Dominant Species

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Working Together

Josi stood by his side as they watched the hot coals, all that was left of the blazing pyre that had consumed his parents an hour earlier. The Pack had left along with the humans, each with words of comfort or a wolf rub of support, and he remained in his place. The tears that streaked his face were not considered weak; no Alpha would ever be considered that. Josi stayed at his side, her arm around him as she tried to share the pain she felt over the bond. Marcus had taken Rachel home soon after the pyre collapsed, she needed to rest and recover, but she was doing it at Tom and Mary’s house because Marcus had to head back to the clinic.

Finally, Reggie turned towards their house, his hand in hers as they went forward. She could tell it wasn’t easy as they entered through the sliding door to the kitchen; their scents were everywhere. He started to break down right there, and she half led, half carried him to his bedroom. As soon as she closed the door, he fell to his knees and let out an anguished sob. She fell next to him, holding him as he cried on her shoulder and let all the pain out.

“It should have been me.” He looked up at her. “I would have stopped him; Mom should have let me do it.”

“Your Mom was courageous, Reggie. She did what was best for the Pack and you. It worked, too. Your father’s plan didn’t go forward, there was going to be peace with the humans, and you weren’t hurt. I wasn’t hurt, you are Alpha, we can’t dwell on what might have been.” She stood up and walked with him to the bed. “We have to live from this day forward, the way you have always been destined to live. You are Alpha, I am at your side, and together we will save this town and this Pack.”

He closed his eyes, then looked at her, his love could be seen clearly in his eyes. “You’re amazing; you know that?” He closed them again. “I dreamed for years about what my mate would be like, I expected to find one thing, and you are completely different in all ways. And I love that.” He brought her down and kissed her tenderly as she leaned over him. “You can’t imagine how proud I am of you, and of what you have done.”

She leaned down and captured his mouth, their tongues battling for supremacy as their hands explored each other. Their need for each other inexorably built, their hands bringing them higher and higher. She broke loose, leaning back she pulled her shirt off and tossed it on the floor. He growled as he looked over her tight young body, then pulled his shirt off before pulling her back down to him. She was running her fingers over the hard planes of his chest as his hands worked down her sides, reaching her shorts he pushed them down. He groaned again when he realized she wasn’t wearing panties.

She broke the kiss and rocked back on her knees; an impish smile came to her face as she stood up. She turned around, wiggling her butt as she let her shorts fall to her knees, then her feet. She kicked them aside and looked back over her shoulder at her mate, who had shed his shorts and underwear quickly. He was panting, painfully ready for her, his beautiful cock reaching up for her with the promise of ecstasy. “Reggie?” She near whispered her words in her newly found bedroom voice. “Are you ready?”

He reached his hand out for her, his eyes darkened with lust, and his wolf was close to the surface. “For you, I am always ready, my love.”

“Good, because we have to get dressed and get back to the clinic. Marcus needs me.” She started moving away, a little extra sway in her hips as she walked quickly towards the bathroom. She felt the air move; then she was caught and pressed hard against the door, her breasts flattening as his chest pushed against her back. His groin pressed to her lower back and the top of her ass, a burning hot rod that she couldn’t ignore.

“Baby, you should know never to run from a wolf. I’ll.” He nipped at her ear. “Always.” His lips moved down the side of her neck. “Catch.” He sucked on the scars of his mating bite, pleasurable tingles to moving down her body right to her swollen sex. “You.” He backed his hips up, only enough to align his swollen tip with hers, then he slammed forward and sheathed himself fully into her.

The sudden penetration caused her to scream in pleasure, and she might have fallen if his arms hadn’t grabbed her around the waist. He back out almost all the way then slammed forward again. Pleasure overcame her mind; she moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head. She felt him move his hands down to her thighs, he grabbed them and lifted from the inside. Her body pulled up as her legs went back, and she had to hold herself off the door with her hands. The new position allowed him to straighten his legs and go deeper. She was unable to focus on anything but the pleasure he was giving her as he started pounding up into her.

Reggie was smiling, his little minx of a mate had poked the bear once too often, and it was time to make her pay. His hips worked fast; he wanted her to come and come hard as quickly as possible. He pinned her to the door, making his dominance clear. His wolf came forward, and along with his wolf came his knot, something that he had held back their first time. Now, his wolf decided, she was strong enough to take it.

She was moaning as he had stopped the deep strokes and had changed the angle by moving her hips closer to the door as well. The new position caused his spongy tip to rub against her G-spot, and after the first stroke there she came apart. “REGGIE!!” He didn’t slow down, he didn’t stop, she was breathing hard, and the sensations were overwhelming her.

It was then he lifted her even higher and pulled her slightly back from the wall. “Relax, love. You’ll love this. It might hurt for a moment.” She put her head against the door and looked down at where they joined. He was about half in, but below that was a bulge near the base of his long dick that looked like a baseball. She was about to ask when he stopped holding her up. She slid down over his knot. “FUCK! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!” It hurt so bad as it went it, it felt like he ripped her in half. Once it was in, the sensation changed, and she felt a wave of pleasure. The knot filled her inside, pressing against her G-spot and causing tremors to go off inside her with every little motion.

“Well, love, that’s my knot. It’s a werewolf thing, it helps to hold my seed in you to encourage conception, but I see you’ve discovered the other thing it is good for.” He started to move again, short strokes this time, as his tip was bumping into her cervix and his knot was rubbing her to another orgasm. Her moans turned to screams, the screams stopping as she came so hard she lost control of her body. He felt her stiffen as her mouth opened wide, but she no longer had air in her lungs to make noise. Fucking her even harder, he started to come deep inside her, and that was more than she could take. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she went limp in his arms.

He stopped moving, but his balls were still pumping load after load inside of his mate. He pulled her back into his chest, holding her weight as he remained lodged firmly inside her. He penguin walked back to the bed, then carefully laid her down on top of him before he rolled to his side. She made little noises as he did so, but she was totally out of it. He had time; it would take a while for his knot to go down enough that he could pull out, so he pulled the blanket over them and rested his head behind hers as they spooned. His nose filled with her scent as he thought about how blessed he was to have her. Everything in his life had changed, but this thing they had, it was everything to him. She was perfect for him in every way; strong enough to defend the Pack, stubborn enough to stand up to him, and by Luna, with that mouth, she would never be boring.

She was right, though. It was time to get some work done. The humans at the clinic were already going into the fevers, and as Alphas, they needed to be there to help them through the change. He contacted his Betas over the bond, letting them know his plans and what he needed from them- to keep things running and to prepare to accept and train the new wolves. They would need everyone, as there would be almost three new wolves for every adult in their Pack. They would need to contact other Packs, to let them know of the change of leadership and what was going on with the humans. They needed to send people to North Fork to tell Silvia and Abigail it was safe to return. He needed to help Josi through the change and hold the acceptance ceremony as the Pack Luna. She needed to get back with her friends so they could find and save their families. So much to do, so many things ran through his head. Finally, his knot went down, and he slipped out.

Josi woke up to the loud suction sound of him falling out, and the flood of their juices onto her thigh. It took her a second to figure out where she was, and then to realize she was being held and kissed by her mate. She relaxed into the embrace. “Learn anything,” he teased.

“Yes…” She shifted, rolling him back, so she was once again on top of him. “Always run from your Wolf.”

“Hmmm…” He smacked her ass loudly. “I’d say someone needs to repeat the lesson.”

She got up, looking down at the semi-hard cock glistening with their juices, she bent down and sucked at the tip. Reggie’s breath caught, the tip was still sensitive. When she sucked him down to the root, it felt like she was sucking the bedsheet up through his ass. He couldn’t believe the intensity of the sensations she was giving him. She swirled her tongue around the head as she backed off, then let it go. “Come on, baby. We need to go. We have to get back to the clinic before sunrise.”

She packed a backpack with a few days of clothes for them both, then led him out the front door. He hadn’t bothered getting dressed, nor had he showered or allowed her to. His wolf wanted his scent strong on her, knowing they were going to a place with lots of unmated wolves and humans. It was just the way they were. Males were protective of their mates. If they were newly mated or pregnant, it was even more pronounced.

Climbing on, they raced through the woods then the streets as the first glow of dawn was coming over the mountains. She was becoming uncomfortable; she was sweating and light-headed; when they arrived, he had to shift and catch her as she almost fainted when she stood up. “Reggie?”

“It’s the change fever, baby. Don’t worry; I’ll take care of you.”


“Yes, love?” He was carrying her into the loading dock area, reaching for the door when she said it.

“Why do you eat your poop?”

Knowing what those men did to his mate from the scene was bad, but hearing her describe what happened was more than Donald could take. He leaped up with a furious growl and shifted, ripping the shorts and shirt as he turned into his tan and grey wolf. He looked at Silvia, then turned away and ran for the hills.

Silvia had screamed as she turned to run, but Abigail held on to her until she calmed down. Kelly came over as well, and in a minute, they had her sitting at the table again. “What the hell was that?”

Calvin was about to answer when a howl echoed through the canyon. They all looked up; it was a howl filled with rage and sorrow, and Silvia knew that it was Donald. “He isn’t mad at you. Donald’s head of our security, and even though the attack happened on the road, it was on our Pack territory, and he takes that personally.” He reached across and placed his hand over hers. “It’s also because of what those men did. You see, Donald dreams of his mate. He tries to hide it, but he can’t hide the longing he feels to find that woman, to have a family, to have ones to love and protect. He gave up the search when he thought he was too old to find her, and he now considers every female and child to be under his protection. It’s one reason he is so dedicated to his job, but this story pushed him over the edge.” He closed his eyes for a moment. “He sends his apologies. He will return shortly.”

“Can you tell us what happened after Marcus and Josi came to your rescue?” Kelly was still sitting next to her, encouraging and comforting her.

“We continued to Salmon after he treated me,” she started. Once she had them in town, she and Abigail together brought them up to date on what had happened in the Salmon Pack. An apologetic Donald had returned during the story; his Alpha had linked them in so he was up to date on what had happened while he was running off his anger. He had fresh clothes on and with a few other Pack members had brought plates of lunch over for the group. They ate as they talked.

You could see the shock and anger on the Alpha’s faces as they heard about what Richard had ordered; it was nothing less than mass murder in their eyes. “And the Pack is going along with this?”

Abigail nodded. “We barely made it out of there in the morning, Rachel had to break her Pack bond, so she is on her own with Marcus at the clinic. The warriors were already gathering for the attack when we left. We stopped to pick up Josi, but she wouldn’t leave until she found out if Reggie would be able to challenge his father. Rachel decided to stay with Marcus; he was staying with the people at the clinic who were being turned. We agreed to wait at the north end of town; Rachel said that if an attack came, it meant Reggie lost and couldn’t stop it. She told us to head for you. We heard gunshots and howls, so we got the hell out of there.”

“We had to protect our children,” Silvia added. “We all know about werewolves now, and Autumn is changing. If he was willing to kill them to keep the secret, we knew he wouldn’t hesitate with us.”

Calvin put his head in his hands, not believing things had gotten that bad that fast. “This changes everything. Donald, we must protect our southern border, we can’t allow their warriors to come closer. We’re too vulnerable right now with all the humans going through the change.”

“I’ll take care of it, Alpha. We’ll get more eyes on the road and the mountains, and I’ve got a few ideas to slow them down if they come.”

The table was quiet when one of the servers came over. “Alpha, now that the meal is over, you have the changing ceremony to perform.” She took the plates as the Alpha couple looked at each other. They got up and held hands.

Calvin looked at the ladies and smiled. “Two of Josi’s friends have decided to become werewolves. Would you like to join us for the ceremony? It’s over there by the river.”

The two looked at each other, then nodded. “We’ll just get our children first if that’s all right.”

Beta Candice handed them two room keys. “We’ve given you adjoining rooms in the motel, and your suitcases are already there. If you want, we can put the kids to bed and have someone watch them.”

Abigail shook her head. “No, it would be good for Autumn to see this. If she is going to be a werewolf, she needs to start learning about it.” Silvia quickly agreed, and they walked over to the playground area where the kids were. Baby Michelle was in the lap of an older woman, who handed the rambunctious girl up to her Mom. Silvia pulled her blouse aside and let her latch on when she started pawing at them.

The two families followed everyone down towards the river, where a platform had been set up. Almost all Pack members were there except the ones tending to the humans who were in the middle of their fevers. Alpha Calvin took the stage, pulling Kelly up with him, and faced his Pack.

“Amid tragedy, we can find hope and new life,” he said. “Tonight, we are gathered to celebrate the transformation of two young ladies who had come to us in crisis, and now choose to become one of us. Cheyenne, Willow, please join us here.” The two girls were helped on the stage as the Pack cheered and howled for them. The Alphas stood behind them, each with a hand on their shoulder as he continued. “The solar event has changed us all. These two have lived with us, talked with us and have decided of their own free will that they want the bite that will make them Werewolves, that will make them our Pack. It is not a decision to be taken lightly, and so we have discussed it and allowed them to choose freely. I have accepted their request as I believe they will make fine additions to our Pack.” He stepped back and shifted into his large wolf.

They turned the girls around, and Kelly held Cheyenne’s hands. “Do you, Cheyenne, accept the bite that will transform you permanently in a werewolf, of your own free will and desire?”

“I do, Alphas.” With that, Calvin came forward and grasped her left forearm in his teeth. His eyes looked up at her one last time, and she nodded, so he bit down just hard enough to break her dark skin. Her hand clenched Kelly’s in pain, but as quickly as he bit, he released her. His long tongue cleaned the blood from the punctures, and it stopped. Kelly hugged her, then moved on to Willow.

Kelly turned them around and raised their arms to the Pack. Calvin stepped forward and let out a loud howl; most of the Pack members tossed their clothes aside and shifted. On his next howl they joined him. The echoes off the canyon walls continued until the night was silent again.

The silence didn’t last. There was a scream from the grass above, then the sound of bones popping. They sounded like rifle shots, but every wolf knew what it was. The first change was always slow and painful as the body reformed and adjusted, and Britney was screaming her agony as her forearm bent and twisted unnaturally. The Pack moved to surround and encourage their newest wolf as she endured it.

Britney was lying on the ground, clad only in a large T-shirt that belonged to her mate Eric. He was by her side, whispering in her ear, when another scream came forward, this time from Bethany. She reached for her twin’s hand as her arms bent and bones moved and changed, Derek by her side.

The twin girls had always done everything together, including this. Over the next twenty minutes, each made the change into their wolf form. It was painful and heartbreaking for their mates to watch, but like childbirth, in the end, the pain was all worth it. The pace of the change had picked up as it went, and finally, it was over.

“By Luna, you’re beautiful!” Derek moved his hands through Bethany’s light golden coat as she lay panting on her side. She was very pale, white mixed in with hairs the color of beach sand, it gave it a three-dimensional quality that he found fascinating. He quickly shifted into his dark brown wolf with black patches, moving to her they all noticed how complimentary the colors were. Moments later, Britney completed her change. Her wolf had the same colors but a different pattern. Eric loved his mate’s wolf.

The pain quickly abated. With encouragement from their mates and their Pack, the girls rolled onto their stomachs and shakily made their way up on their feet. They stood there, looking about in wonder, as the boys rubbed their scent onto them and inspected their new bodies. When they were ready, both took tentative steps, their wolf part guiding them as they learned to share their new form.

The girls stood together with their mates on the outside as the Alphas approached in wolf form. It was the first time they had truly felt their Alpha power, and recognizing their dominance, they all bowed their heads to them. Calvin sniffed them both, then licked their necks before placing his teeth around them and gently squeezing. By accepting his dominance, they joined the Pack officially. Calvin spoke inside their heads for the first time. “Britney, Bethany, as your Alphas we welcome you to the North Fork pack.” When the new wolves joined the Pack link, there was a celebration.

The four wolves stayed together as the rest of the Pack filed past, greeting the two and smelling their neck and butt to learn their unique scent. A few minutes later, it was over. “Love, we still have an hour until dinner, would you like to run with me?” Derek was nudging his mate; he had included both the girls and their wolf heads nodded.

“Just take it slow, this is trey weird,” Britney replied.

“Freaky deak,” said Bethany as they started to follow. The boys led them to a trail that was well used and mostly flat. It ran along the river and through the forests. It didn’t take long for the girls to get comfortable moving, so their pace continued to increase until the four were racing along.

The boys let their mates run ahead, which had predictable results for their wolf nature- they wanted to chase, dominate, and procreate. The girl’s first time should be special, though, and rutting on the riverbank in wolf form was not what they wanted. “Brother, it’s time to get them home,” said Eric.

“I know, I can barely hold my wolf back watching that in front of me.” They caught up and steered them back in a wide loop towards the town. There were yips and howls as they returned, the dinner feast was underway. The boys guided them to their house, where extra clothes waited for them, and they changed back together.

“Is this your room?” Britney looked around; it was a large basement room with queen beds on each side and desks in the middle. She had followed her nose to Eric’s side, and he followed her to the bed.

“Yes,” Eric said, “We’ve always shared a room. The bond between litter mates is stronger than a normal family bond, stronger than anything except the mate bond we now feel. Just like with you, we always want to be together.”

“We felt the same way,” Bethany said as she cuddled with Derek. “We’ve always done everything together. I’m so glad our mates are the same way.”

“Won’t it be weird with us sharing a room? I mean, we’re going to… you know…” Derek looked down at her.

“Fuck like bunnies,” she replied.

“Oh yeah, I plan to ride him hard and put him away wet,” said Britney.

“And we do things together, although I won’t share my man. I don’t mind what you do, Brit, but his body is for me only.”

She shivered and quickly agreed. “So should we?” She batted her eyelashes at Eric, tossing her long blonde locks behind her shoulder.

“EAT! Great idea, baby.” Eric jumped up and threw her over his shoulder as she squealed.

Derek followed suit. “Yeah, you don’t want to miss dinner as a werewolf, and you two need the nutrition after the change. Don’t worry, though; we’ll bring you back.”

Eric spanked her butt. “Then we’ll make you ours.”

Derek laughed. “And we’ll love you until you beg us to stop, then a little bit more.” They carried the girls out the door to the laughter of their Pack mates sitting at the tables.

Derek kicked the door shut, the dawn was fast approaching, and their wolves were impatient. The Pack dinner had been fun as people welcomed their new wolves to their midst. The food had been great, but their wolves weren’t satisfied with just food.

Britney and Bethany had a devilish side, they liked to push their mates close to the edge without going over. It wasn’t much; a glance here, a light brush of a hand there, or a mental communication; they had kept their men at a high state of arousal all evening, and they had finally had enough. The Alphas had laughed when Britney had backed up and wiggled her tight young butt on Eric’s obvious arousal while they were in line for dessert, and when Bethany tried the same thing, Derek broke.

He bent down and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her towards him as he spun around and put his shoulder into her stomach. He lifted her like she weighed nothing; her long legs kicked to no avail, and her long blond hair moved around as she struggled to loosen his hold. “Sorry, Alphas, but it’s time we finished this.”

Eric had grabbed Britney the same way, and as he ran for home, he broadcasted to the Pack. “Sorry if we keep you awake, but…”

“You know how new mates are.” Derek finished. The rest of the Pack was laughing as they ran for their home, their women bouncing on their broad shoulders as they carried them inside. Now, safe inside their bedroom, their wolves were forward in their minds, and their eyes glowed with barely restrained lust. They set the girls down, they could smell both their arousal and their fear, and this fear is what pushed their wolves back.

“Eric, I… we’ve…” Britney started, but she blushed and looked at the ground.

“We’re virgins.” Bethany moved to her sister’s side, and they held hands as they looked down. “I need you to be gentle; I’m afraid it will hurt.”

The boys rushed to their sides, both taking their mates in their arms. “We would never hurt you,” Eric said. “We’ve talked to our parents and others, we know what will happen, but we’ve never either. Until we met you, we’d never had an erection, never had the kind of fantasy that we’ve had since we first smelled you.”

Derek gently kissed Bethany. “And we will take as much time as you need to make sure you are comfortable. You are our mate; we want you to be happy more than anything.” They started to kiss deeply, their actions mirrored by their twins. Derek’s hands moved down her side, then worked back up as he found the bottom of her shirt. He caught it with his fingers and moved it up slowly, his thumbs rubbing the sides of her breasts and flicking over her erect nipples along the way. He lifted until the shirt came between their faces, and he broke the kiss only long enough to toss it aside as she moaned in approval. Her hands were also busy, but she grabbed his T-shirt in her hands and tore it apart, then pushed it off his shoulders to the ground.

His hands were everywhere on her torso, but they made their way down to the basketball shorts she was wearing and found their way inside. He cupped her ass with his hands, then moved the shorts down until they fell to her feet. Bethany was busy as well, and his shorts followed. Naked now, she looked up at him after their kiss broke, then looked down between them. “You’re kidding me, THAT is supposed to fit in me?” His erection was an iron bar between them, and since he was taller, the base was just below her belly button while the tip was poking the underside of her breasts.

“I don’t know how,” Britney said. She had gotten Eric naked and had pushed him back on the bed; she was standing between his legs, her hands wrapped around his staff. Her fingers couldn’t surround the whole thing, and her two hands together left a tip protruding from the top.

Bethany pushed Derek down next to her brother, then hugged her sister. “We’ll have to take our time,” she said.

“And make sure we are WELL lubricated,” Britney giggled. “Now put your hands behind your heads, and leave them there. If you bring them out, we’re going to stop.” The boys looked up at their mates in awe; moving their hands back, they interlocked their fingers and trembled in anticipation. The girls knelt at the edge of the bed, bringing them up close and personal with their mate’s equipment. Hands gently stroked the shafts and cupped their full ball sacks, causing the boys to tense and moan.

The girls looked at each other and giggled, then looked up into their eyes. “Whatever happens, you keep looking at us,” Britney said.

“And don’t move your hands. You got to touch us when we were out of it, and now it’s our turn.” Bethany leaned forward, grasping the base of Derek’s cock with her left hand and pulling it towards her mouth. Her tongue extended out, softly licking the tip. She smiled as she sat back a little, the string of pre-cum stretching tight as she did so. “Tasty.”

Britney swirled her tongue around his tip, then put her mouth over him and swirled her tongue around his head. He groaned in pleasure as she sucked gently, leaning back there was a soft pop as he came loose. “Oh yeah, I like this.” She took him in her mouth again, this time going a little farther down until she felt him at the back of her throat. Gaining confidence, she bobbed up and down a few times on him before coming off and licking him from base to tip.

Derek’s stomach muscles clenched as Bethany dropped her mouth around him, taking him into her mouth. The girls were taking advantage of their ability to communicate mentally; when one found something that worked, the other girl gave it a shot. They tried stuff they had seen in movies or read about in Cosmopolitan. As they enjoyed the control they had over their mates, they smiled at each other. They didn’t have to worry about technique or experience, their men loved it, and they loved making them squirm in pleasure. Attitude and enthusiasm, Bethany thought, really were more important to a good blowjob than anything else.

And the enthusiasm they had. Britney popped off Eric and used her hands to slowly jack him off while her mouth sucked one of his nuts in, and her tongue bathed it. “Oh fuck,” Eric said, “don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.” She increased the speed of her hand and moved the other in a corkscrew motion over his helmet before attacking it with her mouth and tongue again.

Bethany had worked up a good rhythm, her hands moving up and down in concert with her mouth as she could only take about four inches before it hit the back of her throat. She could feel him swell inside her mouth. “Baby, don’t stop, by Luna, I’m going to explode!” She moved her hands faster, then when she felt him clench up she pushed her head down as far as it would go and felt his hot cum jet to the back of her mouth. She pulled back slightly as spurt after spurt of his man gravy hit her tongue; it, like everything about him, had an addicting taste to her wolf senses. She swallowed once, then again until he was done.

Britney’s cheeks were full like a chipmunk; Eric had yelled out as he released, and her eyes showed her shock at just how much he had. Swallowing quickly, she recovered, then reached out her tongue and flicked it across his tip again. Eric’s head fell back; he was breathing fast and sweating a little as his body tried to process the pleasure she had just given him. “Baby, that was amazing.” He sat up, pulling her up to his chest until he was kissing her deeply, tasting both her and his essence as their tongues battled. He finally pulled away. “Our turn now, right brother?”

Derek got Bethany to squeal as he pulled her up and twisted, so he was above her on the bed. “Turnabout is fair play, right?” He put her hands behind her head. “Don’t move then, or I’ll stop.” He grinned as he looked at his brother, who had just put Britney in the same position but from the other side of the bed. They were pulled towards them until their tan lines met the edge of the bed, then their legs were pushed apart and back slightly until they were spread open before their kneeling mates. The girls scooted over until their heads were touching each other.

As one, the boys leaned forward and took a deep smell of their mate’s centers. The scent called to them on a primal level, they had to taste, and they did. The girls gasped as their faces buried themselves in them, their tongues taking a deep lick from bottom to top before circling and going back down. The boys had decided to make this like synchronized swimming, so they did the same things at the same times and listened to the same results.

It didn’t take more than thirty seconds before the girls felt their insides coiling up as the pleasure built higher and higher. They moaned unreservedly as the boys made a feast of their sodden sexes, lapping up the juices like a dog finding water after a hard run. The image made Derek laugh, and together they partially shifted, their tongues lengthening until they were inside them. The dextrous wolf tongue swirled around and curved into the upper walls, causing the girls to spasm in pleasure and come hard again. They kept going, driving them higher and higher until with screams of pleasure they collapsed back onto the bed, begging them for a break.

Eric and Derek stood facing each other from across the bed, looking down with satisfaction as their mates panted and shook from the pleasure they had given them. They stroked their proud flesh, fully recovered now, and ready to finish the mating process. The girls looked at them with love and lust, the fear was gone, their men had given them pleasure after pleasure, and they didn’t want the night to stop until they were theirs in all ways.

“This may hurt at first, love, but it will be but a moment, and I’ll make you forget it all.” Britney nodded at him, as Bethany used her legs to pull Derek closer to her. They lined up their cocks with them, rubbing their copious juices on the head and shaft before pushing slowly but inexorably into them.

The girls groaned, and their eyes rolled back as the hard shafts stretched and filled their tight channels. The boys leaned forward and kissed them, pulling their hands forward and around their necks as their hands braced themselves on their shoulders, and they supported their weight on their elbows. Moving back and forth, they waited until they started to move in concert with them. Together, the boys plunged their hips forward and fully seated themselves.


“OH, GOD!” The girls screamed in pain and pleasure as their maidenheads tore. They felt like they were being pulled apart as the hard cocks pushed all the way in, they could feel it all the way up into their stomachs. The screams didn’t last; the boys stilled and kissed them to distraction as their bodies adjusted to the invasion. It took a minute, but when they started to move against them, they knew it was all right. Slowly they pulled out until only the tips were still in, then they pushed forward as the girls moaned in pleasure.

The passion built along with their speed, the two starting to move their hips with them. Both wrapped their legs around the waists of their mates, using their heels to urge them forward as the thrusts came harder and faster. As they built towards their climaxes, their wolves came forward to finish the job. Their eyes started to glow, and their teeth lengthened and sharpened. When the girls climaxed, they pulled their man’s neck down and bit deeply into the junction between neck and shoulder, marking him as their mate. As the pain of the bite hit, their sex squeezed their cocks, caused the men to climax too. As soon as the girls released their bites, they bit them back. The girls screamed, then it went quiet; the pleasure was enough to make them pass out.

As their wolves receded, both boys licked the wounds on their mate’s necks and sealed them. Eric pulled the blanket down and carefully tucked Britney in before he crawled in beside her. Derek had picked up Bethany and taken her to his bed where they fell asleep together, fully mated and completely sated.

Reggie hovered over Josi on the cot at the clinic, a cold wash cloth wiping away the sweat from her brow as she slept uncomfortably. The fever had hit in earnest shortly after sunrise, and she would be out of it for about a day. His wolf wanted him to curl up next to her and hold her tight, but there was way too much work to be done. He kissed her lightly on the lips then stood up and left the room.

His Betas were all gathered in the lobby area. The human volunteers and many Pack members were already hard at work tending to the bitten ones, who were going to be coming out of their fevers in the next twelve hours. He could hear the activity throughout the clinic. Per his instructions, they had left only a few people behind to watch over the children in the homes. They gathered around him as he sat on one of the chairs. “Anything to report?”

Tom spoke first. “The young ones are all staying at my house, Mary and the older girls are watching them. They are already in the safe room and she said it is all going well. They turned it into a huge sleepover.”

Beta Ron chimed in next. “I spoke to Deputy Stevens. People have calmed down, everyone is back underground for the day. We will meet after sunset to discuss how we can cooperate further. He did mention that there are a number of people who are interested in the change, but most of them want to see how the first batch goes before they commit.” They all laughed, the transition wasn’t easy and the volunteers were seeing this firsthand.

“All right,” Reggie said, “We also need to inform the other Packs of the leadership change and what is going on with the humans.”

Ron pointed to the five wolves in the corner. “They have volunteered to be the messengers.”

Reggie looked at the group, there were four young males and one female, all were unmated. He laughed inside, of course they would volunteer, it was a chance to see if their mate was in another Pack. “That’s fine, but we need someone to go to North Fork. I’d like it to be someone who is already known to Silvia and Abigail so they know they can trust what they say.”

“I’ll go,” Tom said. “I’ll even bring them a can of beans.” The whole group started laughing at that, the story had quickly spread through the Pack.

The farther packs were too distant to reach in a single night, so he divided them into two groups. A group of two was to go to Idaho Falls and Rexburg, while the group of three was sent to Stanley, Sun Valley and Twin Falls. Reggie charged each of them to stay safe and avoid humans when possible, but to stay alert and report what they saw along the way. It was critical to them that they understand how the rest of the State and the Packs were reacting to the solar flare in terms of how they went forward. “Also, I would like to invite them to an Alpha Council meeting. Two weeks from today, here in Salmon. We need to come together as a species, and the Alpha Council is the start of that. Now, you have a long trip ahead of you. Get some sleep and we’ll talk again just before sundown.”

Reggie split the volunteers into shifts, and sent the ones who weren’t working to go get some sleep. “It’s going to be a long day, everyone. And after the fevers break, it gets really exciting.” With that, he took his own direction and walked back to Josi’s cot. Shifting to his wolf, he curled up on the floor and put his head on his paws to sleep.

“Alpha… it’s time.” The voice and the gentle shake of his shoulder woke him up, his head jerking around until he remembered where he was. Looking over to Josi he saw she was tossing about in her cot, and glancing at the clock he saw it was two in the afternoon.

Thanks, I’m up,” he responded to Marcus over the link. Shifting to human form, he grabbed scrubs and dressed quickly. “How are they doing?”

“As well as can be expected,” Marcus replied. “They should start coming out of their fevers in the next few hours, starting with the ones who were the healthiest going in. The ones who had more to heal might take another twelve hours or so, but all should be done with the fevers by midnight. We should see the first changes by morning.”

Reggie ran his hands through his hair and closed his eyes. “I’ve never been involved in a first shift. What do I need to do?” He followed Marcus out of the small room as they talked.

“Well, there isn’t much anyone can do for the shift itself. Even a mate has to stay back, all they can provide is encouragement. You must be there for when the shift is complete, though. The new wolves will be scared, almost feral and defensive. Without a mate to ground them, they need their Alpha. You have to dominate their wolf, give them a Pack link and help them find balance. I don’t envy you, it is going to be a long day.”

They made it to the lobby where a number of Pack members were still sleeping, they had been working shifts all night caring for the people. Reggie looked around at them, he was still getting used to the idea that he was now responsible for all these lives but his wolf was happy. “I’m thinking we need a production line mentality to keep up.”

Marcus nodded. “That would make sense. We could move them based on how close they are to shifting, and after the first shift we need to teach them about their wolves and the Pack. We can’t afford to let all these new shifters go around unsupervised.” They sat at the desk and he pulled out a piece of paper. “Let’s see how many groups we will need. We need one to stay with those who are still in the fever stage.”

Reggie nodded. “We can put the humans in that group, freeing up our Pack for later. Next would be for those who have broken their fevers but not shifted then, right?”

“Yep. This could have its own challenges; some of the people made an informed choice, they knew what was going to happen to them. There are dozens that were unconscious and close to death, though. They are going to wake up with no idea of what is going on and why.”

“So we need people in this group who can be a calming influence. Normally I’d put Rachel in charge of this, but until she recovers she is out. I’ll put Mary in charge.”

“Good idea,” Marcus replied. “It would be a good place to put some of the teens and children, too. They won’t be threatening and seeing how a child can shift and accept it may help.” He wrote notes under the box on his sheet, then drew the next one and labeled it Shifting. “Once we see the signs of the shift beginning, we need to move them. Outside would be best, but we can use rooms inside during daylight. We’ll need you there, along with our strongest warriors.” Marcus paused and let out a breath. “It’s possible that some wolves will not respond to you. If they are feral, we will need to put them down before they can endanger others.”

Reggie clenched his fists, knowing that if he failed it would mean a life lost. “I don’t want humans near this, they don’t need to see it.” Taking the paper, he wrote down a half dozen names of strong wolves that he wanted with him. “I guess the last part will be the aftercare.”

“Yes, we need to give the changers a crash course on being a wolf. They will need to run, to learn about their new senses, how to use the mind link, everything.”

Reggie looked at who he had already assigned and mentally went through who was left. “Let’s put Rachel in charge of this. By the time they get to that point she should be out of bed, and we really just need her to organize her group.” Marcus nodded his assent. “Come on, let’s get the leaders of each group together and they can start planning for it.”

Two hours later, his Pack was organized and the first groups were ready. Marcus was sitting with Rachel, discussing her responsibilities, when one of the human assistants poked her head into the room. “Doc, Tammy is awake and is asking for you.”

“And so it begins.” He kissed Rachel and left the room. Using the Pack link, he updated them that it was starting. “The next twenty-four hours are going to be difficult, but hugely important for our Pack and our town. We are going to quadruple in size, and integrating all these new wolves into our Pack will be a real challenge. I know we are up for it, I have confidence that each and every one of you will do their best to welcome them and help them with the transition. I couldn’t be prouder of you. Sleep when you can, and let me know if there are any problems.”

The Pack members responded as he knew they would, there was excitement mixed with nervousness flowing over the bond. He smiled as he reached the reception area, that was where they decided to move the people who had finished the fevers and were waiting the change.

Tammy’s wide smile greeted him as he walked in. “Doc! You saved me!”

Marcus moved to her side and gave her a gentle hug. “How do you feel?”

Her breath hitched a little as she tried to sit up more. “Like I got run over by a truck.” She looked down at her arms, she could see the sores were gone. “What did you do? I shouldn’t have made it back, no one in my state ever got better.”

He took her hand. “I did what I thought was best, Tammy. I changed you to be like me.”

She looked at him and smiled. “So I’m a werewolf now?”

It was Marcus’ turn to be shocked. “Yes. How… how did you know?”

“Last summer we had that emergency call for the car accident, remember? After the patient was airlifted to Idaho Falls, I left but I wasn’t tired even though it was three in the morning. I decided to sit on a bench across the street; I figured Rachel was coming to pick you up since your car wasn’t there, and I thought I’d say hi. When you came out the back, I saw you change into your wolf form and run off.” She looked in his eyes. “At first I was scared, but I know you, I know your heart. My head thought monster but my heart knew better.”

“I don’t know what to say, Tammy.”

“You don’t have to say anything. I went home and thought about it, I went on the Internet too. I learned what I could and decided that you were a good man, even if you weren’t the man I thought. I figured if you wanted me to know, you’d tell me.”

Marcus thought about it for a while, then he took her hand in his. “I wasn’t born this way, after I was discharged from the Army I met Rachel. She and her family are werewolves; she is my mate, we fell in love and she changed me. One of the benefits of the change was that it has strong healing ability. It couldn’t replace my leg or my eye, but it could help me otherwise. After the solar event, the radiation poisoning was killing humans rapidly. I knew that the bite could cure the symptoms, but it wasn’t an easy decision. Normally we would only change those who were mates to wolves or their families, those who volunteered. You and most of the others here were unconscious and unable to give consent, but I couldn’t just let you die. We’ve worked together for years, I couldn’t watch that, so I made the decision for you. The bad part of the change is over, soon you will make your first change and be one of us.”

Tammy looked at him and cupped his cheek with her hand. “Without you I’d be dead, Marcus. I’m not mad at you.” She looked down at her hands. “Do I at least get a hot mate? I’m tired of the whole dating scene.”

Two more people were brought in and set on chairs, their heads full of questions. “I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?” He hugged her again and left for the other room, the long night was just beginning.

Donald waited until most of the people had cleared out from their picnic, returning to their homes for the daylight hours, before he approached his Alphas. The presence of his mate and her children in the Pack had only heightened his paranoia about Pack security, and his wolf was pacing in his mind over the potential threat from the Salmon pack.

“Alphas, a word, please?” Calvin and Kelly waved him forward as they walked hand in hand towards their house.

“Of course, Donald,” Kelly replied. “How are things going with Silvia?”

“Slow.” Donald’s shoulders fell as he caught up with them. “She’s been through a lot; I’m just trying to get her not to be afraid of me when I am around. My wolf understands, but he isn’t happy about it.”

“Well, Candice figured you’d want to be close to them.” Calvin took a key from his pocket. “It’s the room next to theirs. There is no connecting door, but it should help your wolf relax, knowing they are near you. Now that the radiation threat is over, things are much easier around here.” Donald took the key like it was a precious gem and put it in his pocket. “Now, tell me about your plans regarding the Salmon pack. Since Reggie’s challenge failed, we now have Richard and his pack at our southern border, and we know he is violently opposed to the wholesale changing of humans we have done. We’re also vulnerable right now as they change. How are you going to make sure our Pack is protected?”

“I plan to increase patrols on the border, to ensure we detect any incursions and have time to get everyone to the safe rooms. I need people, though.”

Calvin stopped, and we did too. He thought for a moment, then looked up. “Take Eric and Derek and their mates. They hadn’t been assigned groups yet because of their mates changing.”

Kelly looked at him a little shocked. “You want Britney and Bethany on the front line? They don’t know how to fight!”

“No, I want them on patrol. It will be good to learn the territory, and both are fast enough that they can run back here.” He looked at Donald. “I don’t want a fight along the border. You tell your patrols they are to report contact and fall back. We’ll defend our safe room.”

“Understood, Alpha.” He thought for a moment. “I think I can come up with some surprises for them if they come to town, there are some natural choke points that they will go through, and we still have that stock of explosives in my shed.” He chuckled, years ago they had purchased dynamite, plastic explosives, blasting caps and detonators for a demolition project, and he had made sure they had plenty left over for future use. “I’ll grab some stuff and work on it before sundown. Trust me, boss, if they make it to the safe house, there won’t be many of them left.”

“You’re looking forward to this, aren’t you?”

“Alphas, I’ve trained myself and our Pack my whole life for this moment. I won’t; WE won’t let you down. It’s time to test one of my favorite sayings.”

“What’s that,” Kelly asked.

“Most human problems can be solved by the appropriate charge of high explosives.”

Calvin laughed. “That’s all you took out of watching Uncommon Valor a dozen times?”

“Nope.” Donald laughed as well. “He only got to six. When I’m done, this town will be a death trap, and our Pack will emerge unharmed.”

“Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that. What about Josi?” Kelly clutched her mate’s arm nervously.

“She’s probably dead as well.” Calvin sighed; he had liked her spirit. “Her mate failed in an Alpha challenge, she lost him, and she’s a changed human. I can’t imagine Richard letting her live.”

“One more reason that fucker needs to die.” Kelly looked at the ground. “It’s sad, all these years we have been friends and allies, and it all goes to shit in days.”

Calvin looked Donald in the eyes. “We need to limit our actions to those that are attacking us. We’ve got an Alpha problem, not a Pack problem. When Richard is killed, give the rest the chance to stand down. Now, let’s all get some sleep. Nothing will happen until sundown.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll contact my team so they can start planning, and we’ll have people on the borders as soon as the sun is below the mountains. The first choke point is the highway bridge. I’ll rig that to explode first then work my way back to town and set the rest up.”

Kelly hugged him, then he was on his way. It was going to be a long night for them all. The Alpha broadcasted the basics of the threat and the plan to the rest of the Pack, then ordered them all to get some sleep.

Six hours later, Donald raised his head from his position on the floor next to the wall dividing him from his mate and her family. His wolf had wanted to monitor them, so he had shifted and slept with his ear against the wall, listening to their breathing and movements until he was sure they were safe. He got up and shifted; then after getting dressed, he moved to the table where the equipment was set up.

The charges for the bridge were first, and they were easy. He bundled a dozen sticks of dynamite together, wrapping them with detonation cord then duct tape, then repeated this until he had four bundles. He placed these in a backpack along with more det cord, two blasting caps in their packaging, an old-fashioned hand detonator, and a roll of wire. He set the pack next to the door, then moved on to the plastic explosive.

He had grabbed a five-gallon bucket to carry supplies in, and he used a small hand saw to cut the bucket down into three rings, each about eight inches tall. Donald then cut each of the rings into three sections of 120 degrees. One at a time, he took a stick of plastic explosive and worked it onto the outside of the ring, working it like clay until it was coated to a depth of about half an inch. When done, he pulled out the container of hardware he had kept under his bench. Nuts, bolts, washers- all would be effective against humans or wolves. Essentially, he was creating crude Claymore mines, and by positioning groups of them along the roads and choke points he could create kill zones.

Once he was done packing hardware into the plastic explosive, he wrapped each of them with duct tape, leaving a small opening on the side that he could insert a blasting cap into later. He put these all into another bag, along with the same kind of supplies that he had in the other. Sitting back, he ran through what he would need to do at sundown. He would run to the river bridge and wire that, leaving one of his warriors with the detonator, then run back and wire the town. He would personally stay in the area, on a rooftop, and set off the charges when the attack came.

His wolf was resistant, he wanted to be with his mate and not outside, but he grudgingly admitted they could defend them better the human way. “When you are done with your explosions, I’m taking over, and I’m going to the safe house to protect them.” He had to agree with that. He knew his wolf would defend them to his last breath.

From the angle of the sun when he moved the curtain slightly, he could tell he had an hour or so left until sundown. Clearing the rest of the stuff off the desk, he opened the drawer and found a pen and paper. He had no illusions about what could happen today; he had long accepted that he might die defending his Pack. What bothered him was dying before letting her know how he felt about her.

Taking the pen, he started to write.

My dear Silvia,

If you are reading this, I didn’t make it. Do not grieve for me, I’ve lived a good life and I died protecting my Pack and protecting you and your children. It was my fate.

I love you. I’ve loved you since I first got your scent on the road and recognized you were my mate. Luna blessed me with you, a woman of strength and beauty, with a family I would have been proud to call my own. I only regret that I did not tell you. I know what you have been through and it wasn’t time to add on to that, but know that everything I did from that moment was with you in mind.

I’ll never know what it feels like to hold you in my arms.

I want you to be happy, to raise your family, to have every opportunity at a good life. I have no other family, so I want you to have my house and my possessions as your own. I hope you stay here, the Alphas and the Pack will take care of you now.

Know that I died thinking of you, my love, my mate.


He folded the note in half and wrote her name on the outside, leaving it on the desk. Calling to his patrol team, he gave them final instructions as the sun started to set. “Derek, you and Bethany will take the hill to the west of the bridge. Eric, you and Britney cover the east side. I want you moving continuously, watching for any incursions. If you scent or see anything, report it to the Alphas and then get back to the shelter. Understood?” He got concurrence from the four, Eric and Derek had been reluctant to put their mates in danger so he knew they would avoid contact. “Travis, you will be with me at the bridge.” Looking out the window briefly, he saw that the sun had gone below the surrounding mountains. “Let’s go.”

He took one look back in the direction of his mate as he opened the door. Donald took his clothes off and set them on the desk chair, then shifted and grabbed the backpack with the dynamite. Lifting it in his teeth, he ran out the door and met up with his team. They set off at a challenging pace for the Pack border just six miles away.

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