Between the Were Wars

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Chapter 5: By Any Means

Gila Pack Hospital

New Mexico

“DEREK!!” Renee smiled and held her arms out as her older brother came through the door. She had been up for a while now, having been notified when his group landed at the airport. She had taken time to eat, get a sponge bath and change while she was waiting for him to arrive. He rushed across the room into her arms, hugging her tightly while avoiding her swollen stomach completely.

“How are you doing, Renee?” He looked deep into her eyes, he could see the emotions warring inside her even though she put on a good face. She was under a lot of strain, and was not getting enough rest, and her face showed it.

“I’m doing the best I can. There is too much going on and I’m not fully recovered from the last adventure, and then this all starts.” She pulled her loose blouse up and guided his hand to her belly. He smiled when he felt one of the babies moving under her hand. “Doc says the babies are doing fine, it healed itself up and it won’t cause premature labor. He’s just driving me nuts because he won’t let me out of bed. I’m the Alpha, for crying out loud, and I’m needed out there.”

Derek moved his hand to the other side while he looked at her. “He’s doing what is best for his patient and her babies, so quit your whining and follow orders.” He smirked at her as she frowned at him. “It’s only a few more weeks until they are out of the danger zone. That’s part of why I am here, to help you out with running your pack and defending your territory until you’re on your feet and you have Robert back here with you.”

She held his hand over her belly as she laid back, tears starting to fall. “I’m sorry I took you away from your mate and Pack, but after the FBI raid... we are vulnerable. Some of my top Betas are gone, my armory was emptied, and I’m stuck in a bed.”

“Well, we got your message loud and clear. I brought forty men with me, all heavily armed and trained, plus we brought a few extra cases of weapons to replace what was taken. We got the news reports too.” As they talked, his men were being settled into visitor’s rooms. “My Betas are already linking up with yours. Between us, we’ll be able to put up a good force.”

Renee looked away as a border sentry linked her with more news. A smile came to her face. “We have more help here. Alpha Merino of the El Paso pack just arrived with a caravan of warriors, he got the message too. He said that because they knew our communications would be monitored, he just came without talking to us first. He should be here in about twenty minutes.”

Derek pulled a chair next to her bed and sat down, keeping hold of her hand. “That’s excellent news, he’s a strong ally.”

“I’m going to need him. Tomorrow we have the hearing with the Alpha Council about the challenge.” She filled him in on where they were and what their plans were. “With my husband gone, I’d like you to act as my Second. There won’t be any challenges on neutral ground, at least I don’t think he’d be stupid enough to try and hurt me, but I need you between me and him. With my big brother here, my wolf will stay calmer and I won’t be so tempted to leap out of bed and rip his head off.”

Derek laughed, and nodded his head. “It would be my honor to stand by you. Do you have a minute for some Pack business?” When she nodded, he used the link and soon three men came into the room. They knelt down next to her bed, their necks exposed to her in submission. “These three men were the security detail that allowed you to be captured while under our Pack’s protection. As the individual harmed, their punishment is being left to you. They know what happened after you were kidnapped.”

She looked at the three big men, she could sense their fear and disappointment. Allowing a pregnant female to be harmed was a big deal to a society that valued children so much, and to have it be the younger sister of their Alpha and former Pack member.... It was the kind of thing that was normally punishable by death or banishment.

Reaching out, she put her hand under the nearest man’s chin. “Look at me, all of you.” They raised their heads up, unsure of what would happen next. “You failed me.” Their faces fell and they were having trouble keeping eye contact, so she looked at each in turn and made sure she had their attention. “But, I failed you, as did your Alphas. I was foolish to assume that distance made me less of a target, or somehow diminished the threat. I should have known that a shopping trip was an unneeded diversion, or I should have treated it seriously enough to have a larger detail and to stay with it. I paid a heavy price for my lack of judgment. Stand for me.”

Derek stared down the men as they stood, necks exposed, waiting to hear their fate. “Renee, what is their punishment?”

Renee looked down at her hands, then looked at the three men in turn. “For the duration of your visit, these men are my personal security detail. Two will be inside or outside my room at all times.” The men looked up in shock. “I trust they have learned their lesson and will fulfill their duties no matter the personal cost?”

All three men nodded, thanking her for her mercy and vowing to protect her with their lives. Two left, leaving one in the corner of the room. It wasn’t long before one poked his head back in. “Alpha Renee, a young girl is here to say goodnight.” He stepped aside as Michelle ran in.

“Uncle Derek!” She jumped into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck as she gave him a hug. “Mom didn’t say you were coming!”

“I didn’t know for sure they were coming or when, dear, so I didn’t want to say anything.” Renee’s face glowed when her adopted daughter was around, they had made things official as soon as she had returned from being kidnapped. Michelle had clung to Renee when she first became Alpha of their old Pack, and the family bond had grown quickly. “Now it’s late, give me a kiss goodnight and maybe Uncle Derek can go tuck you in.”

Michelle carefully climbed onto the bed then kissed Renee’s forehead. Moving down to her belly, she kissed her soon to be siblings goodnight as well before jumping back into Derek’s waiting arms. “Derek, can you come back here when you’re done? We still have some things to talk about.” He nodded and carried a giggling girl back out the door.

It was only a few minutes before her guards let her know that Alpha Merino and his Beta were here. She smiled widely as they walked into her room, but only the Alpha smiled back. “Jesus, good to see you again. How is Maria?”

“She’s fine, of course I left her at home because the threat to your pack is greater than you may realize. When we got your message, we knew from the way it was worded that you were in trouble, but then we found out from who. Marcus Diggs is planning to attack your pack.” Renee’s face dropped with the name. “A few days ago, my beta Joe here,” he pointed to the man in the corner, “was out on our territory with his mate, a human he was waiting to turn. She was killed without warning by a team moving drugs, and we found out that Alpha Diggs was behind it.”

Renee looked at the man in the corner, his eyes were focused somewhere far away, and he looked like he was just going through the motions. “Joe?” He looked up at her. “Joe, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. You know my story, if you’d like someone to talk to about it I’m here for you any time.”

Joe nodded, then his eyes went hard. “I vowed to avenge my Daria before I give myself over to my grief. When I found out Diggs was coming here, I had to pull myself together to be brought along. I will go through anyone or anything to catch that bastard and watch the life drain out of his eyes.”

“We have a problem then.” Renee closed her eyes and pinched her nose. “Diggs will be here in the morning. He is appealing to the Alpha Council, saying that his brother was interfered with and I should have to forfeit the challenge, and thus my old Pack and its assets. The Council will be bringing him here for a noon hearing since I can’t leave my hospital bed.”

She could see Joe tensing up, his fists were clenched and his eyes were becoming dark. Alpha Merino had to walk him out of her room, and it was a few minutes before he returned with Derek behind him. “Alpha, I don’t know if I can control him if he sees him here.”

“And I have promised him safe passage and a neutral site. I can’t have him attacked with the Council here.” She thought for a minute. “I have a Pack member who is in hiding on my territory since the FBI is still here. Would you object if I had Joe provide him protection tomorrow? It’d keep him busy and out of the way.”

“I’ll send one of my men as well,” Derek said. “That way we can be sure one of us can Alpha link the group if anything goes bad tomorrow.” They agreed on the plan, and set it up so the two Betas would leave in the morning. “So what else do you know about Diggs and his plans?”

Alpha Merino sat down in the chair, the events of the day catching up to him as his energy drained. “I know he’s been working with a drug cartel to make money. He runs teams of men for them like a contractor; he gets paid, and he only uses his Pack men. Robbery, kidnapping, running drugs, anything they need. He’s got a surplus of fighters and a poor geographic location. He wants your territory because between the Gila and Santa Fe pack territories, he would have control over drug smuggling into a large portion of the border. The cartels would pay very well for his services then.”

“Does he have other packs aligned with him?”

“We think so, we just don’t know how many.” Jesus sat forward and looked between the two Alphas. “What you did at Wolfstock rocked the core of our society, and like all change, there were those who resisted. Marcus was one of the vocal opponents of the changes your brother pushed through. So, in addition to being able to promise land and riches, he can appeal to those neanderthals who want to go back to the old ways. Now, how many packs and how many men he is bringing, I don’t know. I just know it will be significant. He doesn’t do anything halfway.”

Renee reached for her water, trying to calm her thoughts before she continued. “There is one more thing you may not know about. During our fight with the Soccorro cartel, we hit his vault and took his cash. A little payback for what he had done to one of our Pack members. The Feds know the money is gone, and suspect we have it, but they didn’t find it in their search. Diggs wants this, why work for money when you can just take it from me?”

Derek looked over at her. “Just how much money are we talking here?”

“Cash, a couple pallets, we estimate eight hundred million. Plus gold, bonds, jewelry... we haven’t had time to even count it.” Their expressions were priceless, she could have put her whole hand in their mouths and not touch anything. “Don’t worry, we’re not keeping it all. We’ve already set aside fat stacks of cash for each of you. I was going to give them to you when we had our celebration, but recent events have postponed that.”

Jesus shook his head. “Fuck. That kind of information is even suspected, and half the Packs in the country will try and take it.” He put his hands on his head as he sat up straight. “I’m glad you got it, Renee.”

“Yeah, well, according to my lawyer it’s difficult to launder so I’m not sure how much of a blessing it is right now. All it has done is paint a huge target on my huuuuge pregnant ass.”

“I think it is time we call in our Betas and see what they’ve come up with for war plans.” A few minutes later, the room filled up as the senior men came in. Derek looked at them and asked, “What have you come up with?”

Hector stepped forward. “We’ve briefed what we learned of the threat to the Gila and Johnson pack Betas. We are all in agreement with what we think their strategy will be; confident in numbers and assuming the Gila pack is weakened, they will attack in force, probably from several sides. Their objective will be to take out the Gila Alpha and submit her pack once she is gone.” He looked at Alpha Renee, she didn’t look surprised at this.

Renee met his look, then looked at the room. “Can we use the strategy that worked against the Cartel team?”

Her Beta, Rick, shook his head no. “Then we had Enrique warning us which direction they were coming from, so we could move our teams to our planned ambush point. He’s gone, and without that warning we won’t be able to respond from here to the locations fast enough. Plus, last time we knew they were taking vehicles, these guys might use them or they might run cross country in wolf form. We all agreed that we don’t have enough resources to try and intercept them.”

Derek looked up. “So we fall back to the Pack compound and hold them off here.”

“Exactly. It’s just like a game of Capture the Flag, except we only have to be able to protect our own. Marcus only wins if he is able to kill you, and through the loss of the mate bond kill Robert. He HAS to become Alpha here, because the Alpha Council and the other Packs will take away his pack if he fails.”

“So what did you come up with?”

Rick smiled. “We fortify the compound, but we do it quietly and out of sight. I’ve already instructed our friends to stay inside and out of sight, we don’t want to advertise that we’ve gotten reinforcements. We have groups working on placing sandbags and steel in places we can use as defensive positions. We want them to come close, and surround the clinic. Did you ever see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?” Renee shook her head no, but Alpha Merino nodded. “I keep forgetting how young you are, Alpha. Anyway, at the end the soldiers are waiting for them to come out and they cut them down in a hail of bullets. We’re going to do the same thing. Anyone willing to fight will be by a window or on the roof, those who can’t will be in the safe room of the Pack house.”

Alpha Merino smiled. “Fuckers will never know what hit them.”

CIA Black Site Detention Facility

New Mexico

Kim Corrigan walked out to her car, pretending to smoke as she retrieved the burner phone from her purse. Dialing quickly, she spoke just as fast. “We know where it is, but we have to be led to it. I’m taking the two prisoners back to the Gila pack lands.”

The voice on the other side end paused for only a moment. “We have heavy equipment rented and a team to meet you. Find it and show the leader of that team. Call this number when you are 30 minutes out.” She closed the phone, wondering how they knew she would need a front end loader, but dismissed it as she had work to do.

The hooded men led Caleb through the morning light out to the unmarked panel van, quickly loading him in and locking his shackles to loops welded to the frame. Negotiations had taken most of the night, but in the end Caleb agreed to lead them to the money if charges were dropped against Maria and she was given immunity from prosecution. He didn’t care about himself, he just wanted to make sure she didn’t spend another night locked up.

The deal didn’t go into effect until they had control of the cash, though.

Maria was led in next and secured next to him; she was still unconscious, having been sedated by the CIA doctor earlier in the morning. Caleb leaned back so she could rest against him. When his part was done, she would be released on her Pack land. He wouldn’t be, and it wasn’t his Pack any more. He felt the loss of his Alphas deeply, and he knew he was betraying his friends, but he had to save his mate.

Four Seasons Hotel

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Marcus Diggs and his Beta, Don Gillette, were finishing breakfast with the other three allied Alphas and their Betas in his room suite. He looked around at his new allies, three smaller packs with older Alphas. They hadn’t brought as many fighters as he would have liked, but each of them had a common problem- their people were leaving them. Around this problem they were united, and once they had knocked off Renee and a few others they would reverse the rule changes and get their people back.

Even if they had to force them.

Much of the previous night had been negotiation, determining how much money, land or people would be required in return for their fighting with the Tahoe Pack. Most wanted money, and that was fine with Marcus. Soon he’d have far more than he needed to pay them off. In all, they had ninety three warriors and four Alphas. They had also agreed on a strategy- Marcus and his men would attack from the north while the other three would come from the south and cut off any escape. They would form a perimeter while Marcus went in and killed Renee, then they would force the pack to submit or die.

The omelets were excellent, fluffy and light, Marcus thought as he finished up. He could get used to this luxury hotel stuff. He had to get going, it was almost time to meet Elder Grey.

Gila Pack Territory

Undisclosed location

Enrique booted up his laptop, the solar panels now in place would keep it powered and the satellite internet setup would connect him to the outside world. The cave was cool and damp, but it was hidden and well away from civilization and the rest of the Pack. It was a good hideout, the rocky canyon walls provided plenty of cover and were impossible to traverse with anything but horses or wolves. Joe and Ricky, one of Derek’s warriors, were on their second trip back to the Jeep to get the rest of the supplies. Enrique hadn’t planned on being out here this long, and it made sense to make a real camp where he could continue to work.

Enrique was a Beta and a warrior, but not like the men who were joining him. He had no combat training in human form and relied on his wolf’s instincts in that form, but that didn’t matter. His area of combat was fought using mouse clicks and keystrokes, and he had proven his value to his new pack already. His mate was gone, taken in the FBI raid, so he lost himself in his work to keep his mind off her situation. He hacked into the government satellite surveillance system and used it to check the Pack boundaries for activity. So far nothing, which was good.

When Joe and Ricky returned and everything was stowed, it was time for him to learn how to fire a gun. Ricky had brought an extra AR-15 rifle for him, with a four-power scope. He took to the training quickly, and an hour later would be functional in a fight.

Outside East Gila Pack Territory, Hwy 40

New Mexico

The men gathered nervously around their vehicles, sweating already under the body armor and weapon loads. Soon their leaders exited the office where, if rumors were true, Hector Beltron and his leaders were working from. The security would tend to support that, there were some hard men guarding that room.

There were four teams of ten men in the strike team that had been assembled. Each of them was a veteran of war, mostly with Special Forces. Their banter reflected the boredom that comes before sudden violence, from men used to it. They were being well paid for this, but they were all nervous. They had heard about what happened to the last mercenary team to try and attack the Gila pack. The satellite photos told the story, and the precision of the ambush had their attention. This wasn’t a group to fuck with.

“We’re on standby, be ready to roll in five minutes from the order. Plan is simple, we make a thunder run to the compound, keep spacing at 100 yards in case of IED’s. Gear can come off but stay close. Food will be here in an hour.” Snake turned around and went back into the room, and the men caught a glimpse of Hector.

Hurry up and wait, something all these men were used to.

Gila Pack Hospital

New Mexico

The guard stuck his head in. “They are just pulling in now, Alpha. All Pack personnel not involved are in or near the safe room.”

Renee thanked him, then raised the hospital bed to its max. “Derek, can you help me with some pillows? I need to be able to see everyone easily.” He pulled her forward gently and they got enough behind her she could be comfortable. “I want you beside my bed the whole time, between me and Marcus. William Post can be behind the bed up by me. I want the Council in chairs on both sides of the bed, and leave room for Marcus and his men below the TV there.”

“Of course, sis, there is no way I’d let him get close to you. I just wish we hadn’t promised him safety, I’d like to rip him apart with my bare hands just for being an asshole.”

“Get in line.” She grimaced a bit, causing him to rush to her side. “Don’t worry about it, Braxton-Hicks contraction. Doc says I’m fine and the monitors are being watched in his office so we aren’t disturbed.”

As if he was listening, Doc came into the room and glared at her. “Alpha, you know I don’t agree with you having this hearing now.” Renee glared back. “You will need to remain calm and avoid sudden movements, you are doing much better but I don’t want any setbacks. If I see you are becoming over stressed, I’ll stop this whether you like it or not.”

Renee placed both her hands over her large belly. “As if I’d do anything to endanger my babies. I’ll keep this hearing short and sweet. Worst case, we lose some money. I just want it over with so I can get him the hell off our land.”

Derek took Doc by the shoulder and led him back out. “I’ll watch out for her, and I’ll shut it down before you do if I have to. You can talk to her guards and they can link to me if her walls are up.” While they were talking, chairs were quickly set up per the Alpha’s instructions. Snacks and drinks were set on a side table just in time for the group to come in.

“Elder Grey, welcome to the Gila Pack.” Renee smiled broadly as the distinguished looking man arrived at her bedside, grasping her hands in greeting.

“Thank you, Alpha Hastings. May I introduce the other two elders for this hearing, Theodore Grimley and Rufus Washington.” Renee greeted the two and motioned for the seats along each side of the bed; the court reporter had already sat down and was setting up. “And this is Alpha Marcus Diggs of the Tahoe Pack, and his Beta Don Gillette.”

Renee nodded politely at the two, but the resentment was clear in her eyes as she motioned them to the chairs across from her. “With me is my brother and second, Alpha Derek Johnson, and my Pack Counsel, William Post.” After all the pleasantries were accomplished, Renee looked at Elder Grey. “Elders, I thank you for coming and hope you understand that with everything going on in my life right now, I just want to get this hearing done and take a nap.”

The elders chuckled, so Elder Grey started. “The purpose of this hearing is to hear testimony related to an appeal on the Alpha challenge between Alpha Renee Hastings, then of the Santa Fe pack, and Alpha Stanley Diggs of the Crested Butte pack. Since Alpha Stanley died in the challenge, his brother Marcus Diggs of the Tahoe pack has claimed blood right for the challenge. As the appellant, Alpha Diggs will present his case followed by Alpha Hastings. The opposing party and then the elders will then be able to ask questions of either party, and then we will deliberate and decide. A majority vote, not unanimous, is required as the decision involves Pack property. Are there any questions?” Both parties indicated no. “Very well, Alpha Diggs, the floor is yours.”

“Thank you Elders. My petition is simple. My brother was involved in an Alpha challenge that ends only in the death or submission of one party. Prior to this result, one of the Santa Fe pack members attacked my brother without warning or provocation. At this point, Alpha Hastings by rule should have lost by default and my brother should have become the new Alpha of the Santa Fe pack, with control of all Pack assets.” His Beta had put in a DVD of the fight, it had been broadcast on live TV so all had seen it.

“Elder Grey, you can understand that I don’t wish to revisit the courageous exploits of his brother in that circle, since it was at my expense. With your permission, let’s just skip to the part he’s talking about.” Renee’s irritation was starting to show through, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to watch much of that tape without losing her lunch. Getting torn apart slowly and without resistance wasn’t a time she wanted to repeat. They watched as Kevin charged into the ring where Stanley had been standing over a badly bleeding Renee. The interference was momentary, the young man was quickly killed and the playback was stopped where Wendy ran into the ring to be with her mate.

“It’s clear interference in a challenge. Since Alpha Renee did not die, but was defeated, all Pack assets should be transferred to the estate of Alpha Stanley Diggs, and as his beneficiary in his will, to me.” He sat down, his pleasure at sticking it to Renee clear to everyone.

The elders had no questions, so Elder Grey motioned for Renee to start. Instead, William Post stepped forward. “Alpha Diggs, we have a few questions about the challenge for you. Can you continue the video please?” Playback restarted with Diggs tearing the dress off a crying Wendy and thrusting himself into her. When Renee tore his throat out, he paused the video, the arch of blood from his neck frozen on the screen. “Your brother was not harmed by the interference, in fact he dealt with it and was uninjured when he changed to human form, is that correct?”

“I don’t see where that matters, human.” A glare from the Elders caused him to look back at William with contempt. “Yes, he was not injured. But that doesn’t matter...”

“Please, answer my questions only. You agree the interference caused him no harm.”

“Yes.” Marcus sat back, seething.

“It is clear on the video that he was so unconcerned with the threat from Renee that he changed back to human form and took the time to rape a former Pack member over the body of the mate he had just killed. Why did he do that instead of protesting the interference? Or just go back over to Renee and finish her off?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t get a chance to ask him. The bitch jumped him.”

“As you said, the challenge only ended in death or submission, neither of which had occurred, so it seems his inattention was foolish and led to his defeat. Maybe if he wasn’t a punk-ass rapist he’d still be alive.”

Marcus jumped to his feet, and immediately the Elders formed a barrier between him and William. Elder Grey looked at William and motioned him to stop. “I’m warning all of you, this is a hearing not a fight club. You are going to treat this hearing and the people in this room with respect, am I understood?” Marcus was pulled back to his chair by his Beta, still upset at the slight.

“My apologies Marcus, and Elders. Now, my second question is, under whose rules did this Alpha challenge occur?”

Marcus looked at his Beta, and the Elders looked at each other. Finally, Marcus spoke up. “Rules for Alpha challenges are traditional, it doesn’t matter.”

Elder Washington looked at both parties. “That is not true. The laws of the Pack land it is held on normally apply, but in this case the Wolfstock celebration was held on neutral ground. In that case, the challenge is done under the Pack rules of the challenged Alpha.”

William smiled and pulled out a folder with copies, and handed them out to the Elders and Marcus. “These are the rules of the Santa Fe pack, as documented on the Pack scrolls. The last change was in March two years ago, prior to Alpha Hastings taking over that Pack. If I may, I’ll read the highlighted portion. ‘In the event of a dispute, Pack Elders will rule on the dispute immediately. Once the parties have left the Circle, the results are final.’ Council members, there is nothing to rule on here. Alpha Diggs is not allowed to challenge the result, and should go home with his tail between his legs and concentrate on running his own Pack. We have no further questions or evidence to present.”

“Alpha Diggs, any questions?” He shook his head no.

“Very well, the Council will retire to another room to deliberate. Alpha Diggs, why don’t you take a break outside, we will let you know when we’ve reached a ruling.” Diggs stormed out, slamming the door, as Derek started to laugh. The elders were right behind him, and one of her personal guard closed the door behind them and stood in front of it.

“That was beautiful, William. Renee, that was a stroke of genius leaving the arguments to him, the burn was even worse with a human doing it.” Derek looked at Renee, who was obviously tired. “Let’s leave her alone for a bit, maybe she can get a nap in before the decision is handed down.” They had just said their goodbyes when the Elders returned to the room with Marcus in tow.

“Don’t bother getting up, this won’t take long. The petition has been denied based on lack of jurisdiction under the challenge rules of the Santa Fe pack.”

Renee let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Elders, for your time. Please escort them off my lands.”

Marcus surged forward, only to be held back by his beta. “You BITCH! I’m going to...”

“LEAVE. While the offer of safe passage still stands.” Derek started down Marcus, the tension in the room rising as William stood next to him. William crossed his arms behind his back and stared him down as well. Beta Don put his hand on his Alphas’ shoulder, gently moving him towards the door as he fought to resist the change. A few seconds later and they were gone, the door closed and guarded.

Derek looked over at William with shock on his face. “Counselor, you should know better than to get in the middle of a werewolf fight when you’re a human.”

William smiled and slowly moved his right hand out from behind his back, bringing with it a large Bowie knife coated in pure silver. “I may be human, but I’m a former Army officer and I’m far from helpless. Do you think my only preparation for this job was researching the law?” He put the knife back, and pulled his jacket aside to show the Glock under his suit jacket. “I couldn’t show fear, bullies smell that and see it as permission.”

Renee chuckled behind them. “You’re just what I need in my Pack, William. I need to find you a woman so you settle down here.”

Now it was William’s turn to be shocked. “Yeah, like that will happen. No offense, but I’ve been around long enough to know that mates are a pipe dream, I’ll settle for someone who will put up with an old soldier like me.”

Before Renee could react, the door opened again and Alpha Merino poked his head in. “Alpha Johnson, we could use your help in the detainment cell. The FBI agent who was scratched is coming out of her sedation and is showing the early signs of a turn.” Derek kissed his sister goodbye, and went to follow him out only to find William also leaving.

“William, you need to stay here. Newly turned Weres are unstable, and we can’t have a human in the room.”

William put his hand on his shoulder. “I need to be there; this turn has significant legal implications, both for Alpha Hastings and for this Pack. I need to record the events and ensure we don’t incur any additional liability when this is all over with.”

Derek paused for a moment before relenting. “All right, but stay well away from the bars near the door, and if things go south you leave before we have to tell you.” William nodded and the three of them moved to the basement of the hospital where the secure room was located. Nodding at the guards at the door, they were let through the heavy steel door into a small, dark room. The solid concrete walls had no opening except the one they came through, and a few lights were focused on the caged area in the back. The cell itself was about ten foot square, the heavy steel bars coated in silver. There was a toilet and sink on one side, the other was a concrete platform with a thin single mattress on it. On top, Agent Melody Olson was twitching in her sleep. She had been placed in a hospital gown and loose shorts in anticipation of her shift. Doc was next to her, monitoring her vitals, while a guard and Agent Waters watched from outside the cell.

Derek looked around the room, then at Doc. “How long until the turn?”

Doc looked down at her, she was flushed and her body temperature was elevated, her sweat soaked the clothes and the sheet as he checked her again. “In the next twenty minutes or so. I’m getting out.” He stood up slowly and his eyes never left her as he backed out of the cell. Once it was closed and locked, he moved next to the Alpha and Agent Waters. “She’s done well so far, but we don’t know how bad she will be coming out of this. We’ll expect the worst and go from there. Alpha, if she doesn’t calm I’ll need you to submit her wolf.”

Agent Waters looked over, concern in her face. “Will she be all right?”

Doc sighed. “The toughest part is for the new wolf to integrate with the human; if the wolf nature takes over, especially if it feels threatened, it will rage uncontrollably. We’ll be safe out here but she could hurt herself. I will need everyone to remain calm, stay back, and preferably sit on the floor. Stay non-threatening in your posture, and keep your voice calm. Once the wolf settles, it will help her integrate with it.” Just then the door opened, and a bowl with raw meat was placed inside the door. “Food might help too.”

Tammy Waters stepped outside to make a phone call, she trusted the visiting Alpha and Doc to keep her safe for a while. By the time her boss was updated and she came back in, Melody was awake and in agony. She watched fascinated as bones broke and reformed, as muscles realigned, and gray fur grew in. Her clothes tore off as her shape changed, and in a few moments it was over and a gray wolf with black boots and a white diamond on her chest lay panting on the bed.

Melody looked around in confusion, moving her head to each noise and lifting her snout to sniff the air. She whimpered softly, looking at the people in the room she rolled onto her stomach and then stood up. It was a little like watching baby Bambi starting to walk at first, but after a few tentative steps she jumped down and slowly walked to the bars. Derek tossed her a steak, and she gobbled it up and licked her lips.

Derek smiled and stripped, quickly shifting into his huge white wolf form. He moved to the bars, greeting Melody with licks and muzzle rubs as she sat down for him. He looked at the guard and then to the door, understanding quickly the guard let him in and shut the door behind him. He moved to her, rubbing his body along her side. She quickly submitted to him, rolling onto her back as he licked her muzzle and ears.

Doc looked on amazed. “I’ll be damned. That’s the smoothest forced turn I’ve ever heard of.” The wolves in the room stripped and shifted, and Agent Waters let them into the cage to greet their new wolf. After butts were sniffed and shoulders were rubbed, Derek moved to the door of the cell and chuffed to be let out. This time the door stayed open as he led Melody out to meet the humans who had remained behind.

Melody went to Tammy first, licking her hand and then her face as her friend and fellow agent scratched her ears and knelt down to hug her around the neck. She then walked over towards William, but halfway there she froze. Her nose was sniffing and her head was cocked to the side, her tongue hanging out and she finally caught the scent. Leaping forward, she jumped up to William’s face and with her front paws on his shoulders she knocked him to the ground.

The guard ran to knock her off, but Derek was faster and intercepted him with a low growl. Looking back, they could see William laughing, shocked as Melody licked his neck and face over an over while she stood over him. Tammy’s mouth was open, and it took her a minute to talk. “Are they?”

Derek shifted and pulled his shorts back on, Tammy by now being used to them stripping and shifting and she didn’t even look away in embarrassment anymore. “Yep... they are mates. I don’t know what it is with Renee, I’m going to start calling her the Love Broker.” He walked over to the couple, she had finally let him sit up and she was resting her head on his shoulder and sniffing his neck. “Melody, we need you to shift back so we can talk to you. Imagine yourself in human form, see your fingers and toes, close your eyes and imagine yourself lying there...”

It took a minute but with Derek’s encouragement she completed the change, her naked body now tightly clinging to William who was about as red in the face as a black man could be. He had never met this young woman until now, yet he felt a strong attraction to her. He hugged her tight as he glared at the other men in the room looking at her backside. “STOP looking at her.”

The men turned away as he removed his coat and tie before pulling his dress shirt off. He pulled it over her head, it was long enough to go down to her knees and he rolled up the sleeves as she finished buttoning it. Her wolf was pleased that she was wearing his scent, it calmed her since she had not claimed him yet.

Derek opened the door for them and they walked into the hall. “Come on, let’s go talk to Alpha Hastings, I’m sure you have a bunch of questions for us. I’m so happy for you, Melody, not just for the change but for finding your mate.” Tammy added her congratulations as well.

“Thank you, Alpha. It’s a dream come true for me.”


“Yes... in college my roommate and best friend was a werewolf. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t party and date around, she was really beautiful and got asked out a lot. I followed her while we were camping and caught her in wolf form. Once she explained to me how everything worked, I could understand why she was waiting patiently for her mate. She told me that she would know her mate by smell, and how that person was created just for her and would love her forever. Our senior year, she found him and it was just like she said.”

“Who is she?”

“Was. Angie was discovered and killed in the first days of the Were War. Her mate died trying to give her time to escape. They chased her down and shot her in the back of the head, like a rabid dog. She didn’t have an evil bone in her body.” She wiped a tear from her eye. “That’s why becoming a werewolf didn’t scare me, I knew it was my destiny to become one. She promised me that if I my mate hadn’t found me by the time I was twenty five, she would change me so I could find him. She would take me to Pack parties, she was always trying to introduce me to single wolves. She wanted me to be as happy as she was.”

William’s arm pulled her close as they walked, giving comfort to her as he struggled to comprehend how his life had just changed. It turned out that she had a few questions, mostly dealing with life in her new Pack. Since William was working for this Pack, she chose Renee as her Alpha when it was explained that she had a choice. It didn’t take her long to get the hang of mental communication, and her wolf was pleased to have a Pack bond in place. She was starting to lose energy, though, and her stomach growled loudly.

“Melody, have your mate and your friend take you to the kitchen and have them make up a big feed for you. Shifting is tough on your body and you’ve been out of it for a while.” Doc smiled as she took William’s hand in hers and walked to the door. “Talk to me if you have any questions about things, and I’ll check in with you tomorrow.”

“LATE tomorrow. I’m not letting this man out of my bed for days.” She pinched William’s butt, causing him to retaliate by throwing her over his shoulder and running off. The last Renee saw, she had her hands down the back of his pants.

“Well, Derek, this has been a hell of a day.” Renee sat back, the stress finally catching up with her. “Can you help me to the bathroom?” When she was back, she laid back and was out almost immediately, Derek idly brushing his fingers through her hair as she settled into a deep sleep.

Albuquerque Airport

New Mexico

Marcus shook hands with the members of the Alpha Council, hiding the anger that boiled underneath at being humiliated by Renee at the hearing. He pretended to walk to his gate, but as soon as the Council was out of sight he exited the airport with his Beta where a car was waiting. Pulling out his phone, he called a number. “Get them in position. Go time is 1900 hours.”

Renee wouldn’t enjoy her victory for long. She wouldn’t live to see sundown.

Gila Pack House

New Mexico

Well fed and now sated, Melody leaned back in the tub against William’s chest. She had taken him within minutes of entering his room, and four rounds of hot and athletic sex had taken their toll. They had decided to soak in the hot water for a while, letting the jets soothe their aching muscles. His strong arms held her loosely to him as they talked about who they are and what their life would be. The kitchen staff, knowing what new mates would be up to, had sent up champagne and a snack tray full of fruits, cheeses and meats. Occasionally, a hand would reach over to grab a drink or some food but both were happy being where they were for a long time.

Forever, even.

William had fallen in love with her as fast as she had with him, despite not having a wolf. She was beautiful, strong, intelligent and independent- exactly the kind of woman who would keep life interesting for him. For her, William was tall, handsome, accomplished and confident. They were already talking about when they could get the hearing to allow her to turn him, since Renee had already given them permission. He would be a strong wolf, fully capable of protecting her and their pups. Two people who a few days ago were content with living in an apartment and busying themselves with their careers were now discussing how many children they would have and what kind of house they wanted.

He didn’t pressure her about her job, but he did get her to call her boss and take a couple weeks of hard earned vacation. Agent in Charge Warren was thrilled to hear from her and know his team member was all right, but he was less than thrilled that she didn’t want to press charges against Alpha Hastings. It wouldn’t stop a prosecution, but it would make it much more difficult. He had hung up when she told him she would testify that she intentionally left body armor off and joined the fray in the hopes that he would turn her, as she had always wanted to be a wolf.

The talk of babies and picket fences had Melody squirming around in excitement, and Little Bill soon responded. She tilted her head back, kissing him deeply as his hands cupped her breasts and his thumbs brushed her nipples. She moaned into his mouth as he pinched them between his thumb and forefinger, causing twinges she felt all the way down to her well used sex. He continued to kiss her passionately as a hand trailed down her firm abdomen down to the downy hair of her delta. He teased her, moving his hand around her hip and thighs but never giving her the touch she yearned for on her swollen clit.

Two could play this game, she thought. She arched her back, scooting her butt back until his long cock was trapped between her muscled cheeks. Rising up slightly, she slid up him, creating a space her hand could go to. She gently scratched his balls, smiling as she felt them jump at her touch. She was rewarded by a long finger covering her slit and dipping inside her. Her wolf nature was already showing, the soreness from their play earlier had already faded and she felt ready for some hard action. She braced her feet against the far end of the tub and pushed herself up his chest until his cock popped free and she could grab it. She positioned it at her opening and slowly lowered herself back down until he was deep inside her. She stayed in place, but used her muscles to grip and release him as he played with her with his fingers. Her fingers drifted to the middle of her stomach, feeling how deep he was in her and relishing in how filled she felt. Her wolf was loving it, knowing that it would help her get pregnant.

“Ready?” She looked up into his eyes, they were clouded with lust and love for her. She felt the base of his shaft twitch with excitement before she raised herself up slowly. Rotating her hips as just the tip was left inside her, she teased him until he couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed her hips and slammed himself deep into her. “YES... Fuck you feel so good in me, William...” He ignored the water splashing out of the tub, the food that was knocked to the floor as her arms flailed about in ecstasy, he just focused on the amazing feeling of being inside his mate and the pleasure he was bringing her. Her moans became louder and closer together as he picked up the pace. He would have been hurting a human with his strong grip and rough handling, but he had already discovered that she could take a licking and keep on ticking.

When he started to tire, she sat up and turned around in the tub, grabbing him roughly and slamming back down to the root. Her hands were on his shoulders as she rocked back and forth on her knees. She screamed out with pleasure as he leaned forward and sucked on a swinging breast, then again as he lightly bit on the tip. His hands worked their way from her hips to her face as he moved up to kiss her again. They were close, she was building to a finish and he was hoping to hold off until she got there.

When she did, she arched her back and neck away from him as her body started to spasm in pleasure. He lunged forward, his teeth biting hard into the junction of her shoulder and neck until he drew blood. She screamed in pain and pleasure as her wolf howled in delight. As soon as her mind cleared, she bit into the same place on the right side of his neck. She had enough sense to not shift her teeth or break the skin, her Alpha had impressed on her the need to control her wolf until they had permission to turn him. The marks on his skin would bruise and her scent would stick with him, warning all other women away from HER man. They came together hard, feeling him empty himself again deep inside her, and she collapsed against his chest.

“Why did you bite me?” She could feel the blood slowly dripping from her wound, and she moaned as he gently licked it clean.

“I don’t want any men looking at you without being able to tell you are MINE.” His cock pulsed inside her with his claim, and her inner wolf rolled over at his dominance. “I know I can’t claim you properly until I have a wolf, but it seemed like the right thing to do.” She smiled and settled her head onto his shoulder, her tongue lazily tracing the indentations of her mark on his chocolate skin.

They both jumped out when the alarm sounded in the Pack house. By the time they had grabbed towels, Renee’s warning had come over the Pack bond. They were under attack.

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