Stormweather Academy

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All Rules Have a Reason - Aslan

My name is Aslan Williams. Yes, like the talking lion. Blame my parents. I’m sixteen, so I can’t change it. Yet. I go to Stormweather Academy, where there are a lot of rules. However, most of these rules have a reason behind them.

Do not go into the swamp.
There are literally drakons and unicorns in there. Unicorns are not nice. The swamp is a death trap and where the Rift is. End of story.

Do not approach the creatures.
Let’s just say that most of the fairy tales you’ve heard are lies. Most of these creatures are highly territorial. Many of them are also highly lethal.

No fireworks on campus.
This one is a bit odd, but it has good reasoning behind it. This rule is pretty new, mostly because the incident that caused it happened two years ago. It involved Mark, Nick, Melody, a temporarily enlarged (and carnivorous) ferret, and a variety of firecrackers. Melody still has scars.

If you do not recognize the creature and it is larger than an average dog, get a teacher.
Susie and the Unicorn springs to mind, as well as the time German finals were broken up by a gryphon. Mike Morrison almost got eaten. I wish that I could regard that as something that would be bad.

Mark and Nick are forbidden from all labs unless an adult is present.
Mark and Nick are idiots.

Mike Morrison is to go to counseling weekly and is banned from P.E. classes and Current Issues discussions.
Mike Morrison is a 234-pound idiot with no brain-to-mouth filter.

Unless is is Midsummer or Midwinter Eve, all pranks will be treated as physical assaults.
Seriously, Mike almost killed Indi last year. If she had slower reflexes and less upper body strength, she’s have fallen 25 feet onto concrete. That was not funny.

Rumors will be treated as verbal assaults.
This is because of Mindy Morrison, the school bitch. Mike’s her brother, and they share the same risk assessment and moral fiber.

Anyone who cannot wear the school uniform in the proper size and length will be suspended and forced to wear skirts to the floor and collared shirts with full-length sleeves.
Again, Mindy. Anyone who interprets “capri length” as “covering my butt” needs some help.

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