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How To Fight a Drakon - Boadicea

My Name is Boadicea McDougal. As you might be able to guess, my father is a) British and b) a historian. I am twelve, and somewhat conflicted about my name. For those who don’t know, Boadicea was a queen of a British tribe (the Iceni) who revolted against the Roman empire. On one hand, Boadicea (sometimes called Boudica, Boudicca, or Buddug) was badass and female in a time where women were a step up from slaves. On the other hand, she killed a lot of people and eventually lost. At least my name’s not Guinevere.

Still, being a warrior princess has some perks. Among them is martial arts knowledge. Also among them is the ability to fight a drakon and win.

The last time a drakon decided its territory was the lawn was during summer break a few weeks ago. Most of the Year-Rounders had taken a trip to the nearest town. However, there was a rule about having to be thirteen to go. Susie, John, Ray, and I were all too young to go, though I’ll be thirteen in two months and five days. Of course, the biggest drakon yet chose to show up when the older kids and most of the teachers are missing. This one decided it didn’t like the school, or us.

In a frantic race to get away, I ran to Dr. Chen’s room to grab a vial of Plan C. No, I don’t know what’s in Plan C, but it is the only thing that can take down a drakon that we are allowed to have. Running back to the giant snake, I lobbed the vial down its throat as it was about to roast me, and then ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction, right in front of the fire blast. Within five minutes, Plan C had done its job, and there was a dead drakon on the lawn.

Life at Stormweather can be really cool.

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