room, closed the door and set her down on a chair. Her hands and feet were placed in leather cuffs and her waist was buckled to the back. She was helpless.

She didn’t have long to wait. Several men entered the room and stood around her. “Welcome to your new business arrangement, Agent in Charge Corrigan. You may call me John. Now, what were the particulars of your arrangement with the Socorro cartel?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Kim, Kim... I had hoped you would be smarter than that.” She felt the cold steel of a blade between her blouse and skin, then it ripped down the front of her body. Her bra fell open to each side. The man cupped her left breast, measuring its weight, then her nipple exploded in pain. She screamed, straining against her restraints but nothing helped. She begged them to stop, promised them anything, and eventually they stopped. “It’s amazing what a simple pair of pliers can do. That was a warning. We know far more than you think, and you are going to fill in the details. We will be checking your answers, and any lies will be met with pain on a scale you cannot imagine.”

She sucked in her breath as an ice pack was applied to her swollen nipple, the relief immediate. “On the other hand, cooperation will be rewarded. I want us to have a long and successful partnership, one that will make us both rich. Now... what was your arrangement with the Socorro cartel?”

Kim slouched in defeat before sitting up. “I was first approached as a field agent. They knew I had trouble with student loans, so they made me a deal. There were times that I would lose evidence, let people walk, or just look the other way. I would get paid depending on the service. This went on for a year or two. Once they knew they could trust me, they started feeding me information on rival cartels. I used that information to make some impressive busts and it got me noticed. They kept helping my career as I rose through the ranks.”

“Which cartels did you target?”

“We focused on the Pacific cartel. The Gulf a few times, but they usually weren’t in my territory.”

“What else did you do?”

“I provided them with warnings on raids and investigations. They didn’t always act on it, sometimes they would sacrifice people or drugs to allow a bigger shipment to go through somewhere else. My team was getting good results, so no one asked. I started getting invited to higher level meetings- regional and national level task forces and strategy. I would feed information from those meetings to them.”

There was a silence. “What we ask will be no different. You will never see us, in your purse will be a phone number and an email address you can use to contact us. If we need you, we will leave a note in your car or home. You will do what we ask of you without question. Also on that note is an account number in which your money will be deposited. We are not savages, we expect good work to be rewarded and it will. You will feed us any information you come across, as you do not know who we are or who you work for. That is not your job, it is ours to figure out what to do with it. Copy files to a jump drive weekly and leave it where we direct, we will pick it up. Do you understand what I want of you?”


“Will you enter this partnership with me under the terms I have described?”

She didn’t have a choice, but it was the same job with a different name on the check, so what did it matter? “Yes, I accept your terms.”

“Good. Allow her to return to her house.” Most of the men left, while two remained to remove her from the chair. She was led back to the car and they drove off, leaving her alone in her car. She grabbed her gun and purse off the passenger side floor. In the purse was the card with the numbers, and $50,000 in cash.

When she got home, she put the cash in the safe, poured herself a stiff one and drank until the shaking stopped. When she got to her bed, there was a note on her pillow. “Someone took Juan’s cash reserve. Find out who. Don’t be stupid. -John”

Cartel House

Outskirts of El Paso

The boss looked at the three man ‘rip crew’ in their military-style gear. “We learned from one of the mules that a load of Carlos’ drugs was left behind in the desert when the runners were killed. Your job is to find it and bring it back. It’s located near here, best we can figure.” He pointed to an area on the map. “Take ATV’s and bring it back here. Understood?”

The men nodded and moved out to the truck, the ATV’s already loaded onto trailers. Their pistols and rifles were well concealed for now.

Gila Pack Alpha Offices

New Mexico

After a restful night back home, it was time to get to work.

Robert sat at the head of the table with Renee to his side. He looked around the room, his Betas and senior advisers were looking back at him along with Enrique, his newest Beta. There had been some grumbling about this, as he wasn’t a warrior, but Robert quickly quashed that. He was a warrior just like them, he just operated in a different arena.

He had already explained to everyone that Enrique could no longer leave Pack grounds, even after his new identity was in place. Facial recognition software and fingerprint analysis made it too dangerous. No one could ever learn that he was alive.

Enrique’s fingers were flying over his laptop, his computer contained years worth of intelligence on the drug cartels that he was going to use to help his Pack. “Alpha, I do not have an issue with your plans for distributing the money, but you need to be more careful in how you actually use it if you want to stay out of jail.”

Robert looked at him. “Why is that?”

Enrique pulled up a diagram he had made of the Socorro cartel’s money laundering operation. “You have the same problem Juan had with his pile of cash. You have the money, but you can’t just bring a bag of cash into a bank and deposit it. The Feds have been working for years with the banks to make it nearly impossible for people to use cash in large amounts. For instance, all banking transactions of more than $10,000 have to be documented and reported to the FDIC. You have to fill out a form describing under penalty of perjury how you got it. The DEA, FBI, and Treasury departments all mine this data because cash is the lifeblood of drug operations. You make a deposit of a large amount of cash, by the end of the day you’ll have the DEA and IRS on your doorsteps with warrants.”

Renee looked up at him, her hands folded over her rounded belly. “ we keep the deposits under ten grand and make more of them.”

Enrique shook his head. “It’s also a felony to structure deposits as to avoid triggering the limit. The Feds monitor bank deposits of cash, they can even tell if different areas are starting to see a spike in cash deposits. It’s been a fairly successful program, that’s why Juan had so much cash sitting in the vault. It takes time and money to get the cash into deposits and other assets you can use. It’s called money laundering. You put dirty money in, on the back side you have a much smaller pile but it’s ‘clean’ money, money you pay taxes on and report as a normal business.”

He got up and walked over to the big screen where he had the diagram. “Juan didn’t trust US banks, so he had to truck the money to Mexico. From there, it would be taken to various banks offshore. They usually charge about 25% just to accept the cash deposit. From there, you have to transfer the money through shell corporations until you finally get it back into the states where you can use it again.”

“Just how much does this cost?”

“Juan would lose forty to fifty percent along the way. He had other ways to do it, that is why there is so much jewelry, gold and gems. He would buy this stuff at pawn shops, on the internet, he had a whole group of people who did nothing but buy this stuff. The problem is that you are buying retail and selling wholesale so you still lose 50% of the value. It isn’t perfect, as now transactions of gold and silver are being monitored and reported as well. It takes a lot of time and people, and it isn’t practical when you’re looking at $800 million in cash. The big advantage is that there is no way to trace it, no serial numbers or anything.”

Robert sat back in his chair. “Fuck me. Who’d have ever thought that finding pallets full of cash would be such a pain in the ass?” He looked over at James, he was a local lawyer before retirement just before the war started. “James, is he right on all this?”

“Yes, he is. He didn’t mention one other problem, though. We’ve got a truckload of stuff that was stolen. Yes, it was stolen from a druglord, but that won’t matter. It wasn’t on Pack lands and is subject to human justice. If the Feds find out we have it, they will take it. Then every person in this room and every person involved in the raid will be indicted for conspiracy and murder. People died in our raid, and under the law it doesn’t matter if you were on the trigger or not. All of us would die in prison. We’ve got to keep the news of this money quiet, let things die down a bit before we do anything big.”

Renee leaned forward. “We’ve got to hide it, and hide it well. We’ll still go ahead with the jewelry, since that can’t be traced. We can also keep out a few million in cash to distribute to our Pack. Take the 10% each for Johnson and El Paso packs and hide it separately until we can give it to them and give them the same advice we have. The rest gets buried until we have a plan.” The heads nodded around the room. “We will set up a distribution to our Pack, something not too excessive, maybe $1000 a month to each person. That will be easily explainable, this Pack has money and my previous Pack brought in a bunch as well. I’ll have my brother and Alpha Merino do the same.”

Robert stood and leaned on the table. “No one outside this room can know about how much we have or where it is hidden. Take the truck and get it hidden after removing what Renee directed.”

The Betas stood as one. “Yes Alpha, it shall be done.”

They had scarcely left the room when Robert’s administrative assistant, a young Omega named Cherrie, came in with a note. “Alpha Renee, this man would like you to call him back as soon as possible. He said it was a matter of great importance.”

“Thank you Cherrie. Robert, let’s go back into your office. Do you know a Richard Grey?” She walked ahead of him out of the conference room.

“Yes, he is an elder in the Midwest region, northern Wisconsin if I recall. He was an Alpha before the war, but he stepped down years ago.”

Renee put the phone on speaker and dialed the number. “Elder Grey, this is Alpha Renee Hastings. How may I be of assistance to you?”

“I’m sorry to have to do this, Renee, but the National Council has received a complaint about you that requires us to conduct a hearing. It is about the challenge you faced at Red Rock. The complaint states that your Pack member illegally interfered in an Alpha challenge, thus resulting in you forfeiting leadership of your Pack. You are directed to appear at the hearing in 7 days, 8 o’clock in the morning, at our offices in Chicago.”

Renee paused. “Why? My old pack doesn’t even exist anymore, all of the members joined with Gila pack when I mated with Robert.”

“That is true, but the law at the time was clear. Interference from a member of the challenged Pack places you at the mercy of the other Alpha, and he can demand your death in return. He can also take control of Pack assets.”

Renee was confused. “You were at the challenge, you know that there are no Pack assets to transfer.”

“We checked into it, but the Pack assets were only to be liquidated and split per your will upon your death. If it determined you forfeited the challenge, the transfer would occur before your death. He could take everything.”

Robert interrupted, his eyes going amber as he fought his wolf with the threat to his mate. “That’s ridiculous, Stanley Diggs was killed raping one of my Pack members. Even so, the next Pack Alpha or next of kin would have to make the challenge. I’m pretty sure Alpha Blake of the Crested Butte Pack doesn’t want this, and Stanley wasn’t mated. Who brought the challenge?”

“Alpha Marcus Diggs of the Reno pack. Stanley’s younger brother.”

El Paso Pack Alpha Office


Daria stood quietly next to Joe as they waited for permission to enter their Alpha’s office. She nervously fingered the temporary mark on her neck where Joe’s teeth had left impressions. Last night had been amazing, she thought. She couldn’t wait to be his in every way. Alpha Merino called them in and they walked up to his desk.

“Good morning Daria, Joe. From the mark and your scents I bet I know why you are here.” Daria blushed and kept her eyes on the desk, she had been told not to look an Alpha in the eyes and was nervous of screwing something up.

Joe spoke first. “Yes, my Alpha, Daria has accepted me as her mate and I am requesting permission to change her, mate her and make her a member of this Pack.” He squeezed her hand reassuringly.

Their Alpha got up and came around the desk in front of them. “I would be honored to have you as a part of my Pack, Daria. You have my blessing and my permission. You still need permission from a human judge, though. Joe, you have to hold your wolf back until this is received.”

“Yes, Alpha, we have a court date late this afternoon. I’m assured it is only a formality.”

“Very good, then. Joe, take one of our Jeeps and show Daria around. It won’t hurt to let her see our Pack lands and meet more people before you have to be in court. Once you have the court order, you may use the cabin up on Crooked Lake for your mating.” He smiled at Daria and took her other hand. “The cabin is remote and you won’t be disturbed. Stay as long as you wish, and I will see you when you get back. I think you will be a beautiful in wolf form, Daria. I’m looking forward to the next Pack run with you both.”

Daria loved being out in the Jeep. The open top, the wind in her hair, and the scenery of the large Pack territory had her in a good mood. Joe had packed a picnic lunch for them, and out in the western stretches they found a nice spot on top of a mesa, looking down at the valley below. When Joe parked and came around to get her with the basket in hand, she jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately. “Beautiful spot you have here.”

“Not as beautiful as you.”

She smacked his arm. “Does that line really work? So corny.”

He guided her to the blanket and sat down, pulling her into his lap. “So true. You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, Daria, because you are the one Luna made just for me. While you live I will want no other, and when you are gone I will have no reason to live.” He cupped her face gently and brought his lips to hers. The kiss started out gentle, his lips brushing hers, his tongue flicking through to trace hers. Gentle only lasted until she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her, allowing him to plunder the depths of her mouth as their tongues swirled around each other. The kiss went on until both were breathless, and she sat back and looked with love and lust into his eyes.

Her hands moved down his chest and to his side before gripping his T-shirt and pulling it off of him. He returned the favor with her shirt and bra, exposing her brown breasts with dark nipples already erect with the excitement of it all. She shifted in his lap, straddling him as her legs wrapped around his torso and pulled him close. Their frantic kisses were now met with the movement of their hands on each other, she moving them over his strong back and shoulders while he kept one on her back and the other on a breast, alternating hands as he ramped her desire up even higher.

She screamed when he bent down and sucked hard on the nipple his thumb and forefinger had been teasing, her orgasm hitting without warning. He held her tight as he kept licking it before shifting to the other side; he could smell her desire for him as she moved her hips, her wet sex dry humping his shaft as she came down from it.

Joe leaned forward, laying her gently on the blanket as he continued to nip and lick at her nipples. Her hands were in his hair as he went back and forth. He looked up at her and saw the desire in her eyes, and with his tongue he worked his way down her belly while his fingers unsnapped her jean shorts. As he pulled off her shorts and panties gently, he nuzzled at the black hair covering her sex until his nose was working its way between her lips. He tossed the clothes to the side and buried his face in her. “JOE! Oh god Joe don’t stop...”

“I could stay here forever, love.” He used his long tongue to lick up and down, teasing her lips as the blood flowed into them, opening her like a flower. He loved the smell and taste of his mate, and he was intent to show her how great making love could be after all the bad she had endured. She pulled her legs up and let her knees fall to the side to give him more room to work.

When her hands went to his head, he stopped and looked up. “Daria, let me take care of down here. I want those hands on those magnificent tits of yours. Rub them and tease them as I do my part.” He immediately buried his face again, his tongue spearing deep within her. She cupped both her breasts with her hands, her nipples were still very sensitive so she gently stroked herself. It felt like they were directly connected to her swollen clit, and soon she was over the edge again. She pushed up with her back and feet as the feeling became too intense, but Joe wasn’t letting go. He used his face and hands to hold her in place while he licked her through her strong orgasm. Only when she collapsed back to the blanket did he stop and look up at her.

She was magnificent. The sweat beaded on her naked body, her chest heaving from the exertion. Her face was kind of blank, like he’d licked her into oblivion, which he admitted he had. He moved up on his hands and knees until he was above her, and waited for her eyes to open. When they did, she smiled and pulled his head down for another kiss. Looking into his eyes, she begged him. “Joe, baby, I need you to make love to me. I need you to fuck the bad memories out of me and replace them with memories of you alone.”

Joe kissed her. “Daria, I could never fuck you. People who aren’t mates fuck. I will make love to you. I will make love to you so well you won’t be able to tell where your body ends and mine begins. And after we are mated, I will show you pleasure beyond your dreams.” He quickly removed his shorts and boxers and set them aside. He guided his hard shaft to her wet sex as she wrapped her legs around him. They both moaned as he slowly moved his length deep into her, and she went off like a firecracker when he pressed up against her cervix. He gently stroked through it, the whole time kissing her face and lips until she had control again. When she started moving with him, he slowly built up the pace until their hips were slamming together. The smack of flesh and the squishy sounds of her wet sex filled their ears as they built to a creshendo. “DARIA!!!” Joe slammed home one more time then held her ass tight to him, his legs starting to spasm as his come rocketed out and deep into his mate’s womb.

“JOE!!” Daria’s eyes went back in her head as her orgasm hit her like a freight train. She screamed in pleasure as his hot seed painted her insides. When both had come down from their highs, Joe rolled them over until she was lying on top of him, still joined by his shaft as their fluids slowly leaked out.

“By Luna, I love you so much.” Joe rubbed a hand up and down her back, gently tracing her spine with his fingers as she tried to get her breath back. The just held each other and listened to the songbirds in the nearby shrubs. “I will do that to you forever if you let me.”

Daria pushed herself up a little so she could see him. “And I will let you.” Just then her stomach growled loudly and she busted out laughing. “After lunch.” She got up, leaving a pool of fluids dripping onto his groin and the blanket.

“There are some wet wipes in the glove compartment, love. We can clean up and dress then eat. I think I brought enough.”

Daria pulled her T-shirt on, then her sandals. Her petite ass was just barely visible below the shirt when her hips swayed, a fact she took advantage of as she walked away. She pulled out the wet wipes and cleaned herself up, then grabbed a couple for him. She had just turned around when she froze and looked down into the valley. “Who are those guys?”

Joe sat up just in time to see the high powered rifle bullet hit her in the face. Blood and brain sprayed out the exit hole and coated the ground and the jeep with gore. Bonelessly, she dropped to the ground.

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